Sejal Vora on achieving a healthy body and mind naturally

Naturotherapy practitioner, Sejal Vora, cures people with clinical and non-clinical illnesses.

Sejal has treated illnesses ranging from chronic cold to cancer. She believes that even though nutrition plays a very important role in maintaining health, it is the mind that needs to be addressed. Sejal delves deep into her client’s life to source the root cause of their physical ailments.

Sejal took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on topics ranging from diabetes to weight loss. Read the complete chat transcript here.

hi Sejal! when did you realise that you have this talent?
when i cured my self in 2005. i realized that if i could achieve a healthy body and mind naturally, so should everyone else. my passion for the truth on how our bodies work, is what brought me to where i am.

apart from green veggies, is there any way to improve calcium levels though food intake?
sesame seeds, Squash, Tofu, soy are also good sources of calcium

analysing the mind is a very interesting thing. how effective is it in treating diseases?
It is ALWAYS Mind over Matter. most important in any and all treatments. it is very effective and important to know that no disease can be treated solely at the body level as it will never be a complete cure. The root always lays in the mind

hi, pl suggest ways to prevent bloating of stomach
every morning on an empty stomach drink the water(3 tablespoons) of 6 methi dana soaked overnight. (only the water not the seeds)

we recently found protein traces in the urine test done for my son. what does this indicate?
It just means that some of the proteins you’ve ingested are being pushed out of your body as waste. Well, you’ll most always have some protein in your urine, as trace amounts of protein are excreted in your urine as part of normal urine production. The concern is when you have TOO MUCH protein in your urine or the protein in your urine is too concentrated. This is a symptom known as proteinuria.

can u tell me how to know when we are heading for some health trouble?o often, we just ignore small symptoms and it turns out to be a major problem
the key to monitoring your body is to check your energy levels. if you are feeling low in energy.. let the alarm bell be rung!!

hi! im 31. gaining wt slowly. pl suggest natural ways to weight loss
eat healthy, do yoga and work with any restlessness that may be there in the mind

my husb has slight giddyness at night. bp normal. while turning head only he can feel it. or bending down. what can be the cause and any solutions?
he should check his sugar levels.

my nails have some hard ridges here and thr. is this some deficiency? pl tell me nutrition to improve nail health
check your calcium levels and make sure you have enough calcium through natural foods.

im trying for a baby last 2 yrs. is thr any ayurveda to increase fertility?
childbirth is karmic and a spiritual process. i suggest you use hynotherapy or theta to understand childbirth better. you need to increase the fertility of the mind over the body

im 47yrs old. i get back pain in the night when i lie down. morning im fine again. im correct weight but have a paunch. pl help
yoga yoga yoga

dear sejal, whats the remedy for bad breath? once in a while i can feel the foul smell when i talk
bad breath indicates that there is rotting matter on the inside. the food you eat will determine your breath. whats most important is to understand that this breath is coming from inside you. so work with the root by eating right. however you chew on a cardamon as a mouth freshener in times of emergency

i m 47 years old female. problems is with my memory. I’ve started forgetting names, could not find suitable words to complete sentence. Use to forget kitchen jobs, food burns quite often.
is your mind very occupied all the time? there could be various reasons why you are becoming forgetful. focus on your task at hand and make to do lists..

i m 47 years old housewife. suffering from pain between shoulders, hands become senseless, unable to hold things since last 1-1/2 years. Now swelling & pain between shoulders has become part of life.
need more information to diagnose your case. However i suggest you do not take this lightly. and if nothing else a tleast start Yoga however (ONLY Hatha Yoga – Iyengar school) None other please. They are very qualified and will start to strengthen your body inside out.

i have gastric ulcers in the stomach,and the same were biopsied and H.Pylori were presence.I also have Bronchitis problem,kindly suggest me a proper treatment.
you would need to consult with me, as it is complicated and needs a more in depth view to give you a solution

early morning sneezes. any natural remedy please?
check if you have any allergies. other than that a few morning sneezes will do you no harm.

is there any way to treat frozen shoulder with naturopathy? i took homeo ( rhus tox) but dint help much.
yoga as well as correct nutrition will do the trick

my mother has the habit of imagining she has some disease or the other. how to convince her that she is ok
hypnotherapy is perfect for cases like this, you could contact Dr Reddy Mumbai(+919821551000)

how to prevent worms in children?
by ensuring they eat less processed foods like chips candy etc.. and making sure they get healthy wholesome food.

i had been operated for tonsils 20 yrs ago. i find that i cant hear very soft noises at times. does it affect the year?
no, tonsils do not affect your hearing

i have developed knee pain in left leg. when i climb a slope its very painful. what can be done to prevent this from aggravating.
i need to know more details on when and how this started, whether is muscular or a joint pain? however depending on your age i suggest you have it checked out

what is the best natural cure for sinus? my son’s left nasal passage blocked. he also has tonsils
his immunity seems to be down. you need to give him foods that build immunity.

hi sejal, i have a sensitive stomach. most of the outside food dont suit me. how to overcome this?
by not eating out 🙂 outside food does not suit anybody, your just lucky youve realized it 🙂

What is the natural medicine to cure common cold or cough? When should we go to doctor?
common cold and cough ARE the medicine to protect you, it is not an illness. Mucus traps virus /bacteria etc for you and throuws it out in a cough. so you need never go to a doctor as the doctor in your body is at work. you need to eat foods that build your immunity to avoid colds and coughs. also a lack of vitamin c is something you should check for

Hi, My name is Sachin Age 30, Hight 5.9 weight 83kg, After lunch every day why I am unable to control my sleepness, even I talk to some one I unable to control my sleep. I walk after lunch daily 10 min, I sleep daily 6 hrs.
if you are eating a lot of rice, or just a lot of food for lunch it generally makes one sleepy. you need to eat light and drink a lot of water through the day to feel awake

hi sejal, how do i prevent panic attacks? whenever im stressed, i feel my chest pains. all medical parameters are normal
it may not be a panic attack. i suggest you get your self checked as chest pains could be for various reasons.

Hi Sejal. I am 39 yrs old, and have been suffering a chronic hyperacidity from last 10 yrs. Now i do regular brisk walk but no relief. please suggest me some thing.
you need to make your body alkaline, brisk walking will only worsen it as cardio generates more lactic acid . it is important that you do yoga and make sure your nutrition is alkaline.

i want to know how to reverse coronary artery disease?
you can reverse this disease by making huge shifts in your lifestyle, which would include nutrition, yoga as well as the mind.