Ayurvedic tips to reduce obesity

The following ayurvedic tips help you to reduce the obesity

Exercises like brisk walking, jogging, playing out door games etc help to reduce weight.

Physical exertion is a must. Physical activities like house hold chores, walking to distant places to buy groceries, vegetables etc, walking long distances to bring the child back from school, walking to the place of work, climbing stairs etc are types of physical exertion. Exert physically as much as you can to help burn more calories.

Mental exertion like stress or striving to find solutions to problems also restrict food consumption in some people, thereby reducing the intake of calories .

Having sex frequently is also a good physical exertion.

Consumption of honey is useful in weight loss. It is advisable only for the non-diabetic. Consuming 2 tea spoon of honey with a glass of herbal tea which includes weight reducing herbs help a lot in weight reduction. Honey along with these herbs scrapes and dissolves the Kapha and medha (body fat).

Sleeping well for sufficient hours is important. Avoid sleeping in the afternoons to help increase the burning of calories. This prevents slowing of basal metabolic rate.

Avoiding food and drinks which increase kapha and medha – sweets, sweetened drinks, large quantities of carbohydrates and oily food – is essential.

Consuming more wheat products than rice products helps reduce obesity.

Including green gram and horse gram in your diet helps in reduction of kapha and medha.

Source: Ayurhelp

Image: Siona Karen