Want a baby? Have a healthy lifestyle, an ideal body weight

Dr Suman Bijlani, a leading gynaecologist and obstetrician, practises at Suraj Clinic, Mumbai.

She is also a Consultant at the SL Raheja Fortis and Kohinoor Hospitals. A skilled hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgeon, Dr Suman is also an infertility specialist.

GyneGuide, her clinic in Mumbai, provides counselling services in the field of gynaecology. Dr Suman took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions. Read the chat transcript here.

30 yrs female daignosed wth small multiple cysts in both ovaries (PCOD) have irregular cycles want to have another baby First issue 3 yrs back (ceasarian)
You would need to undergo ovulation induction treatment to help you conceive. In the meantime, do maintain healthy lifestyle and ideal body weight.

my wife is pregnant but my blood group is O+ and thats of her is 0-.
Your wife is Rh negative and you are Rh positive. Your wife would need periodic tests during pregnancy as there is a small chance that she may develop antibodies to your baby which may destroy his/her red blood cells. This complication is common, so don’t worry. Just go for regular visits to your obstetrician.

Stomach & back pain during white discharge through vigna, u have any treatment for this??.
You seem to have a pelvic infection. You would need to be examined. Do consult a gynaecologist.

hi i have a pcod problem will you help me in that
I would need to meet you, examine you and then give you some tests before I can advise you on this. PCOS is very much treatable.

Hi I gave birth one and half years ago. I had mild pre eclampsia, GD and PIH.I had a C-section. I became pregnant after doing yoga. Conceived naturallly. Married life is 9 years. I am 35 years now. Should i opt for another pregnancy or not.
You have a definite chance of recurrence of GDM in pregnancy. PIH may also recur, though the chances are smaller. Since you are 35, you need to understand that with increasing age, the chances of having a baby with genetic defects increases, as does the risk of miscarriage.

Having said that, do understand that a majority of women have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. So, go for it by all means. Choose good antenatal care though.

Since 4.5 years got married, planing for a baby since 1.5 years….all reports are normal for my huaband & me. still not going to Conceive…one doctor has suggested to go for IVF. don’t know what to do…please suggest….thanks
I don’t know what tests you have undergone. If you have not undergone hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, do get that done. I cannot advise re IVF till I check you and your reports.

My friend aged 38 got heavy bleeding for the past 2 months. It is found, some thin layer grown inside the uterus is removed last month and done biopsy. The Doctor given “EMBRYOGEN ” thrice a day. But again bleeding started. Please give the remedy.
I would need to examine the patient, know the histopathology report and more details about sonography before I can treat her.

hi my name is Prerana i am having 7yrs old girl Now i am going for second please advice
Do go in for prepregnancy counseling before you plan the pregnancy.

Is 6 tabs a day of registrone to control bleeding will lead to any side effect in long term?
Regestrone would not lead to any long term ill effects. But 6 tabs a day is too high a dose. Why do you need that?

Lower abdomen pains like hell. It may start any time in a day, duration of pain is 20 – 30 mins and frequency is 2-3 times in a day but at irregular interval of days.. Nothing in USG report. Kindly advice ?
This could mean a pelvic infection which is usually diagnosed on clinical examination. USG may be normal. You would need to be examined and may need antibiotics. Your partner may have to be treated as well.

hello, my two times missed abortion reason is no heart activity in baby (2 months) & doctor say to me TORCH TEST is positive, then she say medicine course torchnil tablet, rovamycine course complete. then what i do?
If you have had two losses before your baby’s heart activity started, chances are high that the fetus was having a genetic defect. You would need many more tests to find out the exact cause. If you have active toxoplasmosis in the next pregnancy, your gynaec would advise you to take rovamycin then. Do understand that in most of the cases, women abort without any explicable reason. We call these unexplained abortions.

My daughter aged 13, gets white discharge which at time smells also.Kindly guide me in this respect.
She is probably having an infection. You may give her tab metrogyl 200 thrice a day for 7 days. If still not better, do visit a gynaecologist.

