No fasting during pregnancy!: Dr Soumya Ramesh

Dr. Soumya Ramesh is Senior Fertility Specialist at Rotunda – The Center For Human Reproduction, Mumbai.

Armed with a post graduation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dr Soumya has been involved in all aspects of fertility treatment for the last 3 years.

She has dealt with third party reproduction, donor egg IVF and surrogacy.

Dr. Soumya took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on infertility and other gynaecological issues. Read the chat transcript here.

Hi I am married 2 yrs ago. I dont have baby. I have been diagonised with poly cyst this Jan in a scan.What precautions and food I can take in order to solve this problem naturally.
Lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid caffeine, smoking, add exercise to your regular routine… but still if you fail to conceive consult a doctor sooner rather than later.

We are happily married for the last 13 months . But till now there is no sign of having a baby . My wife is always having her regular periods. Kindly advice us something. Should we consult a doctor now or we have to wait for some more months.
At the end of one year you can consult a doctor…if you belong to a older age group a more investigative and therapeutic treatment can be followed.

hi, how do you manage to look so unstressed and vibrant with such a demanding career. my mum has lost her teeth and has sever hirnia being a houswife and my father has lost his hair and is anaemic being an engineer. do you have any suggestions ?
Thanks for the compliment! Ask your parents to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Good After noo doctor, my wife is about complete 3rd month of her pregnancy? Since it is the month of Ramzan, is it possible her to fast? Thank you…
Good Afternoon! We wouldn’t recommend fasting during her pregnancy…

i was on Yasmin contraceptive pill for 7 months.i left it 3 months ago but still have not got my peroids!! Pregnancy test is negative.
Please consult your Doctor for some ultrasounds and blood tests before deciding the right course of action.

dr iam 42.dr detected fibroidswhen i was expecting my second child at 35.i have regular perids no pain, no cramps.should i go for a checkup or wait?i do yoga everyday for 1 hour very active …….i havent go for any tests so far?tell me pl dr

It is necessary for you to go for regular check-ups, however treatment may not be required unless symptomatic.

Having slight itching on outer vaginal walls for some years. Apply candid B cream, itching not there for some days. But comes back again. What is the permanent cure? (Probably got it from my husband who is having itching around his genital areas)

During every episode it is important that both the partners are treated. The most common cause for recurrence is the wife getting it from her husband. Please get investigated for diabetes.

My 1st C-section was successful But my 2nd C- section in 2009 was failure due to “Placental abruption” the baby died. Now, I am 3 months pregnant. Kindly advise as to what precautions should I take for a safe delivery?
Please consult your obstetrician because he has your history and the cause for the previous abruption.

What are the causes of Placental abruption? what precautions or safeguards should a women take to avoid recurrence of the same?
The commonest is high blood pressure…some people advocate taking follic acid through the pregnancy.. Being registered with a good Obstetrician and a good obstetric care is a necessity.

Yes. However fertility will depend on the cause of the tube any case if you do not conceive after a year of trying …kindly seek medical help…

my wife is 18weeks pregnant,had severe ChickenPox 2Weeks’ back,no previous history of pox & even not immunised.Today’s Anomalies Scan shows all parameters of d foetus r ok?M worried:Wat cld b its effect on Foetus & remedial tests to see its viral effects?
Please consult your Obstetrician for a detailed counselling session.

Hi, I suffer with lot of pain before & while having periods specially on the 1st day, is it natural??
Yes it is as long as the pain is relieved over the counter painkillers. There is no cause for worry.

is asprin is ok in pregnancy
Yes low dose aspirin is o.k in pregnancy… generally given to women with recurrent abortions or pregnancy induced hypertension.. it is continued to 34-35 wks of pregnancy..however it is not a safe enough medicine to be self administered. Use it only if prescribed.

