Ayurveda Q&A: Treating fibroids

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This week’s answers:

1. I am 40 yrs old and my height is 184cm and weight is 76 kg. Last two weeks, i started getting little pain on my knees and hand joints which never came before. I dont have any blood pressure or diabetes etc. Is it due to weakness. Can u suggest me some medicine or health/energy drink from ayurveda. Also let me know whether i can get the same in Pune.
Exercise especially cycling can bring good flexibility and reduce the pain. Drinking adequate water and good amount of proteins and fibers in the diet would also help. Drink at least 300 ml of warm milk. Medicines like Ashwaganda arishtam, Bala Arishtam, Yoga raja Guggulu, Kaishora Guggulu, Gandha Thailam Capsules etc would help. Application of Dhanvanthram Thailam or Ksheerabala Thailam from hip to whole leg followed by warm water fomentation after 30-45 minutes would help by improving the blood circulation and healing.

Medicines like DNA NONI – 15 ml + 100 ml of warm water twice daily one hour before food do help. All these medicines are available in Ayurveda shop in Pune.

2. I have serious dark circles from past 10 years..I tried different kinds of dark circle cream,tried placing cucumber underneath,tried placing green tea bags,tried kumkumaadi lepam,but nothing worked.I sleep at-least 7 – 8 hours everyday,I don’t smoke or drink,I eat only vegetarian food,i drink 3 ltrs of water everyday.Is there anyway i can get rid of this dark circles??Actually its killing my confidence.Whenever i see the mirror or if anyone ask me why u look very dull,i feel really unhappy
It means the anti-oxidants are low in the body. Please take the following medications for 60 days. You will find a new you.

1. Maha Thiktakam Kashayam Tablets – 3 tablets – 3 tablets 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm milk

2. Loham (101) – 500 mg – 500 mg – 500 mg after food with warm water

3. Avipattikara Choornam – 5 gm at bed time with warm water

4. Maha Thikatakam Gritam – External application on face, around the eyes followed by warm water wash after 30 minutes, twice daily

Add orange, grape, apples in diet. Leafy vegetables, dates etc would help.

3. i m 39 yrs old…my sonography report shows sm fibroids in uterus..one is little big..coz of this in 2nd day of my periods i got pain in abdominal , lower back and left right sides of abdominal and problem in passing stools but only 24 hours(2nd and 3rd day of periods not after that)..doctors said to remove uterus..i don’t want to go for it…is there any medicine available in Ayurveda..plz advice..
shubha jain
Ayurveda can help. We have documented many case studies treating fibroid with ayurveda, yoga and diet as a combined therapy. It usually takes 6-9 months for complete cure. Take Saptasaram Kashayam tablets – 3 tablets twice daily 30 minutes before food with warm water, Kalyanaka Kshara (101) – 300 mg twice daily after food with curd water, Satavari gulam – 1 table spoon at bed time with warm milk helps.

I suggest you to send your medical reports to me directly to create a personalized healing plan with Ayurveda medicines and therapies, yoga and diet.

Take milk processed with dry ginger – 100 ml of milk + 200 ml of water + 5 gm of dry ginger powder processed in mild flame until this mixture becomes 100 ml. Filter and drink it on an empty stomach. This will clear the headache in the morning swiftly.

5. Pls tell us how improve the stamany of sex (For long term duration )
Add good amount of water, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables in diet. Avoid alcohol, cigars, high fatty, spicy foods and drinks. Make sure you take full body oil bath at least once a week followed by warm water bath. Soups help. Medicines like Navras Pak, Vitadom capsules helps a lot. Take 1 table spoon of Nav Ras Pak with warm milk twice daily before food helps. If you are a diabetic take 1 Vitadom capsules thrice daily after food with milk.

6. Doctor I am suffering from Cartilage muscle damage for past several years, I have tried yoga, actively pursued weight loss methods and high dose 1000 mg medicines and 60 mg pain killers but to no avail. I am still suffering from the problem. Can you suggest me what to do?
Your condition requires both therapies and medicines. Only medicines would not help. Ayurveda therapies like Kati Vasti, Pizchil, Navara Kizhi, Mamsa navara Kizhi, Matra vasti, Anuvasana Vasti are the therapies planned over a span of 28-40 days helps. Medicines like Dasamoolam Kashayam Tablets 3 nos twice daily before food with milk + Gandha Thailam capsules (2 no) + Ksheerabala (101) capsules should help.

For weight loss, please follow the ‘Simple apple diet’ – Take 1 apple before breakfast, 2 before lunch and 1 before dinner – will help you to lose weight swiftly. This also takes care of the nutritional requirements of the body.

7. let me know the medicine for knee pain
Knee pain may be due to many reasons or it is just a symptom of an underlying trouble. Please consult the physician asap. For now take Rasanadi Kashayam tablets 3 numbers twice daily before food with warm water + Amrutha Guggulu 2 nos, Shilajatu (101) – 250 mg thrice daily after food, Lakshadi Thailam – External application followed by warm water bath after 30 minutes. Avoid curd, salty, spicy foods and drinks, non-vegetarian foods and drinks for some time. Drink 3 litres of water per day and sleep for 6-7 hours a day.

8. I am 66 years old female , i have excema on both my feet since 12 years, no matter what treatment i take i do not have any improvement nor i find any difference. Both during ,summer and winter time it dries too much and skin gets shrinked, its very painful . If i apply any skin ointment, it starts itching, after scraching unbearable itching, the excema has flared up, on my left feet it has spread whole feet, i cannot wear chappals .
Eczema is the specialty of Ayurveda. It should be dealt with ayurveda medicines and therapies, yoga and diet. Moreover, it also requires continuous detoxification for complete cure. Please send me the photo of the patches. Let me understand the nature of this condition more clearly and suggest the medications.

In the meantime, eat Thiktakam gritam – 3 gm twice daily on an empty stomach followed by warm water and Maha Thiktakam gritam for external application. This will improve your condition swiftly.

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