Core training helps you in day-to-day life: Kunal Sharma

Kunal Sharma started his fitness career in the 1990s as a bodybuilding champion. He has explored various aspects of fitness like yoga, martial arts, core training, stability ball training, thera tubes and more.

His DVD Jumpstart, brought out by Times Wellness, helps burn up to 500 calories and is extremely beneficial for corporate executives and housewives alike. His latest DVD Burn It is all about being fit, active and healthy. Emphasizing on ‘core strengthening’ it is not only applicable to youngsters but to people of all ages.

Kunal took time off his busy schedule to answer our readers’ questions. Read the complete chat transcript here.

Sir, is there any way to build stronger back muscles?
Pls train your core muscles… a qualified trainer can guide you on this.. or you can contact me on

Dear kunal, what is meant by core training? is there any any limit to stop doing this?
Core training is the one which strenghtens the abdominal and back muscles which helps you in day to day life… like bending down for chores, getting up from the ground, picking up from the ground and catching the bus also…

Can a B.P patient do weight excercises?
Depends on your BP.. you can do it under supervision with light weights…

Is it correct that we should eat fruit before exercising in the morning?
Very right! but 25-35 mins before..

My name is aseemabeebi. i am having digestion prob. pl suggest some exercises to prevent constipation
One thing you can follow 4-5 litres of water throughout the day.. and when you wake up have a glass of lukewarm water daily and your problem will be solved…

I cant do crunches because of back pain, what other way to lose abdomen fat?
Pls strenghten your back muscles first… the back is weak so you need to work on it… the core is connected with the back and abs… you need to be very careful…so train your core muscles.. your back will automatically become strong…

Will weight training with 2 kg ankle weight tone the abs?
you don’t need any ankle weights to tone your abs.. if you use them you may hurt your back pls don’t even try it… you need to be very disciplined in work outs…and careful too… take a proper guidance or visit me on my website…

Hi kunal, can i know where ur centre is in mumbai?
I train personally at homes, in the garden or any track.. anywhere where my client wants me to be there.. please visit me for more guidance and contact details…

Hi i have lost 8 kgs in 6 mnths but have to lose 3 more. does weight training help lose weight
Definitely it will.. combine it with cardio for the heart, yoga for flexiblity, weight training for the strength

Dear kunal, my husband has a cholesterol prob, is on medication.and a big tummy. he refuses to exercise,how to convince him
Pls contact me on my website I can help him for sure.. he needs an expert..

What is the right diet to feel fit in summer
Drink lot water.. have 5 kinds of fruits in the morning.. have a lot of salads.. have soup in the night.. eat brown rice if you are found of rice…\. and pls keep yourself light..

Kunalji, is there any way to increase height by exercsing?
If you are 18 years of age.. you can increase your height by basketball drills… you can contact any expert for this..

How to include exercise inour busy schedule?
Pls do this… when you take a lunch break do spot jogging for 5-10 mins for 6 times a week and for a month prior to your lunch with proper sports shoes.. and after that you can contact me on my website

Hi kunal, i just had a baby 2 months ago, can i start weight training now?
Wait for another 2 months.. you can start with post pregnancy workouts like breathing exercises and yoga stretchings…

Hi. pl tell me how to reduce my tummy, i am 5″10 and 78 kgs, is this right weight

Are you a smoker or do you drink.. or do you eat a lot of junk food? If not then you should lose your tummy .. if not then pls visit me on

Hello sir, pl tell us the secret to ur muscles?
Hard work, disciplined life and proper regime of different kind of workouts on different days…

My son is 14 yrd old, he wants to go gym, pl tell us if it is ok
If doesn’t have a health problem he can do a gym… he can do plyo metrics, calisthenics under a proper supervision and guidance…

Hi, i walk for 30 mins for 4 days and yoga for 3 days. is this okay for a healthy heart?

Its perfectly O.K. need to add a bit of strength workout like weight training, freehand, with the thera tubes and bands… do proper cool down workouts…

I have trouble sleeping. pl suggest exercises to sleep well
I would say start with breathing workouts.. alternate breathing exercises… you need to practice breathing exercises early morning… join a proper pranayam class or visit me on my website…

Hi kunal, i do floor exercises at home every morn, will i be able to lose abt 4 kgs with this?
If you are under 25 you will lose faster.. but above 25 you have to struggle harder.. depends on what kind of floor exercises you are doing…Jumping jacks.. spot jogging.. straight and back kicks can be done… I need to know your age.. pls visit me on

Hi kunal, pl tell me how to use the gym ball to reduce tummy?
It depends on your age and BMI… if u are under 25 then your metabolic rate is high.. you can reduce your tummy only under supervision.. if you are above 30 don’t use gym ball… u can visit my website for more details…

Hi how to improve shoulder size?
Pls I need to know your age.. you can improve your muscle mass and not bone structure.. if you are 18-19 you can broaden your shoulders with weight training execises like wide grip push-ups… wider than your shoulders.. thats the basic..

Hi, im 38 yrs old. need to lose about 5 kgs to reach ideal weight. pl help
Do you suffer from any health complications… if only you are fit enough then I could suggest you 5 day work out plan with my dvd Burn It… pls don’t run for losing kgs… concentrate on your fitness…

I would say get your blood pressure checked.. Weight training is not allowed for hypertension ppl.. you can do freehand squats, freehand simple push ups.. freehand lunges, freehand side, back and abdominal kicks.. If your doc approves of wieght training you can start with light weight training exercises… Do any workout not more than 20 mins.. increase 2-3 mins every week..check your heart rate frequently…

What fitness routine do you suggest for a 50 year old ?
Lot of yoga stretchings.. lot of breathing and freehand workouts without any impact on knees.. and after 2-3 months you can adapt to weight training as the second stage to your workouts…

What u suggest doing daily cardio or floor exercises,i am 55 & i go to gym regularly.
Well I would say a combination of everything little bit of floor exercises.. and freehand workouts.. strength training if you are doing it all in a day… go for a walk and then cool down..go to the gym ..finish your workout and do your cool down again..go to the aqua class.. it helps to get strngth.. it tones down well ..but do not follow any weight loss supplements.. eat 5 meals in a day.. drink a lot of water and be Happy which is very important!…