It’s always good to mix workouts: Nicholas Kraal

Nicholas Kraal is Head of Operations for True Fitness India, a part of The True Group which claims to be the only complete fitness lifestyle centre in Asia, offering the best in yoga, fitness, spa and aesthetics.

Bikram Hot Yoga – the yoga practised by Hollywood Superstars such as Madonna, Matthew McConaughey, Sharon Stone, George Clooney, etc. – made its debut in India at True Fitness.

Nicholas, along with Vikas Patil, Senior Personal Trainer at True Fitness and Matthew Howard, Director, Bollywood Diet, answered Sify readers’ queries on fitness, yoga and weight loss. Read the complete chat transcript here.

Is it safe to 108 Surya Namaskars Daily ? if the person is healthy .. what are the effects of it in our system.
Its recommended that Surya Namaskar be done 3 Times per week for best results. All exercises requires proper rest and recovery hence alternate day workouts is recommended.

My age is about 45 years,height 5.6 with weight 85 kg, pls advise how i reduse my weight a.
Its will be best if you contact us: Bollywood Diet @ True Fitness Its the fastest and safest way to lose weight…

am 29 year mother of 2 kids , obese, I do Surya Namaskar 10 times daily want to reduce 10 kilos in 3 months.. is it possible ? i am vegan & eat very moderately Do I need to add more surya namaskars to have the desired result.
you could lose 10 kg in 3 months if you were consistent with your cardio & water intake. but with out an tailored meal plan/diet regime it will be very difficult

Good Morning… How to reduce Belly Stomach..Every day i come to home at 9 P..M and have dinner.After dinner i go to sleep.Is that a reason for Belly Stomach
body fat will go from the entire body not just the stomach region> You need to increase exercise & water levels. Following a form of calorie restriction while doing this will also help get your belly fat reduced

i am male about 44yrs ,186cms height and 76kgs weight. i am regular (daily one hour)to cardio and curl etc.,for the past one year. problem is i want to reduce belly to flat . now i experience slight knee pain. kindly advice
Swimming & stationary bike will take the weight off your knee joint. Also start strengthening your knee joint with leg extensions & moderate squats

suggest excercises after ACL knee surgery to come bk to normal routine. Op successful now its 3 mnts.gained weight
Glucosamine & collegen are essential for regeneration of knee & other joints after surgery!

i want to know if we can combine regular exercise with yoga?
Of course, not a problem ! Its always good to mix workouts.

I use to workout daily & had a slim atheletic toned body. I had a ACLsurgery 3 months before. this 3 months I have put on weight & become weak on leg part. Operation is successful, but I fear to take weights. suggest me a routine to start back to normal.
Have your been given clearance by your Dr to do any exercise?

sir, For diabetic people which is the best exercise,i practice vajrasana everyday after my food,is it worth doing it
Its all depends if your Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic. Again, please do look into getting a mix of workouts and not just being limited to one. And please do avoid any exercise after meals, please give it at least 90 minutes grace period.

Slow jog for 50 mins daily, 5 times a week – want to reduce 10 kilos in 2 months.. is it possible ? I m 36 year old Male vegan, 80 kilos weight 175 cm height eat very moderately.
I would say it would take more than 2 months, it may take about 90 – 120 days. However it will be advisable for you to mix your workouts, by doing some other form of exercises like Yoga, Cycling and brisk walks.

Im 31, male. do Surya Namaskar 5 times daily can i keep adding my counts by 10 % every wk. want to reduce 5 kg. slighly obese. is it good to do 108 suryanamkars daily with regular breaks. noBP/Sugar or any chronic diseases
Please refer to the answer given to Kesavan: Ans : Its recommended that Surya Namaskar be done 3 Times per week for best results. All exercises requires proper rest and recovery hence alternate day workouts is recommended. For the rest of the days, brisk walks for 40 – 50 mins is recommended.

how to tighten hamstring with home exercises?

For best results, you need proper Fitness Equipment. Otherwise it will be difficult to achieve this.

hai, am 19 years old am overweight.i hav disc complaint so i cant do can i reduce my weight? (especially stomach ).please give me a answer….am having only less food.mostly avoiding chips and meats.but no change…
increase water & protein intake, this will help you from getting hungry & also increase your glucagon levels

hi i am aman bansal my age is 25 and i am very depressed about my weight my weight is aprox now 116 kg and befor marriage im lokking ok but not now so what can i do plz tell me
for obese clients the best way to lose weight weight, fate & safe is with the

i am very lean and thin person, how can i get good health?
If you want to put lean body mass on, the best thing to do is take up some personal training & take some extra protein in your diet

