There is no permanent cure for diabetes: Dr. Shehla Sajid Shaikh

Dr. Shehla Sajid Shaikh is a trained Endocrinologist practising at Prince Aly Khan Hospital & Saifee Hospital.

A member of the Endocrine Society of India, Research Society for the study of Diabetes in India and American Diabetes Association, Dr. Shehla has authored several books on adolescent obesity and thyroid disorders.

She specialises in childhood obesity and its prevention, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis and structured diabetes care.

Dr. Shehla answered Sify readers’ queries related to weight loss, thyroid disorder and diabetes management in an exclusive chat. Read the chat transcript here.

My wife have fasting sugar 302 and post prandial 376(Just detected)But no other symptoms of diabetes. Can this be cured fully?She is taking Gemer p2 and ecosprin75 now.I want to loose the weight by 10 kgs. I am40,167 cms.,75 kgs. What should I do?
Diabetes can be can not be cured at present…and for you the best option is to follow a proper diet and exercise program..

I am 43 years old my height is 5 feet 6 inches and my weight is 78 kg . But i feel to be as a obesity it is due to any other reason or due to menopause but thyroid test also done there is no symptoms of thyroid what is my actual weight require
Your actual weight should be between 55 to 63kg…

i suffer from hernia last 4 years. .now ican feel it is growing and may age is39years and wt 87 height is 5.2so pls it is harm full or cann taake time ffor this pls answer me thank u
Plz consult a general surgeon….thanks…

i have been Thyroid Probelm from Mid 2009. still take daily tablet in the morning and every 4 months check the test and report. its normally. some time rafeeq saudi
Plz continue your medicines as your reports are coming normal…continue thyroid monitoring every of luck….

You have to check his thyroid levels every 3 months and adjust his dosage accordingly to maintain his TSH within normal limits…he has to take his thyroid medication lifelong….

My Daughter Is 4+years she is overweight she is having 28 kgs weight she demands food at every 1 hours time .Tests are already done T3, TSH,SUGAR,THYROID ,URINE ,BLOOD TESTED reports are ok Kindly provide us Diet Chart for her .
I would need more details before I could give her a diet chart…she is above 90th percentile for her age….plz stop all her junk food and increase her daily activity….her caloric requirement is 1650kcal per day….

How to control Diabetes naturally? Is it possible to revert it & go back normal? Can you suggest Indian dietplan for diabetes?
Breakfast-oats, chapati,poha,upma,wheatflakes. lunch-chapati,dal,sabzi. dinner-chapati,sabzi,dal. bedtime-1cup skim milk. snacks-sprouts,salads,fruits,buttermilk.

I am 32yrs old and i have type 1 diabetes from last 2months, now it has come in control.I have pancreatic stones also.My dream is to make a good physique will that happen and what steps or diet should i take.
You can have a good physique with proper control on sugars and good diet…

diabetic for last 15 years,not yet cured now pain in foot tellremedy
Plz send us all your medicines you are taking at present…then only I can prescribe you something…

Want input on prevention, ways to live a normal life, weight loss, exercise. how the patient will be very much near the best treatment because it is an important item to follow. your suitable advice…
Reduce your stress level..the best way to live a healthy life is to follow a proper diet and walk atleast 5days a week for 45min….

Swelling on my neck in july, operated. Blood test reveled 140 fasting, 154 pp. After surgery, on medication for diabetes before breakfast. continuing. Now fasting 118; 122pp. Am I diabetic, and to be continued with tablet or be still careful.
Yes U are diabetic..and plz continue with your diet and tablets..

i am diabetic but now my sugar lable is before food 94 and after food is 119,i am taking food strictly ,but its near about one and half year my weight is constant not increasing,so what i will do.i am taking medicine named TRI GLYNECE.HALF TABLET DAILY.
U can continue the same medicine at present as your sugars are fine….how much is your weight at present….do u need to increase????

Male 47. I am diabetic since an year. On ZorylM1 tablet before lunch and Glycomet 250 tablet before dinner. Recent readings – FP:96 & PP:111. Is the timing of the dosage correct? I am concerned about the Blood Sugar level between breakfast and lunch.
Plz monitor your sugar level between breakfast and lunch and inform…you can your medicines as it is at present as your sugars are normal….

