Problems and their solutions lie within you: Dr. Sanjoy Mukerji

Dr. Sanjoy Mukerji is armed with a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling and a Doctorate in Philosophy.

His research is based on the interconnection between the mind, body and spirit. He utilizes this principle for the treatment and healing of mental, physical and relationship problems.

Dr. Sanjoy helps patients overcome stress and anxiety, recurring diseases and illnesses not responding to medicines, and relationship issues in married and professional life.

Dr. Sanjoy took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on stress management, health and wellness, work-life balance and interpersonal relationships in an exclusive chat. Read the chat transcript here.

Right after having a baby, I feel depressed all the time and am not able to concentrate on baby and home together. How should I cope up with?
This is something what is called postpartum depression. You need to take up some good physical exercise, make a list of gratitude and all the good qualities that you possess. Go through the list of your gratitude and your qualities on daily
basis for about a month.This will help you eventually to concentrate on most of the things of life.

I work in an academic institution. face prejudice from colleagues, am not native of the place. they r narrow-minded,ignorant about the world. they say mean, vicious things yet pretend to be civilized. Pl suggest.
Write down all that you want in the institution, such as people should be co-operative, they should respect me, they
should accept me, etc. Thereafter read whatever you have written in the morning when you wake up and in the night when you sleep without fail. Moreover stop thinking and discussing about the problems that you are facing and just focus on what you want.

how i concentrate my mind
You can meditate on any one word for eg: CONCENTRATION. Keep saying this word in your mind at least for 5 mins and see to it that you don’t divert much from it. There will be occasions when you will lose track of the word but come back to it at the earliest. This process will help you to develop your concentration.

how i improve my memory

Do a simple exercise, Close your eyes and count backwards from 100 to 01, then say in your mind ‘Day by day my memory is improving.’ Stop thinking and saying that my memory is becoming weak or it is bad.

Sir, i am 33 years old, but physically i am not satisfy with personality.
This is, to be very frank, a case of low self esteem. Here you need to work on your self esteem/worth by referring to
some book on how to develop self esteem or consulting an expert for the same. This is more due to your state of mind or perception of yourself which has come from your childhood. Another important thing that you can do is to focus on your good qualities by making a list of your attributes and reading it on daily basis.

i have type1 diabetes and ckd stage 3 i have sleep problems and iam always have stress and tension pl help
You need to see your medical doctor to get insulin or medication for the same thereafter you need to develop a very
positive attitude by focusing on health and relaxation more than thinking about the disorder…You can also start meditating and take regular walks for at least 30mins.

financial problem
You need to get rid of your negative beliefs about money. Furthermore you should develop wealth consciousness instead of focusing only on the financial problems.

i feel sleepy during sleep i snore & raise my hand during sleep some time sit on the bed & continue to sleep . if i don’t
sleep during day evening becomes dull,& don’t feel like doing any thing. how to cut sleeping hours what is basic problem with me.

It appears that you are in depression. Hence you should consult an expert. Right now at least you can start some
physical activity which will definitely help you to some extent.

i cant mix with the people easily. I dont like to meet people. I generally answer or shout to other after wards in my mind. do not know why i am so ?
It is purely due to lack of self love and confidence due to some childhood reasons. So you need to work on developing
your self love and confidence.

sir, i dnot know what my mood changes so randomly at one moment i am ok. other moment i m sad
Its only because of your thought process. Thoughts are responsible for the biochemical changes in your brain and body which gives rise to the mood swings.

i have a problem . my mind always busy in thinking some old happened incidents of life or if i can do this or that .i waste all the time in this process and at last got irritated.and i have feeling if i do this if this got wrong than what will

You need to let go of the past and be more decisive. Before making a decision you can think about the pros and cons,
but once you have decided then just think positive about your decision.

am living in joint family and my father is in habit of demotivating on initiative for development and always spending to show off and interfere in life to the extent of deciding my daily routine or having relation with friends. Pl advice

First of all I need to know your age. However what you can do is have frank talk with your father and let him know what
you do not like about his behavior towards you and see what happens. You also need to be strong and independent and ignore his negative behavior.

