Nandan Gautam: Women do yoga better than men

Nandan Gautam, CEO of Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga, helps to guide and transform people towards leading a balanced, relaxed and holistic life through yoga. The yoga guru has taken time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on yoga practices, weight loss, stress reduction and more. Read the complete chat transcript here.

How is Surya Namaskar different from Yoga asana – which is bigger and which is a part ?
Surya namaskar is a combination of 12 postures or asanas done in a cyclic form. It is just one series from the whole of yoga. Yoga is a huge science with thousands of techniques. Suryanamaskar is just one of them.

Which asanas are useful for thunder thighs and flabby arms
Veerabhadrasana, natrajasana, veerasana series, vyaghrasana, and other leg postures – to be done with movement dynamically and not hold for long time. For arms santolanasana and suryanamaskars are the best.

If i do yoga in evening is necessary to do after 4 hours of lunch?
Yes. keep minimum 4 hours after lunch.

Can i do surya namaskar in summers also
Yes. but drink enough water so that your system is hydrated. keep a bottle of water and sip on it while doing it. do sheetali pranayama afterwords to cool down yoru system.

Are there any asanas like deep twist should be avoided while trying to conceive
No. you can do any yoga while trying to conceive. it will help in conception. After conception you have to be careful.

If i workout in the evening may b around 7 – 8 pm then wht shd i eat in the night beacuse after workout people felt hungry. So plz suggest me
At night you can have a normal meal but make sure you eat as early as possible. Also make sure you don’t eat too much dal and protein before sleeping. eat light before you sleep. you can have a salad, subji and chapatis.

Best wishes to you Nandan for your initiatives in helping people lead a healthy life. Keep up the good show. Appreciating Sify team for providing the platform.
Thanks so much for your encouragement! Thanks to SIFY for this!

MY LPa is 70 and having high BP problem what should i do

Yoga is good to relax and de-stress the system. I would need to know more details to answer yoru question properly. pl consult a good yoga teacher near you.

Is Yoga more for men or is it equally possible for women to do all asanas as men do
Yoga is for everyone! women generally do Yoga BETTER than men as they tend to be a bit more flexible!

What is the right age for Kids to start Yoga ?
Take them to a yoga class and see if they enjoy it. If yes, then they should do it. If no then avoid for some time. never force kids. But i think 8 is a good age to start..

hello sir, my weight is 75 kgs and i want to loose around 65 so plz tell so asans and also diet which will help me to loose my weight and also want to ask is walking is good exercise fr loosing weight? plz rply
Pl see other answers

dear nandan?can one dring water after doing yoga????can yoga prevent diseases?
Yes, pl drink water. Yoga is a great way to fight disease!

Will Yoga help in weight reduction ?
Yes, pl see other answers. i have answered this already

Can I do yoga i the evenings ?
Yes. but on empty stomach

Should one be a vegetarian for better results from Yoga ?
not necessarily. eat what your stomach says. if you prefer nonveg go ahead but make sure it isn’t too oily or heavy as non veg already has a lot of fat in it.

We eat fish everyday – should I stop this, if I start Yoga ?
No. Pl continue.

If I start on Yoga – should I have to reduce my sweets intake ?
No. but it may reduce on its own if your practice is regular! they say you shoudl never leave a habit – the habit should leave you!

Is Yoga more for Hindus or is it common for anyone – some how we fell it is more for Hinduism – why ?
This is the biggest misconception. Yoga is non-religious. It is an 8 step science developed by sage Patanjali. maybe he was Hindu but what he created is for the whole of mankind. people in the west and even middle east are all practicing yoga because of its benefits to mind and body. you don’t reject a doctor because of what religion he is. similarly don’t reject yoga just because it has been developed by Hindus!

I have vision problem – can Yoga help me ?
It depends on the problem. Generally yoga helps to avoid vision problems. but if you already have then there are techniques to prevent it from getting worse… focus on objects close and far so that your eyes do not get fixed to a particular point.

