Brisk cardio is best for lower body weight loss: Pooja Makhija

Pooja Makhija, the diet expert who was the official counsellor at Sushmita Sen`s beauty pageant, I Am She 2010, provides solutions for metabolic disorders like diabetes, thyroid, hypertension and heart disease.

Pooja, who runs a successful practice at Clay Wellness, teaches her clients how to eat right, keep fit and maintain high energy levels, enabling them to deal with the rigours of life.

The diet expert answers Sify readers’ queries on nutrition, weight loss and other related issues in an exclusive online chat. Read the chat transcript here.

I am much worried about my weight. I am a Vegetarian 42 years old, height 5 feet 5 Inches and weight 97 Kgs. I take oats in the morning, lunch and heavy meals at dinner. Kindly suggest me a good diet plan to reduce my weight.
make breakfast your heaviest meal, lunch light and dinner lightest. cause your activity patterns are most in the day and reduces as the day progresses.

hi am 60 years female 160 cm wt 98kg diabetic under control pl help to shed some wt thanks
eat 8 small meals. no sugar or fried. walk one hour daily. watch salt intake to minimum.

hi mam m 23 years old height is 5 3 and i hve gqined a lot of weigth frm past 1 year i did gym bt in 15 days not ven 1 kg got reduced please tell me a healthy diet as internally m nt that srong with which i can reduce along with gymming
if u dont eat according to the calories u need, no gym can help in weight loss. so calculate your metabolic rate (many online sites do that) and then plan intake according to that.

can u tel me how i lose my weight. I am a diebetic patient. 27 yrs
have your bmr calculated by a nutritionist and eat according to that. avoid sugar in all food preparation as much as possible.

Doctors just confirmed that I have PCOS. Also, I have family history of Diabetes, please let me know a good diet plan and also which fruits are good for diabetes? Is there any particular diet to be followed for PCOS ?
pcos and diabetes both are diseases due to insulin resistance. thus high sugar foods must be watched. these include all sweet preparations like cakes icecreams, mithai, gulab jumans etc

I am 36 year old, 72 Kg, housemaker and a vegetarian with middle frame. Kindly tell how can i reduce weight? What should be ideal diet? Charu
answered earlier

I am 44 years old, having BP and on medicine for 5 years, having sedentary life style and is a vegetarian. I normally avoid sweet and regular drinker (wanna leave). Weight is 73 Kg. What change I should ge in my diet pattern….
u must include some physical activity daily. simple walks can also do the trick. u must cut alcohol intake to reduce extra (empty)calorie intake.

I am 6ft 2inches, my body weight is 106kgs, i want to reduce my belly fat (its the only concern), i dont find time to work out at the gym, so please could you suggest any alternate weight loss method. I want to reduce atleast 10kgs.
u have to increase the output vs the food input if u want to lose weight. so u have you do some type of cardio to achieve this. so please find what attracts you and enjoy that to lose the 10kg

I go to gym 6 days a week, 2 hours a day. Wt 81 KG, ht 6 feet 2 in. age 41. want to reduce waist, 31 inches nw. want 6 pack. eat 8 meals/day, around 250g protein, 200g carbs along with vit and fruits. body fat 12% ,I like to get 8-9% max.
you are doing good job. keep at it. u will get there. good luck!

Im 30 yrs, wt 68Kgs, ht 5ft 4 In. whats the ideal weighy. Will I have problems conceiving due to my weight. how to reduce weight.Im south Indian, eat rice,do we reduce consumption of rice.

ibw is around 55kgs. no u don’t have to cut rice out. just limit amount eaten at one time. and steam the rice by throwing the extra starch out.

I would like to reduce 18 kilos before end of February. I jog for 3 mins * 3 times for 5 days a week, 5 mins of walk * 3 times for 5 days a week. I am a veggie, eat moderately. I am 35 years old. Do i have to add any extra exercise to reach my target.

increase jog to 30minutes and walk to 60minutes if u want to achieve ur goals darling

how should i reduce belly fat i am doing trendmill for 20 mins @ 7.00 p.m is it o.k ,my age is 32 my waist is 36 inchs my wwight is 79 kgs and hight is 175 cm

increase the treadmill to 60mins daily

Any good tips for w8 reducing? Escpecially in hip
walks and correct eating. brisk cardio for lower body weight loss is best.

I am 46 years and my weight is 66 Kgs and 5 ft. Would like to reduce my weight to 60 Kgs in the next 3 months. Kindly suggest a proper diet plan.
eat 8 small meals. no sugar or fried. walk one hour daily. avoid fruit juices.

hi pooja, how do u manage to look so good
by eating right!!!!!

