Strengthen your mind to achieve your weight loss goals: Vrinda Mehta

Vrinda J Mehta is a certified diet and fitness consultant, and a wellness trainer practicing in Mumbai for the past 15 years.

The trainer behind Bollywood celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, Tabu, Twinkle Khanna, Dimple Kapadia and Konkana Sen, helps you to increase the power of your mind at her wellness zone Vibrations.

Vrinda takes time out of her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ queries on fitness, diet and weight loss. Read the complete chat transcript here.
How to reduce 18 years old and 5.2feet height but wait is me by a diet table sothat i can reduce my weight
follow a high protein moderate carbohydrate diet and do a combination of cardio and core (abs and back) strengthening exercises.

I dont take dinner at night i have tea at nite..I am not overweight but i have got a beer belly i drink 3 beers every week plz help me to get back in shape
it is not advisable at all to skip any meals what you can do is have a high protein dinner and limit yourself to not more than 1 beer a week and must exercise on regular basis to loose the belly fat.

mother of 2. from childhood im obese. in 10th class i lost 40kg. reduced to 70kg. now 94 kgs. active, flexible, go to gym do yoga. no junk, eat out rarely, pl suggest alkaline veg foods and how to reduce weight
just doing yoga will not help you loose weight, you will have to do some form of cardio and conditioning exercises along with the yoga for best results. and you need to follow a properly planned diet in order to lose the desired weight.

I am 28 yrs old married male with 80 kg weight & 5.5 height. I exercise but cannot continue it on regular basis. T am very keen on reducing my weight. Please suggest
it is not clear why you cannot continue on regular basis. if it is motivation that you lack, then you definitely need to strengthen your mind before you start any new program. you can contact us on 0226578868 or on facebook on the group Vrinda J Mehta’s Vibrations for our mind program called the vibrations process

Can cholesterol will decrease by doing exercise daily? and if Yes which type of exercise? thanking you with anticipation,
yes, regular exercise along with a healthy low fat diet will help reduce cholesterol levels. you can also try kapalbhati prnayam for the same.

I am very thin and very tall, i want to gain my weight and my figure.Please suggest me how to gain my weight and to look prefect mam, please madam.I am waiting for your reply………..
you wil need to eat extra calories and do some form of conditioning exercises so that you can gain the extra weight in the right way. you can try a high protein diet with sufficient carbohydrates and moderate fat for optimum results

i want abs. so wts the procedure or diet for making it???
if you are a thin person to begin with then great weight training and a core strengthening workout routine would be perfect. if you are over weight then you will have to add a good cardio workout to it as well and diet is very important too.

I realy need your help to loose my weight. Also i would like to mention I m doing job that requre 8 hrs sitting
make sure you take out sometime in the morning or evening to do some cardio activity like a walk or a jog. even at work never take the elevator, there are lots of exercises you can do sitting on your seat. you can contact us on on the group name Vrinda J Mehta’s vibrations. you also need to follow a diet plan.

my age is 32, single, 5.1″ 68 kgs,despite of 1000 efforts i m unable to loss my weight. I hv sm gynee problem, because of this my body gets weeker and pain in almost whole back & less stamina in any physical exersion. plz plz plz answer
firstly, never say that you are unable to lose weight even if it has been so till now just make sure you go on a 1200 kcal diet from a certified dietician. do a mix of cardio and weights for 45 mins to an hr a day this should surely help you lose weight. for the gynac problem you can try doing kapalbhati pranayam but under supervision

Diet Tips after 40 and tips for fat burn of belly.
eat a healthy low fat diet which includes lean proteins complex carbohydrates. eat small meals at regular intervals and drink enough water. make sure you do some form of exercise for 40mins everyday.

I dont take Fruits at all – I hate Fruits – all the fruits – But I like to drink Fruit juice – what do you say about this ?
if you do not have a weight issue fruit juice is fine

In Kerala most of our food is cooked with coconut oil – when we Mallus come out of our Mother land – we mainly miss our coconut oil food – we eat all other oil food in other places – will this affect our health ?
no not at all.

