Avoid allergens to prevent asthma: Dr. Asha Ajgaonkar

Consulting Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Dr. Asha Ajgaonkar graduated from Seth G.S. Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

She completed her post graduation from Wadia Children’s Hospital, Mumbai and has been practising as a pediatrician and neonatologist for the last 33 years.

Dr. Asha practises at her private clinic Jaya Child Care Clinic and specialises in the treatment of asthma in children.

The expert took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on child health. Read the chat transcript here.

Dr. My son is 1yr 4 mnths old. I hv two problems. One, his weight is 7.5kgs. But active. Second, making him to eat is herculean task. Pl clarify, whether his weight is OK & how to increase his weight & is it normal at this age child resist to eat
If he was a normal full time baby weighing around 2.5-3kgs at birth, his weight should have been around 9 and a half kg by one year.. Stop using the bottle feeding. Reduce the intake of milk so that he starts eating. He should take only 2-3 milk feeds in a day.

my son has great liking for eating sweets after dinner. what can i do to stop this.
There is no harm in this process unless your child is obese or any other health complication. Slowly try to cut down on the intake.

is it safe to give vaccines from govt hospitals. in private tey are expensive
It is safe because everywhere now the disposable syringesand needles are used, but all newer vaccines are not available in Govt Hospitals.

doctor, my son, age 17, has nasal septum deviation and polyps. he is also asthmatic, under control, combitide 250. is it safe to operate the deviation? he was on montel lc for last 6 months..is fine now
According to your information the child’s asthma seems under control, so there is no harm in going for a surgery. Surgery will help him in the future management of asthma.

I have blessed with baby boy on 26 may 2012.after birth of the child ,doctor told us that child is suffering from hypospedia problem. plaese tell about the cure of this problem and suggest any doctor in lucknow sothat we we can take help .
This is a Pediatric surgeon problem, so please try to find out an expert Pediatric Surgeon in Lucknow.

My Daughter 16 Month old now underweight current Wt. 8,2 Kg. give me suggestion.
I need to know the birth weight also.. and whether she suffered any illness in between, about her current diet, she basically needs an investigation if everything else is normal.

daughter is 18Months & till date with out mother feed she is not sleeping
What about her routine diet? If the diet is normal, then you need to find out the reason for her not sleeping. Please see an expert Pediatrician.

daughter is 5.3 yrs old, wt is 14.3 kg, left bottle 2 months ago. nw she dsnt wants to drink milk, fussy eater. dsnt like vegetable, eats small quantity of rice wid dal or plain rice. frequent cough. pl suggest ways to eat healthy
Give her soups or add vegetables in paratha or rice and give her. Offer her milk in some attrative containers and add some additives in milk. Treat her cough.

daughter 7yrs, asthma since she was 1yr. whn she eats cold or exposed to dust starts with running nose, cough,breathing prob. give antibiotics, puff. recurs after two to three months. Pl suggest permanant cure
There is no permanent cure to asthma. According to your information the child is under poor control of Asthama. Visit an expert and step up your medications. Try to see whether the devices that are used are normal and try to avoid the allergance of cold food and dust.

16 Mth daughter underweight fluctuates btw 8.5 to 9.5, loses weight if she gets a cold, very poor eater, doesnt eat much, like ghee rice, milk, , chips, pedtrician says she is active, need not worry… can u pl offer some suggestions
If the doctor has examined her and mentioned so then you need not worry. The hemoglobin and the other investigations should be normal.

If a child does not have uniform shape of head, will it affect the child’s capabilities in any form in adult age?
It depends from child to child. Could be associated to certain syndromes.

My son has bad dry cough ..he is 20 months now we are in UK he coughs only when he wokes up at night he is really stuggling to sleep after that
Nocturnal cough is a symptom of Childhood Asthma. It is better to consult an expert pediatrician soon as the diagnosis needs to be determined.

daughter, 6 years old, coughs heavily during Rainy Season, even after doctors prescription on advent ( cipla) nothing difference it makes.
Advent is an antibiotic. Please try to find out the reason of the cough. She needs thorough investigation. Could be asthma or any viral respiratory infection.

Daughter is 3.9 yrs old. Keeps falling sideways while in a sitting position. Problem right from the time she started sitting. Some Dr.’s have suggestd – she has EPILEPSY while others say that she will just grow it out. Please give us your opinion on this
Could be Epilepsy.There are various other conditions that need to be ruled out after seeing the baby. I need to know her mental status as well. Please consult an expert Neurological Pediatrician.

My child is 13 months old (weight 10.6 kgs) and refuses to eat anything. He prefers to have mother’s milk, butter milk, curd and butter. He is more than happy if he is not fed for whole day. What is solution ?
Mother’s milk should be stopped by this age. Try to cut down on the butter intake as well. Instead of breast milk introduce the adult diet slowly. Buttermilk, curd could however be continued.

