Dr. Ruby shares beauty tips with Sify.com

Surgical dermatologist, Dr. Ruby Tandon, has a Master’s Degree in Medical Physiology from the University of Chicago.

Her specialisation in the mechanisms of laser technology enables her to practise anti-aging therapies at the After Glow Clinic in Mumbai where celebrity clients including TV actors like Reshmi Ghosh, Shilpa Saklani and Mouni Roy get a makeover.

Dr. Ruby took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on beauty while sharing tips to get glowing skin and lustrous hair. Read the chat transcript here.

I am 25 yrs old and recently i have started getting red scares on my face. Please help me on the same.
hi, will you be specific about red scars are they post acne!

Hello Doctor, I am diagonised with PCOS and I have acne on my face,chest and back. I also have hirtuisum. Please guide! Thanks, Sophia
hi sophia, first of all please see a gync to treat your PCOS. post that you would need further treatments for acne and hirtuisum is treatable with laser hair removal especially diode!

Ian 27 years old,I have strech marks in my abdomen area,how to cure this,I have 11mths old baby
hi, stretch marks are the most complicated condition to treat, cremes and lotion wont help so seek advice from good dermatologist

dr.can u suggest a face pack fordry skin?????
you can try jovees hydrating face mask!

dear dr suggest sum hair pack for dull lifeless dry hair.
try boots deep conditioning treatment once per week

i seem to have contact drematitis behindmy shoulders .. initially there was terrible itching as i applied henna . it all started with that?.can u suggest any cream/ to get rid of it? it has left a uglt dark dry patch as iam fair complexioned too nishli
hi nishli, you can apply creme called momate its a mild topical steroid so it will give you relief from itching, however the dark patch might require further treatment.

I am 28 years Male. My hairs are falling from many years. Earlier i had too much hairs. Why this is happening, please save my hairs….
hi, do you have history of dandruff.. if yes then this is the no. cause of hair fall. You need to see a dermatologist to know the exact diagnosis for treatment options.

i am 38 my hire are falling very fastly i am using Bio neem shampoo Please tell me what to do
hi, amm you might be having dandruff so please seek an advice from expert for treatment options. try sebamed anti-dandruff shampoo

Hai!my neck is too much black
you can treat it with skin lightening cremes such as melaclear!

Hello Doctor, I have PCOS diagnosied two years back. I have acne on my face,chest and back . I also have hirtusium on my face. Please guide what soap i have to use,any lotion etc. Thanks, Sophia
try oil free products only any anti- acne soap will be okay or cetaphil is a good option.

i have keloid on my right neck,is there any solution
hi , you can have it removed with co2 laser or inject able steroid. these are the two options you have as far as treatment is concerned.

My hairs are very thin and very dry and lifeless,because of which my scalp is visible and looks odd. Also my beards are getting white.plz help me with solution.
hi, you need to seek hairregrowth options and also try hair vitamins name ( hair0 vita) is very effective.

Since 2008, noticed gradual darkspots on nose tip,further darkened with time. Suggested of blackheads. Anti-Melanin darkened Forehead, Nosetip, Cheeks. Laser therapy for MELASMA has darkened spot. Increases in sun-light. Also skin burn over hands. Remedy?
seems like you are suffering from hyper-pigmentation which is very common these days and happens due to many causes so i need more detailed history to be able to suggest you an effective treatment option. you can reach me at drrubytandon@gmail.com

dear drwhat do u suggest to hide grey hair?best way??????suggest sum common nourishing hair pack pl
any colour which is ammonia free would be good. loreal has some good packs( hydrating )

I am taking Azoran tablets (50 md per day) for the last 17 years as Kidney transplant care medicine. Now I have spots on my neck and hands. Can you pls prescribe medicine.
hi, I wouldnt be able to prescribe you anything as you have been taking very strong prescription and would need to see you to be able to help you.

What is the most effective treatment for the tanning and pigmentation on face, especially under the eyes and on nose?
hi zafar, under eye dark circles require actual treatment under a derm- supervision. and for pigmentation you can try nano white serum! very effective and 2nd option is DCl’s skin clearing gel!

I stay in delhi and have wavy dry hair. I can use only anti-dandruff shampoo. Lately i have been using Dove anti dandruff shampoo/conditioner, but to no avail. Please suggest a good shampoo and conditioner to evade hairfall and dandruff.
use sebamed antidandruff shampoo. Regular use you can try Dcl strengthening shampoo and conditioner.

My 25 year old son is fast loosing hair on his head. He has been undergoing hormonal therapy for the past three years. Understand the same is very harmful. Kindly advice
hi, what kind of hormonal therapy you have to be specific please and i really need more detailed history to be able to help you.