Dear Doctor My wife has depression problem for last 8 years. The 2 times it surfaced during this period. Now she is taking tablet Rise ss 2 mg – 2 nos. . She cannot forget past and blame me for the disease. Ps advise how to overcome this.
Please consult an expert psychologist for this problem as it needs psychotherapy besides medication. The medicine
cannot help her to forget her past or stop her from blaming you, right counselling will.

i am a student and face a problem of complex i am confused about the choose properous college
As you have rightly said you have a little bit of inferiority complex, which can be overcome by developing self love
and self respect. So work on these. Your problem is within you and even the solution is within you.

sir,i want to know about the migrain & stress
Migraine is caused, psychologically, due to over stress, too much of anger not being vented out properly and at times
due to work stress or work overload. You can say or think the following thought: ‘I relax into the flow of life and let life
provide all that I need easily and comfortably. Life is for me.’

How I improve my daughter’s health & colour. Her figure is very slim which is looks very bad. Her colour is also medium colour. How can I improve it Please suggest. Her body is not responding all medicine as well as all creams.waiting for your reply.
I do not know your daughter’s age. However, what she needs the most is your love. Hence stop bothering this way about
her. Only genuine love can help her to improve her health.

my hubby is not having regular job, lot of tension, misunderstanding. low self esteem. what can i do to help him
Make him feel important by giving him lot of love, respect, acceptance, appreciation and so forth. Things will improve.

i have a feeling that my neighbours show more respect to my husband. sometimes i feel very bad abt this. pl advice
You are suffering from low self esteem and there is big need for approval from others. Banish your need for approval
from others and learn to approve of yourself.

Sir i cant take any decisions on my own, i dont get courage to take any decision, and i just think if i do this then if next
something happened then wht to do, etc etc, plz help
Only people who take decisions make mistakes at times. People who do not take decisions do not make mistakes nor do

they reach anywhere. Hence be strong and take decisions. Be confident.

whats the right age to discipline a child
Very good question! 3yrs to the age of 8 yrs and maximum upto adolescence.

sir i am suffering from ocd from last 7 years now i m suferring from obsession in the one of my friend.many thoughts run in my mind. i always think about him.
OCD is curable with right therapy. You need to go to a good Counselor and talk it out and he might be able to help you.

Hi Sanjay This is Mohammed I have one problem when ever i i was in anger on some of question with some one means they are saying me I am a doubting mind , now tell me what should i do for reduce my anger
Have faith in God and develop love in your heart. As Love is God and God is Love!

It depends on various factors such as the condition of the liver, kidney, etc. The best suggestion is to consult your

I am age 72.eventhough walk regularly iam not getting sleep at night.Dr adcvised me to take on EPITRIL MD 0.5 MG .I am taking regularly for the last 3 years.I have no othe alternate.Pl advise.Jayaraman
This is Insomnia. You need to find out the root cause of your insomnia and get it uprooted. And for this you need to
consult a good psychotherapist.

My wife takes too long time in bathroom and repeatedl washes her hand and clothes and wastes too much water.she gets violent if there is no water in the tap. Is it a Psychological problem.
Yes it is and this is known as OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder). She needs an expert.

carrer improvement
Write down what do you want in your career in the coming one year and keep focusing on it by reading it daily. And the
universe will conspire to make it happen.

my 16 yr old son is very intelligent but wants the lazy way out of things. he thinks life will go on without hard work, doesnt study at all, loves to play. only if i force him he studies. how to change this.
Make him understand the importance of studies in a very loving way. Then in future remind him once and at the most
twice about studying and then allow him to do what he wants to do without giving any negative feelings or vibrations. He will realize over a period of time.

tips to prevent work stress
Plan your work, manage your time well, keep cool no matter what, but be assertive wherever required and improve your work and people skills.

