Paediatrician, Dr Abhishek Kulkarni, allays parents’ concerns

Dr Abhishek Kulkarni is a Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist and Honorary consultant at Holy Spirit and Guru Nanak Hospitals.

Dr Kulkarni’s Endocrine Wellness Clinic at Andheri West, Mumbai caters to disorders of poor growth, early and late puberty, thyroid, sexual differentiation, hypocalcemia in infants, diabetes mellitus and obesity in children.

Dr Kulkarni took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions ranging from allergies to Down’s Syndrome. Read the complete chat transcript here.

my son who z 4 1/2 years old.. n he is just 13 kgs n he doesnt it any thing and if we forcibly gives him anything he feels like doing vomiting the problem of cough n cold is very frequent in him and bcoz of all dat he is not growing up .
please get systemic disease ruled out in him from your child specialist

sir, as my daughter is 13yrs she is a bit fat what is to be done for her to control her weight
dietary advice and regular brisk walks . get her investigated to rule out endocrinal cause of obesity

Is banana good during Cough?
if the child is not allergic to it it may be used

My daughter is 3.10 yrs old she does not have breakfast & does not eat tiffin & directly has lunch at 12:00. What can be done?
try a glass of milk and fruits in the morning. it works

My twin daughter are nine years old. one of them is gaining weight since last years. Now her weight is 45-kgs. She is lazy, she gets headache very often, cannot concentrate in studies and we don’t give her outside junk foods. why is she gainingweight
it could be exogenous . We definitely rule out an endocrinal cause. get in touch with dont want to miss hypothyroidism

My son who is10 yr has eye dryness.He starts blinking his eyes in summer ven its very hot. V hav consulted 2-3 eye doc & all have confirmd it as lack of tears.I want 2make sure wheather there is any permanant treatment. V have been advised Genteal Drps &
please take your child to a child specialist to rule out systemic causes of dry eye. it may be a part of any systemic illness. till then continue the artifical tears prescribed

Sir, My Kid is with Down Syndrome. He can live a normal life independently?
depends on his IQ score and functional organ status. Please get him evaluated at length. Managing him will mean a lot of efforts from your side. For details mail me

Can i continue the immunization shots for my kid who is 7 years now . After 1 and half year i stopped fue to recursive feaver ….
yes u can. be sure the kid didnt have a reaction to the vaccine dose. ask ur doctor if he did. if he had a reaction avoid the offender

my daughter is 4+. she is detected with VSD. doctors says that if it is less than 1 it would be automatically and naturally filled .plz u give some ideas?
yes if it is small and muscular in nature. there r good chances it will close spontaneously. watch out for frequent coughs n cold, exercise intolerance and insist for antibiotic prophylaxis before any dental or surgical procedure

My daughter is 11 and son is 6. both are very thin. though active. Daughter doesnt like milk.both get cold cough and throat infection very to avoid
avoid frozen foods of whose quality u r unaware, avoid unknown oils (roadside eating), wet mopping of floor instead of vacuum, avoid damp environment at home.

My 2 yr kid is having some white spot(Looks Dry too) just below her eye, due to the climate change. Is it good, if i apply Johson’s Baby Milk Lotion ?
you may but see a child specialist. ask him or her if you could use eumosome

my daughter is 3 years old, she has a frequent eye boils , after 2 -3 days it subsides with pus and blood oozing out. doctors have advised for a sugar test.
yes please get a blood sugar fasting and 2 hr post glucose. also get an Hba1c. get in touch with the reports.