Dear doctor ,greetings, my skin is dry skin aim getting more itching While I scratched blood coming otherwise red spot, pl suggest for., thank you
seems like your skin is dehydrated please drink 2-3 litres of water everyday as well as use lactocalamine. hoewver if it doesn’t go away please seek dermatologist advice.

I a getting pimples on my left cheek continously for last one year and now there is big mark .Consulted my doctor and he suggested me to use triglow and persol ac 5 gel for couple of months. how can i make my skin to come back to normal state.
hi raghu, seems like cremes wont be able to fix your problem so you might to go under an treatment for few sessions so that scar is treated from its root.

hello dr.ruby,i live in USA.i am doing laser hair removal on whole face.i am getting pimples on face mostly on neck area.i donot know why i am getting these.i f you can help me with this and what i can do for clear skin.thanks in advance
hi, its possible that the type of laser being used for hair removal isn’t the right option for your skin type so please do discuss with your center.

dear Mam, after my second delivery my face was be in very dark.. dont know the reason.. i am not fair.. and black also.. normal color.. but now a days my face became very dark. everybody asking me..my age is 29..pls suggest.
hi ramya, it might be due to hormonal changes and as well as environmental ( sun- damage) there are many options available with us please visit www.afterglow.in and go under skin care section!

I have dry skin and rough hair. My hair is greying also. Can you please suggest some remedies
hi threya, please be specific about your age as there are many causes and hypo-hypothyroidism is one of the most common ones seen which cause dry skin, hair fall and weight gain!

i have hair over my upper lip.Give me a permanent solution to remove this.
you can opt for laser hair removal.

I am 44 Years old male suffering from Psoriasis and dur to that lost my hairs in early age and now also my face do have wrinkles and I looks more elder. Please suggest me something to have better hair and for looking more younger.
hi rajesh you can opt for no-surgical ant- ageing treatments.

I am facing heavy Hair fall from last 6months.. Can I know what are the precautionary methods to overcome.Can I use MINTOP 10 as one of the precautionary methods. Suggest me some medicines for the same
hi gopal, i wouldnt suggest mintop as its a tempory solution to hair fall. please go and see and expert so that you can have a proper diagnosis and treatment options.

Hello doctor…how to treat pigmentation if it occured during pregancy…..its more than 3 years of my delivery…but pigmentations have nt gone but patches are of same size means have nt increased after delivery
hi balvinder, you need to go and see a dermatologist as it wont go away on its own. there are few options off the counter which are melaclear, kojo-vit or scarfree cremes but make sure you only apply them on affected areas at night time only. and must use sunscreen daily and dont use these cremes beyond 4-6 weeks.

Please advise for fungus in fingers of my foot, even in summer the area is wet even on wearing sandles. Also the skin of feet is becoming dry and cracks are developing.
try terbifine 1%

i have a melasma like hyper pigmentation on the nose and it is clearly visible.My age is 44 .can it be treated with any topical applications available ?
hi somachoodan, yes it could be improved with skin lighteningf cremes such as melaglow, melaclear and scarfree. but it wont remove it completely unless you undergo treatment.

my daughter 20 has 2 spots below her lower lip, 1 cm dia, darker than normal skin which developed when she was 10 smooth ,non protruding and no itching, no change in size, no discomfort . but how to remove them
hi mohan, they can be easily removed with co2 laser please visit my website at www.afterglow.in and book an appointment with us!

I have a dark spot on the skin next to knuckles in my Left hand and Middle Finger in the right hand. I see a skin peel time to time. I do not have any pain.
you can try skin lightening cremes such as melaclear, scarfree / to be used only at night please and keep your skin hydrated!

im 32 yr old guy, had good hair quality, used hair gel – hair has thinned out in middle of head. stopped gel nw, apply mix of coconut, almond and castor oil daily. hairfall continues. no dandruff or other infection.pl help
hi showgato, you will have to opt for crown laser or hair meso therapy option to control the hair fall and then get re-growth back. the oil mixture you specified is perfect!

I have a problem which occurs in high humidity – itching on legs. I go on scratching till it becomes wound due to removal of the skin. wound gets cured without any antiseptic . have tried lotions creams no relief. I am 61 years age.
hi Rajaram. seems like you are suffering from dry skin. the most effective and cheapest option is try baby-oil post shower.

Hi Dr. Ruby, I m 37yr old male. I lost around 50% hair (partially baldness). How can i get hair in this lost portion? Pl suggest the cure /treatment :Thanks AK
hi, will you please come in for a consult so that i can explain non-surgical and surgical options for you. since you are still young you might be able to recover with non- surgical treatment.

i have normal skin colour but my neck, under arms and some areas are very black. Please let me know some remedies and I have excees hair in the chin area how can I stop it.
you can try laser hair removal which will improve the dark areas as well and if you want to get rid of completely then you will have to go for skin lightening treatment which are painless and are very effective! check out www.afterglow.in

how can i permanently get rid of blackheads on the nose and the chin area….i have tried a few products available in the market for the same but the don’t seem to work…my skin is normal
try retino a 0.025% . please use this only at night time and once per week for maximum of 4-6 weeks!

