‘Patience, perseverence are the keys to weight loss’

Shalini Bhargava, an internationally recognized performance-enhancement coach and group exercise instructor, is adept at providing training in aerobics, zumba, power yoga, Schiwnn indoor cycling and stott pilates..

She specialises in performance training, nutrition, physical therapy and chiropractic.

Shalini is a faculty member at Aerobic and Fitness Association of America and The American Council on Exercise.

She also runs the Indian Fitness and Aerobic Institute (IFAI) where new methodologies and training techniques are taught to aspiring fitness trainers.

Shalini and her team at JGs Fitness Centre at Mumbai provide health and fitness, motivational and educational programmes and team-building events to companies and conferences.

Shalini took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on fitness and wellness. Read the chat transcript here.

hi m 27yr old maried women n have1 year baby .wanna 2 reduce 20 kg weight…4rm last 3mnths m dng gym, consulting a dietician also.hve done my check up also,everything is normal.my lower body part is too heavy,so give me suggestion ?
s : Hi,Regular exercise ,6 days a week,consisting of cardio and weight training along with a proper diet is the key to your weight loss.Be patient and perseverent.

what is the duration for the fitness trainer course?
3 months

how many times in a week can we do aerobics at age 52
Depends on your fitness levels and how many times you have been doing.Listen to your body and take a call

what are the exercises that can be safely done by people with osteoarthritis?
Non weight bearing exercises like swimming and cycling are the best.You need to make your musles very strong so as to put less pressure on your joints.Also keep your weight under contorl.

i gained about 15 kg after my TB treatment. pl suggest ways to reduce, age 46, female
The medicines and sedentary lifestyle are the culprits.Not to worry.Start exercising regularly and follow a proper diet.Youe body needs to gain the stamina first. Consult your doctor before starting anything.

I am 45. Height 167 cm Weight 63 KGs. Have been off sports since past 12 years. Do not feel motivated to start training again. Want / Need to do it immediately. Suggest?
Try joining a gym or Group exercise classes like aerobics,masala bhangra or Zumba which are fun and at the same time effective.Once you are settled and motivated enough,plab your exercise schedule

i want to learn chiropracty..please guide
Go online and search

whats the right nutrition to cope with regular aerobics
A diet which has a right mix of carbohydrates,protiens,essential fats,vitamins and minerals and proper hydration.The firght mix depends on the duration of your exercise and at what intensity are you working out.

I am 43 yrs old my weight is 78 kgs and my height is 5 ” 6 inches due to menopause period i felt the weight is too high due to knee pain i am using aeromatic exercise. which now it is better please give me some other weight loss tips
Are you maintaining a proper diet?Exercise everyday and maintain a proper diet.

I am 27, had an accidnt 1 year back and now restricted from running and have limited mobility functions. I have started gaining flabs. How to reduce them and get a toned belly
hi,The information you have provided is too less.In order to plan your exercise gegimen,I need to know your injuries in detail.

i hv 4 yr old kid, after delivery i got more fatties on body at thies, arms, and tummy, waist. i want fat burn excerise or food or medicine which is help me to come out the fatties mummy to slim mummy.
regular exercise ,6 days a week,consisting of cardio and weight training along with a proper diet is the key to your weight loss.Be patient and perseverent.

hello shalini, please suggest some tips to lose abdominal weight..my BMI is normal but belly fat is little embarrasing..
Cardio and lots of Cardio to burn of the fat

dear mam, im living in mumbai..how can i contact you

i m a athletic, can i do karate and gym for every day
The musles need 48 hours to recuperate and grow.So when you do weight training for a muscle group,you also need to rest it.Normally weight training is done 3 times a week,covering all muscle groups.Practising Karate on all days depends what your goals are.Normally this is also done on 3 alternate days.

