Eat healthy, exercise and de-stress to manage menopause: Dr Priti Vyas

An M.D. in Obstetrics & Gynaecology from Mumbai University, Dr Priti Vyas pursued higher specialisation in Endoscopic surgery from Clermont Ferrand, France.

Dr. Priti has been guiding married couples in her practice of fertility.

Dr. Priti started One-To-One Guidance Centre to educate people on critical issues like marriage, sexuality and adolescent behavior.

Dr. Priti took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on infertility, PCOS or other gynaecological issues. Read the chat transcript here.

Remedies of post delivery hernea and obesity. please advise
Post delivery you need to loose weight if you are obese. Without weight loss a surgery for hernia can fail since hernia can reoccur.

Hello Doctor,I am 34 years old recently diagonised with PCOS. Do I need to contact a dietician to reduce my weight or take medication. what are the side effects involved? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks,
you will need to definitely loose weight by dieting and exercise. It is a good idea to visit a dietician so as to have the ideal  without compromising on the nutrition. Whether you will need medication will depend upon your hormonal status and whether your periods are regular or you have any skin problems with it.

We are married for 8yrs. We dont have kids. My wife is having PCOD and my sperm count is 60million. We did IVF but didnt suceed. Please advise to treat PCOD…
The sperm count is basically normal so it looks like the wife needs the PCOD to be treated. If she is obese she will definitely need to lose weight. Whether she will need any insulin sensitizing agents such as metformin will depend upon her insulin levels. She will need to take medicine also for induction of ovulation and monitored.

i am 51 yrs old and ny menopause started 2trs back but since then i hv lot of itiching and dryness in my private part what do u suggest me
You are probably suffering from atrophic changes which happen due to the loss of hormones. However make sure that there is no infection since at this age diabetes resulting in repeated vaginal infections is also common.

I 32, conceived last yr. that went well till sixth month but at the end week of 6th month suffered from severe pre eclampsia. Want to conceive again. What precautions to prevent it again.
It is a good idea to take preconceptional folic acid. During the first trimester itself, Low dose aspirin should be started with the advise of a gynaecologist along with strict monitoring of all the parameters. It is also required to control the blood pressure both before and during the pregnancy.

I have been married for 10y & have been trying to conceive.Nothing medically wrong has been reported but numerous IUI and IVF have been unfruitful.Could you please suggest why we are not getting the desired result & what can we do to fix.
It looks like a case of unexplained infertility. You have to continue trying. Very often stress plays a major role.
Please take it easy for sometime and again start treatment.

mujhe pregnent hona hai mujhe nhi aata ki kis time relation bnane se pregnent hote hai kya mere hubby ke discharge ke saath mujhe bhi usi time discharge hona hoga.ander tak jaana zruri hai
Tumhara discharge husband ke saath hona jaroori nahi hai. Uske bagair bhi prgnant ho sakte ho lekin unka dhaatu aapke andar jaana jaroori hai. Agar apke periods regular hai, toh mahine ke beech ke dino mein 10-20 days mein aap relations rakhe.

Doctor,I have severe pain during sex with my husband.What should I do?
Go on the website A lot of your questions can be answered by that. If you still need help then it is better to take an appointment to figure out what is wrong.

Hello Dr Priti Vyas can a man with one testes impregnate a woman after having sex with her and will she get pregnant?
Yes. Even if there is one testes it can get a woman pregnant.

a surgery of my wife to remove cyst from right overy has been done and under this process, one side of overy with appendics has been removed. what precautions should be taken for future so that least complication has to be faced
It depends on what kind of a cyst it was. Most cysts of the ovary can be prevented by taking contraceptive pills for a long time. You can ask your gynaecologist to advice regarding the same.

I had IUD(Mirena) for the past 3 years and recently removed it as I got lot of infections.My husband is diabetic and when we have intercourse he gets cuts and we get infections.It is almost 2 months since we had intercourse.
Mirena per say is known to infact not give rise to infections. In your case it looks like you have got it from the husband. It will be a good idea to treat both of you and then can resume intercourse.

At what age sex is adviseable .
Definitely not before the legal age of marriage and I strongly recommend to have relations only after marriage and avoid in any pre marital indulgence.

can u pls tell me which pill is not being increase the fat?
There are 2 types of pills..the standard dose pills and the low dose pills..both do not cause any increase in the weight. But a pill which contains drosperinone or desogestrel can be given depending upon the individual’s requirement…

I need your advise for a 15year old girl who did not attend age. On check up with many some report told her Uters is small and some report that her uters shape or stucture not imaged. Kindly advise.
we need to know whether we are dealing with a case of absent uterus or hormonal problem..get the sonography repeated again to detect the presence of uterus and if normal then the patient needs to be seen by a gynaecologist to ascertain whether the secondary sexual characters have developed…only then an opinion can be given..

