Be fresh and youthful with yoga, says Payal Gidwani Tiwari

Bollywood’s celebrity yoga trainer, Payal takes time out of her busy schedule to chat with Sify readers. We bring you the complete chat transcript.

Pl suggest asans to get rid of migraine

Please refer to the book, vipreet karni asan, chakrasan, sarvaangasan, matsyasan, halaasan all these are meant for migraine. And you also perform jalneeti kriya under guidance ONLY

How does yoga control the thought waves of the mind

It works immensely on your nervous system, due to which it controls the mind and asanas like balancing postures help you control your mind and bring stability in the body. Here Praanayams also help control the breathing pattern, which in turn controls the mind. In my book instructions have been mentioned.

Hi, main ravi kumar from patna. i m doing graduation.mera age 20 year hai. but main bahut hi patla hun…mujhe bhukh ka ahsas kam hota hai aur jab bhi khata hun to kha bhi nahin pata hun

Daily Anulom/vilom pranaayam about 10 rounds, which help you get hungry. For a detail description please refer to the book for instructions!

hi, Iam 35 yrs old.M very conscious abt being fit. Wht asanas wud u advise me to do? Also how nany suryanaskars a day shud one do? Iam 5 ft 6 and half inchs tall n weigh 58 kgs.

You can do about 25-30 Suryanamskars a day, which is good enough.

How do you personally stay fit?

I don’t have a sedentary lifestyle.

I am doing yoga but i want to loose wait hw can i .

Please read Xl to Xs. Follow Ch. 1 & Ch 2

I want be Mr. Fit What can i do?

Do suryanamaskars, if you’re back and knees are perfect! and some breathing exercises. you can refer to the book which has anulom/vilom in detail.

How can i be sure my postures are correct?

In the book there are pictures given, hence while doing yoga you should do it front of the mirror. Also keep in mind some asanas should be done under some supervision.

How to gain weight through yoga because i always heard yoga as a powerful tool for weight reduction

Refer to the book, there are several asanas given to gain weight. Ch. 1

I am a non-veg freak, can i still gain from yoga?

Yes of course! I’m also a non-veg freak; yoga is nothing to do with non-veg food. So its a myth

Hi madam, pl tell me how it was working with kareena

Great, she is an obedient and VERY dedicated student!

How do you use yoga to shape the limbs?

Do Suryanamaskar it workout all the limbs. Refer to the Book for more detail instructions.

How do we know our muscles are really getting worked out?

When you start doing yoga for the first time, the muscles are weak and when you hold a posture for a long time, the whole body starts vibrating. As you keep performing the asanas this vibration stops, thats when you know your muscles are getting worked out.

Any yoga postures for children with down’s syndrome?

They are hyperactive children, but yoga for them has to be under supervision. It would be very good for them, it will help reduce anxiety.

Hi, i am 24yrd old, 5 ft 7 and 76 kgs, can u suggest which asanas will help me lose weight

Refer to the Book, or the previously answered questions. Ch. 1 in the book will also be helpful.

I need to trim my belly fat. After caesarians my belly has become very loose. Plz suggest some yoga tips for only belly fat. Also i wld req you to please suggest some tips to stay slim

One – Suryanamaskar Two – Naukaasan Series(given in the book) Three – Kapaalbharti kriya Four – Moolbandh Refer to the book for details and pictures. You can start with the beginner`s course in the book.

How to gain weight through yoga because i always heard yoga as a powerfull tool for weight reduction

Refer to the book, there are several asanas given to gain weight. Ch. 1

Should we follow a diet regime along with yoga for full benefit

Yes of course you need to eat a well balanced diet. Avoid sugar, rice, sweets and fried foods.

Hi payal, i just got out of college, would like to have a sleek figure like kareena. my ht is 4ft 9, wt is 55 kg, what do i do?

Suryanamsakars about 25 a day, will take you about 15minutes. The book is for that purpose from xl to xs

How long can yoga really take to heal back pain

It takes time, if a major back pain. It defenitely relieves but does not take it completely. Also strengthen your abdomen to strengthen the back. If you live in Mumbai please contact our studio cosmic fusion +91 9930304664

I heard that we need to do yoga only early morning. is it true?

