Causes of cough and cold: Dr. Santosh Kondekar

Dr. Santosh Kondekar is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Topiwala National Medical College, Department of Pediatrics and B. Y. L. Nair Charitable Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr. Santosh currently practises at his clinic, Dharap in Mumbai.

He is an expert in online counselling and in providing second opinion consultations regarding doubts about child health and treatment including immunisation and other acute and chronic diseases and disorders like common cold, asthma, cough, epilepsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, fever, slow milestones and T.B.

Dr. Santosh took time off from his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on child health. Read the chat transcript here.

what are the natural remedies for cold
cold per say means ice.. some people call noisy breathing as cold. some people call runny nose as cold. considering runny nose as cold; the treatment will differ on whether it is allergic or due to infection. Allergic cold is often with sneezing and night symptoms and without fever and may need nasal sprays to have good control. infection colds like flu may require a group of medicines and rest. Most important point is never blow cold in… blow it out..

hi doctor, my son is having leg pain all the time, he is 12 yrs advice
often children complain of growing pains when it pains around knee, especially in evening. If it is in calves, its likely to be due to exertion or reduced water intake etc. Infections like malaria, diarrhea may be associated with calf pains… also calcium deficiency too can cause calf pains. serious persistent calf pains may be due to blood vessel blocks or thrombosis.

how many polio vaccines should be given to the child?
All the recommended in schedule and many extra as per the sunday pulse polio program; only till 5 year age. according to new national immunisation schedule there may be 6 routine oral polio vaccinations starting from birth. Indian academy of pediatrics have modified it to 3 with injectable polio as addition.

Good Morning Doctor, My son is 8-1/2 year old, he eat every thing like fruits, vegetables etc, but his weight is only 20 kgs he has not personality like a healthy child, becuase is very very slim , please advise what can i do for his best physic
weight is not so bad.. but he needs at least 3 meals in a day at this age.if the diet is normal.. then his increased exertion or activity may demand more food or fruits. starting with protein supplements may help. if you feel he looks very sick or thin .. he needs evaluations for chronic infections like TB, malabsorption or issues like hyperthyroidism, diabetes etc.. though very rare.

My son is 3+ years and he still drinks milk from the bottle. This is something that he demands primarily before going to sleep-in noon and at night. We are unable to get rid of this habit.Please advise.
to wean from bottle is must to avoid teeth getting spoiled.. make the hole of bottle nipple a little bigger and fill only small amount water or milk inside.. he will leave it sooner if you stick to this.

my daughter was 3.2 during birth and now she is 9 month old and her weight is 8.5Kg. Please suggest me diet for gaining weight
weight is good for 9 months. you need to give near complete semisolid mashed homogenous feeds at this age. easy ones are idli, upma, sheera, daal rice.

hello doctor. My daughter is 9 month 19 days old. My daughter is not gaining weight she is 8.5 Kg now and her birth weight was 3.2. Please suggest me some diet that can i introduce to her so that she gain weight
weight is good for 9 months. you need to give near complete semisolid mashed homogenous feeds at this age. easy ones are idli, upma, sheera, daal rice.

My son is 2 – 1/2 yr old. We are not able to get rid of his thumb sucking habit. Please advise.
thumb sucking can be harmful as it may cause skin damage, depression and may make personality introvert. Few basic measures: not to shout or scold, explain the child repeatedly through a short fixed story of a thumb suc boy which you may make it easily. keep the child busy with activities satisfying his curiosity. thumb suc only before sleep may be normal for this age.

my children are very sensitivities. They are not taking food in proper way.what to do.
how old are they? what food they take? what do you mean by sensitive? what are their weights? you need a detailed evaluation based on history.