madam..im 41..would like some tips exercise and food, to have a healthy menopause
Eat proper and healthy diet.Increase intake of calcium and vitamins.Include daiy exercise

im 57 kg and 5 ft tall. age is 41. please tell me if im right weight.
Correct weight can be determined by doing a body fat analysis tosee what the fat% is

my wife has knee pain..age 62. what are the exercises she can do..we walk 4 days a week for 3 km
Has she tried cycling?Pilates ,swimming and indoor cycling classes are other options

can we combine yoga and treadmill in a week. if so what should be the frequency and timings
Ofcourse you can.3times a week each would be a good combination

my daughter, age 15 yrs is vry thin..41kg, ht is 5,4. please suggest ways to put on weight
There is no need for her to put on weight.Let her eat properly,healthy diet,rich in protiens and any form of physical activity.Teenagers need to be full of energy and active and develop right eating habits.Dont encourage junk food to put on weight

hi shalini, im 85 kgs, ht is 5,2. i eat a lot of rice..dont like roti..so how can i lose weight
Regular exercise and proper diet are the keys

wt 77, ht 5,3. IT employee. what are the physical therapies for acute back pain
Why do you suffer from back pain?

hello shalini, im trying to lose 7 kgs since last 5 mnths..but it is very slow..if i lose 2 kgs, i gain it in a week by eating out..pl help
Then stop eating out

i have knee pains and lower back pian too im 31 and weigh 70 so pls help me in loosing weight and ta burning.
What is the reason for youe pains?The information you have given is too less.

hi im over weight nd want to loose weight pls sggest me some good ta burning and toning exercises plus good veg diet. can u suggest?
Consult a fitness trainer an dietician

i have severe disc pain so i cant go to a gym..i do yoga daily..pl suggest simple exercises at home to feel fit and toned
Did you have a disc prolapse/slip disc?

my ht is 5,9 and weight is 72kgs..i have a lean body but my arms are a lil flabby..please can u tel me what exercises can tone the arms
Work on your deltoids,biceps and triceps

hello! im only 4ft6 and weight 65 kgs..pl share some tips to lose weight
Exercise and diet

my daughter competing in swimming competition. age 12..what are the right foods to give her
Lots of protiens(1 to 1.5 grams per kg of her body weight)good carbohydrates and fats to provide her with energy. Consult a dietician foe proper timings of her intakes

is paneer good for health…we cook dishes with paneer at least 3 times a week..will i put on weight
Paneer is a good source of protiens so there is absolutely no harm in eating it everyday also.But in moderation.

can we do gymming at night after dinner
Its not very comfortable to gym after dinner .Also the metabolic rate rises after gymming So it might disturb your sleep.But it all depends what time you have dinner and what time you sleep and how heavy or light your dinner is.

i like to exercise in the morning but prob is i feel very hungry withing 10mins of starting..what should i do
Do you exercise on an empty stomach?Try eating a banana befor your workout.

i am regular at gym since april..facing a new problem now..i dont feel thirsty but keep drinking water while exercising..is it ok?
Perfectly okay .You keep youself hydrated and so dont feel thirsty.Ramember,Thirst is an indicator of dehydration.

are there any ways to tell when gymming is hurting our muscles
Listen to your body and distinguish between the sweet pain and nagging pain.

what are the ways to control overeating..i get tempted easily with outside food and fried items
Mind control has to be practised.

my mom had a spinal cord operation 2 yeras back. Still she is having pain in her shoulder and back. They have to go for operation once again. Is there any other way to cure her apart from operation.
Your doctor knows best

my husband has a fat belly..his weight is normal.68kgs, ht is 5,6ft..pl tell how to reduce weight from stomach
Lot of cardio ,supplemented by weight training

i use stepper at gym four times a week..and treadmill on 3 days..how many mnths i need to workout to lose 8 kgs
Aim at losing 1kg per week.That is a safe and sustainable weight loss.

is it true that weight loss is faster in winter than summer?
Only because the body consumes more calories in winters to keep itself warm.

can u suggest some simple exercises to stop restless leg syndrome..my mother has knee pain and cant walk much..age 71..she is sleepless because of leg pain
Consult a physiotherapist or chiropracter as it is not possible for me to demonstrate online

how many calories is it safe to reduce in a day to lose 3 to 4 kgs in a week..
Ideally,1kg per week for safe weight loss.Create a calorie deficit of 500 calories everyday

what are the steps to follow while exercising at home to prevent injury
Proper form,surface and shoes