Ayurveda Q&A

Ayurveda, an ancient system of Indian medicine, is now being practiced the world over as a complementary system of medicine. Ayurvedic practitioners have, over the years, identified a number of medicinal preparations from natural ingredients like herbs to cure various diseases which are, at times, not completely curable by other systems.

More often than not, the Ayurvedic form of treatment is chosen by patients to avoid the toxins present in modern medicine. And, the side effects are minimal and rare.

Dr Gowthaman, Medical Director of rVita, practices Ayurvedic Medicine (Indian Systems of Medicine). He specialises in sports injuries and joint problems. Other key areas of interest include general health, women and pediatric care, preventive care, diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, arthritis, and stress and sleep disorders.

Dr Gowthaman also provides daily health tips on Kalaignar TV from Monday to Friday.

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