‘Diet plays a very important role in complexion’

Dermatologist and cosmetologist, Dr. Geetanjali Shetty specialises in anti-aging procedures, and in treating acne, pigmentation and hair disorders.

In an exclusive chat with Sify, the expert takes on readers’ queries on skin and hair care. Read the chat transcript here.

dear drcan u suggest a nourishing home made hair pack for dry hair ????which hair oil is best for dry hair???
firstly massage in warm coconut oil in to your scalp,a pack with banana, curd and olive oil would be good for your dry hair.

dear dr i have a dark dry patch around my neckand on both my hands these areas are exposed to the skin .i go out in the sun once in a while.can u suggest any ointment which can take care of these?is vaseline cocoa butter good . pl help
hi,firstly you need to find out the reason for these dry patches ,is it dryness or secondary to the sun,yes moisturing along with sun protection would be helpful.also try using the moisturisers immediately after bath to seal in the moisture.

how can i get rid of or atleast lighten dark circles/patches under my eyes.
Firstly start using a very good sunscreen…. also add an undereye cream enriched with vitamin c and kojic acid, also vitamin c serums are now available in the market which have very good results.

hi,i have dark pigmentation on my underarms and pubic region,i am going to married next year,kindly help?
Start with laser treattments to get rid of the hair these region as friction is one of the main cause of pigmentation in these areas, dust powders like abzorb or mycoderm to avoid friction. use a skin lightening cream like radant kc twice a day

Hi doctor my query that recently i have started to develop pimples on my face and once they vanish they leave the marks ( black/yellow) and also i have dark circles which looks more dark when i am tired or go outdoors… i am 25 years old please help!
Try using face wash which conatins glycolic acid or salicylic acid for your pimples.Use retino a or adapalene gel in the night to keep your pimples under control. Try using undereye cream with Vit c or Kojic acid like Neutrogena or kojivit twice a day for your under eye dark circles.Sleep well and have a healthy diet .

Hi, I am a 28 yr girl, i have been losing a lot of hair of late and my complexion has also darkened a bit of late, i have an otherwise flawless skin and fair complexion, i have been on strict diets in the past and have lost 20 kgs. please suggest.
Fad diets ,sudden weight loss,improper food habits are a big culprit in ones skin and hair health.your sudden loss of weight is the problem for all your complaints.try taking a daily dose of Primosa 1000 mg along with Antoxid Hc.Also seek a dermats help .

hi heard a lot about cosmelan peel and read that you do it to lot of your patients,i am looking forward ,how are the results according to you.
Yes i am doing lot of cosmelan peel,the results have been fantastic ,i do a few variations like combination of other peels or mda along with good results.i love the fact that it treats pigmentation and also takes care of day to day tan and keeps the skin glowing.

hi mam…i have a lot of marks on my face due to excess pimples and also pigmentation and dryness only in the area of pimples…also no glow in face its dull and dry …plz hel me
Improper sun care,in acne prone skin or irritating or picking the acne usually leaves behind acne marks. You first need to see a specialist to control the acne and get a balanced skin acre regime . For your dullness glycolic or mandelic peels would really be benefical

I have wart in my neck. Recently i consulted a doctor who asked me to apply podowart. How safe it is? After application the wart is getting bigger
watnil,podowart are a few products which are topically available for warts, they are absolutely safe,follow the prescription before you apply.if there is no change please consult your doctor for removal.

HI Mam. My skin is fine in beginning of the day but as the time pass it becomes very oily. What should I do to get rig of the oily skin.
start using a cleanser with oil control mechanism with it, try using teh neutrogena deep clean foam it gives a oil control for 6 hours, 2-3 times a day.

is there any connection between sleeping and the way you look?
improper sleep, less hours of sleep, sleeping with face down could lead puffinesss of face and undereye.

does diet play a very imp role in complexion?
yes, diet plays a very important role in complexion, a balanced diet with vegetables, fruits nuts would get you that glow and shine. Keep away from oily foods

dear drcan u suggest sumthing for cracked heels?face pack for dry skin???
you could use a combination of halobetasol or momate along with cotaryl ,or use an ointment like propysalic for about two weeks at bed time

would like to know where is ur clinic?
Details at drgeetanjalishetty.blogspot.com

dear madam, how to prevent formation of lines on sides of lips. the smile lines are permanently there no im 45 yrs old
Moisturised skin always ages late.. so regular moisturising along with a good sun protection ideally prevents aging ..you could treat your already formed lines with botox or fillers..