My Nephew 5 Yrs old is continuously having Cough, Cold & High Fever. He has been treated at esteem hospitals like Appolo & many noted doctors. Still the problem persist. Kindly suggest something.
continuously i would take even today..,. i hope fever is not lasting this long… if it is lasting longer .. then we may be dealing with serious infections… like say TB or serious pneumonias. If fever is only intermittent there may be some underlying disease like say asthma .

baby is 5.5 month old healthy and much active but she didnt sleep well local pediatrician advised “PEDICORYL” but is not effective. baby uncomfortable and cry for long before she gets sleep.she hardly sleep 8-10 in 24 hourse. sir pls advice
babies below 3 months age sleep a lot.. and as sleep reduces parents feel that baby is not sleeping at all. pedicloryl should not be used as daily sleep fact no such medicine is needed if collectively child sleeps for 6 hours in 24 hours, have a prolonged breast feeding (fat rich) when you want the kid to sleep for long. if child is elder you may make dinner little rich in fat.

Dr. My Son who is 1 year 6 months is under weight. He weighs only 8.3Kgs but active. He hardly eats food. Is this weight is normal, how to increase his weight & improve his eating habits. Thank you
weight is little less for the age of child.. weight of child may be low if birth weight was low too or if the child is not weaned from milk or if had been on faulty feeding practices like not giving exclusive breast milk for first six month. we need to sit and review detailed diet and growth records to plan a growth charts. protein supplements may help. children having repeated throat issues or long standing infections may have reduced intake.

how can ADHD be identified in adolescents?
best way will be to look for their excessive activity, inability to sit at one place.. restlessness and not answering to questions at first call.. often such children may be found getting lost in class instead of having eye contact with teachers.

what is the first aid for epilepsy for a kid 10 yrs old
turn the head to one side… wipe the froth or vomit from mouth.. leave some air for breathing. discuss with your doctor regarding emergency measures like midazolam nasal spray or diazepam rectal suppositories.

my daughter is 5, she has knee pain since 2 wks, did not fall. should we take xray
if she can walk and run, xray may not required.

wht are the types of behavior problems to prepare for in teenagers?
aggressive, depressive, introvert, antisocial and social .. all depend on personality and level of maturity

how many times normal for baby 2 wks old to urinate
can be upto 20 times or so.

my son is 3 year old, but doesn’t like to have food.But he is active.How to increase his desire towards food
if he has good weight, i would advice you to rule out constipation, if he is low in weight, you need to get disease screening done with a pediatrician, if all above is normal; we need to discuss in details about past diet and select foods if he doesnt like. children at this age are more curious and inquisitive so they will need variety and interesting food..

what are the milestones we need to look out for to identify ADHD in early childhood
it is not depending on milestones but a careful screening including say 20-30 behavioral issues. there are various online screening tools available for free. its an easy to label diagnosis,… every person may have some issues… sometimes.. that should not make him ADHD. issues should be considered only when it is disturbing.

my son has cough every night. gave him corex doesnt work, pl help
since how many days… ? often night coughs are related to asthma or heart disease. he may need evaluation and therapy on similar lines. Often bronchodilator syrups and inhalations help. maintain record on breathing diary that may be found on net.

how can we identify if fever is dengue
a test called NS1 antigen test can detect dengue related fever in first few days of fever. Without test only serious dengue can be suspected if there is swelling of body, lethargy and evidence of bleeding.

Dr. Baby Boy is 35 days old and he has TSH at birth is 10.24 is it normal? Pl.advise
Not exactly normal, but he will need a repeat test after 1-2 months to come to a diagnosis.

pl tell me how to prevent frequent cold in my kid 5 yrs old in rainy cold weather
if he is allergic to weather changes.. antihistaminic medicines (newer ones)may help him get cured for the time being. he should take protection if he wants to get wet. if he gets serious cold and wheezing, he should not get wet in rains. infections in rainy season may look like cold too and infections like flu can be prevented by vaccines.

My 9 years old son d’not take meal interestingly. Height is increasing but body not built up. He look like ill & felt sick from his face & behaviour. What is problem with him? Which test to be done and which remedies available for his treatment ???
i would like to know his weight and diet before further comments.

my child is 50 days old, he has problem of motion from day one, he regularly pass 5-7 heavy motion and 5-7 very less with some gas and volume; when ever he pass motion he does not feel comfortable and start to weep.
the symptoms may be considered normal for age if the child gaining good weight, stools dont smell or if are not sticky and if stool routine test is normal.

what is proper method to deworm 06 years old child?
doctors usually prescribe tablet albendazole… as single dose therapy. But it should be decided from the type of worm you want to get rid off.

my 17yr old son complains of head ache at right temple most of the time. he has a pounding vein which is visible when he complains of headache. usually when he is stressed, or has an argument. is this serious
vein visible is not abnormal. headache that doesnt settle in short time may need a check on BP and also may need MRI and EEG tests.