Can a person with diabetes have a normal life expectancy ? What it takes to achieve this ?
If you follow a proper diet and exercise programme take your medicines and achieve your desired can have a normal life expectancy…

There has been a lot of debate on the efficacy and side effects of using Jalra 50(am using the trade name).Pl clarify if it is safe to use this drug for my diabetic managament ?
It is a safe drug for diabetes management……

Hello Doctor, I recently had a missed miscarriage and had a D & E. What kind of diet should I be taking now? I am finding it difficult to remain controlled and end up eating a lot on junk. Pls suggest a good diet for me. I am 5.2″ and weight 61 Kgs now.
Stop all kind of junk food,bakery products and fried foods…include fruits and fibre in your diet especially salad and sprouts..and have small frequent meals…

I am diabetic since 9 years … now 250 is montly average of sugar level . I often get rashes with itching and on taking algera tab it gets cool . is this by diabetic Age 47 years old
Yes this is coz diabetes…

What are the symptom of diabetic
Diabetes can be asymptomatic….common symptoms are….weight loss..polyuria….polyphagia…infections…increased thirst..burning sensation in feet…

Hi, My Father is 59 has just confirmed by Doctor that he is having start of diabeties so what kind of precaution has to take
He has to follow the diet…take medicines properly..walk regularly…and monitor his sugars closely…

my fathers both the legs are felt as senseless and feared to step properly… despite one of the top research center (Dr. Mohan, Chennai) taking care on guiding what medicine needs to be used still this scare there for more than two years..
This is coz of diabetic neuropathy….and U have to take proper care of his feet to prevent any further damage….

hi, I m Swetha 23, Going to get married in 6 months. Is conceiving possible at this age? and please tell me how to calculate menstruation date as well as ovulation date.
U can conceive at this age…your ovulation day will be 14th day prior to the 1st day of your cycle..

father had stroke due to diabetes;not taking any precaution if doesnt get sweets at home goes out and eatssweets, currently taking Copitab A 150, olsar 20, aztor 20, glufomin xl 500 besides contifoD and tropez od with anti dep
Pl monitor his sugars closely and ask him to take proper medication under supervision so that he does not land up with any further complication..

my 12 yr old son is diagnosed with diabetes [220] in august he was on glyciphase sr but in nov. it was back to normal and doctor had stopped med. says now he is normal is there any chance of diabetes to reouccur?
If he is diagnosed with the diabetes he has to be on diet and exercise lifelong…continue monitoring his sugars very closely coz diabetes can be controlled but can not be cured…

1) Is there any permanent cure for diabetes? 2) How can we increase secretion of insulin by pancreas? 3) Is rice not really good for diabetes? 4) How to getermine whether the insulin being produced by body is properly absorbed?
There is no permanent cure for diabetes…

husband Diabetic. pl tell me the best foods to eat regularly. Currently eating Basmati rice, chapati for lunch, dinner. Is it ok to eat rice? I’m worried to give rice. As we both work its getting little difficult for me to give him proper food.
It is ok to eat rice in a limited quantity…u can use it with the help of carbohydrate exchange list or food exchange list…

Dr for the past 6 yrs i am taking Diamicron 80 morning & night before meals & Voglibose 0.3 morning & night after meals & also i am taking Metformin 850 mg in the morning. Is there any side effects ? kindly advise me.
Diamicron can cause hypoglycaemia…voglibose and metformin can cause gastritis and loose motions

is their any prob of showing Bp readings fluctuating
Yes,it should be looked after

i am aging 42 and having high BP and Sugar. Currently taking medicines Glavus Met, Olmetec & platelet as advised by Gen.Physician.Some times i feel chest pain also(especeially in early morning) Pls. guide me
Pl get your complete cardiac evaluation done

My Mother in law having mild blocks in heart and her BP is not controlled always her Bp readings fluctuate pls guide hw to control Bp and what type of diet she should have pls guide…
Her physician will have to adjust the medicine,pl have a low sodium diet

i recenty got hba1c test done and i got result as 6.47 Although i tested everday morning with accucheck and results come between 80-90 . what does this mean
Pl check your postmeal sugars,they may be impaired

my son is 8 yrs old wt 36 kgs. pl suggest ways to lose weight
Have answered Renu

can diabetes cause hearing probs. how to minimise this
Yes,by keeping sugars well controlled

some steps for foot care in diabetes please
Moisturise your feet daily,avoid tight fitting footwear,examine your feet everyday

pl suggest ways to keep weight down during menopause
Diet and increasing activity,

dr, does high stress cause can we prevent this kind of sickness
Stress. Always increases diabetes,reduce your anxiety levels

what are the symptoms for thyroid disroder
Hypothyroidism-wt gain,fatigue,lethargy,constipation,Peri-orbital oedema…..