Exercise and a healthy diet can prevent stroke: Dr.Sanjay Mongia

Dr.Sanjay Mongia, an internationally trained and certified Neurological and Gamma Knife Surgeon, has worked in premier neuro surgical institutes in Canada, USA and Europe.

He is currently practising at Lilavathi Hospitals, Mumbai.

Dr.Mongia specialises in neuro oncology, epilepsy surgery and gamma knife surgery (a non-invasive neuro surgical technique) for the management of brain tumours, vascular disorders and functional disorders like trigeminal neuralgia and Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Mongia took time off his busy schedule to answer questions from Sify readers in an exclusive chat. Read the chat transcript here.

my mother is suffring from hydrocephlus , pls suggest any medicine , so that she may walk on feet .
There are no medicines for the same…you need to get an MRI Brain for your mother done.

It could be due to many reasons which could be cardiac or neurological… it could be detected only when you see an expert personally.

My mother is from 12/02/2005 of left putaminal haematoma with periventricular and lobar extension and associated mass effect. Approx size 58mm X 400 X 42mm. Her age is 89 & heavy wight. Still she can’t walk even speech not clear.
Do you have the recent MRI Report? You need personal guidance …you can email me the report and I can tell you the future course of action.

I perhaps develop syncopy-sudden loss of consciousness & regain senses in half a minute causes,symptoms & prevention/solution pl
It can be due to cardiac or neurological… pls get investigated properly and see and expert…

After my galblader removal, I am having numbness in the thigh area(left). What will be the treatment for this?
Do a XRAY of the L.S.Spine and then there could be treatment for the same.

Hello Dr, my son aged 25, met with a RTA 5 mnths ago. Had contusion edema at C4-C5 level. Now walks but has spasticity in limbs and less power. Latest MRI: post trauma Syrinx at C4-C5 level. Will the Syrinx disappear and he be normal again? Thks.
It depends on the size of the Syrinx..you can mail me the MRI Report at dmongia@gmail.com… I will have a look at MRI and give u further information on this…

Dear Sir, I am experiencing a very heavy head feeling,sometimes on my back side of head or at left and right areas of my head.This is happening for last 15-20 days.I will be very thankful to you if you can give your advice for same.
Get CT Scan of the brain done and consult an expert neurologist at your earliest please!

My father-in-law has been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. We have used many medicined and nothing worked.RFA will also not work for him.pl suggest
The gamma knife will be a good non invasive option for you… you can log on to www.gammaknife.in for more information.

my father, age 74 has arrhythmia since 2 yrs. better with warf. diagnosed with multiple infarcts in brain 10 yrs ago. hypertensive, under control. no diabetes. what precautions to take to prevent stroke?

You need to control blood pressure, diabetes, high cholestrol.

Father, 72 yrs. Apr’11 fell down from bike; left side hand Leg not working till nw. was hosptilised 20 days in Apollo Hyderabad. cant walk; regular pysiotherpy exercise no improvement.
I need to see whether the injury was there in the spine or the brain and so I need to see the MRI Report…

my friend feel irritation on scalp; has insomania. undergone all test including MRI. doctors cannot pinpoint the actual reason behind the insomania and irritation at the sclap area (no headache). other parameters good; controlled BP with medication
Consult a psychiatrist for the same.

Sir, My mother aged 62 suffering by GBS from last one and half year. Her both hand fingers not recovered.She is not able to her work independently. earlier she work with phiso theraphy. but not now.Please advise me
Its a very serious condition.. she needs personal examination and evaluation.

how long does it take for silent migraine to be treated fully? I am on betacap tr 40 once a day and topomac 25mg twice a day. I often that my head is spinning and i am walking in an involuntary, imbalanced way.
The time frame cannot be given..based on the reasons for the migraine one can assess and let you know how soon you will be fine. Consult a Neuorologist for the same.

My Mom is of 50 years old and from past one year she is talking to herself and i request you to let me know what do you suggest me to bring her to normal
First get a neuropsychological assessment done for her and show it your expert neurologist.

