Breast cancer risk `all over supermarkets`

Experts have warned that thousands of everyday items contain chemicals that could cause breast cancer.

The agents – called parabens – are used in a vast range of food, cosmetics and other products, the Sun reported.

It is contained in processed meats, pastries, sweets and snacks, facewash, make-up, moisturisers and shampoos.

Contraceptive, vitamin and mineral pills also contain parabens, which can increase the body`s levels of cancer-causing hormones.

Many major British and international brands use parabens, which are often listed on packaging as methylparaben, propyl, butyl or ethylparaben.

Underarm antiperspirants have been linked to breast cancer for years after a rise in deodorant use coincided with an 80 per cent increase in diagnoses.

Two of Britain`s top breast cancer specialists analysed tumours taken from 40 women.

Every sample was found to contain parabens – and most had more than five different types of the chemical.

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