I cannot sit on the floor – but i need to do yoga – is this possible from Chair or any other way ?
Certain postures can be done on a chair but the point is to slowly increase yoru joint flexibility so that you can sit on the floor at some point. only very basic yoga can be done on a chair. beyond that you need to get on to a yoga mat. (even if you cant sit down there are many things you can do on yoru knees, back and stomach)

I get High BP when I talk to my wife – is there a yoga to calm myself to handle critical situations in life better ?
You need to find out why your wife is bothering you so much! I too get angry fast but its abotu handling yourself and releasing your stress properly. I think so you may have got accumulated frustrations which make you lose your cool fast. Get to the root of the problem and solve it. Maybe she dominates you too much. Sort out yourself and automatically health problems will go away. meanwhile, you can just take a deep breath hold for long time and exhale a few times. Fast exhalations also help. good luck!

Can official Stress be managed / handled through yoga ?
Yes, every half hour do some basic stretches in the office like hanging down and touching your toes, and bending backwards with hands on the hip. sit in yrou chair and twist yoru spile every half hour. also take few deep breaths for 2 min every hour. This will immediately bring down stress. you can check out Bharat Thakur’s book on desktop yoga for more details

Can breathing be regulated by yoga and how?
Breathing needs to be deepened and stabilized. The problem is that our beathing becomes shallow easily. Also when you practice pranayama you are breaking this bad habit and increasing your oxygen consumption. Some postures expand your rib cage and chest further increasing air intake and capacity. Yoga is the only way to work on your breath. The idea is to make your normal breathing patterns better.

What are the asanas that can keep working women fit?
If you can create 30 min a day for yoga, then a combination of suryanamaskars and about 20 more asanas which are commonly known as the most popular asanas will help you a lot.

I have polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOD).How to cure it by Yoga?
Mostly, PCOD is stress related, so regular yoga practice will destress you. Bring your weight down if you are overweight and try changing your diet also to a more healthy one.

Hello sir, i have migraine and also i am overweight. please suggest me asanas that will help in reducing migraine and weight loss
It’s difficult to say but for migraine the causes could be many – food or stress or genetic. Stress is usually the biggest cause of migraine so you can try to do inverted postures where your head is in a position where blood flows to it. The main thing is to keep track of it and find the cause. For losing weight, you can see the other answers.

Dear nandan?howmany times a week can one do yoga? iam losing yoga beneficial in the long run????????should one b a strict veg while doing yoga pleaseeeeeee reply
you can do yoga 4-6 times depending on your level. just give one or two days rest for your body to rejuvenate and relax. Yoga is definitely beneficial in the long run so pl keep it up. you don’t have to be a strict veg. eat what your heart says to eat, but eat healthy and not oily and processed food

I am 42 and am doing yoga regularly. is it too lae to start now/ ialso i would like to know if yoga alone is enough?????should there b diet restrictions??1 weigh 54.i stay away from sweets and snax.should yoga b done in the morning?????
any age is a good age to start. 42 is very young so no problem with that. Yoga alone is good but if you also combine it with walking or swimming or some form of cardiovascular exercise then you will get into top form much sooner. yoga should be doen ideally in the mornign on empty stomach. but evening is also ok . eat healthy and never starve yourself. thats the secret of good diet.

What are the Yoga we can do to control our temper?
temper cannot be controlled. it should be in a proper way. Because of controlling temper you may get many other problems. Instead try screaming into a pillow. Or Squeezing your fists tight. When you have extra energy bulding up in your self, you need a proper vent. once you have vented out, then you can calm yourself with sheetali pranayama which will relax and cool you down. good luck

What is the best Yoga for the heart patient?
Heart patients should start with easy postures and stretch out the whole body. All postures which stretch the body without over exerting your heart will be useful in the beginning. its all about gaining more and more confidence until you are back to normal. Yoga is extremely theraputic. Sahaj pranayama along with stretching yoru body well is a start.