My wife was diagonsed MITOCHONDRIAL CYTOPATHY in 1998 after biopsy /tests. However from last 6-8 months she is receiving attacks frequently for 2/3 minutes loosing control of body .Any solution?
I do not have your details so cannot predict a medication because yours is a very rare condition.

wife 28trs having fits prob, we hav kids 3 yrs n 6 month, she is taking levypil 500 every day now, always complain abt fear of every thing including me [husband myself] memory loss, get short tempered n hands shivering
She can be put on some other medicine after consulting an expert. Depending on her MRI and EEG reports different medicines could be started for her….

my father have a stroke a year ago. Left hand and leg is not worked. now he is walking but the hand movement is not proper we are doing psychotherapy for past 1 year. when he will be completely all right? his age is 48.
The recovery depends on the degree of damage …on the basis of brain MRI Report one can give a time frame of recovery…

I am 60 years old and suffer from cerebullar degenerationn from last six years .i have been put on ‘evon’ only. is there any hope for me
Yes, after reviewing your report I could predict further.

I am having a burning sensation in my feet particularly more in left one which was diagnosed as NEUROPATHY.I am under medication for last one year and been taking GABAPENTIN 100 twice daily but there is no significant improvement.Pls advise
Are you diabetic?? In case yes management of diabetes is important.. secondly get a XRay Lumbo Sacral Spine done.

my husband has vascular dementia. He has lost sight in his left eye and has double vision in cataract operated right eye. His speech is not clear. Unable to form words. Can he get back his speech or vision.
This depends on his MRI Report… based on that he could be guided…

my daughter, age 2, milestones normal but looks vacant sometimes. shd i check for any abnormality
Yes consult a Neurologist..it could be seizure phenomena.

husb had stroke in 2002. was on ecosprin 75 till 2 yrs ago. now refuses to take it. what shd i do?
He needs to take it for a long time depending on his reports and he needs to be convinced for the same.

can head injury trigger epilepsy at any age?

how does gamma surgery work
Its a non invasive treatment to treat brain tumours and other functional disorders with the help of gamma rays. Log on to www.gammaknife.in

hello doc, what are the ways to prevent stroke?
Controlling diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, regular exercise, stop smoking and minimal alchohol, eat green leafy vegetables.

i have slight giddy feeling on and off when im stressed or when i sleep less. ECG was normal in jan’12. had sudden vertigo once 10 yrs ago with spkie in BP for a day. was treated with betacap for 3 mnths, no recurrence. can i ignore this giddyness
Get your cervical sprain XRay done.

my son hit his right cheekbone and right of temple on head on the bar in a bus. had pain, no vomitting. xray revealed nothing and contusion healed. but still slight swelling on head in that place. no pain. should we investigate further
Yes CT Scan the brain…

my wife is 29 yr of age,always compliant of a severe headache, according to her pain is so untollrable that she can’t sleep or do house hold works she just gets to the bed for the whole day and night having n nos of disprin with no result
Get a CT Scan of brain and Xray cervical spine done.

I was admitted to hospital where i collapsed after having a seizure but for the time i was there i was not assessed for my sezuires and it was not documented also i have other health problems which i would like to ask you about
Pls email me at dmongia@gmail.com

Yes. Get them examined.

Dear Dr. Sanjay, I am in great need of advise. I was first diagnosed with Myoclonus before i was diagnosed with possible Chairi Malformation in March of this year – new MRI showed I have a moderate central disc protrusion at L5/S1
You seem to be having multiple problems not related to each other. Please consult a specialist Neurologist.

My daughter aged 30 years is suffering from epilepsy for the last twenty years. She faints, becomes absent minded, blinking of eyes throughout the day, less sleep, irritations and similar other disorders.
We need to see her medical reports, MRI,EEG Reports for further guidance.

I am 38 yrs guys but i suff pn sinus and migrain pain about 20 yrs, my 2 sister also suff in same disease, we consult ENT & Med. doctors there is no benefit still pain exist..is there any soln in Nurology and advise to me consult any doctor.
Get a CT Scan PNS done and show it to the ENT Surgeon.

My father affected by Parkinson, struggled for 7 yrs & died. He was in effluent treatment dept for 30 yrs. We are 3 childrens. Is there any possibility that we are also affected by PD in future? We all three not in chemical related field.
Its very difficult to predict whether you will be affected or not…its better to detect the symptoms at an earlier stage…for the common signs and symptoms you can log on to http:parkinsondisease.in

Hello! Dr.; I am interested in knowing early symptoms of Brain Tumours, so that one can recognize and start the remedy.
Please log in www.braintumors.in for information.