How r u ? I want one Relief from illness. My body is shaped well but my face on cheeks are so inward looking for buffing of cheeks what can i do .pls tell me it will helpful to me
luckily the weight will go 1st from your face when you start to reduce.keep your water intake up to 3 ltrs a day & weight your self once a week, to best judge if yuo are losing weight consistently

Hi, Pranab this side. I am 40 years of old, height is 5.5 and weight 90 kgs. I am a manager in a co. and my job ask me to sit for 8 to 10 hrs. a day. So what should I do to reduce my weight and shape myself properly.
Hi Pranab, you can always make time for workouts ! if your working on multi level floor building, try taking the stairs instead of the lift. When at home, there are also series of home workouts and yoga exercises that you can practice daily.

my friend wants to know how to lose butt fats
A Combination of cardio and lower body exercises. Most common exercise would be a variety of squats.

how to reduce my stomac?
A good combination of cardio and series of AB workouts.

i run for 30 mins daily but i am still flabby. what to do?
You need to control your diet as well.

hi. how to retain weight if we are gymming continuously
You need to maintain a good proper diet as well. Please tune in to the video later where we speak on this topic.

how frequently can we go to a spa?
For massages : 3 times a week For Facials: Once a Week

what is best the way to yoga – bikram or iyengar?
Bikram Yoga would be the better option. The heat really helps.

how many counts we have to do daily to maintain healthy body, if the person eats a well balanced controlled diet.
please define “counts” for me thanks

hi. do u think regular spa sessions can make u lose weight

hi sir m 24 year old n my hight is 6ft2in n weight is 103 kg. i wnt to reduce my weigh pls suggest me hw to reduce it,,,,,,m doing gym regularly,,pls suggest me sir…..
water is essential for remetabolizing body fat. a calorie controlled diet & going to the gym for some cardio is the best most effective way to do this

sir, could yo please tell us how to reduce flab from hips? i have back pain so cant exercise much. doing little yoga
focusing on your weight reduction via using a vlcd is going to be the best thing if you cant take much exercise

how to care for shoulders after playing volleyball. im in my school team and get a lot of strain
There are few shoulder workouts which should help and strengthen your shoulders. Also remember, you need proper rest and do try to place ice packs on your shoulders after every training session.

im 25 but developing paunch. walking to office 3 kms. pl help
Since your getting the cardio by walking 3km daily, you will need to mix it up with a series of Abs Exercise which you can also do at home.

my wife is short and little fatter side. getting leg pain daily. any exercise?
She needs to reduce weight first either by a changed diet or thorough Bollywood Diet. Then after, she can do proper workouts to lose further

i wrk at pc for 9 hrs daily and get stiff neck at times. suggest best tips to prevent this
There are many head and neck exercises available on line and in In Flight Magazines. Please do search and try these exercises.

what is good for increasing weight ? i am 23 year old and my weight is 79K is it good or need to improve ?
You can improve and the best part is you have your young age on your side. Please do increase outdoor exercises or join a Gym.

Nick, please tell me to reduce weight ASAP. I have got varicose Veins Problem.
varicose Veins are not linked directly to being over weight

what we should for complusory eater like me who eats because i am stressed out or the food looks tempting
advice from some one who deals with psychological issues for a living is the best way to deal with eating disorder

since 2006 I hv gained a lot of weight and can’t get rid of it, can’t excercise due to back problem, I eat once a day but still put on weight, I take diet pill which is not helping please help!!!!!
A VLCD is the best way to lose weight if you cant take exercise. the bollywood diet is the only VLCD available in India that is a TFR.

Medical experts say that excercise had nothing to really contribute to weight loss. The key is to have a healthy fatty free liver. What is your take on this ?
Exercise is very importance when it comes to losing weight. I am not sure what experts you are talking about, but that is not correct

hi Nick, Can personal training helps to reduce the weight if yes which kind of exercise helps to reduce onces Bums and stomach.
Yes, your personal trainer will be able to help you by designing a workout regime for you. Please do explain your trainer your fitness goals and how it will be best to achieve this goals.

how can i lose weight on my arms and hips?
Free Weight and Functional Training.

Hi, 1st off love ur gym it has the most amazing vibe, very clean, the staff are really sweet and awesome equipment . I really want to lose my love handles any tips?
Hi Suzie, Thanks for the compliments ! Cheers. Love handles comes mainly from not much body movements after meals. To overcome them, you will need loads of side obliques workouts. Come over to True Fitness and we will be more than happy to guide you.

pl sir tell me how to lose weight for my 8 yr old son. he’s 42kg already
He needs more outdoor activities. Do enroll him into more after school co-curricular activities especially sports. Weight training & yoga will not do him good not. Also a proper diet and eating times need to be established at home.

does frequent spa trips spoil the complexion?
Its all depends on the kinds of oil being used at the spa your going to. Overexposure to improper oils can cause damage to the skin.