Breast and prostratic cancers are common in India: Dr. Vasishta


Dr. VG Vasishta is the founder & CEO of SBF Healthcare & Research Centre Pvt Ltd. Wg Cdr (Dr) VG Vasishta (Retd) joined the Army Medical Corps as a specialist medical officer with a passion to serve the country. However, the best in him was reserved for something better. He was instrumental in designing and implementing clinical studies to evaluate the use of Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Fields (SPMFTM) in treatment of arthritis and Cancer.

In the last seven years Dr. Vasishta has treated over 5000 cases (both cancer and arthritis patients) using this therapy. SBF Healthcare has centers in Bangalore and Mumbai and are the only centers that offer the modality of treatment pioneered by him.

Dr. VG Vasishta answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Doctor please specify the use of SPMFTM in your treatment of arthritis?
SPMF Therapy (Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field) is delivered by a devise called AKTIS which uses magnetic field and frequencies which are specific to the patient’s degenerating cartilage. Osteoarthritis is a disease of the cartilage wherein the cartilage cells are incapable of multiplying. SPMF uses a frequency which multiplies the cartilage cells and reverses the process of osteoarthritis.

What kind of physical activities be avoided by osteoarthritis patients?
Any impact exercises should be avoided. Otherwise, walking on level ground is something they can continue.

My aunt aged 59 yrs suffering from osteoarthritis is undergoing treatment. What is your advice to her for the long term management of osteoarthritis?
A lot would depend on what treatment she is undergoing but, for long term benefit specific exercise protocol would be helpful.

In older days cancer was common in elderly people but now we hear even the kids having different types of cancer. What do you think is the reason for this Sir?
Better investigation techniques have helped pick up Cancers in children also. However, the incidence of cancers has not changed in surveys carried out in India.

Does flax seeds and green tea really help to prevent cancer?
There is no evidence based scientific literature which shows flax seeds or green tea may help.

And what should we keep in mind before going for a CT Scan test?
CT scan can be done with/without contrast. Contrast may be oral or IV. We should go for a CT scan on an empty stomach keeping in mind that contrast may be used during the scan.

Does CT Scan has some adverse effects on women who are planning pregnancy?
CT scan can be done with/without contrast. Contrast may be oral or IV. We should go for a CT scan on an empty stomach keeping in mind that contrast may be used during the scan.

Are there any risks involved in a CT Scan test?
Yes, CT involves use of large amount of ionising radiation and should not be carried more often.

Dr. I want to know about CT Scan. Does one need to perform a CT Scan at a particular age as a part of regular check up programme?
CT Scan is done using ionising radiiation which is harmful to the body. Generally speaking one CT scan gives you radiation as much as 500 x-rays. So one has to be very careful to choose patients because of the radiation risks.

Does your therapy offer a permanent cure to cancer?
When we are dealing with cancer there is nothing like permanent. with any of the oncological modalities involved – surgery, radiation, chemo, SPMF. A gold standard while treating cancer is FYSR (five year survival rate). SPMF has been very effective in terms of survival and quality of life and the same has been published in international literature.

Hello Dr. Vasishta. Can I know about the therapy you use to treat cancer?
The therapy is Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field Therapy (SPMF Therapy) which is done with a device called AKTIS which is programmed based on the proton density (as seen on MRI). The programme is set up and focussed on the tumor using frequencies which cause induction of appototis in the cancer cell.

Where is your SBF centre in Mumbai?
7A-32, Corporate Avenue, 32, Mahal Industrial Estate, Off Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai. Ph: 28374853/54

Sir do you treat arthritis with surgery or only with medications?
Osteoarthritis is using Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field therapy whcih is non-surgical and has no side effects, the treatment is done with frequencies whch are safe. There is no medicine available yet which can treat osteoarthritis.

Do slim people never get arthritis?
No slim people also get arthritis.

Does the risk of arthritis be controlled by weight management?
The risk of arthritis is not related to the weight however, the progression of the disease will be faster if the weight is high and uncontrolled.

My uncle is going through chemotherapy, is it normal for his vision to go blur???
The side effects would depend on the type of cancer and the chemotherapy used.

What precautions one should take to prevent cancer
Healthy diet and regular aerobic exercises 3-4 times a week will help. Also keeping away from smoking or pan or gudka chewing which are known to cause cancer.

Are there any warning signs of arthritis?
The earliest signs are early morning stiffness and pain during routine activity.

Good Afternoon Doctor. I usually get this cracking noise in the knees whenever I bend them. Is it normal or serious?
By and large crackling in the knee or any other joint is not something to worry about unless there is associated pain or restriction of movements.

My mother is 54 years old and she has Rheumatoid Arthritis. What treatment would you suggest and what foods should she take?
Rheumaoid arthritis is a auto immune disease wherein the cartilage in the joints are destroyed by a aberation in the internal immune mechanism. There are treatments available like methotrexate, HCQs etc which will keep the rheumatoid activiity which is measured as a RA factor on a blood test. One of the main complications of RA is the super added osteoarthritis specially in the weight bearing joints like the hip, knee or ankle and these joints can be treated with SPMF therapy giving the patient good quality of life.

