A diabetic can lead a normal life!: Dr K Mahesh

Dr. K Mahesh is Senior Consultant Diabetologist, M.V. Hospital for Diabetes and Diabetes Research.

The Principal Investigator for Clinical Trials in India, Dr Mahesh uses his expertise to prevent eye, foot, kidney and cardiac complications in his diabetic patients.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day,  the doctor took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on diabetes and its complications. Read the complete chat transcript here.

hello doctor, my age 26, ht 160 and wt is 74kg. mother is diabetic. what are the chances i will get it?
If one parent is diabetic, the chance of getting diabetes is there. But you have to undergo Glucose tolerance test to confirm

will children eating lot of chololates make them diabetic?
No. It will not effect the sugar levels

why does fasting sugar rise? how can this be prevented?
If u are a diabetic, body will not be producing enough insulin, then sugar levels rise. So u can go for diabetic checkup.

have cholesterol with mild diabetes. what are the precautions i can take?
You have to mention your cholesterol levels , then only it is possible for us to advice.

pl suggest what to eat at dinner if fasting is 100 pp is 140
Nothing particular. If u are worried of rice or chapati both are same. the levels which u mentioned are normal

my father had diabetic and my mom also have diabetic now i am 48 and i checked recently sugar is 128 after lunchcan i worry for it or relax
You have to under go Glucose tolerance test to confirm diabetes, but the value which u mentioned is normal.

i am diab.inner strength has greatly decreased.pl advise about some vitamins
I think u r referring 2 erectile dysfunction, which is the complication of diabetes. control of sugar levels is important and can consult neurologist for further management. Vitamins may not help but still you can take Diatall D once a day

can diebetic person can eat rice potatto and tea with less sugar
Rice can be taken in moderate quantity (prescribed), potatoes can be taken (50 GRAMS) if u want to take more u had to cut down rice or chapati, tea with less sugar not regalarly

my mother is dibetic from 17 years she has some sleeping problem due to stress without tablet she canot sleep guide
reason for sleep problems are many, as u said if it is stress u can ask her to do good amount of exercise , or yoga, some relaxation things like listening to music etc…without taking tablets, YOGA is ideal try that……

i have been diagnosed with pre-diabetic condition. i exercise and started diet control, age 47 yrs, wt 82 kg, BP 130/80, ECG
normal, i m taking Riomet-850 mg twice a day. Can a prediabetise prevented from developing into full DM-2?
yes diabetes is preventable by diet control and exercise only with or with out medicine,as u did not mention about your height we can’t calculate your BMI, still if u can reduce your weight you can expect good result

what is the life expectancy if diabetess starts at age 45?
If blood glucose control is good, u can have a normal life like any other person

do you think stress palys a role in getting diabetes?
Yes. Stress hormones are against insulin. So increase in stress, can decrease insulin action

im diabetic, getting leg cramps at night. is there a connection?
yes. That may be due to diabetic neuropathy, blood circulation problems. Check ur blood sugar levels, test for neuropathy and circulation

hello doctor, what is the age to start checking for diabetes ?
No particular age. Strong family history, over weight, age above 30 and symptoms of diabetes suggest immediate check up.

are fruits ok for diabetics?

Yes. But u Can take it in moderate quantities. But fruit juices are not prefered.

how can i find out the sugar index of eating items?
Each item has its own glycemic index. You can consult your dietitian for further details.

what is the sugar index of every eating item?
Each item has its different glycemic index. Consult ur dietician for further details

Will there be a difference in blood glucose level in the capillary blood drawn from a finger and in the blood drawn from a vein?
Yes. Capillary blood sugar will be more than the blood drawn from the vein. It will take nearly 10% extra in capillary blood compared to blood drawn from vein.

I appreciate your valuable service. I shall be thankful if you could let me know the diet for a diabetes person. I am one of them. Your valuable service gives to others blessings. Kindly advise.
It takes time to explain the diet chart to you. Send your email so that i can send it. Thanx for ur comments

dr, pl suggest if diabetes can be prevetned by doing yoga?
Not exactly. But it may help. Regular exercise will help you to maintain ur glucose levels.

My Fasting and PP values are 130 & 185 after taking one tablet of Janumet (500 + 50) everyday; and Hb1ac is 6.6. Should I increase my medicine? Age: 47 yrs, Dyslipidemia, also taking Tonact 10 mg.
No. Your HbAic is good. Continue the same

im 33 yrs old and have bp problem.what are the steps to prevent diabetes?
Good diet, regular exercise and ideal body weight helps u

I am on insulin and tablets. My sugar is under control before/after breakfast. From lunch to dinner the sugar levels are erratic, why and how to control
Your insulin dose has to be adjusted according to your blood sugar levels. You may have to take more insulin in the morning.

my husband age 33 having diabeties for 3years every winter his sugar level goes high and it becomes difficult to manage it in spite of proper diet and medicines pls suggest
It may not relate to season. Check diet, exercise and medication. Consult your physician

I was diagonise with diabites on borderline level.But legs and feet gettting pain now and then.I taking Janumet 500 pls let me know any other medicine to take along with mention tablets.
You can take some vitamins like Fourts B tablet once a day.

Sir Now My age is 40 sir what is the main simtom of diabatic
Loss of weight, excess urination, excess thirst and hunger. Without any symptoms also there is a chance of getting diabetes.  Please have a checkup

diab since 2004, recently have a sore in my right foot. where shd i check up?
You have to control diabetes and consult surgeon also. If it is possible u can come to MV Hospital for diabetes, Royapuram, chennai

pl suggest eyecare tips for diabetics? how often we should check up and any glasses we should wear?
Once in a year you have to check ur eyes, particularly retina and funds. Glasses depends on the prescription of your opthamologist

dr. my mother had died of sudden cardia arrest last yr. she had diab under control for 6 yrs. what are the precautions i must take
First check whether u are diabetic are not and your BP, cholesterol levels and you should be in normal weight. Do regular diet
control and regular exercise

sir, we eat lot of food cooked in coconut oil. will it cause blood sugar problem?
no, it is not connected

In My family my dad has sugar. I am worried is it genetically transmitter. What precautions I need to take.
Yes. It runs in families. First confirm by doing GTT whether you are diabetic or not. If not good diet, exercise and ideal body weight will help u.

what is normal diebetes
If you mean normal blood glucose levels, it is 120 fasting and 160 after food and HbA1c 0f 6.5 for a diabetic

if diebetese is around 200 /below 200 fasting. Is this called border line age is 50 years
200 in the fasting is diabetic. Its not related to age

is it serious to have 107 fasting, pp is normal range.
above 100mg fasting its better to do glucose tolerance test to know exact status.

My fasting blood sugar is 147..is it very serious…if yes then what is the forward path…
To confirm, do glucose test.

why non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus gets worse because of body fat?
If you have excess body fat(visceral fat) it results in increased insulin resistance.

how to identify diabetes in children. my husb’s family have diab prob. so im worried if my kids will get it
If you have family history of diabetes, children may get diabetes in the later age. But to confirm, undergo GTT.

what should a diabetic take in their breakfast,lunch and dinner??
Its difficult to explain in this forum. Please send your mail id.

will a person with type 1 get type 2 also?
No. They both are not different disease. One require insulin and other can be managed with tablets also.