We are 40 & 38; 2yr back we lost our son. trying for Child, wife cant conceive. fallopian tubes partially blocked. is thr any tretment for opening blockage; what is success rate? should we do IVF. My sperm analysis shows 60-70% activity.
Surgeries are available for opening the blockage. However in my opinion it is better to go straight for IVF. The results with IVF are usually in the range of 30-40 percent per cycle.

Respected Madam Good Afternoon.I am suffering from depression and stress burst.Many say that if i get married these things will be sorted out.Is this true?I am 29 now. Kindly guide me.
No marriage is not the answer for depression and stress. You need to figure out why are you suffering from these and first address the cause before thinking of marriage.

kindly advice when couples should have intercourse during pregnancy nd when not 2 hav…my wife is 5 months now..nd she has little stomach pain sometimes..should i need to take her to check up r its normal during these days…
It is generally safe to have intercourse from the 4th to 6th month of pregnancy. However if she already has stomach pain you need to figure out whether its just a pulling sensation or uterine contractions.

my wife had repeating chocolate cyst in left ovary. any way to prevent this? any diet?
No diet would prevent a chocolate cyst. If right now there are no cyst then a good idea is to be on contraceptive pills if pregnancy is not desired.

hi, please tell us how to make menopause manageable for working women
Its important to have a good diet and exercise regime. And learn to destress..spend sometime alone or with friends. If it becomes too much a short course of hormone replacement therapy may be advised.

hello doc, my sis, age 40 is having a small fibroid not attached to the walls of uterus. but bleeding slightly excess. is there any treatment
Fibroids usually tend to multiple and tend to increase the overall size of the utrine cavity. If she is having small fibroids away from the wall of the uterus it may be worth putting in an intra utrine system which contains hormones so as to take care of the bleeding and not remove the uterus at the same time.

Im married and I have twins. My tummy is still look like iam pregnent what excercise I do for reduce my tummy
You have to do abdominal crunches for getting a tone back in the abdominal muscles. Be careful to learn the right way from your instructor.

Irreugular periods what I do for regular periods?
Have you checked your thyroid and prolactin levels? It may be a good idea to also do a sonography to see if you have PCOD.

Hello Doctor, I am having a periods these days, My periods are irregular. And I am not getting proper bleeding. Its my third day. Please help me.
It looks like you have scanty and irregular periods. Hve you checked your thyroid and prolactin levels? It may be a good idea to also do a sonography to see if you have PCOD or thin endometrial lining in the uterus.

Hello Doctor, I have been diagnosed with PCOS this year i. Cysts are double in the size of normal ovary and have irregular periods.I have put on 6 kg (still in normal weight) .Is it difficult to get regular periods and conceive?
No it is not difficult. If your cycles were regular before your weight gain you probably need to just loose those few extra kilos after being sure that there are no hormonal problems.

how many yrs gap ideal between babies
Atleast one and a half to two years.

my wife had a abortion of twins last week. when can we plan next baby?
Wait for atleast 3 to 6 months for her to recover both physically and emotionally the meanwhile get the necessay tests done to figure out why it happened.

doc, trying to have a baby last 8 yrs. not very happy with tips by local gynaec. pl help
If you have been trying for 8 yrs it is time to investigate both you and your husband and accordingly start a treatment.

Tips to conceive faster
Have relations during the fertile days..thats all!

pcos for last 3 yrs. working night shift, 5 kgs overweight. drugs not wrkng. pl help
You need to get your life in your own hands. Loose weight and figure out where you are going wrong. Drugs don’t work if you don’t work hard to loose weight.

my mil wants my daughter to get married at 20 yrs. is it ok. i feel she is not strong physically. will she have gynaec trouble
I agreee with you ,let her study and be confident herself before marrying her off, and she should definitely not get pregnant immediately if she gets married. It is always better to be atleast be 22 or 23 yrs before pregnancy is planned.

is there any way to improve gynaec health for teenagers
Go on … It is always better to keep the teenagres well informed about hygeine, contraceptives and sexually transmitted infections so that they are better prepared to protect themselves…

I’m sexually active with my boyfriend but i’m not sure if we will get married.what if some other guy marry me, he will find it out if i have lost virginity???
What am I supposed to do… Yes ofcourse he will !! Unless you are good at feigning the first intercourse.

My wife’s first delivery was operation. So is it require, the next delivery must be operation.?. Why doctors saying that, if first delivery by operation, the next must be operational and you can not make more than 2 issues..?
The doctor must be advising it because of a repeat reason for a caesarian and it would be probably be safer. You can have maximum 3 caesarians as repeated cutting of the uterus makes it weak.

I usually eat lot of raw rice from my childhood.Now my age is 32Years old i have got 2kids son and daughter. will any tumour form in my stomach so that on the later stage it will become a cancer.Kindly tell me.Awaiting for the reply.
I am a gynaecologist.. But anyways get your calcium and iron levels done…

I m 17 weeks pregnant and i had a chickenpox two weeks’ back and now on antiviral medicines.. I hv no previous history of chicken pox and even I am not vaccinated. Thinking to aborting fetus. What treatment should i do?! How come this affect my fetus..
No one can guarantee that it will not affect the foetus. However chikenpox is worst when the mother gets it in the first or the last trimester. In the second trimester it is least harmful for the foetus. But finally it is your decision.

