Fitness is not just a healthy body but a calm mind as well

Making exercise fun and accessible to all – This is the motto of Zareen Watson, the celebrity trainer who’s trained the likes of Bipasha, John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan.

Having trained prominent personalities including movie stars, technocrats and socialites, Zareen recognises the need to offer quality workouts to a discerning clientele.

Zareen holds certifications in weight management, nutrition and corrective exercise from The Cooper Institute of Dallas, U.S.A., the world’s premier certifying body in fitness research, ACE (American Council of Exercise), AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America) and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

The founder of Watson Fitness takes on Sify readers’ questons on fitness and weight management. Read the chat transcript here.

Hi,want to loose my weight,after pregnancy have gained weight.As I am vegetarian I am taking fruits & vegetables and also doing some exercise(skipping),lost some of the inches but not much.How easily I can loose weight through diet.
Cut out the skipping as it will eventually impact your knees. Join a gym and start weight training. Your diet needs to have a lot of vegetables, dals, low fat paneer made at home and no more than 2 fruits per day. This can increase once you have shed the lbs.

What exercises to do to lose weight
Exercises that target the full body with lots of compound movements and cardio will help you lose weight the fastest.

What diet to follow apart from exercising
No simple sugar allowed. Plenty of proteins and vegetables and fruits. Cut out all rice and flour.

I suddenly gained 16 lbs of weight and mostly around my belly and shoulders. What can you recommend to cut down 15-20 lbs over a period of 3-6 months)?
Normally I advise a sensible weight loss of no more than about 2lbs a week. This can be done with a calorie concious diet and daily exercise. Join a gym and enroll if possible with a trainer to help you with your goals.

hi zareen how to maintain a good weight always…..what is the best diet to follow it…iam veg,29 yrs female.
A sensible diet rich in protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. pls make sure that exercise is part of your daily life.

Am 57 diabetic from 1993. From Six months on Insulin 15+10.good control of sugar Walking (5-6 km), 30 mts in the morning walker and 15 minutes Pranayam every day, weight increased by 5 kgs since Insulin. Please advise
You need to pay a lot of attention to your daily diet. Pls cut out all forms of rice and even flour from your diet, no forms of sugar allowed at all for the moment. It is vitally important that you start a structured program of both cardio and strength to get your metabolism more active.

please tell me about fitness

Fitness is your abitlity to meet the demands of daily living without any health complications. Not just a healthy body but with a calm and centred mind as well.

I am 46 years Basket ball player now i play on sundays. I go to Gym for the past 6 years and i train for 90 Min 6 days a week. Is weight training for a person above 46 years does any harm eventhough i does not have any fatigue or tiredness
weight training if done with good form and technique can safely be done life long.

I’m 21 years female. weight is 64kg. Height is 165 cm. What exercises should I do and for how long? and What diet I should take ?
full body exercises, cardio and weight training will do the trick.

I’m currently undergoing a weight loss program. What should I eat to reduce my weight? I’m 21 years now.. My weight is 62 and Height is 165 cm
combine exercise alongwith your nutrition program for the best results.

Hi, wts the best diet to have healthy hair ? Im taking sprouts, Milk, Fruits in the morning. And a banana in the dinner. Do u have more tips ?? pls im desperate to know more.
If you are non vegetarian then a diet rich in fish will help. make sure that you include both almonds as well as walnuts in your diet. drink a small shot of amla in the mornings and also wheat grass both are excellent for skin and hair.

does suryanamskar help in reuducing
a sensible diet, cardio and active life along with your suryanamaskars will help you.

what are the best way to reduce from hips/thighs wothout lunges and squats
Lunges and squats will tone shape and tighten your legs, but you need to eat well to not store fat around the hips.

what are the best way to reduce stomach bloating, especially in evening
Do not have a heavy meal at night. stay away from beans and dals if this is causing you to bloat. Have a small cup of green tea with a squeeze of lemon post your night meal. do not have any chapatis or rice either.

how can i loose my stomach fat fast and please advice me with a diet chart to follow
Workout 6 days a week and make sure you have a sensible food plan in place.

hiii mam i weigh 90 kg so how should i plan my diet and workout to loose weight t
Workout 6 days a week, cut out rice, flour and sugar from your diet. do not starve as that is not good for you. eat sensible small multiple meals a day. do not skip dinner, just eat very light.