My wife (41) mother of three baby girls, regularly taking premolt N tablet for the past several years. I fear that she will be in trouble as she is very very careless. Pls advise what will happen if it continues and how can I stop her taking the pill.
Harmonal imbalances are likely to happen if she uses Premolt N excessively.. women usually use it to postpone periods on religious festivals/ occasions..We do not know why she is consuming them..just counselling might work.

3 consecutive miscarriages, all in first trimester. irregular periods, tried treatments not worked. all tests normal. also tried ayurveda. 30yrs old, ovulate regularly. how to hold the pregnancy.
The best course of action would be to see a specialist who deals only with high risk pregnancies as yours.

I married my mom’s, elder brother’s, daughter. Any genetically problem may arise to children? Please advice me what precautions should I take to have no genetic problems to child.
There are certain genetic illnesses possible owing to your marriage with your first cousin. Please consult a geneticist before planning a pregnancy for a counseling session.

And can conceive with this fibroid as well ?will there be any complications?And suffer lot of problems also like constipation, loose motions and not able to digest food properly?this is all because of fibroid?
It is unlikely that fibroid causes these symptoms. Please undergo an investigation to find out the causes.

23,married, no child, intramural fibroid,5.3 cm,taking homeopathic medicine bt now medicine is nt responding.earlier fibroid was 8cm.shud i go for operation or can i conceive without it also?
The minimum you have to do is go through the histroscopy to see if the fibroid is indenting the cavity, in which circumstances it needs to be removed case you have a difficulty in conceiving you might need to get it removed.

Cpl not conceived even after 5 years. Test results shows, that 1 (last test shows both) drain from ovary are blocked & Uterus size is small. Can you please advise the treatment required and the chances of normal conceiving, if not the last option?
We would need to know a lot more about the ovarian size and the uterine size before we can comment. On a more positive note, no case is hopeless.

my wife is pregnant her due date is on 11/01/2013 is it safe for her to travel by train 52 hrs journey in the month of dec 2012
No !! Not advisable at all.

I am married for 5 yrs,and was diaognised with diabeties and thyroid for the last 4and a half years.My first pregnancy was a case of missed abortion.I am 39 and take insulin twice a day.Do I stand a chance to become a mother
Being a diabetic on insulin is not a contraindication on pregnancy, however at 39 yrs conceiving might be difficult. See a fertility specialist to help you conceive at the earliest and a good obstetrician and endocrinologst to see you through your pregnancy..keep your B.P, Diabetes and weight under control

The day 2 values of my different hormones are as follows: LH 3.2 FSH 6.9 Prolactin 20.4 Problems: Scanty periods (1-2 days) facial hair, severe scalp hair fall.
As the tests do not suggest poly cystic ovarian disease please get an ultrasound done to rule out the same and consult a gynaecologist.

My pregnancy after full 9months and 6 days, my baby expired in the womb itself, the report shows that no blood circulation for the baby for 2 days, so please let me know what would be the problem.
It is important to know if you had any high blood pressure. and diabetes during pregnancy before we could comment. It would be prudent to have ultrasounds done in the last 3 months to avoid any complications in the next pregnancy.

dr when i mop the floor i get pain in my lower abdomen. i had a c sec for my second child. shd i aviod this?iam 42.
Not really.

have Poly cystic ovaries but my doctor did not give any medicine as my period is regular. Will it cause problem in conceiving?
PCOS is a cause for sub fertility, however your age, body mass index will decide your fertility.

How safe is injectable contraceptive?
quite safe.

wife infected with Rubella Virus, nw 19 wks, no symptoms. during 16 wk, IGG was 0.8, repeated iGG 2.46. IGM result 22.6. doc suggests abortion. What would be your suggestion at this stage
If your doctor’s recommendation is abortion owing to an increasing IgG titres, then we recommend that you follow his advise.

married 2yrs, age 30.husb is 31. trying to conceive since 1 1/2 yrs. husband low active sperm count,given vitamin c pills, nw active sperm count. i was given folic acid. unnderwent Biopsy of uterus, usg and tube test. all normal. Kindly suggest
Since you have been married for 2 years and husband has a low motility we strongly recommend that you see a fertility specialist.