Hello Doctor, I am 34 years old ,recently diagonised with PCOS. Do I need to see a dietician to reduce weight or medication. What are the side effects involved? Please guide Thanks, Sophia (Posted to Dr.Priti Vyas)
Sophia you will need to. definitely loose weight by dieting and exercise. It is a good idea to visit a dietician so as to have the ideal  without compromising on the nutrition. Whether you will need medication will depend upon your hormonal status and whether your periods are regular or you have any skin problems with it.

Hello madam, I delivered a baby girl on march’12.I am suffering a fever n throat pain for the past one week,also i feel consciousness,tired n exhausted..we had a intercourse once am i pregnant again?
Less likely that you will get pregnant so soon. If you are really worried do a urine pregnancy teat and start using a good contraceptive. What you are feeling may be just because of a viral infection combined with the laborious job of taking care of a newborn.

i was got newly married when we r trying for intercourse my partner saying pain in her private part wat i should do?
Go to If you still need help please take an appointment with an expert gynaecologist.

does thyroid problem during pregnancy affect the infants growth?
Yes it does..if it is not under control.

I had severe leg cramps during 5th month of my pregnancy .. can you please suggest safe drugs for leg cramp…
I am sorry I cannot prescribe online. But you can take adequate amount of water and calcium supplements.

Hi, My wife is 4 month pregnant, due to some heavy work at home, she’s got bleeding inside the stomach. She is been asked to take complete bed rest,i just want to know what best can be done to cope from the situation.
the bleeding is in the stomach or in the uterus? the bed rest is required and also she will need to probably take some medicines to support the pregnancy

does cycling affect fertility
No it does not.

are there any exercise to avoid to prevent infertility?
There are no exercises.

hi doctor, my daughter is running 12 now. when can we expect puberty
Puberty can happen anytime between 9-14 yrs of age. You may have already noticed her having some amount of breast and hair growth. If you are asking as to when she would start mensturating it is usually after 6 months of the pubic hair coming.

I have cezarian baby in december 2011. Then i have first period on Last week of Feb. Then It stop. I am breastfeeding my baby. Is there any need of medication?
Please confirm if you are pregnant. And start using a good contraceptive if not.

Hi Doctor, I had one c-section in 2001. If the first pregancy is c-section ,second pregancy will be normal or c-section?
Chances of a caesarian are much higher. If you still want a normal delivery discuss the pros and cons with your gynaecologist. There is always a risk of rupture of the uterus at the previous scar site.

Doctor, I am 35 year old women,having dry vagina and painful sex. I had one c-section.Is it because of old age ? Any solution? please guide!
No it is definitely not due to old age. Please visit and if you still need help go to an expert gynaecologist.

22, suffering from intramural fibroid(5cm), have to go some wedding so can i have regesterone for 21 days to postpone my periods.
Yes you can if you have been prescibed so by your gynaecologist. However be prepared to have a heavy flow at the end of it and lets hope you don’t get pimples with Regesterone

I have PCOD and irregular periods. In my first pregnancy, I had no problems but the next one I couldn’t conceive. I was told of Hydrosalpinx so one tube wasclipped and given successful IVF treatment. Is it now possible for me to conceive naturally?
If the second tube is healthy then the treatment of PCOD and fertility can get you prgnant naturally also. However since your one tube is absent you have to make do with just one tube which reduces your chances.

I didnt check prolactin levels I took thyroid test. It is negative What is mean by PCOD?
It is polycystic ovarian disease.

Dear Mam, I’ve got married b4 4 years n trying to conceive since last 1 year my n my hubby’s primary reports are normal. now my doc suggest me to take rejun 100mg for 5 days for 3 months n then if nothing happens then i’ve to undergo hormonal check ups.
It looks like your doctor has advised medicines for ovulation induction that is growing of eggs. It is always good to monitor with usg-follicular scan with it so as to prevent cyst formation.

Hello Doctor, I do have skin problems like acne,sun burns ,hirtuisim. I went to a dermatologist and he suggested a gynaecologist since my skin issues are related to PCOS. If I take medication what are the side effects involved? Thanks,
Sophia most medicines that we give for treatment of skin ailments associated with PCOS have minimal side effects and the benefits are definitely more.

hello doctor How reduce weight after delivery. I have twins and I put weight above 15 kgs
Please start dieting and exercising. It is good idea to take a little less in the plate.

I have intramural fibroid in my uterus which is of 5.5 cms and I am taking homeopathic medicine for dat from 2 years.earlier it was 8 cms. But last time when i had Ultrasound the size doesnt get reduce but increased a bit. shud i go for operation now
5.5 cms is a big fibroid. If you are not responding to the homeopathy medicine you should undergo surgery.