Birth control pills are safe: Dr Sangeeta Agarwal

Obstetrics and gynaecology expert, Dr Sangeeta Agarwal has several years of experience in high-risk pregnancy, colposcopy, menopause, oncology and laparoscopic surgery at various hospitals in London.

Her areas of expertise are obstetrics and gynaecology involving teen care, antenatal, intrapartum, post-natal care, painless labour, fertility control, menopause management and infertility, endoscopic (laparoscopic and hysteroscopic) surgery. She is also a consultant at Bombay Hospital and was recently conferred the FRCOG.

Dr Sangeeta took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on gynaecological issues. Read the complete chat transcript here.

iam 24 yrs old diagnosed with thyriod and PCOD and over weight and iam 12 weeks pregnant right now and has a cyst along with the pregnanacy and my blood group is B negative and my husbands is O positive is there any chances of abortion in these cases
now that you have reached 12 weeks the chances are very slim

my wife is due to give birth to our baby next year. She is having Bi-Corniate uterus. What is that?? She is also having swelling in her legs. is that ok??
bicornuate uterus is a malformation of uterius . it can cause preterm labor. swelling is common in pregnancy and is ok as long as the BP is ok

is it safe to take birth control and for how long one can take pills
yes and as long as contraception is reqd

my problems are irregular periods, p.m.s., hirsute chin and tendency to obesity. also getting treated for clinical depression. please advise. i’m 37 and single.
well seems like you have pcos. you must see a gynecologist and an endocrinologist. you need to control weight. you couyld be a candidate for insulin sensitizing agents. and there are various birth control pils that will bring regular periods and also helpto reduce the hair growth

my period date is 03.09.2011, we had intercourse on 23.09.11 do i get pregnant
take emergency contraception and see a gyne if you miss your period

my age is 36 can i be pregnant after 2 years
yes. in case byou have any difficulty in concieving then you can seek medical help. also it is advisable not to postpone pregnancy as advancing age is a factor for increase chances of complicated pregnancies

dris papsmear a must for everyone above 40?/i have no health problems.
yes. it is worth doing pap test at least once in 3 years. it helps to detect pre cancerous changes and therefore one can prevent cancer from happening in the cervix

during pregnancy is *** prohitbited.if yes upto which month
no it is not

dr, i am 42. when ii was expecting my second kid,dr detected fibroids . but till today thers no pain no complications perids regular except for sum spotting. should i consult an gynae at the earliest or should i wait?
you can wait . if you dont have any symptoms then there is no need for concern. nevertheless you can monitor the fibroid and do a sonogram once a year to assess the size

i m 35 years old, 5 feet long but my weight is 85 kgs. my reguler diets is normal and non spices . i have done my domestc work like cleaning, making food and all other works of my home without any body help . what can i do to reduce my weight .
please see a dietitian and an endocrinologist. you need to ensure that you dont have pcos/ diabetes. etc

what is sub-chronic hemorrhage. in ultra sound scan say heart beat of foetus found. is pregnancy effected kindly suggest
not to worry. seek gyne opinion and take pregnancy supporting medicine

We have been married for 4 months now and we are planning for having a baby also. But my wife is always getting her periods at regular intervals of 26-27 days.So I am in confusion ,is this normal? and whether it is affecting the pregancy ?
that is a normal cycle

Age: 24, wt 55, ht 5’2. Acne pbm for 7 yrs. Menstrual cycle no pbm. My gynac gave Diane 35 and have taken 1.5 years. No acne now. Current: duphuston for 6 months .3 left. Is this tab safe n how long? Effect on periods,acne?
you can continue diane35 till you are ready to have a baby

Had miscarraige at 5mnt in last may.planin fr baby & n medication fr last 5 mnths n folic acid.blood test s clear.reason fr miscarraige knot n pipe.Pls suggest precautions 2 b taken 2 hav healthy preg am 67 kg,27 age.Can i hav healthy preg wit ths wt.
yes . dont worry. just try for pregnancy

madem i just want to know that is pcod can not be cured i am taking metformin and aldacton how long should i take it
pcos can be controlled. duration you need to discuss with the dr that has prescribed it

Is it safe to get pregnant after the age of 30?

My wife is 29.She had 3 abortions earlier.Will that have any effect on her conceiving in future?
IF SHE ABORTED SPONtaneously then yes it can affect fertility. if she underwent termination then it will depend on the method. multiple d&c can cause adhesions in the uterus and affect the fertility

doctor my wife is 39 and me 30 we are trying since 4 years for a baby.her cycle varies between 29 to 31 days.and the right time to concieve after period.any medicine for her or for me.she is scared of doctors.plz help me out
if you have been trying for 4 years and have not been successful then you should visit a dr and consider doing investigation. there is lot of treatment available such as ovulatioon induction drugs , follicle studies and IVFET.

My wife is 33yrs & she is having irregular periods , last time she had in Feb 2011. Advise us
you need to see a gyne and do some hormonal tests and sonography. she may have pcos.

My husb has male breasts (Gynecomastia), since he was 14. he’s 35 nw. have 3 kids,living happily. he never takes me for outing due to the complex. have never seen his upper body, since he wants to hide it from me pl suggest treatment in MP/Indore
see a counsellor and you can consider taking an opinion of a plastic / cosmetic surgeon to see if they can provide a solution thanks

Im 35yrs, controlled diabetic. miscarriag 4mths bck, hav 6.5yr son. 2yrs ago, had preg terminated 7th mth bec of placenta previa. baby dint survived. desprat for another baby, dread bec of history and age. Is it safe to plan another preg
yes it should be ok as long as your diabetes is under control and you are under the care of a good gyne.

mam i am 32 years old having two babies both ceserian after their birth i am using copper t but i am gaining weight some one told weight gain is due to copper t . is this true or any other reason pls tell me if their is any more safe method available
one does not put on wt due to iucd.