Hello Doc! My kid is 10 months old boy. He urinates frequently 15 to 20 times a day. Though it is winter i feels little odd. His left last rib bone is bulgy. I can feel it if. But he feels no pain or discomfort. He is active, healthy and normal wait
please keep a watch on the babys urine output. if it is combined with excess wt loss or abnormal wt gain, excess irritability or features of dehydration get in touch with your child specialist

5 year boy, had cold,he has pain in his left ear. He has had advised a course of Moxclav D.S., Otogesic ear drops, combiflam syrup. There are some cases of dengue in our apartments. His palms and head are bit hot. Is the course of action correct
seems ok. get a cbc including platelet count done if your worried. you may do a dengue antigen blood test. its easily available now

sir i have the child. he is having the problem as at the time of birth, he did not weep. Please adive he same as his growth is very slow .d
you need to see a developmental pediatrician. he needs a formal developmental assessment

Dr. My daughter is 15 months old she is an under wieght baby she is now weighing 8.5 Kgs. She hardly eats, she takes 5-6 spoons of food when we feed her. How to setup the weight?
home based feeding. please fortify the foods with ghee, butter, sugar. try monocomponent meals initially then mixed foods.

My baby has small white spots on her face. she is five months old. what can be the reason
P.alba atopy marker. usually no cause for worry . see ur child specialist

My son is 15 days old his tsh is 12.53 t3 is 3.70 and t4 is 1.77 . My question is is it normal?
please mention the units of t4. tsh needs to be repeated and seen because the rise may be transient. you could get in touch

After 6 months for baby which milk is best cow or Buffalo, as my wife is working women she will be joining office by end of 5th month. She will breast feed the baby twice in day it is sure but added to that which milk is best. Please suggest.
diluted buffalo or cows milk, either can be used. dont dilute the cows milk. buffalo milk may be diluted 3.5 milk and 1.5 water. but boil and use. add sugar in either case.

what should be given to my 2.6 yrs old daughter for under weight symptom?
regular home cooked food. fortify the foods with ghee, butter, sugar. safe supplements can be used. rule out any systemic disease existing.

Doc, my baby is 3 yrs old, since last 20-25 days she is complaining of stomach pain. The doctor here at first treated her for worms bt the pain persisted and now he is saying there is cough in the stomach. Please advise.
get an ultrasound abdomen done along with a urine and stool examination. a simple bolld count may be additive. see your doc with these reports

We have a 11 year old child diagonised with autism.
needs specialised deveopmental pediatricians guidance. seek it early as children with autism may be made functionally independent

my son is 16, a vein in his right temple looks swollen all the time. he throws tantrums and after the argument, he has pain in the temple and the vein beats faster. pl advice

consult your child specialist and take an opinion. on a priority basis. if he gets anxious, nervous, palpitations get a thyroid function done

I would like to now more about food that give to 8 month old infants & the care we need to take.My son who is 8 months old is slightly underweight (6 1/2KG) & he breaths very fast. I need more information. Thank you
single component foods, cereal raabs, kanji, soups, mashed and boiled vegetables , khicdi should be first line. slowly but steadily build up the amount. see your doctor and ask for complimentary feeding advise

My daughter, 2 and half year old , consumes nandini milk daily apprx.600 to 750ml. is it harm to any health problem in feuture. Please let me know am in confusion to give that much or not
start to reduce the milk amount to say 350-400 ml per day and increase her complementary food intake

My daughter was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. She was admitted and given IVGV. Her echo tests both pre and post discharge has been normal. Long term is there any risk to the heart
the ivig may save her from getting any long term problems. hopefully the risk is low as she was treated. jus get a 2d echo once in a year or two.

pl let me know that how can i increase the immunity of my 1.4 yrs girl by daily routine things? Also i would like to ask that how can i set the routine of my daughter. She sleeps late at 1:00 a.m and use to wake up 2-3 times in between.
fresh fruit servings, milk and if she takes an egg a day would do good. dont allow her too much sleep during the day. vitamin supplemetation if needed

I have a son who is 4 1/2. wt 13kg, not v tall. doesnt eat anything, if we forcibly feed, he vomits. this behaviour is from his childhood. has frequent cough cold s advice
please see your child specialist . plot his ht and wt on a growth chart and get cough variant asthma ruled out

I have daughter 3 yrs old, & she is very bad in eating food, & we deeply worry abt her health as she makes us crazy for eating. sometimes for 2 days she does not eat any good amt of food, how to overcome her food habits? plz advice
please see your child specialist to get any systemic disease ruled out. if theres no illness behavioural modification would do the trick

