‘Dandruff can be controlled not cured’

Dr Sonal Shah is India’s first certified trichologist.

She set up India’s first trichology centre, Richfeel Trichology Centre, together with Dr Apoorva Shah in Mumbai. She is the official hair care expert for the Femina Miss India contest for the last 10 years.

A beauty physician in natural therapies from the Natural Therapies Institute of London, she has been a pioneer in the association between homeopathy and beauty treatments.

Dr Sonal took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ queries on hair care. Read the complete chat transcript here..

How should I include in my diet to get strong n shiny hair ?
You must have 4 almonds soaked overnight, 2 dates, 2 figs, a glass of milk in the morning..at least 2 glasses of milk in a day, spinach, chhole should be in your diet and fruits like pear and papaya, beet root and Chinese cabbage in your salad and 12-14 glasses of water in a day.. you will surely have shiny hair after this but remember a good genetic structure is also very important… and sometimes mineral supplements are also required…

i am 28 years, i am loosing my hair from last 3 years. on scalp i am having dandruff or any allergtic i dont understand.can u suggest me anything
You can wash your hair with Rich feel Arnica shampoo.. sometimes dandruff is the main cause.. if the problem persists consult a trichologist..where do you stay contact our call centre..66778877

Does chlorine water cause greying of hair ?
No …it is not..but can cause dry, brittle hair… you must wash your hair with a good shampoo which is a must..and if there is a greenish colour showing..especially in a swimming pool, pls consult a trichologist…

I am 21 year old i found few of my hairs are white silver colour,i used hair gel for last one year, now i stop using,i think tap water contain chlorine,can u help me is chlorinated water cause whitening hair  this doesn’t cause grey hair but cause hairfall…
This premature thing could be treated and the cause is hereditary and nutritional imbalance,, sometimes the main cause is the use of chemicals…

Hello Dr . I often get small boils on my scalp as my hair is very thin and sparse . Usually it comes when i am exposed to the sun . It is painful when i press on it or try to comb through . Could you please explain why does this occur Thanks
If the hair is thinning and if you have this problem it’s due the hormonal balance… sometimes its because of the exposure to the sun.. use a mild shampoo.. pls don’t press them .. drink plenty of water.. soak black raisins and drink that water in the morning.. if you are acidic, drink plenty of water throughput the day…

Hello mam goodevening my hair is always dry and look like a lifeless please help me mam
You require a deep conditioning treatnment done on a regular basis.. Rich feel hair repair serum can be used..this can help you externally… but if it is an internal cause then consult for a proper treatment

Dear madam, My wife is suffering from severe hair loss which leads to patch baldness in her head. local dermatologist suggest to apply some lotion called Minitop. Please suggest something to come out of this problem and growing of hair in baldness area.
The patchy baldness is of various kind.. first we need to check on it.. we need to work on a treatment.. you need to take a lot of care.. so before it gets too late consult a good trichologist

My daughter 11 yrs old. her hair is started grey what should i do i am very worried
This is called premature greying caused either genetically, low nutritional deficiency or high stress or any illness like thyroid problem..it can be controlled by giving trichological treatment so pls contact our centres…

I have severe dandruf formation and hair loss. Bi-weekly i apply oil and lime juice on my scalp. it helps only 4 to 5 days. Again the dandruf start to form. please advice what i should do to get a permanent remedy. Thanking you in advance.
This is like that’s good enough because it is the hygiene of the scalp that is very imp.. so wash your hair daily or alternate days which will control your dandruff…

Would like to have Dr.sonals contact number and email id.
Contact no.. 66778877 founders@richfeel.com

My daughter who is 20 years now is having dandruff problem for the last 3 years. We have tried all sorts of ayurvedic and various shampoos but unable to get rid of it. She is loosing hair regularly. What is the best remedy for this.
Dandruff if mild can be controlled by curd or a lemon application.. or if it is a scaly problem needs to be treated..try mild anti-dandruff shampoos on alternate days.. or then you need some internal supplements.. remember dandruff can be controlled but not cured..so you need a regular regime of daily wash and daily oiling…

I m having bladness in front two side of my head, is regrowth of hair possible
Without doing the sonography of the scalp..I can’t tell you whether the regrowth can be done or no…If this is an early stage it can definitely be slowed down..

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