‘Lead a healthy lifestyle to get a glow from within’

Dr. Narmada Matang, Head, Medical Operations, Kaya Skin Clinic is trained in minimally invasive techniques for aesthetics and follicular hair transplant. She is experienced in mesotherapy for face rejuvenation and localized fat reduction.

The expert took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ beauty queries in an exclusive chat. Read the complete chat transcript here.

dear narmadacan u suggest an everyday homemade face pack for dry skin?????
Hi For dry skin you could use milk cream with turmeric mix to address the dryness at home.

My daughter waxed her upper lip few months back and has black scar. Though the scar has lightened , its still very clear and prominent. How long would it take to completely fade . Could you suggest some cream, or home based treatments ? Thanks
Well be careful next time! Yes we can suggest creams for the same but we will need to see what type of scar you have please visit one of our centers for dermatologist to see.

Hi I am Mahesh and having a problem with losing hair on the front and rear side, Can this be stopped and the hair growth be promoted?
Hi Mahesh sure we can examine you and suggest after understanding the medical history and the extent of hair loss

Hi madam, i am 26 years old. i skin is very oily , with black heads over the nose. can you please suggest me What should i do ?
Hi would suggest use a sunscreen daily for protection and use products which are not oil based.

hi mam, i m 29, hav oily skin,pls suggest some remedy, skin on my nose is growing darker with patches , and still at this age i m getting pimples and there r some scares of old pimple on my cheeks, what i do?
Hi Thanks for the question you have an oily skin so you must choose the products you use carefully suggest services for acne treatment and continue to use antiacne products for regular use. there are various treatment for scars depending on the type of scars so if you could visit us it would be great.

dear narmada?can skin serums restore elasticity and make one youthful? how often can one use them?can u suggest any brand?????
Hi Sure products do make a whole lot of difference if judiciously and regularly used after judging your skin type. Suggest we use every day we have recently launched the advanced range of skin care products for mature skin suggest you try them.

dear narmada.what facial do u suggest for dry skin????iam 42?how often can i go for facials to an parlour??
Hi For dry skin you should go for moisturizing facials. One can regularly use the moisturizers and go for peels at this age for greater texture.

Age is 46 years . Lots of freckles & sun spots. kindly advice for a radiant skin
Thanks for sharing your age! freckles are common at all ages First thing to start following will be the use of a sun screen religiously. You can also start undergoing the peels for lightening the freckles. Religious and continued use of products are the way to answer the problem of freckles.

i have dandruff , so i face more hairfall. I tried out many shampos, but i didnt get permanent solution.
Hi You need to probably see one of our dermatologists to examine and prescribe antifungal medication, medicated shampoo can give a relief for some time but one must complete the treatment to get the best results.

my hair are rough and i have a regular problem of hairfall. Also my skin is very dull.
Hair fall can be due to many reasons staring from medical to internal hormonal status to the kind of products one uses and i would suggest a proper medical history and understanding the daily lifestyle to address the hair fall problem you should get investigations done to rule out any underlying medical condition and consider adding certain nutrients like biotin zinc into the diet to start appreciating a textural change in hair!

I am having lots of dandruff. Presently my beautician recommended me a hair spa. My hair is very dry too. Is there any home remedy better than Hair spa????
Good idea but temporary!

dear narmi ihave another prob contact dermatitis irritant henna initially the affected area is patchy dark ruf. can u please suggest a cream for me pl thanx
Suggest you visit a dermatologist

dear narmi. iam 42 iaplly sum homemade face packs do 1hr yoga and go for body massages now and then. is a facial needed more often for me . dry skin.what kind of facials ideal for me
Hi Please continue using moisturizer once in a month facials should be good!

hi mam, i m 22, i hav acne nd scars on my face almost frm 5yrs, i hav lot of scars and acne on my cheeks, I used various products nd consulted doctors, there is no results. please suggest me face wash nd moisturiser
Hi I would want to know what medications you have already taken and sometimes the acne could be because of internal disturbances and investigations may be required to get a clearer understanding. it also tends to get recurrent five years is along time please visit us to get the best treatment.

Dear Madam,How to get did of dandruff
Hi If you are recurrently suffering from dandruff its time to visit dermatologist! but at home you could try curd application.

i had done xtenso n have severe hairfall due to the chemical used, how do i stop it ?pls help me i am going bald:(
Hi I am sorry to hear that! suggest you visit to evaluate the current status so that we can guide better.