Dear Dr Suman Bijlani, My Name is Raj (NICK).i am 28/M.I have normal PHIMOSIS till birth but not infection inside.
Dear Raj, I am a gynaecologist. Cant help you on this one.

Mam, I am on my 36 weeks of pregnancy .I am given Betnesol injection now.Why it is so?
Betnesol injections help to accelerate your baby’s lung maturity. You may be at a risk of premature delivery, which is why your obstetrician has probably given you the injection.

i am six week pregnent(first preg) some time a have a little spot of blood (pink or brown color) is that normal.
That is not normal. You would need to undergo sonography to check the baby’s heart beat and growth. Do visit a gynaec immediately.

I have a fibroid in my uterus which was around 10 cm 1 yr ago.Now reduced to around 6cm by homeopathic treatment.shud i continue with homeo or shud i go for operation? as i want baby now
Fibroids can interfere with fertility if they are too large, or situated within the uterine cavity or block a fallopian tube or the cervix. If your fibroid is in the outer part of the uterus (subserous), you may not consider surgery. 6 cm is however quite large. If you do not conceive soon enough, it is worthwhile getting it removed.

30 yrs , married with 6 year , my prolem is ” I have never excitment or I did not got our mood in sex ,by this my husband is too upset with me always . any medicine or method by which we can get the lust mood.
You would both need to undergo sex counseling. A gynaecologist would not be able to help you.

I am having a fabriod on my uterus. it is around 5 cm in length & 4.5 cm in width. i want to know the possible treatment for the same. or should i wait or go for the sugery. Please give your opinion on the same
A fibroid should be operated upon if it is causing heavy periods, pain or pressure symptoms or if it is interfering with fertility. If none of these is true for you, you may wait. If the fibroid grows or causes symptoms, you may consider surgery.

I m 23yrs mrred since 5yrs ad no kidmy husband underwent trus surgery 2months back,he couldnt collect semen for testing…so for me doctor suggested to take folic acid and clomid and vitamin and to reduce weight..can u suggest me anything on this
Are you having normal sexual relations? Is your husband able to perform normally? I do not know about your reports. Clomid helps you to ovulate. Losing weight is a very useful step in trying to get pregnant. Do follow your doctor’s advice.

will ovulation thermameter help
The basal body temperature does rise at around the time of ovulation. However, this is a relatively crude method. You have more precise tests like sonography.

is overweight cause for non pregnancy
Many obese women conceive easily. However, obesity does interfere with ovulation and after conception, if you are obese, you have a higher chance of miscarriage and pregnancy complications like diabetes and high blood pressure. So, losing weight is surely a great way to go!

Mam I lost my first baby in the womb and the doctors said that, there was no blood circulation for the baby for 2 days. so please let me know what was the reason so that I can be alert for the next baby.
Women who have an abortion in the first pregnancy still have a 90 percent chance of having a healthy pregnancy outcome the next time. So don’t fret. All is likely to be well. However, it would be wise to consult your doctor and do certain tests to check yourself out before planning again.

muhe 5-6 week ki pregency hai aur mein nero spl ki medicine lay rahe hoon please mujhe baty ki mein kaya karu mujhe chakar pregcy se phely ate thy agar mein tablet na lo to mera 1 din nikala muskil ho jayega
Sorry. Aapki jaankari pariyapt nahi hai. Aapka jawab dena mushqil hai. All the best. Mujhe aap drsuman@gyneguide.com per phir se contact kar sakti hain.

doctor am sandhya aged 30 year married and having a son who is 4 years old, my problem is that will passing motion today i got little blood coming out .. is dis a serious problem.. am too scared doctor.. what to do???
You may be having colitis (Intestinal infection) or a tiny fissure which is a cut because of friction due to hard stools. Rarely piles may be the cause. Do see your family Dr. regarding the same. All the above are treatable conditions. No cause for worry. Eat bland, homemade food.

hi mam my last period date was 4 dec. with 28 days cycle we have relation on 23th dec so mam i m missing my periods plz tell me i m pregent and when i test plz i m so excited…
You can go for the test tomorrow morning with the first morning urine sample. All the best to you : )

i felt pain during our last intercourse. Next day i noticed bleeding and i bled for nearly 5-6 days. is it normal or do i have to visit a gyneac. I am married and have a son and this is the first time that i have had such an experience.
You may be suffering from pelvic infection. Pls do consult your gynaecologist.

