‘Go back to grandma’s recipes to lose weight’

Yogacharya Shelly Khera is dedicated to the perfection of yoga and is committed to share its benefits with the society. A trained dietician and slimming expert, Shelly specialises in weight loss with skin glow, reduction of fat gained during pregnancy and other treatments at her clinic ‘Slim Sutra’.

Shelly took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on diet, fitness, yoga and weight loss. Read the complete chat transcript here.

I want some exercises to reduce belly fat.
Ans:  There is a dvd called Yoga for Slimming by Shelly Khera. Would be in the market by next week. Pls refer it.

I am 32 year old women having two kids. My hight is 160 cm and weight is 85 kg. I want to loose atleast 30 kg weight. I am planning for another baby. Please suggest how should I loose my weight.
Ans:  You need to visit Slim Sutra or any qualified consultant for a proper diet counselling.

while practising Yoga whether diet restriction will still be there to reduce paunch. Just want to know what diet is more better while practising yoga.
Ans:  Yes definitely diet is imp. you need to avoid taking rice, you should only have calories that are required by your body.. we suggest saatvik diet for yoga that consists of more fruits and vegs, avoid pickles and papads, fried and packed food…

i am unable to diet how can i develop the habit to eat less
Ans:  To stop cravings have small portions of your meal may be split your meal to seven times…and do meditation 10-15 mins meditation everyday..it will help you too…

dear shelly i do yoga5 days a week . my yoga teacher says that i can walk too.iam 41. is walking that essential???????yoga alone is sufficient to keep in shape. iweigh 54kgs. i do enough of hauswrk too. nishli
Ans:  Dear Nishli, only working at house levels isnt enough , walking gives a very good heart and lung exercise and brings a lot flexibility to your legs and thighs,, walk for 30mins and then do your yoga..it will help…

Dear Mama, i do practice yoga regularly fro weight loss, but yet im nt sure of the intake of food, mam if you could suggest the right diet for having a fit body
Ans:  I need to know your weight height and age for proper diet…

Dear mam,I wnat to reduce my belly and hand?how can its possible?pls guide me.my weight is 64kg & height 153cm
Ans:  Have small portions of meal, have low carb diet, walk for 45 mins everyday.. everyday 15 surya namaskaras, rotation of arms and little gomukhasana will help u to reduce the arms… proper diet is required, drink lots of water, after every hour try to walk for 10mins…

eating small quantity many times is better or eating full in 3 times is beter ?

Ans:  Eating small portions..have 5-6 meals everyday..

can yoga help to reduce tummy portion and chin and cheek?
Ans:  Excellently..there r certain postures, mudras and toning of abdominal exercises.. they have to be done regularly one hour everyday on empty stomach… Yoga is a beautiful anti-aging medicine.. For chin and cheek you can do singhasan, shambhavi mudra and kaki mudra and for tummy you can hanumana poses, naukasana, paschmottansana, etc.

I want to lose the excess fat of my arms and need to tone them. pls advice
Ans:  You need to go for the combination of inch loss therapy and yoga together as arm fat is stubborn fat so it doesnt go quickly.. you can join some weight training programme to tone the muscles.. if in Mumbai the you can visit SLIM SUTRA..

should one keep pff from non veg completely while doing yoga? i love yoga and i hope to do it till the last.is 1 hour of yoga sufficient everyday????????
Ans:  It is upto every individual upto what level of yoga you need to reach..when a person needs a spiritual growth then its a correct advice not to have non-veg at all.. if u are doing it as a physical exercise then its your wish what to have.. non-veg increases anger so saatvik food is advised…

dear mam iam 41 iweigh 54 kgs is it rite or i need to reduce more
Ans:  I need to know your height…

does regular yoga show results on ur skin? if so in what way/ also when can these results b seen after how many months of yoga?
Ans:  Definitely your skin glows after yoga, you atleast look 10 years younger, no sagging of skin..its a natural treatment for the skin..it starts showing after 3 months of practising yoga and day by day it improves…

whaich yogasans is helpful for sandal bags on uper thigh?
Ans:  Hastapadaangushtansana..there are 5 variations in this, and hanumana pose, suptvakrasana..Shelly Khera’s Dvds are available.. you can even write to us on sutrawellness.in

My upper thigh portion is high compare to uper body? which yogasans will be benefited for me?
Ans:  Hastpadaangushtansana for the thigh portion and squatting and rotation of the legs and walking for 45 mins is compulsory, you can also use a stepper..

Namaste Mam, i am 24 years old boy, actually i have been suffering from Haemmorhoid and have bad blood circulation, especialy in winter the problem increases rapidly resulting in much stressed, i need your advice to fight against these both problem.
Ans:  You need to destress yourself… Keep doing any kind of exercise to warm up your body..you can refer to dvd Candle Meditation.. I need to speak to you for further guidance…

how can i reduce my lower portion of my bodyonly/ my chest part is very lean but my lower portion is opposite
Ans:  Walk for 1 hour or 45 mins everyday..there are certain yoga postures good for lower body like ekpadasana and ardhbaddhpadmottanasana… You can refer my cd Yoga for slimming by Shelly Khera… You can even do swan pose..