Hi Pooja, I am 49 yrs old and weight is 82 kgs, height 6 ft I have a strict physical regime including 25 mints. walk and 30 mins gymn every morning and 40 mins squash every evening. want to reduce about four kilos to maintain my BMI.
you are doing very well with the exercise part. keep that up. now watch the food. eat often and eat right and u will achieve ur goal in a months time

I am 39 years old and weigh 56 kgs and I am suffering from Hypothyroidism. I would like to lose some weight as I do not feel active and energetic. Can you please suggest me the right diet plan.
please check your serum B12 levels and correct that with ur doctor’s advise for more energy levels

I have a sedentary lifestay and feel have gained weight. Please suggest diet pattern to reduce the weight.
please include some physical activity in ur daily routine, this is the best way to lose weight.

Im 37, wt 74.5kg, ht 5ft 11, look slim. unable to reduce my abs, punjabi, eat rotis. no smoke or drinks. need diet plan to have flat abs. I work out when ive time
eat smaller meals to cut the abdomen fat. watch sugar and oil per se. and focus on abdominal exercise to lose the inches there.

I’m 24yrs guy. My ht is 5’9 & wt 54kgs. I’m very slim. No matter how rich the food is in Fat, Proteins & Vitamins, but I hardly put on weight. Weight loss happens fast. Can you please suggest how can I gain weight. I have too much physical activities.
i must say u are LUCKY, more than 90% of the online readers will be envious of u. I’d suggest you reduce your output(physical activity) and eat more nutrient dense food each time you eat. the calorie consumption per gram food must be high.

Im 70 but keeping fit, still working. Wt 85kg want to be 68kg, ht 169cm. have high bp, on med, no other ailment. occassional walker, no time for routine outdoor activity, Pl suggest diet chart
that’s great news sir. i would suggest u visit a good nutritionist to help you know ur food intake correctly thus losing the weight and also preventing the hypertension all together

hi mam, I am 34 and very slim, can you suggest me some nutrious diet so that i can improve my looking. I am vegetarion
have3-4 fruits, veg juices and ample water in the day to enhance skin and hair.

Hello. I m 20yrs old,ht s169cms& wt 61 kg;a veg & cycle(stationery) daily for wt s not reducing beyond this point. kindly suggest how much shd i reduce to look slim & the tips for the same.thnk u.
cycling is an excellent exercise for weight loss. watch what u eat to enhance the results my dear. eat small, eat often. watch oil intake in the day.

Hi Puja ji, I am 36 years old , last 6 months My diabeties has increased to 10MMOL(arround 180-200 ). Though I do not eat sweets and do regular gyms this with my weight (100 kgs) is not going down. So please advice me. I need your advice very badly.
make sure you eat small meals often. if u eat only 2 meals in day, sugar levels will not be controlled in spite of avoiding sugars. walk one hour daily.

Should we completely eleminate sugar, oil, rice from our diet to lose weight? Would lack of sugar cause low metobolism?
u can completely eliminate sugar from ur diet for weight loss. but oil u must consume 1-2tsp daily else u can have serious health implications like dry skin etc. rice u never have to eliminate!!!!!!

hi, i’m 33yrs old and 67kgs is my weight , i’ve thyroid , i want to know whether ppl with thyroid can loose wieght or not.i seriously want to loose weight . plz suggest me some diet plan veg or non anything . thanks.
of course u can lose weight my dear. almost every 1 in 3 women today have thyroid. with a correct thyroxin medication and right eating quantities weight loss can be easily achieved

Hi Pooja, My mother suffers from arthritis…She has been advised to reduce her weight…..Kindly suggest a diet chart which my mother can follow
sadly i need more details to help your mom correctly. weight loss can only be achieved if u plan a diet with the persons health status correctly diagnosed. blood tests and body fat are important criteria to be considered.

i am 29 years old .. mine weight is around 85kg .. problem is that i when i start gym with full dedication i start reduce max to 5kg.. after that it got stable .. & then start gaining … even after regular gyming & dieting .
u must eat a healthy nutritious weight loss diet as well when u exercise, that’s the only way to get continued results.

hi, what are the foods that prevent dry skin?
water being the most important. fruits and vegetable juices being the next. increase chaas, coconut water, juices, jal jeera intake.

any specific diet for menopausal women?
eat adequate proteins, natural estrogen from soybeans, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. and drink adequate fluids daily

pl suggest what to eat at dinner if fasting is 100 pp is 140
these levels are not too bad, just control the sugar intake and eat small meals every 2 hours that’s the best way to lower sugar levels and keep them stable.

Hello, I am 27 years old male, I am trying to reduce my belly by exercise, could you suggest any fat burning foods?
no foods are “fat burning” sadly, this is just a myth. the only way to lower fat is to eat right, eat little and walk daily.

hi, what foods to avoid for alkaptonurea?
alkaptonuria is a hereditary genetic disorder. a diet low in protein and high in ascorbic acid (vit C) is recommended.

pl suggest breakfast diet for diabetics
all foods are allowed for diabetics. please remember that. just watch the amount of food u eat at one time. avoid sugar in tea, eat 50g of sweet fruits at one time (banana/cickoo/sitaphal/grapes)