No you need to do yoga only after 2 and half-3 hours of eating

My mother is 68 yrs old, osteoarthritis, both kness are bad, any exercise for her pl

Sit straight on the floor, and legs are stretched out and your toes have to be pointed and then reflexed. Do this ten rounds.

Dear maam, i am having bad acidity, is there any asan to prevent reflux

Yea for acidity do the vaman kriya, early in the morning take two bottles of Luke warm water, put a pinch of salt in one bottle. Drink both bottles of water at one go. Go to the bathroom, take your index and middle finger, irritate your throat and throw out all the water. This has to be done once a week, on an empty stomach.

How can i control my cholesterol with yoga, my ht is 5 ft 2, wt is 69 kg, i am 56 yrs old

For cholesterol follow the beginners course in the book, which easy to follow will help control the cholesterol level.

How to lose weight after delivery?

If you have had a C section, you need to start working out immediately after three months of delivery. And normal delivery 40 days. Start with strict exercise regime. Yoga, cardio and a balanced diet. If you’re feeding your baby and exercise you will lose weight very quickly.

Is there a possibility that yoga can aggravate pain

If the postures are not done correctly then, also if you already have pain and induced further tension, it will surely aggravate. Also do it front of the mirror to get the postures right.

Can i do yoga in a airconditioned room


5 ways for a working woman to keep fit

1. Drink 5-6ltr of water. 2. 15 Suryanamaskars 3. Do spot jogging for 5 minutes 4. Have a balanced diet 5. Walk whenever you can for atleast 30min

How to fight depression with yoga

Start doing yoga, and BE positive. Don’t let depression to take over you any form, as nothing is worth it. Work on loving yourself.

I am unable to learn complete surya namaskar. is it ok to do only half?

No its a sequence of 12 postures, and you cannot do it half way. Please have a look at the pictures given in my book from xl to xs.

I am 48 yrs old with a bad scoliosis, how can i reduce my tummy, wt 72 kgs, ht 168cm

If you’re in Mumbai, it would be nice to consult my studio. You MUST lose weight ASAP. Cosmic Fusion +91 9930304664

Hi payal, can yoga help build biceps

Yes it does, helps define the body very well.

When is the best time to do yoga?

Ideally if you have time in the morning, any form of exercise works best because your metabolic rate is good. But if you don’t have the time, it`s fine to do it when you have time.

How can i look fresh always

Do yoga in the morning; see Tusshar Kapoor he has been glowing since he started doing yoga.

What is that one product you have to cut out of your diet to stay healthy and fit?

Sugar, Fried and Rice

My age is 38 weight 78 hight 5.6 i want to know how much km i should walk on trade mile and should i walk daily or alternate day

Walk daily, start with 15minutes at the speed of 4.5km. Do that for a week, then increase the time from 15 to 25minutes @speed 5. Next week walk for 35minutes, speed 5.5. Then next week again for 45minutes to an hour, speed 6km. Do not walk on the incline and do not run. Please refer to the book, all the details our given

Is there any age limit when it comes to learning yoga or rather in getting initiated into it?

There is no age, if you’re healthy and no complications please do yoga!

Does walking alone help in shaping the body up?

No it doesent, have to combine it with yoga. Then it creates miracles.

Is it true that stress makes u fat?

Yes it does. Because its an imbalance in your hormonal system. It could either lead to fat gain or weight loss.

Is there any connection between sleeping and putting on weight

If you eat and sleep immediately you will put on. After eating sit in vajrasan (Given in the book) keep a gap of 2 hours.

Would it be easy for a dancer to learn yoga and vice-versa

Of course.

What is the one must do for any person who is planning on learning yoga

Make sure your breathing Technique is right. Refer to my book ‘From XL to XS’ for an in depth instruction on it.

Is there any truth in the saying one has to be a vegan for flexibility during yoga sessions?


Is it possible for a newbie to learn yoga from the start with the help of books, videos

Totally, its a little difficult. Start with the beginner’s course and do it in front of the mirror. Also refer to the book for pictures and correct postures.

Hi Payal, can you name the winners of the contest please?

The winners are:

1. Tamanna Ghanshani
2. Abhijeet A Maaity
3. Joyce Simoes