Im married for 4 years still we dont have kids what are the steps to take .. I need to check my semens and if there is any issue How to increase the count of semens and mobility.
Yes you do need to go for a semen test. To improve your sperm count avoid very hot environment. Wear loose underwear and avoid long bike rides. If there is any more problem your Dr. will have to give you medicines for the same. If all is normal then your wife would need to go for Fertility evaluation.

My daughter attended puberty at the age of 8 but her period is regular and normal. Now her age is 11, my worry is that she is having more hairs in her body….can she need any medical treatment?
She needs to be examined by a gynaecologist and would need blood test and sonography to diagnose the problem.

my query is my monthly cycle is ok but during that time i have heavy flow (cloting type) is there any medicine for that
You can take tablet Trenaxa 500 thrice a day during your periods for 3-5 days to reduce the flow. However do consult your gynaecologist to rule out any underlying problem.

39 unmarried, Sexually not active.Sometimes I get spot bleeding that lasts for 3days .Otherwise periods are normal. FSH TSH Thyroid tests ,OK . Had PCOD got rid off it with exercise & diet control.
You would need hormonal treatment for your problem. Do consult your gynaecologist.

i am six week preg(first time) i have some time little blood spot(pink or brown) it that normal.
It is not normal. Do undergo sonography and consult your gynaecologist.

The baby’s growth is slow which could be because of epilepsy medicines as well as multiple other factors. She should take a high protein diet and undergo regular antenatal check-ups. Pls do not stop epilepsy medicines.

Dr. Bijlani, 1. There are 2 Nos. of Couple married for 5-6 years and yet not fertile. As per Diagnostic Report, they do not have any lacking/ shortcomings.
There are many options for unexplained infertility, like IUI and IVF. Your fertility specialist will be able to help you choose the right option for you.

My sister-in-law is unable to fertile after one child. Her age is around 45 years.
At the age of 45yrs, fertility is quite low. If your sis-in-law is very keen she may consult a fertility specialist. Egg donation may be able to help her.

Dear Madam I am having irregular periods due to cysts. I am trying to conceive another one. I am taking dmet two times a day. still not conceived. am maintaining weight and diet also
Along with the above treatment you would need to undergo ovulation induction. Do see your gynaecologist. Get your husband tested as well.

44 yrs old no issues 15 yrs of marriage – regular cycle only last couple of times period got delayed is it due to pre-menop se or will there be chance for preg. Kindly advice. Thanks
Difficult to say whether delay in the periods is related to menopause in your case. Do get your AMH and FSH levels done to understand your chances.

hello mam,i hv just missed my period of 27th dec so nw m worried as bcos yestrday on 4th jan i took NISE tablet for fever.any problm with that if i am conceived??.

No worries. A single tablet won’t harm.

age 39. i had a chocolate cyst removed frm left ovary in 2006. june 2011 it came back and was treated with gynazol for 2 months, – scan showed normal. doc said it is endometriosis. on homeo since then. my gynaec wants me to repeat scan every 3 or 4 months. she suggested birth control pill may prevent endometriosis, but i dont want to take any more hormones. pl advice how this can be prevented and if repeating scan so frequently is harmful…….

Sonographies won’t harm. But half yearly is good enough . For endometriosis hormonal treatment is the only medical option. Oral contraceptive pills are fine. Do regular check ups, that’s all.