Ayurveda Q&A: Treating fibroids with Ayurveda

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This week’s answers:

1. i am 24 years old, i am suffering with white hair problem, almost half of my hair was prematured, i am really feeling insecured with it i request you to give me a suggestion
thanking you

Hi Sushma,
please check your thyroid, Vitamin D and prolactin levels. High stress, lack of physical exercise and leucorrhoea can lead to this condition. You may require a full treatment healing plan than a simple remedies.
Yoga, good diet with Ayurveda therapies can change this condition.
Add 2-3 liters of water and as much as fresh vegetables, fruits and more importantly 30 minutes of physical exercise can change this condition.
50 gm of Amla powder + 50 ml of fresh Curd + 5 ml of fresh lemon juice + 2 white Egg – Mix all these thoroughly and apply as a pack covering the hair roots. Wash hair with luke warm water after 45 minutes. Repeat this process for 90 days.
Ayurveda therapy Nasya plays a important role in healing. Please visit the near by Ayurveda therapy center for this therapy.

2. Dear Doctor, I am suffering from Ulcerative proctites for pas few year. Is there a cure for it ?? I am based in Melbourne and I have told by friends that there are restriction on importing ayurvedic medicines Please advise some home resides for and what ayurvedic medicines I should get


Hi Chandran,
Yes, Ayurveda medicines, therapies and a holistic diet can heal this condition. However it may take 9 months – 12 months medications and diet restrictions required for complete healing.
Please share your medical records and history of illness, life style habits, sleep etc. Then i will share the healing plan for you

3. I am suffering from depression after an incident of my father illness. I have taken so much allopathic medicines but no improvement. My sleep had totally been disturbed with course of time , but when I quit of medicine courses I felt better. Today I am having 5/6 hours sleep. And getting better day by day. The only problem persisting is my appetite has totally gone down. Pl suggest some home made therapy. And Ayurvedic medicines for the same.
Abhay Kumar

Hi Abhay,
100 ml of water + 200 ml of milk + 5 gm of fresh ginger + 2 gm of clove and garlic – mix all the above, boil the mixture until it becomes 100 ml. Filter and take it twice daily 45 minutes before food. This is very good home remedy for depression, appetite and digestion.
If possible, do also add 30 ml of Saraswatha Arishtam + 30 ml of Aswagandha Arishtam + 2 Manasamitram gutika at bed time and Stresscom 1 capsule thrice daily after food helps you.

4. Age 21. slowly started the grey hair. please tell me solution to prevent the gray hair.

Prem Kumar

Hi Prem Kumar,
Hair is one of the byproducts of bone creation according to Ayurveda. Its root stability, density, and nourishment are taken care of by kapha bioenergy. Colour is determined by pitta bioenergy. Texture and thickness are influenced by vata bioenergy. Problems in hair growth and appearance occur when there is disturbance in bioenergy functioning. Bioenergic error can be local or generalized and hence many systemic diseases also feature hair changes. Donts – tea, coffee, alcohol, meat more frequently. Smoking. eating too much of fried, oily, greasy, spicy, sour, and acidic food contents. Stress, anxiety, and mental tension are also prime causes of hair loss. Daily use of shampoo, pouring hot water over scalp during bath, suppression of natural urges like urine and motion.
The first step is to locate the root cause in the diet or lifestyle that may be increasing the pitta bioenergy. Once located, try to give up or at least reduce the diet, habit, or activity responsible for increasing pitta. Always use a natural shampoo or soap to clean the hair. As most soaps and shampoos have chemicals, they might be the cause of the problem. Usually the chemicals have a heating effect, and increase Pitta locally. Amla (embilica officinalis), Shikakai (Acacia concinna) are very commonly used in India for washing the hair.
Oiling and massaging of scalp is very beneficial for retarding progressive hair loss. Use of coconut oil for at least three times in a week is beneficial. In case of constipation, a mild natural laxative can be taken. The diet should contain more green leafy vegetables, salads, milk, fruits and sprouts. Take more proteins, milk, buttermilk, yeast, wheat germ etc. provided the digestive capacity is good. Regular physical exercise is very beneficial as it helps in balancing the aggravated bioenergies. Rubbing the scalp moderately after washing the hair, increases the blood circulation, and activates the sebaceous glands.

5. hello sir, i am facing certain problem related to my memory which i want to discuss with you nd help find a solution for it. The main problem that i face is that i tend to forget things very easily.If i read something and immediately if somebody ask me what i read the only thing i can explain back are few things out of that.My brain doesnt retain information for long.however i have checked that if i re read that thing then i dont forget it for some time.I grasp the content of that article buit will be difficult for me to tell the exact words used in that article.
Also i find it difficult to rspond to any quesiton immediately i mean the quick response system is a bit slow in my brain.
i am writting this to you with a great hope and expectation.please revert back with the proper medication or any other treatment i should follow.
waiting for your reply.
thanking you in advance


Hi Pawan Kumar,
What is your age? How long have you been having this problem? what are all the other medications you are taking? any other illness? please answer all these questions in detail. These information helps me to understand your condition better and suggest medicines/ therapies or healing plans. Thanks. My e mail is drkgowthaman@gmail.com

6. Doctor I have 2 fibroids of 40mm & 30 mm size they are subserousal fibroids. Doctor says surgery is required. I dont think so & not ready for it. Can it be dissolved by Ayurvedic treatment.

Please suggest the treatment.

