Chat: Dr Manjiri Patankar on lipolysis, mesotherapy and more

Obesity Consultant and Cosmetic Physician, Dr. Manjiri Patankar, heads Insta Sculpt clinics in India, Dubai and Kuwait.

Dr. Manjiri is passionate and committed to making her patients look and feel good and to develop a sense of well being and high self esteem in them.

Dr. Manjiri has certifications in lipolysis, invasive and non-invasive mesotherapy and hair restoration techniques. The expert took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on weight loss, ageing and more. Read the chat transcript here.

hello mam!!! i m 44 years i want to loose 5 kg so pl. suggest me some good vegetarian diet or exercise i m regularly going to gym & doing cross trainer treadmill floor exercise & cycle so pl help me so i can reduce more now i m 69!!!! thanku
You need to reduce about 5-7kgs..your calkorie intake should be about 1000 calories broken into 6 meals, no sugar, no rice, no fried foods and nothing after 8pm.

You can reduce it for sure by taking radio frequency and laser treatment along with good sleep and nutritional supplements..

it dadruff or hormonal changes in men that bring about hairfall…can dandruff related hairloss be restored.i am presently following a diet regime with good breakfast ,lunch(rice ,dal) and dinner (fruits)…i have lost 2kgs with this diet mantra…
Hair loss is because of aging harmonal problems and extreme diet ..if you treat dandruff take care of the diet with good amount of proteins and treatments like Mesotherapy and lasers along with Dandruff control will surely stop the hairfalll

Which is the best intake for reducing pot belly?
I want to know the age, gender and lifestyle before I comment… A lifestyle alteration with specific lypolysis treatment and weight reduction will give you best results..if its a beer belly you know what do you require! )

Iam 31yrs old nd my height is 163cms and weight is 60kg.I want to redudbe my fats from stomach and back.Is there any diet to reduce extra flesh?
Change in the diet cannot reduce fat from a particular are the right candidate for the non-surgical will give you wonderful results for the fat on your tummy and back and the tightening of loose skin can also be taken care of and you would 3-5 sessions…

Iam 31 yrs old and I have unwanted hard hairs on my chin.Is laser treatment would be suggested ?
Laser hair removal treatment is very effective and you would require 8-10 sessions since it is hard
I am 24 years old, male. height 175 cm and my weight is 90 kgs. am i suffering from obesity? if yes then provide solution
Yes you are definitely in obese category with an associated health risk…you need to undergo weight reduction upto 10-15 kgs with caloric restriction and aerobic exercise

I am 42 / Wt s 113 Kgs. Have problems in legs as both Knees don’t bend beyond 90 degrees. Cant do brisk walking or Yoga. want to lose atleast 35 Kgs , Any solution
You need a drastic reduction of 40-50 need to rule out any other cause of obesity like harmonal disturbance and then give weight management treatment with the right diet and could take up walking in water as an exercise…

My age is 31 yrs. I have hypothyroidism. I am doing exercise regularly and still i am not able to loose weight. Following some diet chart as well, but no result. Can you show me a way out so that I can loose my weight.
You haven’t given your weight and height details.. by alteration of your diet and exercise you may reduce a few kgs and with Lypolysis unwanted fat from certain areas to make you look slim.. See an expert or you could visit us at

how to reduce tummy without neck straining exercises?
Firstly reduce your calorie intake and in your exercises do strength training with squats and leg raises..

I am currently 85 Kgs and my height is 175. I am 30 years old. I would like to have a get a surgery for gynaecomastia. Issue is that I am diabetic (1 year). My current HbA1C is 5.4 and I strictly maintain my all blood sugars between 80-100
before you go for surgery your diabetes has to be in control ..if you are otherwise fit I would suggest a non surgical treatment for your gynaecomastia and if you do not get adequate results go for a surgical one with the understanding of the complications..

i gained alot of weight after my pergancy, but now i am not able to lose that extra 15 weight which i gained . Please tell me what all I should so that I can come to my normal weight. I am feeling so difficult when ppl say I became so much fat..
If you are not breast feeding your baby reduce calorie intake to 1000-1200 calories and an aerobic activity of your choice to 40 mins a day.. in 6 mnths time you should be able to take it off and feel are not the only one…it happens to everyone who delivers..