Hi …even though i am controlling my food..not havin dinner too…ia m unable to reduce my weight…why? Also want to know how to reduce fat below and around the stomach
Fat burns evenly through the body. Spot reduction is not possible, but once you change your diet and introduce a sensible plan you will see the change.

Can you suggest do’s & dont’s regarding food & exercises for a pile patient?
have a diet rich in fibre, drink plenty of water, do not starve and exercise regularly.

hi, my question is, how to reduce my belly (pate) without excersize, which kind of simple excersize & food should i will take, it will help me to reduce my belly. so kindly i request u give me answer as soon as possible. Best regards
cut out all rice and rotis and make sure that you strength train as this will make your metabolism better.

My son is 16 yrs ,weight-104 kg, height 5′ 6″. having ashthma problem. nose bleeds during change of season or dry weather/dust. Doctor does’nt allows to join gym.What diet & home excercises are for him .
I dont see why he is not allowed into a gym. as long as he is in a supervised position with a trainer he can do safe exercises under close monitoring.

how to loose fat in few days.. method to reduce loose tummy soon…please reply..
There is no quick fix. Fat takes time to burn. you must aim for a fat loss of about 2lbs per week.

After 3 months of heavy weight training, I try to shred with 3 months endurance. Want bulky muscles and sculpted abs looks like have to choose one of the two. Please advice.
Heavy weight training alongwith a diet rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates will give you the look you are aiming for.

what diet to follow make ur skin glowing?
Proteins, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

how to make hairs thicker in volume
Make sure there is fish, nuts, and plenty of vegetables in your diet.

I tried doing exercise regurally till i cannot lose my weight. What may be my problem?
Incorrect exercise and nutrition will result in this happening. Pls get help on both fronts and you will see the change.

Is protien poisen to our health and in what way
Protein is an extremely important building block for our bodies. It is an essential component to a healthy and strong body.

mere throid hai mai apne fat se bahut pareshan hu daily walk bhi karti hu jis din walk na jau us din fat ho jata hai
Thyroid ke liye aap ko medication shuru karni hogi. aap diet pe dhyan dijye aur koi achi gym join kar lo.

I m 37 yr male would like to reduce weight from 82 Kilos to 70 KG by end of Jan, strict veg, hate GYM. pl suggest exercises.i know surya namaskar & interested in cardio
Learn to like the gym it will only help you. change your diet to include more proteins and take the intensity of your cardio up higher.

from Bangalore and 32 old. Do advice till what age i can do work out and keep lifting heavy weight. I maintain very normal diet and take required protein food.
All through life if you want to, it will only do you good. make sure your form is good and safe.

am 26, married, 1 daughter 3 yrs old. after pregnancy my weght is increased 15 kgs nt going dwn. pl help, used to go to gym also but nothing happened, desk job.
Rejoin a gym and do both weights and cardio. pay attention to your diet – it is of utmost importance.

Please suggest me a vegetarian diet i need to follow to cut down fat and build lean mass. I have enrolled myself in a gym. I need to bring down 5-6 kgs in a couple of months. Please help me
cut out rice and flour and all sweets and deep fried items from your diet.

I have a 9 to 5 sitting job due to which I have become very heavy, specially tummy buldging out. How much time of vigrous walking in mornings can reduce this buldgs?
Walk daily for 45 minutes and if possible do some strength training too. make sure your diet is good.

i slow jog 30 mins, twice a day five days a week. I’d like to reduce 10kg by end Jan 2012. age 35, male 5 ft 9, presently 82 kg. Am a Veggie, eat moderately. IS it possible to reach target. please advice.
pls increase your workout intensity, it is not possible to drop nearly 20lbs in just one month with moderate cardio only. start a program with weights too.

What diet to follow to reduce weight apart from exercising
small meals, lots of proteins and vegetables. cut out the rice and flour from your diet.

I am fatty. i want to lose my weight. i don’t have much time for excerice as i m working women. please tell me how i lose the weight.
You have to make time for exercise. eat small meals and stay light for dinner.

I regularly walk for about an hour and cover almost 4 -5 Kms. I started this to reduce belly fat and I have reduced a little bit also but I
want to know how can I reduce belly fat fastly.

change your diet.

i am 28 yrs old and still working. i want to reduse fat which is in my stomach and lower side. i have also a trademill.How it will help to me. is it true that honey and cadammon powder with warm water helps to lose the weight.
No honey and cardammom powder is not going to do the miracle you are looking for. only hard work ie exercise and food control is going to help.