Obesity hampers fertility!: Dr.Nandita Palshetkar

Obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr.Nandita Palshetkar, hailed as the ‘face of the IVF program’ in India, has made enormous contribution to the field of Gynaecology.

She established assisted laser hatching in this country in 1998 along with having delivered the first laser hatching twins.

She is a pioneer in establishing the spindle view technology. She was also instrumental in introducing IMSI – a new technology for improving results in male infertility – for the first time in India.

Dr.Nandita has taken time off her busy schedule to answer Sify reader’s queries ranging from IVF to infertility and more. Read the complete chat transcript here.

my name is harinadh from hyd.bad, Iam 34yrs. got married in 2007, no children
You need to be investigated so that we can pin point the cause of Infertility..

My sister has no child even though medically she and her husband medically no problem?
This is known as unexplained infertility.. In such cases I would advice IUI ( Intra Uterine Insemenation) 3 to 6 attempts if u r younger than 35 yrs… If this does not work then we advice IVF 3 to 6 attempts…

Hello doctor.we are married for 3 yrs.A laproscopy done for blocked right tube in Nov.Concieved in Jan. But aborted the child in 6th week(Blighted Ovum).Advice why the baby dint grow & my chances of conceving now.
Every woman goes through an abortion in a lifetime…Blighted Ovum usually means that the child was genetically abnormal..so I would not worry abt just one abortion..usually if a young patieent has 2-3 abortions then I would advice additionally a chromosomal karyotype of husband and wife..you could undergo test – tsh, prl, and apa…

hello dr. nandita plz tell me approx. cost of ivf. thanks
The cost of IVF can be anything betwn 80,000 to 1,50,000 depending on the drugs consumed…

my brother has been married for 15yrs now he has a good sexual relationship with his wife,but they dont have a child as yet.he has tried various methods including ivf but no success
We deal wid spcl ppl who have IVF failures who have been successful.. I need to know more details regarding this before answering…

wat is negative effect of I-PILL
Not related to infertility…

Smn analysis:Sprm count:7.5mln/ml,Vol:3ml,Motility:0.04%,Tot Motil Sprm:0.01mln,Kruger Morphlgy:1%.V r trying for last 14 months.Is there any chance to conceive(ctc) naturally? What is ctc by IUI? Is IVF only option?
Your age is imp if you r a young patient… v can do thslhfsh and prolactin.. also do a colourdoppler of testis..if any of these tests comes positive.. take a medical treatment for 3 months and if your wife is young and with open fallopian tubes , u can try 3 IUI.. if this does not work out u shud shift to icsi then a chance of carrying a baby is over 3 to 6 attempts.. using a donor semen is an option available to u…

hello dr. i am suffering infertlity problem my both tubes r removed .we plan to take IVF tretment but i am affaid with may complection pls tell what can i do?
IVF is a fairly safe and relatively less complicated procedure…I dont think you should really worry..you need counselling before the procedure..

what r the treatment to solve my problem
I just said that.. go for a consultation with me or an expert..

hi,I am suffering infertilty problem
You need to consult me! Pls do..

Meri spleenatomy hui hai mera baby ho sakta hai plz tell me

i m 23 yrs boy, masturbating 10-15 times a day for 9 yrs, whether it will affect me in having a child, pls clarify
No it will not!

I got married 7 years but we have not baby my wife both fallopian tubes are blocked PGI Dr. suggestion us for surgery but they did not sure this sugery will be successfull or not pls suggestion us what we ca do madam pls help us
The success of surgery usually depends upon the amount of damage. Usually the success rates rates for the surgery are 30 to 70 percent..more severe the damage to the tubes less is the chance of pregnancy..in this era of IVF where the pregnancy rates are very good you could opt for it instead. Especially IVF is indicated if the wife’s age is more than 35yrs

Married for 10 yrs, but no child
You need IVF after identifying the cause of infertility..

im 28yr old married since one yr anxious to conceive we did all investigations my HSG is normal am having bilateral chocolate cyst abt 2×2.5cm my husband having 20 million count other things normal .may i knw wat u suggest us?
Conception asap. Endometriosis is a disease which progresses.. I would suggest 2-3 IUI. If you dont concieve in the next 3 months and your chocolate cysts grow bigger than you need laproscopy and pls go for IVF staight after that.

Dear Doctor, To be honest, Please do let us know, on which day/days, are the chances to have a Kid. We got married in Last August. Since last month after marriage my periods are not normal.
if your periods are regular the fertile period that is when can actually conceive is day 10 to day 18 of the period. The day you start bleeding is calculated as day 1. If your periods come every 30 to 35 days it is normal. If the interval betwn 2 periods is more than this consult a gynaecologist as you are not ovulating..

