Ayurveda Q&A: Treating heart ailments

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This week’s answers:

1. Till summer end i was doing good without any cold (runny nose and Throat Infection) then stared again at September it will last till February .this is what happening from past 3 years .Daily morning i wake up with Throat infection and Runny Nose stop after after my jogging and walking and starts again in evening lite runny nose .Basically i do take lot of Fruits ,vegetable ,sprouts ,Nuts and 3 to 5 liters of water for sure .can you please suggest me some remedy . i am staying in Chennai if needed ready to meet any doctor this is interrupting the quality of my work
Your symptoms are suggestive of allergic rhinitis. Simple and most effective home remedy is fresh ginger processed milk -100 ml of milk + 200 ml of water + 5 gm of fresh ginger heated and reduced to 100 ml. Filter and have this once a day on an empty stomach.

Haridra Kanta – 1 tablespoon with milk twice daily after food with warm milk (if you are not a diabetic), Subra Vati 2-2-2 after food with warm water if you are diabetic does help. Take Vasa Arushtam 20 ml thrice daily after food (for non diabetics).

Once a week oil bath with Dhanvanthram Thailam helps improving the immunity and removes the toxin. Regular intake of water processed with Jeera seeds improves the condition in no time.

2. My wife is having high B.P., diabitis and ,hypothyroid.She is 60. Recently,it is diagonised that the kidneys are functioning 25 % only. They say there is NO TREATMENT in Allopathy for kidneys.Is there any treatment in Ayurveda for kidneys and Thyroid? pl let me know if something could be done.
Ayurveda, yoga and diet can help. I would like to review her condition before suggesting anything. Can you please send the medical records. Reduced renal function is common in diabetic and hypertension patients. All this needs to be carefully addressed.

For time being take 15 ml of Punarnavadi Kashayam with 45 ml of warm water with Navaka Guggulu 2 thrice daily 30 minutes before food. This will improve all the three, diabetes, renal function and thyroid functions.

3. i have 6 months baby, after delivery, continously my hair falling over. . .what i do control my hair falling and hair growth? pl help
Could be due to malnutrition or malabsorption syndrome. Add curry leaves, coriander leaves and fresh ginger in the diet. Increase water intake to at least 2 liters per day.

Loha Asavam + Kumari Asavam each 15 ml thrice daily improves digestion and metabolism which helps in assimilation of iron, folic acid and amino acids into the body, which helps in hair growth.

External application of Narasimha Thailam and internally Keshmani capsules 2-2-2 helps. Use Keshmani shampoo for scalp wash.

4. My fiance having knee pain from last one yeer. she as taken some ayurvedic medicines.
Please suggest any better treatment for pains.

Understanding the cause helps a lot. Is she is obese? What’s the nature of her job? Any vitamin and calcium deficiencies? Does she take food and water as required? How much greens and fruits does she take?

At a young age, knee pain and body pain are usually related to malnutrition and obesity. Hence ruling out these factors helps a lot.

For the time being, please take 3 Rasnadi Kashayam tablets with warm water 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with 2 Yoga raja Guggulu tablets. Loha Asavam + Bala Arishtam each 15 ml thrice daily after food with Rheumartho tablets helps.

Ayurveda offers many local and generalized therapies to heal this condition permanently. Walking and exercises also help. Consult an orthopaedcian or physio therapist for simple exercises.

5. Underwent Angioplasty with stenting to cure Blocks in Artery at age 61; four months back. As advised by Dr. now doing regular exercise (walking) and taking Medicines for thinning (dilating) blood; for Cholesterol; for B P and for Gastric problem, though Cholesterol; Blood Sugar etc are normal.
Seeks advise on Ayurvedic alternative and availability of such treatment at Kozhikode (Kerala).
SR Pillai
Wrudved capsules is one of the best effective remedies to improve heart function and reduce heart blocks. Take 1 tablet thrice daily after food for six months would help. I have treated more than 100 cases who have suggested for angioplasty and bypass but could not under go due to other health conditions were treated. It is a very effective remedy.

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