Burn fat with the negative calorie diet

Do you want to maximize fat loss by incorporating foods that burn fat? Yes, some of the common foods that we come across in our day to day life will cause fat loss. These foods that cause fat loss are called negative calories foods.

When people say ‘fat burning foods’ or ‘negative calories foods’ they are talking about something called the thermogenic effect, which is basically the calories burned while digesting, transporting and storing your food. But, what are negative calories? Negative calorie foods have what we will refer to as a negative calorie effect.

To give you an idea of what that means, we’ll go through the process. You eat an apple. The apple you consume has 80 calories. However, your body’s ch chemical processing, digestion and breakdown of that apple causes you to burn off 100 calories. Thus, your negative calorie effect is 20 calories. Can you see the implications of a diet based on this premise? We already know that exercise will naturally speed up our metabolism, right? So does The Negative Calorie Diet!

How does it work? These foods tell our body that we are full and satisfied. That’s why starvation diets don’t work. By starvation diet, I mean a diet where you either eat a very limited number of calories per day (much less than you are used to) or none at all. More specifically, they are very small portions of food with very few calories.

What happens when you go on a starvation diet? You do not become full! Your body senses the starvation! When it senses that you are in fact starving it, your metabolism slows down and your body starts storing fat. Thus, there is no weight loss. By changing the nutritional composition of what we eat through the negative calorie diet, our body won’t sense starvation at all.

Instead, it will realise that it is getting enough food. This process actually speeds up our metabolism, allowing our body to burn off its excess stored fat. And then, you lose weight! The negative calorie diet kick starts our metabolism and gets it speeding. When there are no more calories to burn off from these foods, our body turns to burning the excess stored fat for the energy it needs to get through the day. Negative calorie or fat-dissolving foods are very high in water content. In addition, their nutritional value is outstanding.

List of negative calorie foods:

Veggies: Asparagus, bean sprouts, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, green beans, kale, leeks, lettuce, radish, spinach, tomato and turnip.

Fruits: Apples, blueberries, cranberries, grapefruits, honeydew, lemon/limes, mangoes, oranges, papaya, pineapple, strawberries, tangerines, watermelon.

Meat: Buffalo fish, catfish, clams (cooked), cod steaks, crab, crayfish, flounder, mussels, oysters (half shell), shrimp, trout and tuna.

Including these in your diet regularly will help promote weight loss if they are part of an otherwise balanced and healthy diet. This is because foods that are low in calories but full of fibre can make you feel fuller even after eating fewer calories. Also, because fibrous foods may take longer for the stomach to break down, they may help the dieter to feel full for a long time.

The negative calorie diet is not intended as a replacement for long-term eating habits. It is not appropriate for children or teenagers. This diet is not intended to be a replacement for medical advice. If you are on medication, have a medical condition, or are pregnant, PLEASE consult your dietician before going on this or any weight-loss program.

Kalpana Prasad Kalpana Prasad has served as consultant nutritionist with prestigious hospitals like the Chinmaya Mission Hospital, Bangalore. She was responsible for the nutrition assessment and formulation of individualized care plans. Kalpana has assisted in developing corporate menus and in regulating nutrition standards and policies in the corporate world. Kalpana is currently serving as a consultant for Qua Health Pvt Ltd and Health Care Magic Pvt Ltd.

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