Is there anything like – Drinking More Water – Or it is okay to drink as much as we can – is this good ?
ideally you should be drinking 8 – 10 glasses a day and excess water is also bad.

what are the foods to build body
high protein foods like chicken, fish, egg whites, soya.

ma’am is hot water, lime juice and honey, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach good to reduce weight.
yes but even plain hot water will do the trick.

i am 50, with all the diet and exercises i do (swimming or 4 km brisk walk) i am not reducing my weight especially around my pot belly. what shouldi do
add some core exercises and re check your diet.

am 37 yars, weigh 77 kgs.I work out daily for 45mins to 1 hr, cardio and do yoga for 20 mins in the evening, and have a healthy diet.but am not losing weight much, please guide me
you need to add some form of conditioning exercises to your routine and you will need to check the diet because with this much work out you would definitely be losing.

i want to loose weight at present i am 108.00 kgs
you need to consult a professional because you will need a properly planned diet and a workout routine. i myself used to be 93kilos as a teen if i could do it trust me you can do it too.

My age is 46 Yrs. Height is 5′ 5″ what is the ideal weight for me? now my weight is 68 Kg. Free hand exercise is my daily routine, is there any special exercise in this age.
if you are a female then your ideal weight is around 55-60. if you are a male then your ideal weight is around 65 – 70. if you enjoy free hand exercises you can try surya namaskars.

How to manage stress? I am a working lady
yog and pranayams are the solution. try deep breathing for five minutes followed by anulom vilom pranayam for 5 minutes it should help you de stress.

do you think stress palys a role in weight gain? if so how can we prevent this, some practical tips please
absolutely, try deep breathing exercises and anulom vilom pranayam for atleast 10 minutes, this should help you de stress.

hi ram, stop over eating at dinner which actually should be your lightest meal follow a well balanced diet and work out routine.

hi vrinda, how is it like working out with celebs?

Im 49, ht 175cm, veg no Diab or HT. got fistula last 7yrs, on Homeo last 5yrs. wt 86Kg. take oats 2 glasses supper,3 cups of rice for lunch. wkly thrice treadmill 15 mins. target wt 80. pl help
you need to increase your cardio, and add some form of toning exercises. you need to follow a well balance diet as the food that you have mentioned does not have any protein.

I have lost around 100 pounds & around 8 inches from waist in 6 months by diet & exersise..what procotions do I take now so that I dont gain that weight back..
that is great! exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet plan and a healthy lifestyle.

Hello, I am 27 years old male, I am trying to reduce my belly by exercise with very little success, could you suggest any fat burning vegetables?
you mean negative calorie foods which would include, cucumber, lettuce, pineapple, watermelon, celery, spinach etc. but they should not be eaten in combination with anything else.

I am 73 Kgs and 158 cm.I am trying to lose weight by controlling the diet and exercising.But i am not getting any satisfying results.My fasting sugar is bit high.I take cinnamon and honey in the morning.Please help.
you need to personally consult a professional for a well balanced diet and a workout plan. for controlling blood sugar try kapalbhati pranayam

dear, my wt is ok but i have a small tommy plz sugges me any diet
you need to go on a well planned low fat diet for which you need to personally consult a professional.

Which is better Tea or a Coffee – ?
both are not nice, but tea is the lesser of two evils. try to go for green tea.

i am slim n trim but i wanna put weight with good muscle
you need to exercise with weights. please join a gym.

hi. can u give me recipes to use barley in daily cooking.. i heard it is good for weight loss
its better to drink barley water in moderation.

you need to personally consult a professional.

does green tea help in weight loss
not significantly, but as a part of a weight loss package it can.

how can a person with slip disc tighten core muscles?
absolutely! its a must for them but you need to practice it under supervision.

pl suggest exercises for toned abs
the plank, sit ups, core strengthening exercises with TRX and pilates.

do you think yoga can help in losing weight?
not drastically but as a part of well balanced workout plan yes it surely can.

hi, is thr any way we can burn calories only thru diet?
no you have to work out as well.

dear mam, how to get a great figre like kajol
eat right, workout regularly, be focused, do yog and pranayam and you are there!

I have hit a plateau in weight loss and am unable to loose any further inspite of regularly exericing in the Gym. Kindly advice on how to rekindle the process of weight loss.
you need to change your diet and fitness routine, try adding kapalbhati pranayam along with a good cardio workout.