Why there is no awareness about Autism in India? 2.What is the most effective treatment for kids with autism? 3.Can u recommend any special diet for kids with autism?
there is awareness but unfortunately only in the medical fraternity. you could be a member of various autism support group websites where in there is communication between families of the affected. behavioural and cognitive therapy has a major role. A pediatric neurologist would be the best person to guide u

I’ve a 5 months old baby girl who was born on 20th June’11. She’s a ceaserian baby. The problem with her is that she’ll sleep the day out but doesn’t sleep in the night. Sometimes she would sleep in 4 or 5 in the morning which makes things very stressful
its ok. the sleep cycle is such in early infancy. young infants usually sleep 14-16 hours a day. she will get out of this habit and adjust to your family timings soon. keep her active and playful during the day. rule out medical illness and simple problems like nose block. insect bite, extreme temperature or hunger which may not be allowing her to sleep at night

My son is 2 and half years old – he doesnt speak till now, but he understand everything – he know wats wrong and rite. But he attempts only 2 or 3 words quite often. We are worried about his delay speech.
is his hearing ok. get it tested. ask your child specialist about how his other developmental milestones have been. get his sensory inputs tested. provide environmental stimulation

what is the best soap and cream to use for 7yrs old child (daughter)
try using pH neutral soaps especially if skin is sensitive.

is pediasure is good to increase height and weight? i’m giving one glass in a day
its jus a supplement wont do any magic.

my daughter is 7 yrs old. she wont have her breakfast in morning but she is active. is she normal or not? other than coffee if i give any breakfast she is vomiting. i want to know whether she is a normal child or not.
seems a little food fadist. if shes growing normally may be ok.keep a watch on her ht and wt

my son 6yrs 3months wgt 16kg got cold and caugh very easily and inspite of proper treatment it take a very long time to cure it and often it come back in 15-30 days suggest
please see your child specialist and get cough variant asthma or asthma like allergic tendencies ruled out

Hi, I have a 4month old boy baby. When onwards we should start other food as he is completly on monthers feed now? Any standard safe medicne for cold as he is having cold / flum and having difficulties in breathing during early mornings.
use simple normal saline nasal drops. may use combinations of paracetamol and chlorpheniramine maleate on prescription. keep on breast milk till 6 months

My younger son’s height is not growing. What to do to grow him up?
he needs to be seen by a pediatric endocrinologist for ht and wt plotting. causes of poor growth may range from systemic disease to endocrinal to genetic and just constitutional. treatment is cause specific

My children does not take anything in meals until force them to do that. That’s why they are neither growing nor their weight increases. pl. suggest what to do?
get a specialist examination done and rule out a systemic disease before we draw conclusions that the child is behaving fussy. he may be needing medical help

My son 4 months old. We are only breast feeding him. Should we also give water? Which is the first food to start after six months?
keep him only on breast milk for the next 2 months. No need for water. after 6 complete months start mono component cereals like rice kanji, thin pastes of other ground cereals. next step would be to introduce pulses. always add a little flavour to these simple preparations like salt, sugar

My son 4 months old having watery eyes for the last one week. Is it normal or do we need to consult doctor?
if it is associated with discharge which is mucopurulent or stickiness, red or itchy eyes see your doctor immediately. ask an ophthalmologist if any anatomical or duct abnormalities exist. hope your child is not carrying any allergies

We give Nutrilite suplements for our 8 year old son. Will these really provide any additional immunity?
its a supplement. Dont expect it to do any magic. good nutritious diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle may obviate its need

Hi, my son hates fruits and very oftenlly he fall sick due to digestive problems, can you please suggest…
please get his stool examination for routine, microscopy and reducing substances done. De- worming and anti parasidal therapy may help. if it doesnt work see your child specialist

My daughter is going to be 5 yrs old and we just moved back to India 6 months back and since then she gets cold and cough every month. She does not take anything cold at all. Please help me regarding this.
rule out allergic tendencies, keep her environment as dust free as possible. ask your child specialist to rule out cough variant asthma in your child.

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