Ayurveda Q&A: Treating gall bladder stones

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This week’s answers:

1. my wife have a stone in her gallbladder size 4mm kindly tell me the cure of this please suggest
Mahi kumar

Hi Mahi Kumar,

Olive oil therapy is one of the best natural remedies for gall stones.  Drink 30 ml of olive oil + 30 ml of fresh lemon juice + 5 gm of fresh garlic paste – once a day on an empty stomach to get relief from this trouble. Add green apple or apple as part of diet. Avoid fatty spicy non vegetarian fatty and heavy foods and drink. Drinking 3 liters of water / jeera/cumin water too helps.

Ayurveda medicines like Ashmari hara gutika + Gokshuradi Gutika each 2 tablets thrice daily with jeera water does help

2. i”m 29yrs old,height 5ft 6inchesand weight 87kgs.my both deliveries were c’sectionand i’m very much worried about my weight,kindly suggest some diet and ayurvedic treatment ?

Hi Gurpreet,

Ayurveda medicines and therapies, diet with personalized exercises would improve the condition in no time.

Ayurveda treatment pedagogy

In Ayurvedic medicine, there is no single approach to treating obesity. Depending on the Prakriti the medications, purification therapies and diet varies.
For example, for a vata dominant person, the vata purification therapies like cleansing and Oleation enemas are part of the treatments. Abhyanga and herbal steam bath does play a major role in Vata type of person’s treatment plan. For Kapha type obesity, treatment plan includes external powder applications with giner, mustard etc. If the obesity is due to excessive accumulation of toxins (Ama dosha) both internal medications and external applications are advocated.

Ayurvedic guide lines for Medo Roga

a. Usage of Barley, Green gram, Red gram and Horse gram is recommended
b. Honey is recommended in minor doses
c. Always drink warm water to eliminate the toxins
d. For cooking Sesame oil/ Mustard oil is indicated. Spices like turmeric, black pepper, ginger and rock salt are advised for obesity.
e. Vegetables with astringent, bitter and pungent taste, soup with such vegetables as diet improves the weight loss
f. Avoid sweets prepared from wheat, cakes, pastries, milk and sugar, cold drinks, alcohol, deep fried foods and non vegetarian diet.
g. Active physical life is very important to prevent and manage weight gain. Staying awake at night and day sleep will increase the Medo Dhatu which in turn ends up in Obesity.
h. Ayurveda recommends herbs like Amrutha (Tinospora cordifolia), Mustaa (Cyperus rotundsa) Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula), Bibhitaka (Terminalia belerica) and Aamalaka (Embica officinalis) for prevention and management of this condition.
i. Ayurveda recommends a special weight loss recipe called “Takra Arishta” – Fermented buttermilk for active weight loss

3. i have multiple fybroid in my uterus the biggest one is 5×4 cm .i have belly fat also .i am facing menaupause problems .kindly advise me home remedies /yogaasana i

Hi KL,

Indian Asparagus is one of the effective remedies for both fibroids and menopause. 100 ml of milk + 200 ml of water + 10 gm of Indian Asparagus powder – boiled until the mixture becomes 100 ml. Filter it and have it once a day in empty stomach. Please continue this for 90 days for better results.

Ayurveda medicines like Saptasaram Kashayam 15 ml + 60 ml of warm water twice daily before food and Kalyanaka Kshara (101) – twice daily with Curd water does help for both conditions.

For Yoga, I strongly recommend personalized approach. Please visit the near by Yoga School and get yourself trained.

4. Nice blog but can you suggest some remedies or medicines for stammering.

Hi Waseem,

Stammering requires exercise with medicines. Yoga has specialized postures which can help you. 3 gm of Rudra Aksa + 3 gm of honey + 3 gm of ghee once a day in empty stomach too helps. Exercise and speech therapy helps better when combined with other therapies

5. Dear Dr.Gawthaman, My daughter is 25 yrs old and she has many tiny pimple- like bumps in her arms. No pus but sometimes could be very red .This is so called ” chicken skin ” by dermatologists and advised to laser them as treatment but I guess there are hundreds of them in her arms and upper hands. Could this have to do with a fatty liver? Pls advise .
Hi Elizabeth,
Ayurveda therapies and medicines with diet helps better. She requires Virechana – One of five purification therapies very effective for this condition.

As a pacification therapy, please follow these medications for 90 days. Maha Thiktakam gritam – 5 gm twice daily before food followed by warm water + 300 mg of Gandhaka (101) powder helps. External application of Thiktakam gritam all over the body followed by warm water bath after 30 minutes helps.

6. My husband has a left side paralysis after a CVA stroke. After 1 1/2 years he underwent for 6 weeks of ayurveda treatment and is now under 3 month internal medication as well as massage daily, please advise what results are to be foreseen in the coming days
Hi Kavitha,
Ayurveda medicine and therapies alone cant help. Please advice him to do physiotherapy. I strongly believe in integrative medicines which combines the best of both worlds.

I require more details of therapy and medicines to comment this questions.

7. hello sir, iam 22 year old male i have lichenplanus in my sclap ,face lips ,mouth ,hands,legs please help to get rid of it sir.
thank you
Hi Saran,
Ayurveda can help you better. Maha Thiktakam Kashayam 15 ml + 45 ml of warm water twice daily before food with warm water + Gandhaka (101) 250 mg and Madhusnuhi choornam 5 gm twice daily after food does help.

External application of Maha Thiktakam Gritam followed by warm water bath heal the scars.

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