Hi, my hair is started falling from 1 month.. dr said to take manexil & curlzfin.. but still hair failling .. also wanted to know can we apply manexil on hair scalp… or we need to shave completely as requested by dr…
hi, shaving wont change anything. and minoxil doesnt work on everyone. you can try low level crown laser therapy with us. please visit www.afterglow.in

i have fungal attack on my right toe nail for last 2 yrs. applied candid B for sometime. it is not growing much but the tnail is growing inwards now and becoming painful. i clean with hydrgenperoxide. pl help
hi, try locryll lotion. its very effective.

Doctor i have strech mark in my eyebrow how can i remove that one please help me……….
is it a stretch mark or a scar post injury? you will have to come in for consult and strechmark is treatable only with laser!

Madam, I had patches (black) after use of Azoran and I am using it as post kidney tansplant care drug
i would need to see the actual patch to be able to give you treatment option. You can call at 022 42507878 to fix an appointment.

Hi, Last 1 month my hair started falling .. plz suggest some medicine or hair tonic…
hi rishab, please try hair vita by herbal health aid!

dr is a facial a must after 40?how often shd one do it ?i have dry skinn too
facial are good only for cleaning the skin they are not useful for any other reasons so you can do facial every 4-6 weeks

dear dr can u suggest sum home remedy for lines on the forehead, cracks on feet?
you can try nano age serum which is launched by dr. reddy’s is quiet effective. and try any good foot creme or even vaseline daily at night time

My wife is 25 yrs old and 18 weeks pregnant. She had a chicken pox two weeks’ back. Took antiviral medicines for 5 days. She had no previous history of pox and even not immunised. What could be its effect on the skin of new born baby?
most anti-viral meds are preg safe so i would’nt worry too much about it. meds to avoid in preg are tetracylines!

I;m psoriasis patient. Can you guide me to heal my skin which is always flaking? I’m taking homeopathy medicines from last two years.
hi mukesh, psoriasis can only be maintained cant be cured so you will need to apply mixture of vit-d and topical steroid cremes most of the time. there are laser options which can help in maintaining it so you will have lesser outbreaks. please visit www.afterglow.in

I have very dry and dull hair…also have an oily scalp…how do I get more shine…what shampoo / conditioner do you suggest. I also have severe acne…any home remedies?
please use sebamed anti-dandruff and sebamed revitaliinz shampoo

Hi Doctor, Am 27 year old. There are while patches looks like dandruff in my scalp which causing itching. I have taken medicine few moths back and it was controlled. Now again the problem occuring and hairfall also happening. What could be the reason?
hair fall is due to the dandruff. and you will have to maintain your scalp with anti-dandruff shampoo and if its aggressive dandruff then try ketoconozole 2%.

I seem to get boils due to stafilococi bacteria very often. is there a cure
hi john, how do you know its staf-coci? have you ran a test for bacteria culture.. if yes then you have to go to your doctor to discuss options for antibiotics as many bacteria become resistant!

I have atopic dermatitis, in reaction to an allergy. How do I find out what I’m allergic to? Also, what are the treatment options for atopic dermatitis?
there can be detalied allergy testing done at many labs across india. we can actually find out what you are allergic to so that you can avoid those products.

Hi Dr. Ruby, I am 22 years onld male and suffer from psoriasis. What is the cure for this problem?
hi, abmanas unfortunetly there isn’t any cure of psorasis so you will have to try stay stress-free as its triggered with stress.

i have heard manexil minoxdil is not applied later or stopped then hair will fall again which ever has grown..
yes it does it only works while you are applying it.

I have severe acne and dull and oily skin…pls help
please go for treatment orelse you will be left with lot of scars post acne, which are very difficult to treat and are very costly. try hysac facewash by uriage brand.

suggest shampoo / conditioner for dry / dull / lifeless hair
DCL shampoo and conditioner

i used 2 shampoo everyday .. my hair was soft.. past 1 month is falling & visited DR he gave me tablets & gel for hair.. it has side effect. manexil
yeah minoxil does have side effects so please avoid it. try hair- vita by herbal health aid.

Dr, i have rosacea on my nose. can you plz suggest some treatment. & how it will reduce. my nose will become red always.
rosacea is treatable with laser many options are there. please visit www.afterglow.in

Respected Doctor- My face skin usually convert to red n goes dry for long when i use to tke some milk product . I was advised to put ointment flutivate that time ut it help me a bit n agin its repeated . I request for advise please
it seems like you are lacto-intolerant so please go for detailed allergy test and once confirmed you will have to avoid such products orally and topically