Ayurveda Q&A: Treating rheumatic fever

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear sir, I m taking “dr. ayurveda” of  (Ingredient: Shatavari, Tal Makhana, Harad, Ashwagandha,Kale Til,Kali Musli,Amla,Salam Mishri,Rume Mastagi,Mishri) befor meal at morning & befor sleep at night. Can i take my multivitamin(ingredients: V-A,B1,B6,C,D,B2,E, Cyanocobalamin, Calcium,pantothenate, ferrous sulphate, potasium iodine, nicotinamide, folic acid, Cupric sulphate, Zinc sulphate, Potassium sulphate) with “dr. ayurveda”
I have loss of appetite, constipation for 6 month. i had antibiotic course for 7yr with (oracin-k) for rheumatic fever, & my doctor stop this, it is being now 7 month. i m takig probiotic- acidophillus 6 billion cfu daily. Pls guide me.
Thank u..

Long time antibiotic therapies usually results in sluggish liver functions and Mal-absorption syndromes. Hence before taking so much of multivitamins make sure the body is properly detoxified.

a. Take 3 liters of warm water every day
b. Avoid spicy, salty, oily foods and drinks
c. Avoid alcohol, alcohol based products
d. Add as much as curry leaves, fresh ginger, coriander leaves, garlic in diet
e. Make sure 15-30 minutes of mild exercises per day

Please take the following medications for betterment

a. Thiktakam Kashayam tablets – 3 tablets 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm water

b. Arogya Vardini gutika + Sudarshanam tablets – Each 2 tablets thrice daily after food with warm water

c. Avipattikara Choornam tablets – 6 tablets at bed time followed by warm water

These medications helps the body to detoxify, improves the bio-assimilation, removes the constipation and lack of appetite in no time.

2. i am suffering from allergic hayfever, which is probably same as rhinitis, for about one month, having severe continuous sneezing (say 10 times at a time), at any time of the day or night, watering and clogging of one or both nostrils, coughing, headache, bodyache, and slight eye, throat and breathing problem, (due to clogging) but no fever. So far no cure observed with use of allopathic and homeopathic medicines. Request advise suitably for quick relief and cure.

Life style changes and diet can bring back the normalcy swiftly. Please take warm water processed with jeera seeds for all drinking purposes. Avoid spicy, salty foods and fast foods. Please take the following medications for 30 days

a. Indukantam Kashayam Tablets – 3 tablets 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner with warm milk

b. Esnil capsules – 1-1-1 after food with warm water

c. Haridra Kanta – 1/4 tablespoon thrice daily 45 minutes after food with warm milk

d. Rasnadi Choornam – External application with warm milk / Fresh Ginger Juice on forehead followed by warm water wash after 15 minutes.

Yoga helps you a lot. Please consult a yoga teacher for advises.

3. Sir just send the exact cure karrapan skin problem medicine name
Karrapan is a kind of skin disease. It requires 3-6 month internal and external medicines. To fasten the process you may have to stop the non vegetarian foods and drinks, curd, fast foods, vinegar, sour foods and drinks.

1. Thiktakam Gritam – 1/2 table spoon twice daily 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner followed by warm water

2. Gandhaka – 125 mg mixed with above ghee twice daily

3. Arogya Varidini gutika – 2-2-2 after food with warm water

4. Eladi coconut oil – External application on itched patches

4. Dear Sir, My wife is suffering from Migraine from last 5 years but recently frequency of headache has increased to two times a week. Pls suggest something for migraine.


An attack of Migraine can be prevented by resorting to timely food intake, avoiding exposure to mid-day sun, meditation, reducing the proportion of spicy and oily food, ensuring sound sleep of at least 5-7 hours during night, having fruits included in the regular meal, drinking fresh juices once a day taking intermittent short breaks during working hours and regular practice of yoga.

Ayurveda medicines like are found to be effective are Indukantam kashayam, pathyashadangam, Avipathy churnam, Maha Thiktakam Kashayam, Guluchyadi Kashayam, Punarnava mandooram etc are effective.

Famous home remedy for Migraine – 50 gm of Jeera seeds mixed with 50 gm of honey. This mixture is soaked in fresh lemon juice and allowed in hot sun from morning to evening. Repeat this process every day for 7 days. Then take it 5 gm at empty stomach. This can cure the migraine problem in no time.

5. I am suffering from chronic cold always running nose, sneezing and continous cough and sour thorat .When I expose to dust or cold environment it becomes more severe as I am allergic to it . I even can’t withstand smell of cooking.More over I was asked to undergo a nasal operation to remove a bone from that part .I will be very greatful to you if you could give me permanent solution.

nasreen banu
Sinusitis is a immune deficiency disorder. Hence it requires a systemic treatment varies from 2-6 months time. In the mean time take 100 ml of warm milk mixed with 3 gm of dry ginger powder twice daily in empty stomach. This swiftly can improve your immunity and metabolism.

As a remedy, Rasnadi Choornam, one of the safest and commonest product recommended for Sinusitis. Take 5 gm of this powder mix it with warm milk and apply as a pack in Chin and fore head followed by warm water wash after 15 minutes. This will help reduce the sinus attacks and head ache.

Nasyam is excellent for acute and Chronic sinusitis. It clears the accumulated waste in the throat, nose, sinus and head . Kapha related toxins from the Para nasal sinuses are eliminated. Effective in headache, sinusitis, migraine, facial paralysis, epilepsy etc… Nasya not only helps in removing toxins from the head, neck, brain, eyes, ear, nose and throat region, but gives immunity also to these parts. …
Great relief in the head, clarity of sense organs, unobstructed breathing, good sleep, are the results of this treatment.

Nasyam with shadbindu tailam or anutailam is best for this sinusitis.

In Yoga aspect,

The breathing exercises of yoga, especially the pranayam (Breath exercise) of Yoga opens the ducts which aids in free breath movements and cures the sinus ailment.
When pranayam is followed for six months the problem will disappear without any medicine.

The following types of PRANAYAM should be done

Pavanmuktanasana (aeroplane pose) and bhujangasana (cobra pose) provides exercise to the upper organs of the body thereby provides relief from the sinus and congestion in the throat region.

6. I am having gastric problem only at early morning. I am having erectile dysfunction and no interest in sex. I was having thyroid problem in 1990. Afer that i don’t have interest in sex and ED problem. Thyroid gland was removed in 2007. Please suggest me ayurvedic medicine for gastric,ed and improve semen production. My prostate gland was also enlarged. I am feeling burning sensation while ejaculation. I am taking Himalaya tentex Royal 2 tablets with milk daily at night. Please give valuable suggestion for my problem. I am taking homeopathy drops for prostate gland enlarge.

Thyroid insufficiency and ED are related. You may require a complete detoxification and rejuvenation program.

Please take the following medications for all your health problems

1. Indukantam Gritam – 1 tablespoon twice daily one hour before food with warm water

2. Trivanga Bhasma + Shilajatu Bhasma – each 250 mg mixed with above ghee followed by warm water intake

3. Vitadom capsules – 2-2-2 after food with warm milk

4. Avipattikara Choornam tablets – 6 tablets at bed time with warm water

5. Lakshadi Thailam – External application all over the body followed by warm water bath after 15-30 minutes weekly once or twice

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