Its 4 year of our marriage life.still we are not having children. I am having PCOD Problem.We went for IUI. We tried for 4 times but no result so we stoped that.Now we are taking Homeo treatment from 6 months. Now i am 28 years. plz suggest us.

My child is 6 yrs old, im still lactating
please do a serum prolactin level and see an endocrinologist

Mam i am aged 44 having continious flow from 3 months, taking pause 500mg, meprate. feeling very weak and tired.pap test, thyroid test, HB test (12) all tests are normal. menopause it will be there, what best treatment please suggest.
you may be better off by considering a d&c and the intrauterine hormonal device. that will reduce the duration and qty and frequency of the periods

i have two fybroids of size 2*1 cm . is there any problem in future?
no .

mam,i’m a stage performer.. i get too much pain & excessive bleeding during periods..can u suggest wat pills(without side effects) can b taken to postpone periods during performances?? ..
do a sonography and some blood test. you can seek a gyne opinion to ensure that this is primary dysmenoorhoea. the dr can give you medication to reduce rhe pain and the qty of flow

what preventive measure can be taken for getting a genetically healthy baby from a balanced translocation mother?
do the reqd screening test as soon as you are pregnant

I am suffering from PCOD and an umarried girl of 25.Is there any permanent care for this disease?
you should watch your weight very closely that is the key thing

i am 44 yrs old and have been diagnosed having cysts in my uterus. i have irregular periods, and have abdominal pain now and then, i am taking deviry tablet. am i taking correct medication pls advise.
difficult to reply as i need to see reports

after stiching fellopine tubes are there chances of getting pregnant without operation

Hi , I am Puja , I am 40 yrs old , Me & My Husband plan for Second baby , my only contention is age factor , can we go for second child at this age ?
yes but with due risks

madam, i am 32 yrs old, in monthly period i will suffer heavy stomach pain what to do
sonography and then see a gyne

I am 30yrs, i have too much of white discharge, wht are reasons and remedy for this. From 6 years my periods last only for 2 days, after my child birth, whereas before my child was born, it was for 5 days, pls sugges some remedy for the same.
it may be normal . not to worry

I hv problem of Luchhorea last for 6-8 days evry month, resulting severe bk pain n lower stomach swelling all the time. Plz suggest, i hv got treated with allopathic, homeopathy, ayurvedic all but all in veins, m 32, F single.
you need to be examined. you should do a pap smear. back pain may not be due to leucorrhoea. so also see an orthopedic doctor.

We have two babies, Last one is seven months old. Before starting mensuration perdiod, my wife feels a lot of pain in waist and hip. Further, during period the bleeding is so high that, she feels week and tired. Kindly advice us.
she will need to do some blood tests, sonography and then see a gyne . she can then consider birth control pills . they will provide dual benefit i.e. regular cycles with less flow and contraception

My baby girl has stopped latching on to my wifes breasts and my wife is not producing enough milk.Is there a way the baby gets to her normal latching ways?
pl talk to a lactation consultant . if the baby is more than a year old then you can wean her off

i am on honeymoon from 14th . My husband wants me to take birth control pills on honeymoon from when should i start to avoid conception and will it have ill effects on my health
you can start them on the 2nd day of the cycle . if you start them later then they will not provide protection in the first cycle . if you are already in the middle of your cycle then it is too late to start in this cycle

What is the accurate pregnancy period for a woman (more specifically first pregnancy) ? If LMP is 7-2-2011, what is the EDD ?
40 weeks . edd is 14 november 2011 if the cycles are 28 day cycle.

how to prevent cervical cancer?
can consider the cervical cancer prevention vaccine. also regular screening can help prevent it

will cervical cancer vaccine increase chances of getting the cancer? pl advice

can cervical cancer vaccine be taken at any age?
preferably 9 to 16 years

dr i have fibroadenois in both breasts. what are the implications? the radiologist says, its nt serious. pl advice
it is not serious

what is the exact test that needs to be done to check for cervical cancer? is there any specific place that we need to do it to get accurate results?
pap test for screening. in case of suspicion do biopsy.

good noon Dr.myself anni ,and i am 4 months pregnent.what is the proper diet i should follow now?and please give me some handfull suggestion for my pregnency.thank you
see a dietitian

My wife(44) having High BP + Thyroid. Now taking Telma 40 & Amlodiping 5 + Thyrox 25. She stopped Femilon due to High BP. Her BMI more than 27. Pl suggest any medicines as she is reluctant with other method viz. IUD etc.
iud is the best option for her. you can consider vasectomy

I had 3 times miscarriage,Last one was in sep the march 2011, I had mefipristone as contraceptive pill & after that we are trying to conceive but no result. I have a thyrod. my periods are perfect. what could be the problem in my case. Thank you.
you will need complete assessment to understand why you have had miscarriage.

I am 23 years and 9 month of marraige. I am not having proper period for last three months. I took 5 i-pills in last 4 month. I always feel uncomfortable.
irregular cycles is a normal side effect of the ipill. as you are married you should avoid ipill and you should take regular birth control; pill

I am married and working in an MNC company. I am suffering from Premature Ejaculation problem. Although I tried a lot to get ride of this problem but it remains as earlier. Plz help me in getting ride of this problem.
see a urologist

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