Eat healthy and exercise for uterine health: Dr.Sejal Desai

Dr. Sejal Desai, an infertility specialist and high risk obstetrician, is the Director of Sarla Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr. Sejal specialises in In Vitro Fertilization, gynaecological endoscopic surgery, reproductive medicine and HIV medicine. She is a pioneer of Gynaec-Cosmetology & Laser which includes post pregnancy reshaping/augmentation/tightening of the vulva, breast and stomach.

She is also a visiting consultant at Health Care Clinic, Lokhandwala, BCJ Hospital and Asha Parekh Research Centre.

Dr. Sejal took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on IVF, infertility and other gynaecological issues. Read the complete chat transcript here.

I was on OCP for 7 months immediately after marriage,i got off the pill but no periods for 3 months,preg test negative.Met a gyn and induced periods and give metformin 1000mg per day.another 3 months over still no periods.
You need to see you gynaec and need to take medications like progestrone or OC pills to get your periods.

Gd Aftrnn Mam, We have 2 childrens, my wife now suffer for disentry & omitting. can u suggest
May be you need to see a physician for the same.

Me & my wife are planning for a baby now & finding it a bit difficult as its alomst past 3 months since we’ve planned, we noticed that after intercourse it just come out
I hope you are on prenatal vitamins since you are planning a baby. On a normal when 100 couples try every month only 10 conceive. The semen contains seminal fluids and sperms. The sperms swim up in miliseconds and the fluids always come out. So don’t worry. : )

what are the ways to prevent UTI for working women..infection comes easily in office
The best way to prevent is to drink a lot of oral fluids, about 3 and a half litres of liquids is suggested and hygiene is important.

Hi… Dr. Sejal… pls let me know wht monophose is … and whether it is ok if a person attends this at the age of 38..??
Menopause is when the periods have stopped for more than a year. It normally occurs between the age of 45-55 yrs in Indian woman. 38 yrs is an early age for menopause. You need to take some special care and precautions.

25/Married. I have Vaginal yeast infection. My gyno has given some medicines, No sooner I stop it, the problem re-appears. My hubby licks my vagina during foreplay. I am afraid he too may get some desease. Is there any permanent treatment ?
Usually recurrent vaginal yeast infections are known. It requires the treatment of the partner also simultaneously. And till there is active infection you can still pass it on.

my sister is in second trimester..she is getting leg pain and slight swollen ankle—please suggest any meds or remedies
If she swelling on her feet she should keep them raised over the pillow. Iron and protein rich foods help to bring down the swelling. She can double her calcium intake.

mam, my son is 4 mnths old..can we start intercourse
Yes you can but please use protection.

do certain foods increase flow
Can you give your details and then only I could answer this. The so called heaty foods are thought to increase the flow however medical science has yet not proved this.

what is the ideal cycle a woman should have
An ideal period cycle is 28 day cycle …however a regular cycle between 25-35 days is also considered fine.

how to prevent heavy flow during periods, age 36
You need to find the reason for the heavy flow. Fibroids and cysts are common reason. Get a sonography done. An iron rich diet is prescribed.

will heavy flow cause anaemia
Yes it does!!

My brother has get marriage in 1995 and he has no any child so what can i do please suggest me. then i take action

You can show them to infertility specialist please.

what are the ways to maintain uterine health with natural foods-any diet, lifestyle? job pattern changes? pl suggest
Nutrtive healthy diet is essential. FOODS rich in iron, calcium, protiens and minerals in fruits. If all these are eaten in small frequent meals assures nutrtion. A good exercise programme also suggested.

my breast puffing during periods and painful..shd i go for mamogram?
It is very common symptom. Get it checked by your gynaec hough. Taking medicines could decrease the pain.

what is the right gap to give betw first is 2 yrs old and we want another baby
3 yrs. That gives enough time to the uterus to recover.

im 40 and have history of ovarian cyst, once removed surgically, second time removed by meds. have a 2mm uterine cyst i get period one week ahead at times..heavy for 2 days..shd i go for usg again?
Yes must do a sonography again and check the reasons for the periods coming one week ahead.

