Change in diet better for heart than ‘dodgy’ statins

Statins are not the safest way to prevent heart disease, a study including an Indian-origin researcher has revealed.

Scientists say that changing diet is more effective than the cholesterol-lowering pills in helping the heart and staving off strokes, the Sun reported.

The warning comes as figures show statins have had no effect on Britain’s heart disease rate.

Cardiologists say the drugs have a role to play, but are not a cure-all.

“Statins are an effective, cheap treatment but I’m not in favour of mass medication because everyone should be treated on an individual basis,” the Sun quoted Prof Kausik Ray, of St George’s Healthcare Trust, London, as saying.

“For people with no family history of heart problems and others deemed a low risk, other approaches should be used, like eating a good diet full of fish, lean meat, vegetables and low in saturated fat.”

Exercise is also important to heart health, he added.

Spokeswoman Maureen Talbot said: “You may be able head off the prospect of being prescribed statins by eating a healthy, balanced diet, keeping physically active and maintaining a healthy weight and body shape.”

Source: ANI
Image: Getty Images