Dr_02_240x240-1Why is cancer so difficult to detect and treat?
In cancer the malignant cells forms an nidus and starts to multiply at the cost of the normal cells around and if it is not in a prominent place that we can see this process of multiplication goes on and on and a lot of patients realise that they already have stage 4 disease when they come to the hospital for the first time. Now we have specific screening protocols and the patient is advised a yearly evaluation which will help pick up cancer at a early stage.

I’ve heard that vitamin D protects against cancer. Is it true?
No there is no direct evidence to this fact.

Can cancer be cured? Are there any side effects?
Some cancers which are picked up very early as in stage 1 or stage 2 can be cured but, patients who come in with stage 3 or 4 of the disease show poor results with treatment like surgery, radiation and chemotherapy there are lot of side effects associated with radiation and chemo. SPMF Therapy has been used in a series of terminal cancers and has shown very promising results epecially in brain tumors. Since there are no side effects in SPMF Therapy this is a good option for patients specially with recurrent brain tumors or other cancers.

Could you brief on Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Fields and how it cures arthiritis?
Osteoarthritis is a disease of the cartilage wherein, the cartilage degenerates and the nerve endings in the sub-condrol bone cause pain. Every cell in our body is there with a specific purpose and life span. This internal “clock” is disrupted in osteoarthrtis and there is a continued degeneration of the cartilage. SPMF is aimed at reinducing the mitotic potential of the cartilage cells so that new cartilage cells are formed which are normal and continue their functionality over time.

Is it possible to prevent cancer?
Balanced diet and exercise would help but, there are no specific measures that would prevent a person from getting cancer.

How does early diagnosis help?
There are many grades of osteoarthritis from Grade 1 to 4S and patients who get diagnosed early in stage 2 or 3 would respond best to treatment and get complete relief. Patients coming in the last stage of osteoarthritis come with anatomical deformities which are difficult to treat.

What are the most common cancers seen in our country?
Most common cancers are breast cancer in women and prostratic cancers in men.

Does being intolerant to lactose increase your risk for cancer and arthritis?
There are no scientific publications which shown any co-relation between lactose intolerance, arthritis or cancer.

Are there any side effects in SPMFTM treatment?

No there are no side effect of SPMF (Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field Therapy) as the treatment uses a frequency range which is safe.

Is cancer linked to arthritis? I’ve read that risk of cancer is high for those who have rheumatoid arthritis.
arthritis of any form – osteoarthritis, rhuemotoid arthritis, gouty arthritis etc have no direct linkage with cancer.

Do xrays, ultrasounds and other tests where we are exposed to radiation cause cancer?
X-rays, CT scans use ionising radiation and extensive usage may cause cancer. However, ultrasound and MRI are different technologies and are safe and have no side effects.

Doctor, I keep cracking my knuckles often. Can cracking knuckles cause arthritis?

How does one know whether they have arthritis or not?
The common symptoms of arthritis are early morning stiffness, pain and restriction of movement of the joint and reduced physical capacity.

Does nutrition play an important role in curing arthritis?
Nutrition by itself has no role in curing arthritis. However, if the patient is undergoing treatment for regeneration of cartilage with SPMF Therapy, then there is a specific tailor made diet that would help this process

Hello Doctor, Is rheumatoid arthritis hereditary
Yes, there is a genetic link. However, it does not manifest in all the generations of the patient with RA.

My mother in law is 63 yrs suffering from osteoarthritis. Treatment is on but do you suggest knee replacement surgery for her Doctor? Or can she be cured without that?
This new technology of SPMF Therapy has shown very good results and I would advise this treatment before going into any other major surgical procedure.

Is arthritis completely curable?
Arthritis, specifically osteoarthritis is a disease of the cartilage wherein there is degeneration of the cartilage resulting in pain, restriction of the movement of the joint involved. The cure is aimed at either at regeneration of the cartilage using SPMF (Sequentially programmed Magnetic Field Therapy) which is non-invasive and safe or total knee replacement which is a major surgical procedure.

Which type of milk is the best for bones, cow’s milk, buffalo’s milk or soy milk?
there is no specific type of milk.

Is the deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D, the sole cause of arthiritis?
Deficiency of calcium or vit D will not cause Osteoarthritis however these conditions would make the disease progress faster.

Sir if one’s mother and her family has a family history of arthritis, will it carry on for generations in females or it could be prevented?
There is a genetic link associated with osteoarthritis but specific gene mapping is not possible at present. There are no specific measures to prevent OA.

Sir how can arthritis in woman be prevented?
Osteoarthritis is not restricted to women only, 20% of the population will develop osteoarthritis which increases with age. There is a prediliction for women specially pere menopausal women due to the harmone changes that occur at menopause. Since the exact reason of osteoarthritis is still unknown, even though there is a strong genetic link, there are no specific actions that will prevent arthritis.