HI i m 28 years old 170 cm height 80 Kg. weight i want to reduce my weight and belly please please give tips…
Right diet and exercise Ultrasonic Lypolysis for tummy And you need to alter your lifestyle…

i m 30 yrs old. My hairs have become very thin. It has become so thin that one can see the scalp. Plz suggest how can i have thick hair. ..
We need to check what is causing hair loss and thinning and treat it with a high protein diet , mesotherapy and laser…

Madam,iam 24,My weight is 94 kg, BMI 34 ,due to this iam looking 35 years old man how can i reduce my weight,fat within 3 to 4 months.,
You need to reduce your BMI from 35 to 25 by a combination of weight management, fat loss treatments and lifestyle alterations… you can visit iour Hyderabad centre

Male 44/175cm/80Kg, pure veg, rice, wheat , veg, fruits, 2 ltr water walk 3.5 km in 30 min+10 min aero+10 min free hand exrcs/morning, eve 20 min walk/exercise, but wt not down, waist 37″, chest 38!. Before three years it was 34″ and 38″.
I think you are an ideal candidate for a fat loss around your waistline..about 3-5 kgs of weight loss and non-surgical lypolysis will reduce your waistline to your desired goal..

hi, my age is 33 and I am suffering from fat liver. kindly guide me, how can I decrees this fat.
If you are talking of Fatty Liver..its a metabolic need to see an expert and do your liver function tests…

what should the food habits?
Avoid rice, sugar, alcohol and be in the range of 1000-1200 calories per day…

walking for an hour reduces fat?
Not always..if it is going to increase your pulse rate to 85% of your maximum pulse depending on your age, then you are likely to lose calories or else its a liesure walk..

I am 118 kgs. and want to loose weight and face mass. I have problem of dandruf , itching and hair fall also. kindly suggest some cure
You need to loose weight with a right diet and exercise and a lifestyle alteration..Please visit our centres in either Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Dubai and Kuwait.

Am 47 with no health issues. I drink nearly 3 lts of water and exercise for an hour daily. Pl advice for my hairfall. I use henna paste for colouring and not dye.
Your hairfall could be because of aging or genetic predisposition…you can apply minoxibial every night for 3-6 months… You can also go to any of our centres for Mesotherapy or an expert consultation..

increase in belly fat lead to problmes of bacbone
Yes definitely.. Increase in the belly fat has been scientifically proved to increase the risk of Obesity related diseases like blood pressur ,heart attack and also other issues like back and knee problems..

slow jog for 50 mins daily, 5 times a week – want to reduce 10 kilos in 2 months.. is it possible ? I m 36 year old Male vegan, 80
kilos weight 175 cm height eat moderately.

It is possible after checking the amount of calories you take in a day and your metabolic is not difficult to lose 10kgs with a right diet plan, right work-out plan and a needed lifestyle alteration.. )

am 29 year mother of 2 kids , obese, I do Surya Namaskar 10 times daily want to reduce 10 kilos in 3 months.. is it possible ? what can be other indoor exercises needed to hit my target. i am veg
Doing Suryanamaskars is a good activity for stretching and fitness but caloric restriction and aerobic activity will give you desired weight loss..

75kg & 157cm female , heavy arms & started losing hair since 3-4 years now its looks like im going bald. please suggest
Hair treatment should be done as a priority by going to a Trichologist in your area and localized fat loss treatment can be done with toning..

Male, 40yrs, overweight since teens. now155Kgs. 12Yr ago diagnosed with thyroid, on Eltroxin 100 mg. I think lyposuction will be best. diet under control; dont believe in snacking. like your suggestion. pl suggest best place for such surgery in India.
Liposuction will reduce fat from a particular area only but the real solution is you need a complete weight management programme which includes right diet , exercise and treatment of stubborn is a treatment which will last for about 6 months and will require maintenance as well

a good diet plan & excersises
For the exact diet plan we need to know your details like age,weight,height,lifestyle and then we can formulate a customized diet for you.. You need to see us or an expert nutritionist…

my daughter’s weight is 82 kg.and she is 16 years old ( f.y.j.c.student.) can u suggest any diet chart for her self to reduce weight on a regular basis in a year or two. or suggest any diet consultant.
You can see our Nutritionist in any of our clinics. For appointment please contact our

What are symptoms of obesity? if we are overweight are we obese? want to know about psoriasis, is it serious, any home remedies? inflammation on thighs, shoulder, scaly skin on forehead and color change on nails. having homeopathy; is this right?
About obesity your height and weight will tell your BMI from which we can correctly assess whether you are obese..for your psoriasis you need see an expert deramtologist..

I have more extra pounds of muscles in the stomach and chest. I feel bad to wear t-shirt as my chest area has splited like womens. Please give advice me how to reduce it.
You can reduce the extra fat by our body controlling methods like ultrasonic lypolysis, endermology and mesotherapy.

What is the reason for tummy growth? What precautions we can take to ensure the growth does not happen? How can we reduce the tummy size?
Fat around the tummy in women are mostly after delivery and in general weight gain and lack of exercise.. Targeted fat loss is achieved with non-surgical fat loss treatments and right exercises for muscle toning..

Is it better to join in HERBAL LIFE for LOOSING weight, will there be any side effects.
I cannot recommend any herbal treatment which requires starvation with should go more with expert advice with Nutritional counselling,lifestyle alteration and exercise will