What is the easiest Yogic practice?
The easiest yoga practice is deep breathing. This has miraculous effects and can be done anytime and anywhere without any yoga mat also. Try it for 30 min a day and you will see lot of changes in your body

What is the advantage of Yoga over to other Exercises?
Ok Yoga has several benefits over other exercises: 1. it balances your hormones 2. stabilizes your breathing 3. de-stresses you completely by increasing production of serotonin which is a relaxing hormone 4. Removes blockages and detoxifies your system mainly yoga works as a whole on all your organs and systems whereas normal exercise works only on muscular system and cardio.

I do Yoga 1 hr 7-8 AM from Nov2011 regularly10-15 minutes pranayam with other exercises with Suryanamaskar 20times. I gained 3kg weight in 3months but i look same as before even more weight will increase 1kg eachmonth.?
Sometimes increased activity may be making you eat more. Maybe you are building some muscle mass and this is increasing your weight. I will need to know more details about you. r u male or female. etc in order to answer your question. are you underweight? in which case yoga helps to put on weight till you reach yoru optimum weight.

Please tell me the tips to reduce cholestrol and blood sugar
Cholesteroland blood sugar problems have taken a long time to accumulate in yrou system. You cannot expect instnt results but a sustained practice of yoga has helped many people i know. You need to join a yoga class and really work on a serious practice. telling you few asanas on chat will not help. Take up yoga seriously and I am sure you will see results in 1-2 months time for sure

hi want to loose weight desperately.15kgs almost wht diet shld i follow
Diet should not mean not eating much food. On the other hand you should eat about 5-6 meals in a day – small meals. the idea is to eat wholesome food, avoid oily food and processed food an dinstead eat more fruits, salads, whole grains (not white bread and maida) , switch to whole wheat, and for sweet cravings eat dry fruits. diet itself is not enough. you will have to exercise to build up your muscles as they eat up calories and make you slim. Build strength, sweat more, and eat right food – this is the secret to weight loss. no quick diet can sustain weight loss as you will put it all back on in no time.

Best method to Lose weight @ home ,now i am using Treadmill,so suggest me good exercise like Power yoga ,yoga etc,and as there are no teachers in our city tell me how can i learn the exercises that you suggest?
Treadmill is good but make sure you wear good quality shoes. and also start with inclines and interval training – which means that you are varying the pace and effort due to speed and incline. This will help your weight loss rather than just moving on flat incline at a fixed rate. As for yoga, do take a trial class at one of our centres in the city where you are. You can speak to the teacher and they will guide you specifically what to do. Generally the suryanamskar in more numbers will help you lose weight, up to 25 rounds to start with. there are many other asanas for stomach arms and legs that will help you to lose weight.

Hi I got depressed most of the times & I don’t know how to beat the stress. Can you please tell me how to beat the stress?
First of all, take out time for yourself. next, in that time, sit in a quiet room and play some relaxing music. Start breathing deeply and feel the air going to your whole body. Move from shallow breath to deep breathing. next, start with few asanas like merudandasana, bhujangasana, and any asanas which stretches your spine. doing a few suryanamaskars with attention to your breath will be of great help. you can end with some yognidra or bhramri pranayam . this will calm you down totally

Can i do early morning yoga after 10 mins of drinking 1 glass of milk and 1 glass of water?
No. you need to be on an empty stomach. Water is ok and if you are very hungry have a fruit and leave a gap of 10 min. Milk can be had after the yoga class

Dear nandan thanks for replying to my question instead of having fruit can ihave 1 amla murabba and 2 glasses of water before 10 mins of early morning yoga?

Which asanas are useful for female reproductive system?
When you are trying to conceive, all asanas are good. In fact a regular yoga practice helps you to conceive! Try badhkonasana, and all intverted asanas. Also try mool bandh which is excellent for the female reproductive system. Anulom vilom pranayam is also good.

Which asana are useful for hypothyroid?
Pl practice Jalandhar Bandha which helps to increase the thyroid secretion and balance.