Physical strength comes from the mind: Mayur Deshpande

Mayur Deshpande is a certified fitness instructor, personal trainer and lifestyle & weight management consultant.

Mayur specialises in yoga, weight training, kettlebell, stretches, nutrition, trx and functional fitness.

He is the founder of and

Mayur took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ queries on weight loss, fitness and yoga in an exclusive chat. Read the complete chat transcript here.

44, M, 175cm, 78Kg full veg, moderate food, Kerala, no diseases , 40 min walk + 20 min simple stretch morning, 20 min aerobics Kendell hoggen evening. Problem is fat around naval increases. Now 38 inches.Cold or fever every month?
looks like your immune is very weak,check your vit D and other medical parameters like Haemoglobin etc…add intensity to your walk by doing brisk walk , incline walk, interval training and eat well.

Hello sir, my age is 24 i am working in teacher,unmarried but my stomuch very big like marriage girls stomuch,how reduce my stomuch please give the answer sir please because my friends joking with me sir.
first thing you should do is remove the relation between stomach size and marital status from your mind, you should take balance diet and exercise 45 mns to 1 hour a day.

sir actual my age is 25,now my weight is 77kg what i am thinking this is over weight for me i want to reduce my weight 5to 7kg please tell me hoe to reduce my weight
thumb rule to target weight is height in cms minus 100….i recommend you 3 times a week 40 mns cardio exercise like brisk walk and 3 times a week weight training and more importantly balance and healthy diet.

i have been trying to lose some 8 kgs since last yr. swimming regularly. normal diet. any suggestions?
add intensity to your swimming and watch what you eat, at times people eat more post swimming.

hi mayur, how many times in a day can we do trx?
once in day is good.

hi sir. i am vasudha,20 yrs old, and weight is 90 kgs.. i do a lot of exercises and still cant loose more than 5  i drink sometimes 12-14 glasses of water a day.. if i drink 12 glasses of green tea in a day is there any side effects?
green tea is rich in anti oxidants, exercise and eating goes hand by hand. you should lose weight if you do exercise and diet at the same time.

Hi, I m 25 years old married women..My weight is 59kg and height is 5’1”..I need to loose weight but I can’t stick to any diets and exercise..Please help me to loose up to 10 kg…
if you cant stick diet and exercise then work on your motivation level first,understand the barrier and overcome

Good morning sir, saran from chennai and Age: 27 My weight is 88 kgs and I have nervous problem in my hands and I keep walking 20 mins every day and i can’t avoid that oil item and need suggession about my fitness and good exersice, kindly suggess.
kindly describe your nervous problem in more details

I am regular practiconer of yoga for 20 minutes and office going – age 50 . despite walk for 20 mintes in addition I look little bloated – weight 63 kgs. pl suggest
increase your walking time by adding intensity as well, eat balanced food ,avoid junk,sweets,alcohol and saturated fats .eat in small small portions 5-6 times a day.

i am 5 feet 5 inch tall. my weight is 70 kg plus. i want to reduce my weight by 7 kg in approx one month time. please prescribe me daily diet chart and exercise regimen to follow. my daily office work hardly gives any opportunity for physical work.
losing 4-5 kg a month is safe and healthy.Join gym , do 4 times a week cardio and 2 times a week weights,make sure you exercise is challenging, avoid junk food,sweets,alcohol and fried stuff, eat in small portion 5-6 times a on motivation first.

mayur do u personally feel that yoga helps in losing weight?if so how???
pranayam helps than asans, physical activity which provides constant supply oxygen make you lose fat.

Mayur, i am looking to reduce my weight, what are your suggestions to it ? i am on diet now and going for walking / jogging every day for 45 mins. My weight is 95 kilo’s
just take it as a lifestyle , choose the exercise mode which you like ,try to add fun to it by making changes , listening new songs,your motivation has to stay high……do dieting which is possible and practical…do small changes first let it get adopted then proceed to big ones

My blood sugar level is 170 pp and chelestrol is also moderately high. How it can be corrected by yoga or exercise.