Can you give me address at Chennai, contact tel no? What will be the cost of treatments
nanditapalshetkar@hotmail.com..pls send ur queries and we can work out a solution as I see Patients from all over the country and all over the world… 9820032315/ for appointments.. 9892211112.. 022-26438280…

My wife suffers balanced trans-location of chromosome which is causing abnormal fetus with high nuchal transluency, thus aborted twice.Should we go for IVF with donor egg.
That is definitely the easiest option !!

i want to know about pcos is the reason of infertility?????
PCOS is the hormonal imbalance which results in anovulation. Which means u r not producing eggs.

my sister is now 20yrs old when she was 16 yrs old she got period for 2-3 months & stop again she got for 2months in 17 yrs after that sopt pl advise
She probably has pcos but I cannot comment only on this history ..you need to see a gynaecologist and get hjer treated asap.

hello dr. two years so far i not have any issues, my wife is having thyroid issue will be i have kids or not
Ofcourse you will! Pls get thyroid treated..check your semen and start doing IUI.

Do impotanat men are infertile?
Impotence and Infertility are two diff problems. Infertile men are not impotent!

Infertility is by birth or it may develope at any stage?
At any stage…

What % of men may be infertile as compared to women in your experience?
50 percent of men are responsible for infertility in the couples that I see…

i am married for last three years but still i we are desiring for a baby, i meet with a specialist and according to him it will take some more time for my wife to concieve a baby. i just wanted to be sure that whether my doctors advice is correct or he is
If you have been trying for last 3 yrs without success then you need to go for IUI.

am 29yrs, had a miscarrage in 2006, after that am not conceiving. My Husband semen analysis is 30% motile and 20 ml motility. is it normal or infertility?

You need to undergo a hysterolaproscopy and your husband needs detailed testing if your tubes are open you need an IUI …5 yrs is a long time to not conceive..Hurry up and try conceiving!

hi, i’am 36 year old. and suffering from urinary incontinence.It’s 8 years after my marriage.intercourse is normal and count is ok. is there any chance of havung a child in normal way.please advice .thank u

You definitely need to be investigated if you have not conceived in the last 8 yrs inspite of not using any contraceptives..

what is the suitable age to go for IVF when all the other methods fail because my bhabi aged 45 and brother age 50
We can do IVF for your bhabhi and brother.

My wife’s 1 tube is not working and egg production is less after stimulation.what is the chance of getting pregnant.
You need IVF.

What is the process of IVF in your hospital.How is the arrangement.How we can contact you.Please inform us.

Pls email me on nanditapalshetkar@hotmail.com and I will mail you the details.

After laproscopic surgery of pelvic adhesion on aug 2009 my wife now diognesed with Pulbitory TB.What is the chance of IVF sucess after the treatment.Already done 4 IY n 1 IVF.

Chance is good, if egg quality is good..very imp to check the uterus with the hysteroscope prior to IVF.

my marrige is 9monts but I have no child.
Pls practise having intercourse during the fertile period.

But due to miscarrage, my wife (38 yr) is not conceiving. I (39 yr.) wish to know how we can do ? Is there any Age factor ? We both suffering from neither diabities nor other sexual problem.

Repeated miscarriages are due to various problems..age is just one of them..you need more detailed investigations.

HOW LONG one must wait to know that menopause has set
One year of no periods!

Hi Dr. i am having pain in right side of my abdomen which is due to thrush as diagnosed. I am using vaginal creams from 3-4 months. It cures and then come back again. Please provide me solution as it is troubling my married life
Both husband and wife need to be treated.. We can do vaginal swabs and identify the cause and treat it sometimes even lactobacillus can help.

my wife has taken a kid 15 years before but she wants to take another kid but failed, she is 35 years old

Both husband and wife definitely need investigation if you have not conceived in the last 15 yrs.. Meet a gynaecologist/ Infertility specialist.

my wife stopped taking birth control tablets 3 months ago, but we are still waiting for pregnancy are these pills have their effect now too
No! The pills are not in effect now ..you need to follow the fertile period and have intercourse while the fertile period..if you still do not conceive you need to see the Infertility expert!

Hello madam, I marry my own aunty’s daughter 14 years back, till no kids, what can i do.
Both of you need to get investigated and also meet a genetic counsellor!

My wife underwent IUI and concieved and got one son. Will she be able to concieve again in natural way.
it depends on the age of your wife …you can try naturally..if you dont conceive you can get investigated and go for assited conception…

I am male,30 yrs married for 2 years now.Wife-24 yrs- had laproscopy to treat ovarian cysts last year. Now,cysts have reappeared in both ovaries.Diagnosis is Endometriosis.my semen is normal.What are the chances of starting a family?
Very good provided you move towards IUI/IVF.

my wife is having polycistic,she had no periods for last 3 months but last mont had period on 12th april and again she had period as usual on 26th april can it possible to have 2 periods in a month is their any problem
She definitely needs treatment..if you dont want child bearing now, the best thing would be to start oral contraceptive pills…this needs to be done under the supervision of a docter so pls see one…

my count is 2. please help mw
You would achieve success with ICSI-IMSI. If your wife is younger than 35 yrs your success rate is 50 percent per attempt.