How many times should we have sex to conceive a baby. Is using condoms always will affect conceive baby
You must never use condoms if planning a baby. You can have intercourse every alternate day during the ovulation period to conceive.

i am 40 and my wife is 38 and we are married for over 4 years. no sign of pregnancy visible. my wife’s both the tubes are blocked, and one has gone laproscopy
After the age of 35 yrs in a woman the fertility rate does detoriate. The idea is to get prgnant fast. So many people today opt for IVF.

im 4 weeks pregnant how many weeks does full term complete
Full term is around 40 weeks.

what are the postures to maintain while sleeping in trimester?
Ideally you must sleep to the right or the left side instead of sleeping straight as it increases the blood flow to the baby.

we are married for over 4 years and my wife’s both the tubes are infected and blocked, pl advice
A practical solution could be to go for a IVF or a test tube baby.

my doc has suggested hysterectomy..can be done by lap?
Yes very much so Karunya. It is a much more advanced way. Pain is much less.

please suggest pregnancy exercises to prevent back pain
One exercise could be to lie down on the bed and fold your knees on your abdomen and role the knees on a circular fashion. Do this clockwise and anti clockwise. You can also use a pillow below your lower back to avoid back pain.

my sister had c-section..will i too have it hereditary?
No not necessary. Nothing has been proved on this aspect yet.

how expensive is IVF treatment
It depends on the centre you do it. There are low budget centres too.

age wt is 48kg and ht is 5’3..periods scanty..doc says i need to increase weight…please advice
Your weight sounds fine. You could be having naturally scanty menses. You need to do certain hormonal tests and sonography to rule out any kind of infections for the same.

my wife 22 is getting periods only once in 2 mnths..what treatment available
We need to check on why her periods are irregular. Meet a gynaec and follow the tests required.

my daughter is 19..she gets painful periods..what methods can we follow–is rest better or being active for PMS
Being active and having a regular exercise schedule reduces pain during menses. But if the pain persists for all 5 days of menses please see a gynaecologist.

are there any natural ways of preventing pcos
If we keep our weight in check and have a healthy diet with an exercise schedule we can prevent PCOS.

my motherinlaw age 52..she is starting menopause stage..please suggest how to be pain free
Usually pain is not a symptom of menopause. please take her to a gynaecologist.

23 yrs old female. married. is it enough to have sex twice a week to conceive?
Provided it is every alternate day during the ovulution period.

my wife is 30 years young lady.We r having one child.We want 2 child .She is having gall bladder stone of 16mm. Tell me whether this will create any problem during 9 months of child pregnancy & during the time of delivery..
Pregnancy can worsen gall bladder inflammation so it is better to meet a good surgeon and find out whether it needs to be removed and then only plan the pregnancy.

we have been trying ivf in chennai since 2009. my age is 28…shd i try more
It depends on how many cycles have you tried. Ideally you should try 6 cycles. And you could opt for surrogacy, egg donation or embroyo donation.

its 6 months since marriage and my daughter aged 28 years , has not yet concieved , please suggest.
Its too early Sir. Please allow her to take her own time and decide on the same.

My Wife Age 30 Yrs is having incremental delay in mensuration period (15-20 days delay) after post pregenancy of 1 year. Do we need to consult some where and what are the side effects. Does it related to menopause. Please Guide.
If she is still feeding then irregular periods are known but if not then you definitely need to see a gynaecologist.

how long does it take a recurrent bladder problem to develop into something serious…my doc tell me to take sonography and flotral and small antibiotic course
If you have a recurent UTI then it can ascend to kidneys leading to nephritis. Treat it immediately.

