Enjoy college life without add ons: Dr. Savant

Consultant Oncologist, Dr. Savant is trained in Reconstructive and Microvascular surgery.

Dr. Savant is a Consultant Surgical Oncologist and Reconstructive Surgeon at
S.L.Raheja Hospital,  Mumbai where he can be reached at 022-66529999 Ext: 731.

He has written extensively on cancer treatment and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Savant took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on cancer, treatment options and prevention techniques. Read the complete chat transcript here.

What is the Difference between chemotheraphy and zoldonat injection
Chemotherapy is the use of ant cancer drugs… Zoldonat is not strictly an anti cancer drug but a supportive drug…

My Father has been diagonized by prostate Cancer, and he is undertaking the injection zoldonat once in an month, Could you please let me know for any advanced treatment available other than the zoldonat injection.
He should undergo a procedure called Orchibectomy if not done previously and tablet bicalutamide to achieve total androgen blockade which is the treatment for stage 4 prostate cancer…

It appears that even normally occurring cough/cold, gastric problems, body pain etc could be symptoms of cancer. Where should we draw a line for suspecting cancer?

Anything that doesn’t get treated with normal therapies should be treated by a specialist…every cough and cold is not a symptom of cancer….

My mother (62) c/o MRM, PET-CT reports- w/o any residue or recurrence. ER/PR was 95%, 75% +++. Arimidex 1mg. Any more pathology test for follow up? Can I/my sisters get any cancer? Any path tests-suggest?

No a good follow up and may be pet scan every year..your sister should undergo a mammogram and physical examination from a qualified surgeon or specialist… You can write to dhairyu@gmail.com for details.

Surgery was done 3 weeks back to take out cancerous tumour of 3cm by 2cm from my wife’s left breast. only one lymph node involvement & hormone receptive. no cancer now. Can we avoid any for next 6 months to avoid side effect

No she does require chemotherapy and hormone therapy…the most effective time for therapy is when the number of cancer cells in the body is absolute minimum or zero which is now… postponing the therapy will only increase the risk and decrease the result…

my son had high IgE as a kid, he is also asthmatic, is this something to watch out for or can we ignore it. its not high now still im worried

Not related to cancer….

my brother has pain in the right hip for last 3 months, on and off he has no trouble walking, should we check for cancer. what are the symptoms of hip cancer?
Hip cancer is not very common but its usually a bone cancer …he should be checked by an orthopedic surgeon…

is it true that reheating even homecooked oil is cancerous?
Its not entirely true but anytime you fry any food or heat any food especially the meat dishes, it releases certain substances which are carcinogenic… Boiled, steamed or well cooked food is obviously safe…foods rich in fats especially the saturated oils such palm or coconut would be avoidable…

dr, what are the indian foods to avoid to prevent cancer?
Red meats, spices, alchohol, dried meat or dried fish should be avoided and increase the intake of fresh fruits, fibres and vegetables…

my mouth sore is painful, i heard that cancer will not pain. so can i just leave it?
Cancer normally are painless but if your mouth sore is cancerous and has super added component of infection then you could be harboring cancer and you need to show it to a specialist…

sir, im chewing tobacco last 8 yrs. now getting small boil in mouth. pl tell me how to check if this is cancer
FIRST STOP TOBACCO !! Then go see a doctor to see whether the years that you have abusing your body could have resulted in getting mouth cancer…

why do people not get cancer of the heart?
Extremely rare, less than one percent people do get cancer of the heart…mostly people suffer from heart attacks or heart breaks…

what is the stage of cancer in which it can be cured? does it differ for different types of cancers
Normally stage 1 and stage 2 are curable cancers while stage 3 and stage 4 are treated with palliative intent that is to prevent further damage to the body

we drink water from pet bottles all the time, also mineral water is stored in plastic bottles. will this cause cancer in the long term?
No …

my wife has cervical cyst.. shd we screen for cancer?
Yes.. your wife should undergo a PAP smear yearly and regular check-ups from your gynaecologist

what is the role of weight loss in cancer prevention
Obesity is one of the co factors for developing cancer especially in woman and therefore exercise and diet induced weight loss is definitely beneficial…

sir, my mother was diagnosed with diverticulitis abt 5 yrs ago. she has IBS for last 30 yrs. now she complains of stomach pain frequently and upset stomach with home food. can this be cancer?
She should be under a close follow up with a gaestroenterologist…

how dependable are government hospitals in treating cancer?
Any hospital ..be it government or a private set up ..has got trained docters for cancers and additional facilities would be more than adequate to treat cancer…remember Tata Hospital and AIMS are also government Hospitals

Will cancer drugs be cheaply available in india from now on?
They would become slightly cheaper but until our taxation laws do not change … as we read in the papers the companies would now hesitate to get in their original research products for sale in India and this will only be disadvantageous to the cancer patients desirous of taking current state of art therapy…

the PSA value of my Father’s Prostate is 6.5 and after surgery and zoldanat injection for an year now its 0.18, Can you plz explain on this….
If he was treated properly which he seems to have been and now that the PSA is normal ..at the present moment your father seems to be free of cancer BUT please keep on repeating the PSA level periodically and show your docter…

doctor, does fibroadenoma lead to cancer
Fibroadenama of breast are not pre cancerous lesions and fall into the benign category but any lump in the breast for a lady beyond 40yrs should be seen by a specialist…

hello doc, pl tell us college kids what to do to prevent cancer?
Stop succumbing to peer pressure..do not smoke or eat tobacco or gutka..do not consume alcohol or smoke Hookas and stop eating pre packaged processed foods… Enjoy college life but without all these other add-ons!! : )

we eat chapathi a lot and also salads. so can we prevent cancer completely
Diet forms a small part of cancer prevention…there are obviously other factors related to it but eating a good BALANCED SIMPLE DIET is obviously beneficial for your health…

can eating oily food/fast food cause cancer in kids?
Eating processed foods could increase cancer incidents but not in kids..you should encourage them to prevent cancer as well as the other diseases by eating more fruits and fresh vegetables…

which is the best place in baroda to treat cancer
You can contact Dr. Rajeev Bhatt on 09824040873.

how to know the symptoms of lung cancer.. can TB cause lung cancer?
Symptoms include a persistent cough or bleeding while coughing with weight loss and sometimes difficulty in breathing. TB and lung cancer can co-exist and sometimes old TB can cause lung cancers especially in smokers…

i have sacroileac pain last 3 yrs, inflammation not there now. what is the reason?
Ask an orthopedic surgeon..

my uncle was detected early prostate cancer and cured. but doc suggested further chemo for 6 months. we are afraid to get more opinion as it is very misleading. pl help
If the cancer was on stage 1 and a surgery was performed that is radical prostatectomy then if the post operative PSA levels are normal then chemotherapy is usually not indicated… Chemotherapy in prostate cancer is reserved for patients who are usually failures of hormone treatment..

how do we know that cancer is fully cured? many docs just prolog treatment for money
Not true! Cancer therapy is obviously is long drawn treatment and the first level of therapy is usually the best time and type of therapy…after completion of such therapy which might last anywhere between 6-9 months..then the patient has to be on LIFETIME follow up with a specialist…