2 times a week 1 hour cardio , 2 times a week weights and 2 times a yoga and avoid saturated fat,simple sugar,alcohol if you take it… foods rich in high fiber,low saturated fat and low simple sugar.

i hear that its not good to jog, it gives knee pain. it this true?
big myth, do not jog on hard surface like tar road for sure but there is no restriction on jogging.

what time of the day can we eat nuts?
any time.

sir, having knee pain. can u tell some simple exercise
get clearance from your doctor for exercise.

how many times should i do skipping for fitness. im not overweight but generally want some activity
i suggest 30 minutes a day if you are fit,without any joint pains and you are not overweight.

whats the difference in output of treadmill and stepper? which is better for cardio?
depends on how you use it(load,inclination,speed,rpm) and duration.

is there any asana for preventing acidity? i eaty oily food rarely nad drink lots of water still got acidity
may be your are acidic , eat at regular intervals, drink lots of water……jal-dhauti may help.

sir, please tell us if stretches are ok to be done by back pain peoples
consultant your doctor first.

hi, im normal weight but my paunch i lil big. i find it difficult to get up early and walk. how can i lose weight? am on a controlled diet
you can exercise at any given time, why only in the morning.

hello, im walking 35 mins daily. still not able to lose weight. age 46, wt 71, ht 5 feet 6
do brisk walk try incline walk if you have treadmill and eat balance food.

is there any way to know if we are building muscles? i dont feel any stiffnesss after exercise
if you are building muscle ,it would reflect on size/girth.stiffness is not the parameter of right exercise.

im 43yr old housewife. though i start exercise everytime, i quit in 2-3 months. i dont knw how to keep motivation. please help
observe ants many times they fall down before reaching to their home. failure is part of success.

please tell us more about kettlebell and where it is taught
kettlebell trains you in all body planes, it improves your balance,stability and core development and good calorie burn as well. visit youtube

hello, would you say yoga and gym workout have same effect in terms of fitness
fitness includes flexibility,muscle stamina/strength ,fat percentage and strength, yoga works on balance,mind and flexibility ………..gym has many exercise facility which starts from weight to yoga …each mode offer diff benefits.

is it enough to do simple stretching for fitness, or should everyone go for cardio?
fitness includes flexibility, muscle stamina/strength, fat percentage and strength, by stretching you are working on only one component.

pl give some home tiips for fitness

sir, im 22 yrs old. i have weak hands, cant do much work without tiring fast. how to increase strength in hands?
consult your physician first.

i feel weak and tired at the end of office day. how can i pep up my energy levels?
analyse your stress first, what aggravates it? eat healthy and exercise regularly

physical strength comes from working out – do you believe in this?
physical strenght comes first from mind but working out is also must to deliver minds order.

what is the best remedy for sinus trouble in yoga
uttanasana, halasan and paschimotasana and anulonvilom pranayam…jalneti for advance level…also drink lots of water

hi mayur, i want to know what can we eat before workout to have stamina
stamina is base on fitness level not on diet majorly but eat complex carbohydrate meal before exercise.

i m 5’10″ and my weight is 100 kg althogh my diet is very simple ( 1 chapat with rice in lunchj and 2 chapati in dinner) stil i m gaing wieht. kindly advice what shall i do?
you have to check your activity and diet, if your lifestyle if sedentary then you have to boost your metabolic rate by exercise and diet…also check your thyroid.

simple exercise for stiffneck please
consult doctor

are there any exercises for improving eyesight
there are exercise for concentration but it wont make you eagle.

hi, would you say that spa helps in toning muscles?
NO there is no passive and easy way to tone muscles ….no pain no gain.

hi mayur, pl tell us how much protein we need after workout
you need 1 to 2 grams per kg in a day.

i have been doing cardio seriously for 3 months now. i have started to fell weight loss. but since im not too overweight, i dont know if i shd continue or stop.
underweight is not nature. stay fit

i eat one banana daily, though im not overweight, i feel my stomach lil big. shd i stop banana
eat your calorie intake whole day, also study your calorie expenditure, try stopping without informing banana vendor.

im planning to buy a treadmill to workout at home as i dont have time for gym. is it worht it? are all brands safe?
buy treadmill with inclination,treadmill with emergency stop are healthy.

hi, 3 times in a week swimming is good for weight loss? or shd i club with other exercises
club it with weights

going for long morning walks, strict diet, not losing tummy fat. any other options?
check thyroid ,avoid alcohol , eat healthy not strict ,make exercise intense.

1) What is the best Preworkout & post workout supplement. I get tired during workout, I checked with Dr and my heart & pulse is all ok. I need to increase stamina.

Eat complex carbs eg apple before exercise.

Eat simple sugar after exercise half banana and one scoop whey with water.

Stamina – add meditation and duration to your cardio.

2) What should I do to reduce my weight. I follow strict diet and have frequent 5 meals per day in small quantity.

Keep exercise challenging and more variation

3) i am also following intermediate level workout schedule.

Put more details about training.I do not have a complete detailed description of your intermediate level workout schedule.