My wife is into 6th week of pregnency. Our Doctor has advised ‘susten1’ tablet 1 per day. I read in some articles that susten can cause abortion or create problem in brain development of the foetus and is not advisable. is it true.
That is not true. It is given in many early pregnancies as it sustains the hormone required to preserve the pregnancy. It is known to have no side effects on the Foetus.

mam, im 38 nw trying for first child without many fertile years can i expect?
Wish you all the best for trying. It is difficult to predict anything on this but I would suggest you to try for another 6 months and then go for some treatment if required. And your Gynaec could do your blood test and let you know on the time frame left for pregnancy.

how many days post partum can we opt for cosmetology procedures
It depends on the type of procedure you opt for. It takes 6-8 weeks of physiological changes to return to normalcy after pregnancy but still I would suggest to wait for 6 months.

last one year my wife is doing IUI but failed to get pregnant.Total 12 times IUI DONE. as per our doctor there is no problem in both, 5 month back doctor had performed laproscopy still no any success please advice.
I think you can shift to IVF or test tube baby as the results are better too. Please try to reduce your stress levels also.

Im 31 yr married female, piles last 2yrs ,taking homeopathy. used to get blood in stool. last wk 3 days had pain from vagina area. any serious STD dicease. my food habits are controlled.wt 56 kg, 5.2″ , i walk for 3 kms.
Piles has nothing to do with vaginal infection. But if you have any kind of vaginal infection please show it to a gynaecologist immediately.

I m 24 yrs old, My husband visits only two days a week. Having intercourse twice a week is sufficient to get pregnant?
Yes definitely if it is done in the ovulation period.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and have cysts on both ovaries.My HSG report is shows no blocks and now I have been put on Metformin 1125 mg in a day to ovulate. how long will it take for me to regularize my periods and ovulate to conceive?
The treatment is on a perfectly correct line. Metaformin works better along with weight loss if you are on a heavier side. Try both and you will conceive.

How should a woman with simple Ovarian Cyst react? And Steps to be followed by her
It is a fairly common condition, unless it is 5 cms and causing no complications.. a sonography needs to be done 3 months later…

Will the Ovarian Cyst become a cause of infertility & what are the options available with the patients?
Depending on the type and size there are different diagnosis for the same. You need to see a Gynaecologist to find out.

I am 46 years old. I have 1 fibroid of 2.3 x 1.3 cm size in the anterior myometrium. Doctor says surgery is required. I don’t think so & not ready for it. Can it be dissolved by Ayurvedic treatment.

Fibroids of this size, should be left alone. You need to follow of sonography once a year. However there is no medical treatment to dissolve fibroids.

i want a boy child any method?
Sorry no method at all.. there is no such method in the world of science.

I m 25 years old,unmarried,I always have regular periods,but last 2 times i got a period after 15 days,usually i have heavy bleeding during periods and also pain,is there any reason for early period,or it is normal.
Usually an early period is not normal unless it happens just once in a year… but even they are heavy you need to consult a Gynaec..

I am 21yr old female suffering from pcos from the last 6 yr. I have been taking allopathy medicines for the last 2 yrs. Whenever I stop taking the medicines my periods get delayed. Do I have to take medicines life long ?
Pcos is something you live with. You have to control it life long. If you are on the heavier side, weight loss is a natural way of getting periods on time. It is safer to take medicines and get your periods than not getting them at all.

Do pcos patients need to take medicines life long?
The best non medical way to control pcos is healthy food, exercise programme and weight maintenance.

My wife age 39 has missed her periods last month but this time periods come 4 days late? Is this a cause of worry?
It is fine to occasionally have an irregular period. However if it is always irregular you must visit your Gynecologist.

Is ayurvedic treatment worth for pcos? No periods since 3 months, trying to conceive.. not overweight but irregular periods..
An ayurvedic doctor would be a better person to answer this question. But medicines are available to help you to conceive.

I am 2 months carrying. Is sex permitted now?
Intercourse is permitted after 4th month of pregnancy. However there are some highrisk pregnancys were you cannot have
intercourse at all. So consult your obstetrician to see if you can go ahead.