My question is about my youngest son who is 15 years old.He has complained about dizziness while get up from siting .He has always his nose block and breath through mouth he has sound on his leg knee while climbing the steps . . advise
multiple problems.,. needs a xray sinuses and xray lateral neck. get examined for allergic rhinitis. leg problem if doesnt interfer in running may not need attention. if it restricts activities MRI of knee or leg may be needed.

Hi Dr, My 3 year old daughter is a ver fussy eater..she just wont eat any non-veg also…her weight is 13.7..
weight is good for a 3 year old. rule out throat tonsil issues or constipation.

Hello Doctor, We have 7 months old baby. What precautionary methods do we take this coming winter for our baby. She is 6.5 kg weight. Is that is fine ?
current weight is not bad for 6 month old infant. precautions in winter are mainly regarding risk of hypothermia. so do not keep child open. cover hands and feet. if available maintain Ac temperature to 28. Do not expose child to cold stress, especially during travel. Ensure adequate and timely feeding.

My son is 3-1/2 years just normal weight. Often cold cough. How to improve his resistance.
cough cold is not always due to reduced resistance. it may be due to allergy or infections. his cough cold needs to be charted on frequency and duration like a diary to decide further,

my son is 17, still complains of leg pain. has flat foot. is it still growing pain
its not likely to be growing pain but may have association with flat foot.. causing imbalance of centre of gravity causing flat foot.

pl doctor tell me how to make my kid eat. he is 12 and very fussy. what can i do
i need to know the weight of the child, status of constipation,. current dietary habits and child’s favorite diet items. All needs to be discussed collectively.

my child is 20Months old & not sleeps in night. even in morning. In a day hardly sleeps 6-8 hrs
does he eat well in night, does he have night terrors? does he have constipation? did u speak to child when child gets up at night.. what does he tell? all these issues need to be discussed to decide therapy.

hello doc. My son is 3 years young, very active but very lean too. his weight is 11 kg and height bit below average.He had typhoid when he was 1.8 years. after that i feel his growth is not good. i gave him multivitamins but no result.. advice me
you may start him on protein supplements for fast gain. that may help. if doesnt, then child may need to be examined for its causes.

Hi. Doctor, My son 6 yr old, is very hyperactive and concentration less in studys . can you please guide me this to conrol this. …..ganesh mayachar
he needs an assessment by a child psychiatrist, pediatrician and occupational therapist. you may visit to me at nair hospital mumbai central to coordinate the same at OPD no 9,

sir my kid is 8 months old and crying most of the time pl. suggest some medicine for him
often crying children at this age may have constipation or nose block or iron deficiency. he needs to be examined for same.

hi…my 2 year & 2 months daughter had cough & cold…During cold & cough she had blisters in her throat…what treatment should i give her
every cough cold can not be given same treatment.. every time one needs to see exactly where are blisters and how they are. blisters around lips suggest viral fever, blisters on throat may suggest bacterial infection.

My daughter is 8 years old. She had cough, running nose for least 5 times a year. am told it could be because of adenoid infection and should be operated. Does that go off as she is crossing 8 ?
get a lateral neck xray if it shows adenoids.. this may be due to adenoids.. often it goes by 8 year age.. but at times surgery may be needed. if adenoid are only mildly enlarged, asthma or allergy rhinitis may need to be ruled out.

What is the reason for reactive lymph nodes.
commonly it can be any bacterial infection in the area drained by the nodes.

my sis is epileptic. I got a seizure at age od 27. Is there any chance my daughter will have epilepsy.. she is 9 and perfectly f9 now
Seizure can start in anybody at any time as the reasons may be different and even infections like TB may cause seizures. Only a few types of seizures run in families.. which cannot be predicted from given details.