Hi Archana,
Ayurveda can dissolve the fibroid. Ayurveda medicines and therapies, holistic diet and Yoga can completely heal. Please do not opt for surgery unless the surgeon feels it is an emergency.
The following medical combination is very effective for complete healing.
Satavaryadi Kashayam – 15 ml + 45 ml of warm water + Kshara Agada – 400 mg + Sukumarm Gritam + 5 ml of curd water – 30 minutes before breakfast dinner and Vita Noni 2 tablets thrice daily after food improves the condition in no time.
Avoid Green Chili, Curd, Pickles, Salt, spicy and sour foods and drinks, drink 3 liters of water a day with 15 minutes for better results.

7. Hi im emely from philippines i have dark spot on my face cause by pimples and melasma on my upper lips,nose and on my face too.i want to know what is the best home remedies?i’ve been suffering since i got pregnant 4 yrs.ago hope u can help me on how to get rid of this.thanks a lot.
Hi Im,
Yes, Ayurveda can help. As i told many times any one of the following home remedies can help you better.

Treating Melasma with Ayurveda
Ayurveda, as a holistic medicine addresses this problem both from inside and outside. Ayurveda explains as the facial beauty is the reflection of physical, mental and spiritual well being. Hence, Ayurveda recommends the traditional detoxification therapies followed by rejuvenation therapies for this condition.

As a pacification therapy, Ayurveda recommends a special eight fold therapy for a period of 28-40 days for complete cure. This facial therapies helps improves the blood circulation in the skin which in turn detox and rejuvenate itself. Even though the results are slow, it yields better results than any other chemical or Modern medicine based creams
1. Gentle application of fresh aloe vera juice followed by warm water wash: Modern researchers do accept it as aloe vera contains mucilaginous polysaccharides which has a significant result on lightening the dark spots. Ayurveda recommends this application on face should be a gently one and to be done for 15 minutes.
2. Application of Orange skin fresh or powder mixed with milk – It is very good skin exfoliator which can lighten the skin discolorations in no time. Gentle application followed by warm water wash after 30 minutes
3. Application of turmeric powder mixed with warm milk – 5 tablespoon of turmeric powder mixed with 10 tablespoon of milk and applied all over the face followed by warm massage for 20 minutes helps followed by warm water wash
4. Almond paste with honey as pack for 15 minutes followed by warm water wash after 15 minutes
5. Application of fresh lemon juice with gentle massage followed by warm water wash after 10 minutes
6. Onion seed paste application followed by warm water wash after 15 minutes
7. Thulasi leave paste pack followed by warm water wash after 15 minutes
8. Finally 10 minutes pack with Thriphala choornam for 10 minutes followed by warm water wash (Ayurveda recommends using Thriphala Kashayam for face wash helps both in prevention and cure, Ayurveda also recommends 1 tablespoon of Thriphala choornam at bed time with warm water also helps in healing)

Home remedies for Melasma
a. Vinegar: Dilute vinegar equally with water, and use to cleanse and rinse your face. Allow to air dry to seal in moisture. Or, use the vinegar/water mixture in place of an astringent or toner. Vinegar is chemically acetic acid, and is capable of whitening and brightening, as well as making skin smoother and more radiant. It has also long been used for a skin softener. Apple cider or other natural vinegars are recommended, though some people use distilled white vinegar.
b. Onion Juice: To get onion juice, you can finely chop up an onion, or blend it, and squeeze the juice through a cheese cloth. Mix with equal part apple cider vinegar, apply twice daily with a cotton ball and watch for results over the next several weeks. Alternatively, you can cut a slice of onion, dip it in vinegar, and apply it to the pigmentation.
c. Lemon Juice: Applying the juice of a fresh lemon to the pigmentation has a similar effect to the onion remedy – it is acidic and can safely peel off the top layer of skin, causing spots to fade.
d. Onion, vinegar and lemon juice are excellent home remedies to relieve you of age spots, Melasma, pigmentation and discoloration. I found this treatment quite effective for lightening over several weeks – what I didn’t like was the onion smell. Though it was great in a pinch, I didn’t want to have stinky hands and face for life, so I learned of many more natural remedies to combat my Melasma.
Ayurveda diet for Melasma
Avoiding the following food items helps in prevention and healing of Melasma
a. Tamarind
b. Spicy, salty foods and drinks
c. Garlic and Green chillies
d. Brinjal
e. Curd (Yoghurt)
f. Buffalo milk products
g. Alcohol and alcoholic products
h. Sugarcane
i. Eggs
j. Fish
k. Chicken
l. Avoid exercise in hot heat, exposure to hot sun, birth control pills and long time hormonal therapies

8. hello doctor, i want to know about the treatment of hypertension and alopesia in ayurveda?


Hi Fera,
Yes, Ayurveda and a holistic healing with Ayurveda, Yoga and Diet can heal you completely. Please write to me with complete medical history with age and medical history. For time being take the following medications Adathoda vasica powder 5 gm + water 100 ml – boil and reduce this to 50 ml – Take it twice daily 45 minutes before food.
For Alopesia, external application of amla powder 50 gm + fresh curd 50 ml – External application as pack on scalp followed by warm water wash after 45 minutes help stopping hair fall and improve hair growth.

9. I want to increase my weight naturally
Suraj Kadu

Hi Suraj,
Good rest, sleep and adequate amount of rice intake improves weight naturally. Take rice related products all the three times a day, two liters of water and fresh fruits and vegetables can improve weight.

10. Doubt on your article – Greying? Try Ayurveda. I have heard that using lemon frequently increases hair greying.
As a combination, lemon juice improves the bio assimilation of the pack by hair roots. So it will reduce the hair grey.

11. Doubt regarding article – Beat melasma with Ayurveda – The eight fold step mentioned in the article, are all the steps to be done everyday or is one step to be done per day? Kindly elaborate.

Yes, its a traditional Ayurveda therapy very effective for melasma. It has to be done therapeutically by trained Ayurveda therapist. Please visit the near by Ayurveda center for better help and proper therapeutics.

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