Ayurveda Q&A: Treating hypertension and high cholesterol

Dr Gowthaman, Medical Director, Dr Gowthaman’s Ayurveda Panchakarma Center, Chennai, answers readers’ questions on Ayurveda. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Tuesday.
This week’s answers:

1. Dear Sir, I have slight high blood pressure of 130/90 & my cholestrol is also high.What do i need to do reduce these?Is there any home remedies?Thanks.SK Das
swaraj kumar das
Fresh juice of Adathoda Vasica – 60 ml + 3 gm of Clove powder. This combination is very effective to normalize both Hypertension and High Cholesterol. Please take it once a day in empty stomach. Alternatively take Vasa Arishtam + Kumari Asavam – Each 15 ml thrice daily after food with Navaka Guggulu and Arogya Vardini vati + Hyper capsules each 1 does help. Take this medicines for 90 days for good results.

More than taking this medicines, i suggest you to plan your day with optimum physical exercises, reduced fatty, spicy foods and drinks and dink good amount of water and add fresh vegetables and fruits as diet. This could help you to solve this problems permanently.

2. I use contact lenses (No.-4.25 for both the eyes) I want to improve my eyesight / vision. Kindly suggest me home remedy so that I can get rid from the contact lenses / spectacles within three – four months. Is doing LASIK SURGERY is safe for eyes, if so, how much it costs for both eyes in Mumbai (INDIA).
Anu Shetty
Ayurveda recommends a special eye care therapy to improve vision and prevent all eye problems, its called Tarpana – An bridge is created around the eyes and medicated ghee, infusions or fresh juice of required herbs are filled and the eyes closed for 30-45 minutes. This treatment is repeated 14 – 28 days for better results.

Please visit the near by Authentic Ayurveda centers in your locality. With this Ayurveda has specialized department called “Shalkya Tantra” which talks about many eye disorders and management, prevention aspects etc much more than the Modern medical system. So, Consult a ‘Shalakya Tantra’ expert for any more help.

3. Since 2-3 months my feet, ankle legs fingers of hands are swelling, suggest what could be the reason
There could be many reasons. Start from simple joint problems to renal problems, it could be related to many reasons. I recommend you to visit the near by physician to find out the exact reason and management solutions.

4. My son, aged 22, has grey strands of hair occurring prematurely. What is the remedy for this?
VM Mohan
Premature graying is related to stress, reduced physical activities and reduced anti oxidant levels etc. This problem is usually because of high levels of pitta dosha in the body and most of the cases it used be hereditary. Ayurveda recommends purification therapy followed by rejuvenation therapy for this condition. Purification therapies like purgation therapy with cooling herbs processed with milk and rejuvenation with herbs and foods with more folic acid, iron and protein and catslysts which increases the absorption of the same. As a home remedy Apply Amla powder mixed with fresh curd and egg white to improve the natural colouring in the hair.

A healthy diet is required for this problem
a. Eat brown rice instead of white rice and white flour
b. Adequate amount of protein like soya, black channa, or for the non-veg, fish and eggs.
c. Adequate amount of zinc and chromium which is easily available from nuts and seeds.
d. A diet comprising of 50% fresh (raw) foods and 50% of cooked foods.
e. Sulphur and Silicon in vegetables like broccoli, onion and other vegetables like carrot, spinach, radish, purple cabbage, mushroom etc.
f. Biotin found in brown rice and soya.
g. All the B vitamins found in all the colored fruits like papaya, watermelon, oranges etc.
h. Vitamin C found in amla and all the citrus fruits.
i. Drink plenty of water.
j. Avoid all fast foods, artificial colored foods and junk foods.
k. Massage your scalp with Brahmi oil or Nilibringathi coconut oil on your scalp 30 minutes before taking bath.
l. Brahmi(Bacopa monnieri), Bhringaraj and Guduchi(Tinospora cordifolia) are three of the primary herbs used to remove excess pitta from the body and maintain balance.

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