Hi i get pimples regularly and my skin is also oily and for some soap my skin gets black if i use some other soaps my skin remains dusky but i will get pimples pls suggest something
Hi Suggest you visit our dermatologist to get a solution which will relief you of the acne issue. Salicylic and lactic peels are part of treatment for acne and will be great for your concern.

my age is 29 my skin is oily and complexion in wheatish ..wht i should so that i will get an bright face.
Hi The color of the skin is genetically defined so lets not try and change that! You should definitely start using a cleanser toner and sunscreen to get an even tone and a good texture.

i m 35 years old, but my skin is very dull there is no glow in it
Hi Lets get some understanding of the lifestyle what is your routine like? You could start with regular peels to maintain a good healthy skin and check on the lifestyle to get a glow from within!

My skin was very clear until I was in India. Once I reached US, with stressful project timelines, I have started getting pimples that leave marks on my face. Please let me know what can help
Hi Clearly stress is your root cause please try and reduce the stress factor first otherwise all kinds of treatments will fail! You could start with OTC antiacne products

I am in early 30′s. Kindly advise the precautions to be taken to avoid ageing.
Hi Please use cleanser toner moisturizer and sunscreen regularly!

Please provide solution to have straight and silky / shining hair.
Hi Good and healthy diet good eight hour sleep and regular mild shampoo and conditioner.

How can skin become fairer ? We see lot of hero/heroines who had initially dark skin got fairer. What is its remedy?
Hi skin color is genetically determined. Suggest we try and keep our skin healthy than change the color! Use sunscreen regularly

My skin is too much oily. after doing shave it becomes more oily. so plz tell me the solution.
Hi Please avoid using oily products

I hv dark spots on my forehead. How to get rid off those spots?
Hi you could try some lightening creams.

I am 53 years young and recently been diagnosed diabetic. (150 before faasting and 300 after fasting) i feel itchiness all over the body and my skin above my foot slowly turning out as snake skin with dots..i am a fair guy and i am really depressed.
Hi Diabetes is common and sugar levels can be controlled so please do not aggravate your problem by being depressed. Please use calamine lotion for itching and use a good moisturizer for flaking skin.

i am lossing my hair heavily,i have a harmonal imbalance problem
Hi Lets get investigations done to understand the imbalance you disclosed and get an endocrinologist opinion.

hello mam,i m 20 yr nd i hv oily skin.i hv pimples coverd all ovr d face and although i hv taken alot of medicine nothing has worked.moreovr the scars on my cheek are getting more prominant.what do i do??
Hi Request you to visit our clinic and see our dermatologist!

Hi,I am 34,after my 2nd delievery I got pigment marks on my both chicks . I am also using kaya pigment redusing gel,but I didn’t get any best result . How can I get clear n glowing skin.
Hi! This could be because of hormonal influences suggest services along with product for best results!

hey,i want fairness on ma face. how can i bring glow n fairness?
Please try our fairness range!

i have a very instable skin. regular outburst of pimples. wat can be done?
Hi Acne or pimple could be due to many reasons please visit us for treatment plan.

I am 29 years old, and i have lots of blackheads on my skin. i am facing this problem since adolence and have problem of hair fall from the one yr. Can you plz give me suggestions to prevent hair fall & idea to regain… ?
Hi Suggest our services for oily skin. This could be because many internal or lifestyle changes that you may undergoing. Hair fall again could be due to various reasons physiological or hormonal and or medical reasons we need to evaluate in details to be able to prevent the same, so suggest you visit us for the same.

Hi, colour of my face is dark then my rest of body. as i was living at jammu it darken my face colour. please give me suggestion.
Please use our fairness range of products and use a sunscreen regularly.

how can i get rid of existing suntan,i know i can use a sunscreen to prevent any further damage…
Suggest some services like peels for removing the tan followed by regular use of sunscreen

my skin is getting too much tanned and rough …plz suggesst something
Suggest you take some services for textural concerns and use a sunscreen regularly.

Dear Madam My self Sanjay Mallia Aged about 38 years. my right hand cheeks (below eye) little Black spot.please suggest me the treatment.
Hi Please visit for examination!

Hello Dr, Im a weatish fair complexion guy but my neck and arm pits are tann or blemished skin. Is there any deficiency? Also im just 28 yrs old but my face look little aged compare to other same age group. Kindly advice me some remedies.
Hi I will need you to give me more details for a better evaluation!

Madam, I have lot of pimples and patches near nose and chin, blackheads are also there. I have dandruff also. I’m doing regularly facial . how to get rid of above said problems. Rgds priya
Hi Priya Suggest you visit our clinic for proper treatment plan, facials are not the solution.

Black patches below eyes and hairs grown between throat and chin suggest it.
Hi Suggest we evaluate further for reasons for such concerns!

recently i sufured from seveiour chiken pox and i want to know how to remove all the black spot on my face, looking forowed
Hi If there are scars then there could be various modalities of treatment but for pigmentation you could just wait or use lightening agents to fade off.