Also , i have midnite migranes,my headache starts only at 4 AM ..
So are you awake till 4am..it could be due to improper or insufficient sleep…

I have vocal Dystonia.. When ever i speak / talk my neck muscles go into spasms.. Rest i am perfectly fine, only while talking thy stretch …Thanks
No there is no specific reason for this… most of the Dystonia do not have a definite cause.

pl suggest lifestyle changes to prevent frequent headaches
Good sleep, fresh green leafy vegetables diet, regular exercises, 5-10 glasses of water a day…

My father suffered with dementia for a long time. It started with his left leg and then right leg. He could not walk after sometime. His whole body had gone down. What are the chances that I may suffer with the same? What should be done to avoid this?
These are not Dementia symptoms.

I m 25yrs&18wks pregnant,had severe chicken pox 2weeks’back.Took antiviral medicinesfor 5days.I hv no previous historyof pox,not immunised.Recent(II Obst.USG)Anomalies Scan shows all parameters of foetus r normal?Wld dis affect any neuro devpnt of Foetus
Consult an Obstetrician for the same and do regular scan for any foetal abnormalities

I am taking deplatt 75 one daily. It should be taken life long?
You should stop only on expert advice.

Hi, Am from Mumbai. My cousin’s 2 year old daughter at Kolkatta has been bedridden since birth. Is there any treatment for the same?
There could be various reasons for the same. Hence I cannot predict anything without examining her.

I have been suffering from sleep disorders for last 3 years,whole night i dont get any sleep only in the early hours i get some sleep.Plz help
Consult an Psychiatrist.

Sir, my father had a brain stroke and was admitted in ICU. After about 10 days he had a heavy bleeding from nose and mouth and succumbed to it. Doctors did not let me know why that happened. Do you have any idea on the same?
You could consult your treating physician for the same as the reasons for the brain stroke are numerous.

Hello Doc, my son aged 25 met with RTA 5 mnths ago. C4-C5 had contusion edema. Now recovering but latest MRI shows small syrinx at C4-C5 level. He has spasticity and weakness in limbs. When will he become normal? Thks
Please email MRI Reports for further guidance.

My 6 month old baby is having epileptic convulsions. CT, MRI, LP, IEM and Blood Reports are clean. 3 EEG done – 1 clean, 2 spike in right brain, 3 minor spike in front temporal. Medicine: Lacosam, Levipil, Trioptal ongoing. Kindly share your thoughts.
Continue with medications. Stop only on expert advice.

Hi Doc,. Can you Please suggest any treatment for PSP my father 74yrs is in Stage 4 of PSP and his body movements have stopped- Thanks Joseph

Please consult a Neurologist as he needs personal examination. Cannot predict anything online.

I had my first epileptic episode 24 years ago, had my second episode 9 years after that and again did not go to a doctor. In 2010 I had my 3rd episode and was put on Tegretol. A year later I stopped the medicine on my own and and had a few moments of disorientation and then suffered another massive fit. Since then I have been on Tegretol and have been incident free. All my episodes have followed intense stress situations. What I would like to know is when can I reasonably expect to be off medication and how should I reduce my dosage which is currently 1 tegretol in the morning & 1 at night.Karan Rao(54 yrs)
MRI brain / EEG will guide us to let u know when u will be off medication

My wife is a multiple sclerosis patient (diagnosed) in the year 1991. Administration of steroids were effective till the year 2000. Subsequently her mobility very gradually declined with increased incontinence and she had very severe in 2009 and was hospitalized and administered steroids and antibiotics and she successfully overcame even septicemia. Since then she is on Glataxone injection every alternate day but her mobility has not improved and regression keeps taking place although slowly. We are given to understand that this is probably the optimum treatment. What is expected as a prognosis in the next say 3-5 years? Will she at all get some noticeable remissions?
Shall be thankful to receive Doctor’s comments.

MRI brain / spinal cord ? Does that show many lesions ? Can u email MRI report at dmongia@gmail.com

My wife was diagonsed MITOCHONDRIAL CYTOPATHY in 1998 after biopasy /tests. However from last 6-8 months she is receiving attacks frequently for 2/3 minutes loosing control of body .ur answer recd .can u sit in delhi
You can contact me by email me at dmongia@gmail.com. Will let u know when I come to delhi

Last month my wife met to an accident.she got head injury. some blooding was there in brain. now she is recovered. but due to that head injury her right eye vision is blurred. doctor told that vision take time… just need your advise
Do u have CTScan brain / MRI brain ? Vision report ? Visual fields ?Need to see the reports to guide you