what should i do for hyperpigmentation in my face? any cream or natural treatment?
Hyperpigmentation copuld be due to various reasons. Using the right sunscreen would sort half of your problems..use skin lightening creams like vitamin C serums at bedtime..

hi doc, i have tendency to tan very badly when i go out in sun. whn i apply sunscreen i start sweating and get streaks. how to prevent this? and tanning?
Chemical sunscreens are available in the market like Neutrogena SPF50 or Ansolar need to applied half an hour before sun exposure.. these sunscreens are efficicious even after sweating.. don’t forget to reapply after every 3-4 hours…

I also wanted to know what peels do you advice for pigmentation.
Nomelanphenol glycolic, cosmelan and other combination peels do wonder for pigmentation..

i have a lot of lines on my fingers, back of hand. how to soften them
Moisturise your skin daily….fine lines on dorsum of hand could be well treated with treatments like fillers and IAL…

Hi dr shetty,eager to get your treatment,Pl let me know do you perform botox for males also
Yes i do perform botox for male patients also after a thorough face analysis.You can contact me on my blog drgeetanjalishetty.blogspot.com

Madam, I have lot of pimples and patches near nose and chin, blackheads are also there. how to get rid of above said problems.
Start using a cleanser with salicylic acid like oil free acne wash or saslic face wash twice a day.use adapalene or clindoxyl gel at bed time for your pimples,lastly dont forget your sunscreen.

i have grey hair age 32. how to prevnet further greying?
Harsh shampoos, Conditioners and other hair products are one of the few causes of premature greying, Also salon treatments like frequent blow drying, perming and colouring can lead to early greying. Have a balanced diet, you could also start on biotin supplements like RADIANCE h or Btn Forte.

namaste madam. i coloured my hair maroon. now i started to get rough hair. what to do
Colouring and other salon based treatments can at times cause roughness and dryness of hair …regular oiling and using the right shampoo – conditioner can get you that hair lustre back : )

pl tell me how to prevent frown lines. i have got them because ofthe sun, i think, but even moisturiser is not helping remve them
Yes Sun is one of the major cause of aging..prevent them with using a good sunscreen with adequate SPF…Lines which are already formed would need treatments in the form of Botox…

how to get bouncy hair. my hair is so lifeless
Reguler oiling of the hair along with proper care in the form of having a healthy diet and right type of conditioner can do a lot of wonders to your hair…

hi doc, u have really lustrous hair. is it possible to maitain hiar like this without help of beautician?
Good healthy diet along with a healthy hair care regime with the right shampoo and conditioner can get you lustrious hair.. pls avoid harmful salon procedures like repetitive hair blow drying, perming and colouring to maintain the health of your hair…

hi doctor, i want to know when is the natural age for greying to start? how can we dealy this with good food?
Greying of hair depends upon your genes and other extrinsic factors like lifestyle hair care products…

how to remove hair from upper lips permanently?
Laser hair removals with either Ndyag or Diode can help you for permanent reduction of hair..

Dear Dr,is there a treatment for vitilego which is just above the eye have taken tretment but the white patch is still there
Yes there are multiple treatments in the form of photo therapy, lasers…pls talk to your Dr. with regards to this…

hello, mam u r very cute. pl tell us a tip for shiny skin. in indian weather i think this is very difficult
Thanks.. Moisturising along with sunscreen would be perfect and ideal for your skin in India…

i am 17 yrs old. started getting small acne. how to prevent this. i love fried food and chips and cheese. pl i cant give them up. anything else is ok
Start a healthy skin care regime of cleansing, toning and sun protection. Have your favourite foods in moderation and pls follow a healthy lifestyle…

how can i prevent my hair from becoming coarse after travelling to office. i wear a bandana, event hen have prob
You can use a livon after a wash or a lisscontrol before stepping outdoors…