my sister thinks she is a failure as she scores low marks. how to guide her
Carry conviction to her that the power to change her life and to be successful is within her. All she needs to do is to
think ‘Success’ instead of ‘Failure’.

is there any way to meditate while on the move/travelling to work?
Yeah there are many ways. One of the simple methods is to concentrate on and relax different parts of your body right
from the top of your head till the tips of your toes.

pl share ideas to maintain cool in stressful situations
If you are able to listen to some soothing music otherwise keep chanting in your mind the word ‘Peace’ for about 5 mins
or so and see the difference.

my mother suffers from IBS last 20 yrs. she refuses to eat certain foods and thinks she will fall ill. pl help
She needs to develop more faith in Almighty and trust the process of life and thus get rid of her fears. If she is able
to do this she will be much better.

i have a chronic backache. when i get stressed, it aggravates. though i realise this, i cant avoid it. any suggestions?
Release your guilt and fear of lack of money. Plus believe that you are loved. Practice these thoughts and see the
difference and you will be amazed!

how can we handle difficult subordinates with ease?
First of all you need to change your perception that the subordinates are difficult and non co-operative. Secondly deal
with them assertively but nicely.

when i get stressed at work, i show it on my kid. how can vent it otherwise?
By talking to your loved ones or still better to a counselor. You may also take up some physical exercise to vent out
excessive negative energy.

i have a very naughty son who hates studying. he doesnt like being told more than once. how do i correct him
Just tell him once and at the most twice and then allow him to do what he wants to do without giving any negative
vibrations or feelings. He will realize eventually.

im unable to move freely with people who are gregarious. and my husb is one of them. so life is very difficult. pl give some ideas for me to change
You are also suffering from low self esteem and there is big need for approval from others. Banish your need for
approval from others and learn to approve of yourself.

Dear Doctor, I have been interested in hypnotherapy as a way to treat patients suffering from mental and psychological problems. Do you see this as a reliable therapy form?
It is quite reliable, however you need to be a good psychologist/psychotherapist to get good success with hypnotherapy.

my son is 17. he is very adamant and refuses to listen when told politely to do things correctly, fusses about food, doesnt study at very worried about him, when his teachers or doc tell him to be good, he nods his head but goes back to same ways
He needs to be taken to an expert counselor for analysis and to bring about a change.

Hello Mr Mukherji, I am 22 years old boy trying to quit my smoking habits, been smoking for last 6-7 years with 20+ igs/day. Even though i tried to quit with medications like nicorite and such i couldn’t maybe my will power
Say in your mind ‘I am willing to release the need for ciggarates’ for about 15 days and then start saying ‘I am a
non-smoker’ for minimum a month. Say these sentences as often as possible. This will surely help.

my wife thinks she is smarter than me and keeps giving suggestions which is very bugging. how do i stop her or tell her it is irritating. we end up fighting all the time
Be strong and confident and tell her what you always wanted to tell her but in a very loving way. We teach our partners
how to treat us.

im interested in psychology. doing ug in literature now. what shd i study?
It depends on your interest. You can opt for child psychology or health psychology to name a few.

sir, pl tell me any good tips for anxiety. my wife is worrying for little things and her health going down now
Ask her to do some form of meditation and develop faith in some power which is much more than us. Train her to be a
positive thinker.

i keep worrying about my teen son who is playful and carefree. i know its the age, but expect some sense of responsibility in studies at least. how to overcome this problem
Make him understand the importance of studies in a very nice way. In future just remind him once and at the most twice about studying and then allow him to do what he wants to do. He will realize in due course of time.

what are the ways to prevent mood swings during PMS

a) Remove this belief from your mind. b) Try to be more cheerful during that time. c) Stop anticipating mood swings
during PMS.

sir, i dont like my boss. he is very rude and doesnt support me in any probs. pl tell how to behave or shd i quit
If you don’t like something you can change it. But if you can’t change it then accept it. And to accept it, you need to
change your perception about it.