Im 35, diagnosed with ovarian cyst, injection Decapeotyl at MGM Vashi on 16 may. last period on 11 may. due to pain was operated laproscopy followed by open surgery 23.05.2012. tubular mass removed,ovary intact. havent got periods yet. can i exercise
Yes, you can, if your operative wound has healed.

relative facing difficulties in conceiving 5 yrs to marriage. tests show both drains from ovary blocked, Uterus size small. DNC 2-3 times. what treatment is required open blocked drains; chances of normal conceiving? is IVF is last option.
IVF is the best option, in case both the tubes are blocked.

We are married for 8years, my wife is suffering from PCOD, we underwent IVF but result was negative. Kindly advise the treatment there to cure and we be blessed
You may need to undergo more than 1 IVF cycle for conceiving. The best treatment that can be offered will also be decided by the outcome of the IVF, in terms of the embryo quality and number.

My wife had two miscarriages, Second time Blighted Ovum a year ago. not conceived till nw, all our reports are normal. Currently we are in Muscat. What should we do ?
For conception, please consult a fertility specialist.

My wife completed 37 wk pregnancy, suffering from acute haemorrage(piles). Doctor as given some ointments and pain has reduced. Is normal delivery possible with the haemorrage. pl suggest treatment after birth for haemorrage.
The route of delivery will be decided by your treating doctor depending up on your condition at the time of labour. Surgical intervention will not be possible immediate post delivery. In any case, the piles problem will decrease to some extent post delivery.

i have done a hytrectomy 3 yrs bk and my doc has prescribed tablet MENOPACE to be taken it ok to take them lifelong?
Please consult your own Doctor regarding this question. Cannot comment on the same.

Is 16mm the right size of the egg on 13th day( from periods) as my doc told that it is not mature enough. I get my periods regularly. This month she has prescribed with tablet fertyl. Will i have to continue this until I get pregnant?
There is no absolute value of a follicle size. It may grow in a day or two. Please talk to your Doctor regarding the continuation of Fertyl.

Hello, This is jerrita.J. I am trying to get pregnant. Please advice is If I can go for swimming after conceiving. Regards, Jerry
Swimming is o.k as an exercise.

hi..i am 28 yrs and suffer from irregular periods..but whenever i get periods its on time i.e dates remain same no change…kindly advice to regularise my periods
Consult an expert for certain tests and treatment.

my wife 37 having uterus ulcer 3 yrs.pep smear results negative .since pain in pelvic .pl advice treatment
Pls consult an expert gynaecologist and monitor the ulcer regularly.

hello doctor, pls suggest, taking protinex food supplemente with milk & evion 400mg daily. will do any harm while trying for baby. thanks…

last 4 months we r trying to conceive but my wife not get pregnant. and when we try to conceive the prolectine level of my wife is very high. so how my wife conceive.
Get the prolectine under control which may be enough. Seek fertility treatment if this does not work.

I had removed my pubic hair of vagina and same night did love making with my lover.i’m feeling itching in that it normal or shall i visit a doctor???
You may visit a doctor if the itching persists.

have a 2cm uterine fibroid which doc dismissed as no consequence. still get pain in left ovary during periods. removed chocolate cyst 6 yrs ago and lst yr same ovary cyst removed with gynazol
Chocolate cyst is more likely to be the cause of your pain. Seek treatment for the same.

i am Paru,28 yrs old,I have married 4 yrs before.we blessed with a girl in a year & which was cesarean. I had D&C after 7months of cesarean.Now I am suffering by rightside abdomen pain while period ( 7 days) & also i need some tips to tight my stomach
Get an ultrasound for your pain and lead a helathy lifestyle. Opt for some exercises to tighten your stomach. There are no short cuts!