My daughter is 4 yrs old. She suffers from mouth ulcer off and on .Doctor says she should avoid outside food…but it does not seems feasible May i know what is the reason behind this MOUTH ULCER problem?
Mouth ulcer is due to B Complex deficiency. Try to check her diet. Give her food rich in B Complex like vegetables, fruits and cereals.

what is the right age to toilet train a baby
About 2yrs.

my daughter’s constantly chewing at her cuticles. how do i stop her?
Best way is to keep your child busy and indulged in some activity. When she grows this habit will slowly go off. Do not keep on telling her not to do it, as she will indulge in it more.

how many times shd we give polio vaccine?
Oral polio vaccines are given at birth and the 3 doses orally IN THE FIRST 3-4 MONTHS OF LIFE. There are booster doses at one and a half yrs and 5 yrs. There are certain pulse polio days by the Govt. On such days polio vaccines should be given to eradicate the Polio from our country. Now days Injectible Polio vaccines have also been introduced.

can we give turmeric powder with milk at night to stop cough
Yes, but that is not the only remedy if the cough is recurrent, we need to know the cause also.

His hemoglobin is low i have tried a lot to improve it but unable to. Given him all the tonics suggeted by doctor but of no use. Till now there is no improvement. Please suggest some home remedies if any.
What is the exact cause of his low Hemoglobin? Which specific disease he is suffering needs to ascertained. If it is only Iron Deficiency anemia you can give him iron rich foods like fruits and vegetables. Deworm the child.

my wife is 25 yrs & 18 weeks pregnant. she had severe chicken pox two weeks’ back. Have no previous history of pox and even she is not immunised. Today’s (II Obst.USG) Anomalies Scan shows all are ok.What could be its effect on Foetus?
It is not good to have any kind of infection in the first and the last Trimester of Pregnancy bu since you mentioned that her USG is normal you can follow her up.

pl doctor, tell us some precautions pregnant women shd take so that the child doesnt get asthma
There are no precautions as such. If the mother is Asthmatic or has any other form allergy then there are increased chances of the baby getting Asthma.

why do a number of children get wheezing these days?
Now days there are a lot pollutants in the air in the form of dust.

my son has flat feet. please suggest simple tips to avoid pain
Please see an expert Orthopedic surgeon.

Respected Mam, My daughter is 2 years old. She is about 10kg. She is not taking food properly.kindly give me some tips to make her eat well and improve her weight. Thanks S.Ranjeeth Kumar
Other than food does she eat other stuff like chocolates, etc. Don’t offer her any outside food at meal time or even 2 hrs before the meal time. Try to change the recipe a little bit. Try to offer food in some attractive manner. Try some new recipies.

do mosquito repellants cause asthma
Yes mosquito coils and other repellents which contain certain chemicals are harmful.

for how long is the tetanus inj valid. we gave once last marh nw my kid has fallen dwn again, so shd i give inj again?
No, if your child has completed the Primary vaccination, he doesn’t need the same for 5yrs. If he has completed taking the booster doses of DPT Vaccines then he might not take the same for 10yrs also. But in case of deep gaping wounds you need to take tetanus vaccine.

my 17 yr old son is having pain in calf muscle and legs almost everyday. is it just growing pains? he plays football twice a week.
Check his hydration. Give him plenty of water and salt solution after his football practice as this could be the dehydration cramps.

are inhalers safe to use for toddlers?
Yes. Very safe.

hi doctor. my son is having stomach pain at times so we dewormed him. nw he is better. how to prevent worms ?
Keep hygienic conditions at home. Drink only boiled water which is boiled atleast for 10 mins. Don’t eat out. Wash your hands and nails thoroughly before cooking food.

Dear Madam, Meri 8 years ki beti ko do sal se thik ghutno ke pas pain haii, leg pura fold nahi kar sakti, 4 arthopedic dr. ko bhi kikhaya, sab ne x re nikale, report normal hai, sirf pain killer ibuplus dete hai, aur masal problm bolte hai.
Main bachchi ko dekhe bina comment nahi kar sakti.

how to get rid of dry flaky skin in my son age 12 yrs
I need to know his underlying condition. See a dermatologist please.

how to clean my kid’s ear? she is just 2 years but has some wax
Put some ear drops to loosen the wax first and keep on putting it for a week so that the wax is completely lose and could be removed easily with an ear bud. Caution: Don’t insert ear bud deep inside the ear.

how much shd weight increase by the time a baby is 1 year old?
Triple the birth weight..normally nine and a half kg.