Ayurveda Q&A: Treating bronchitis allergy

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This week’s answers:

Dear Sir,

I have a one year old daughter. For the past two months she was suffering from cold and congestion and noisy breathing. The doctor says that she is suffering from prolonged bronchitis allergy as her father also has the same problem. This problem shall even more increase in the rainy season. He has suggested pump for her but i am not interested in giving her the pump. Her weight is around 9 kgs. She is very active and playful and good in all other parameters as per her age. But as become little weak in the past one month. Although she walks, but her legs seem weak.

Please suggest some ayurvedic treatment for her allergy and to improve her immunity also. Also suggest which oil can I use to give strength to her bones.

Sonu Pilaniwala

Hi Sonu,

Certainly Ayurveda medicines can help. Please give her 3 ml of vasa arishtam + 1 subra vati – thrice daily after food followed by warm water. This will heal both the bronchitis and improve her immunity. Please continue this for 90 days for better results. Also apply Rasnadi choornam + warm milk on fore head. This will help clearing sinus glands and improves easy breathing.

Hi sir my name is janardhan.

I am suffering from this melasma prob from more then eight years it affected on my forhead badly I tried many things like laser something and all from kaya but waste of money I wasted so much money in the name of curing even I lost my all hopes one cream I use its name is diprovate plus its steroid even doctors also tell not to use but using it daily in the night it give good results if we leave for 2 days it comes again so still I not have any hope for curing this thing making my life worse now seeing girl for marriage so plz tell the remedies externally and internally.

Janardhan G

Hi Janardhan G,

Please check your Vitamin D and Thyroid levels. Once i see these two results will advice you.

Dear Dr K Gowthaman,

I am having melasma since 2 years, my baby birth (may 2011) on my upper cheeks, I tried may creams but nothing happened. I am applying aloe vera every evening and its faded little bit. I want complete removal of this. PLEASE HELP.

Sandhya Singh

Hi Sandhya,

Melasma is very much connected with Vitamin D and Thyroid functions. Please check these two and revert back. Unless these two are taken care no medicines or remedies would work.

Dear Sir,

My mother is 62yrs old, health is not good, she has regular problem of gas. She is having a gall bladder stone of 0. 83 cm for last seven month, Due to health problem we are not going for surgery. She takes little meal. She can’t take egg, milk etc for the problem of gas.Every day she has to take one PANTOP 40/ PAN-D tablet. But she has no pain for the stone. What you suggest for the treatment?

Hope that you will reply soon.

Thanking you.
Bikram Das.

Hi Bikram Das,

Gall stones are the specialty of Ayurveda. Please give her 10 ml of olive oil + 10 ml of fresh lemon juice + 3 gm of garlic paste – All mixed together – taken once a day in empty stomach for 90 days. This not only solves the Gall stones and also heals the Gas trouble. Also take water boiled with Jeera Seeds. This will help cure Gas problems naturally. 1 liter of water + 5 gm of Jeera seeds – Boiled for 5 minutes – Give this Jeera water 3 liters a day for better results.

Dear Sir,

I read your article about The magical benefits of wood apple.I wanted to know where can I get the root or medicines based on Bael Root.

Sujit Mohanty

Hi Sujit,

Roots are usually available in any country Medical shops. Please check with them.


My husband likes to eat parantha in his lunch(3 paranthas) and sometimes in breakfast also(2-3 paranthas). But sometimes it bothers me as having this much oil can increase cholesterol level.

He is 30 and fit and as of now no health issue.Touch wood!!

But can you please suggest me any alternative to oil or method of making paranthas , so I can cook paranthas everyday for him and without any worries of health.

priyanka jain

Hi Priyanka,

Maida is not good for health, Please make it with wheat. Use Indukantam gritam for preparing parathas. Its a medicated ghee good for cholesterol and for good health. Exercise plays a vital role. Even you take more oils at this age if you work out at least 45 minutes a day for exercise. Its is enough. Don’t worry about anything else.

My mother, who is about 85 years old, has been suffering from severe burning sensation, popularly known as burning feet, for the past several years. She has consulted a number of Neurologists. But the medicine they prescribed has not given her any relief whatsoever. My mother’s symptoms are as under:

Has burning sensation in the soles of her feet. On alternate days the burning sensation spreads through her legs right upto her thighs.

She gets temporary relief by application of ice pack to her feet and legs.

Her above symptoms aggravate during the summer months.

Can you please suggest a remedy?
Ashok Bhat

Hi Ashok,

Ayurveda can help. Ayurveda therapies like Pizchil, Navara kizhi, matra vasti, Kashaya vasti etc are very effective to heal this problem. Please visit the near by Ayurveda center for a personalized ayurveda treatment healing plan. With this please giver her Siva gutika 1 tablet three times a day before food for better results. Avoid Green Chilly, Potato, Curd, pickles in diet.

Is that really helps eating Fruit before meals??? and when to eat fruit before meals.
shweta rasane

Hi Shweta,

Yes, It is. Just before food eat apples. At rVita we have treated close to 1000 patients with this diet and it is very effective for people who cannot follow diet and exercises.

Dear Sir

I am 19 year old having PCOS for the last 3 years. Get periods only if medicine is taken otherwise No. I have excessive hair growth on hands, legs, stomach area, chin and lots of acne in face.

pls suggest suitable medicines to overcome PCOS completely. Also, suggest medicines to stop unwanted hair growth especially in face and to have a glowing face acne free.

Lalitha R

Hi Lalitha,

PCOS is the specialty of Ayurveda. Please do not take these periods inducing medicines as on a long run it will end up in zero ovalutory cycle which may lead to infertility.

Take Patolamooladi Kashayam tablets 2 – three times a day before food with warm water, kalyanaka kshara (101) – 250 mg three times a day after food with Curd water and Satavari gulam 1 tablespoon twice daily followed by milk helps.

Exercise and Yoga plays a vital role in healing. Make yourself stress free for better results.

Hello Doctor,

I have 1 1/2 year old daugher. please suggest one best fairness oil for daily use. can i use kumkumadi thailam for her. commonly which oil mixing is better with kumkumadi thailam.


Hi Neethy,

Please use Lakshadi Thailam which is good both for fairness and muscle strength. If you looking only fairness then use Maha Thiktakam gritam – its a medicated ghee, melt it and apply it followed by warm water wash.

Dear Dr.Gowthaman,

My friend is suffering from liver cirrhosis. Doctor told her there is only treatment that is liver transplant ( need take out a whole of her liver …). But she can not afford. She is a single mother and financially in bad situation since she got liver disease, she can’t work (she was accountant and economist) and spent all she had. She is trying urine treatment. But she does not have exact instruction for liver cirrhosis.

Please advice, some cure for her. I just can’t lose her. She is only in her early 40, she has been wonderful intelligent person who cares all around her. She currently lives in Mongolia.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Julia,

If it is a stage 2 cirrohosis, yes surgery is the only option. Please send all her medical reports. Let me go through and advice you accordingly.

Hello Sir,

I am 44 years old I have problems of agitation,anxiety,stress, obesity,constipation and sleeplessness.I have also the problem of joint pain.I am taking calcium medicine only . My BP ,Thyroid and everything others are normal.So sir I request you to give me some ayurvedic medicine for these Problems.

Madhulika Agrawal

Hi Madhulika,

You are going through pre menopausal syndrome. Please take this remedy for 90 days. Indian Asparagus – 5 gm + milk 50 ml + water 100 ml – Boiled and reduced to 50 ml – Filter and take this once a day in empty stomach. Take Manasamitram gutika 1 twice daily after food with warm milk for better results.

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