I am married 19 yrs ,grade 4 endometriosis – operated – laparotomy – 10 yrs back
You definitely need IVF.

my marriage is 2 year and i not have a child
Pls get investigated to find out the cause ..depending on the cause you could be treated medically, surgically, IUI or IVF.

Hello doctor I am suffring for Minor PCS problam & takeing Metformin & Sysron now want to concive with Clomed is it safe or has side effects
You can take clomid safely for 6 months ..if there are visual side effects pls consult your Dr.

My wife has hypothyrodi and she is taking eltroxin tablet 100 mg. Based on blood test result she has to change the tablet intake. She is rightnow consulting gynaecologiest. Is it ok or shall i have consult endocrinologiest.Please suggest
Could consult an endocrinologist.

Age 34 & wife’s 31, we have no children yet. wife underwent 2 iui’s before and after lap. Semen test & wife tests r ok. I don’t know where the problem is? But, I was suffered by mumps at 16. Is there any test, to find problem may be due to mumps?
You need to get investigated and undergo IVF.

undecended testicles and need suggestions – male infertile age 40 – is ivf a possibility
yes IVF is possible..

I have a polycystic ovary,m missing the periods what medication i can take for this?
You need to consult your gynaecologist and get properly investigated..treatment depends on whether you are married or unmarried.

hello doctor does have a big belly prevent me from concieving
Obesity hampers fertility!

I am fat will that be a problem if i want to concieve

Yes it can be a problem..

Can it be risk having intercousrse during pregnancy
It is not risky having intercourse during pregnancy but if you have a high risk pregnancy its not advisable.. pls consult your obstetrician!

My problem is there is no overies found but uterus found in my body, according to USG report. Doctors said that I cant concive normally but i can go for test tube baby. Is it possible and how?
Yes you can conceive with IVF with egg donation, but you also need to do a hysteroscopy to see that the uterus is of normal size and shape.

My wife is 1964 born now having very irregular period and normaly she drinks less water
Drinking water has no connection with her periods..she may be going into perimenopause. But it is better to visit a gynaecologist to rule out any pathology.

Also my wife feels pain during her monthly mensturation process.
If her periods are heavy and painful she may be having some underlying which needs to be identified and treated.. you need to see the expert..

Dear Madam,I am married for past 1.4 years(31.5 Years aged) and my wife is about 26 tears.We are trying for child for past 2 months however without any success until now.Is there anything wrong or we need to give more time.
Probably you are not having the intercourse in the fertile period.. you need to plan the intercourse in the fertile period.. if you still do not conceive and you are not using contraception you need to consult an expert!

What are the treatment options available for endometriosis (leading to ovarian chocolate cysts)?
I need to know the other details like age, marriage etc. but treatment is usually by drugs and surgery.

i’ve a IVF babi girl and now she will complete her 01 year on 21 May this year. How we take care for her nutrition?
Pls treat her as a normal child who is one year old.

am29,hus33,married 3 yrs.Hus count 11,10% mot.1st IVF failed- 9 eggs,transfd 3 day-3.2nd IVF faild-31 eggs,transfd 2 on day5.dr couldnt find reason for implantation failure.count incrsd to 20(medictn).advice reduce wght both overwght,i weigh 93.
You need to do a hystroscopy to check if there is any problem with the uterus. Karyotyping of you and your husband and a couple of other anti body tests are required.

my cousin is having pcod .will it be any problem for getting pregnant?
Yes she can have a problem..

Hi Dr, I am 37, wife 32,my semen count 20 to 30 million/ml, Motility between 60 to 70. Periods quite regular. Whether we will be able to concieve a child naturally or with IUI.
If you are married for more than 2 yrs you should get investigated and meet an expert and try for IUI.

i am 31 years,with two kids,10months,4 years,my perods is irregular from my childhood,my harmonal profile is normal,after my second delivery,i did not get my periods,please tell the reason why?
You must be breast feeding your child so that could be the reason.

I aborted my first pregnancy in April 2009. Since then, we have not used any protection, and it has been 2 years now that I have not conceived. Could aborting the first baby create a problem? What could be the reason for me not conceiving?
You both need to get investigated to pinpoint the cause for not conceiving…

Hi Doctor, I m 8wk3d pregnant, had ultrasound on 3-May, no heartbeat, fetal length was 5 mm & age 5.9 wks. My due date is 14-dec. Doctor suggested me to have miscarriage(by med or D&C). what shoud I do?
You need to terminate this pregnancy if there is no heart beat.

Male: 46yr, bladder distended from injury, married Would it be advisable for a surrogate.,., injury has not gone away, tests still show red blood cells in sprm…Im middle class and want a child… ?? , what is best doc?
Pls contact us at nanditapalshetkar@hotmail.com. You may not require a surrogate to conceive.

i have done icsi 3 times and it failed is there still hope
Yes! Contact us…