Any specific exercise to improve game power and mind power?
Ans:  Do certain meditative questions which increase your concentration and focus power and yogic stretches… you can buy Siddha Yoga-Part 1 -2 which will help you to have an alert mind plus lots of spinal stretches for playing the game…

Hi: Iam 43 and play shuttle badminton. Any specific yoga exercises to improve game and mind power
Ans:  Do certain meditative questions which increase your concentration and focus power and yogic stretches… you can buy Siddha Yoga-Part 1 -2 which will help you to have an alert mind plus lots of spinal stretches for playing the game…

I am 32 years old my weight is 85kg. I want to decrees weight almost 10kg please suggest Exercise & Diet for this. I am totally vegitarian person and my break fast, lunch and dinner is also on time.
Ans:  Include proteins in your diet like soya, mushrooms, milk products.. You should do everyday 15 siddhanamaskars, 50 squats, and certain lying down exercises, leg rotations…

Ans:  You must visit Slim Sutra if Mumbai or contact us by email..info@slimsutra.in.. If not able to come to us you can workout yoga one hour in morning ang one hour in the evening..postures which tone reproductive system are advised for you.. or you can even try Lipolysis treatment at Slim Sutra

I am 26yers old my weight is 40kg. according to age my body is not increase. when i was 20yers that time our body weight is same (40kg)
Ans:  You need to worry..just have good healthy food and exercise for one hour everyday…

hii i m 25 yrs old, 5.7 ht,n 72kgs…..i want to shed abt 10kgs n flatten my stomach……plz suggest me gud workout n diet plan
Ans:  Buy Yoga for slimming where there is a 45 mins exercise regime which will give exercise to every cell of the body and if you do it for one and a half month you will get results..but follow a diet ( Contact Some Expert)..and do walking regularly ..have lots of fruits at 11am, 6pm and 8pm, buttermilk atleast one litre in a day, avoid junk food and sweets…go more for home made soups

Hi..I want to loose at least 15/20 kgs. My wt is 88 kg now and my height is 5.6 and age is 45 kindly advice..
Ans:  Follow a diet pattern under a consultation and you can send your details to info@sutrawellness.in

Please suggest yoga for anxiety and migraine.
Ans:  For migraine you can do forward bending postures..for anxiety you can do siddha namaskara, bhujangasana, chakrasana…all the backward bending postures for anxiety..and you can even perform candle meditation.. avoid dals in the night and going in the sun from 12noon to 3pm for migraine.. whenever there is a migraine pain just relax and do the meditation

Ans:  Send us your details at info@sutrawellness.in

I am 70. I want to shed 10/12kgs. My abdomen, I want to flatten. Please suggest exercise and diet.

Ans:  If you dont have medical issues start with a morning 45 mins walk and 12 suryanamaskars and then yogic postures for 1 hour and breathing exercise for 10 mins..go on a low carb diet …have doodhi celery juice before breakfast, have upma, poha, oatmeal in breakfast, lunch could be 2 tbs brown rice , veg curry and buttermilk, eveng could roasted chanas with green tea, for dinner you can have moong sprouts or besan cheela or moong cheela or if non-veg have 2-3 of Tandoori chicken

Is this true : That doing yoga for 30 minutets a day will activate each living cell so as to keep on burning fat for several hours later on ?
Ans:  10 mins is warming and 10mins of cellulite training…So whatever exercise you do after 30 mins helps you to lose the excess fat in the body…

I want to reduce the 10 Kgs, and want to flatte my stomach and abdomen, Please suggest me some diet and exersice which could satisfy my problems………..
Ans:  For the diet you need to send us all the details i.e height, weight, age… You can start walking one hour daily and one hour suryanamaskars

My age is 45 and my weight is 82 kg , i have diabetic and bp. pls suggest some diet or yoga . i want to reduce my weight
Ans:  You need to walk 45 mins everyday.. have same portions of food 8 times a day.. cut down on salt, morng you can have ginger lemon water, have only oats upma and after half an hour you can go for 15 pieces of papaya.. at 11 am you can have barley water.. lunch have some soup and brown bread sandwich with no butter with tea you have 2 khakhras/ any fruit, dinner- mushroom soup and moong sprouts..dinner should be before 9pm

madam, with diet my belly fat is reduced but lower abs not tight yet. what asana will help. i have disc problem also
Ans:  You can do Hanumana pose 1-2, swan pose, hastapadamushtasana, all the 5 variations and holding each posture for atleast 1 min.

madam, my father has glaucoma, is there any asana to prevent this from increasing?
Ans:  Candle meditation will help him and you can refer to my dvds Siddha Yoga part 1-2

how many suryanamaskar to do to lose 5 kgs
Ans:  I need to know details and medical conditions to answer this

madam, pl help me i am diabetic and cant eat much but overweight.age 34, ht 5 2 and wt is 78 kgs
Ans:  Start doing yoga one hour everyday, one hour walk, every two hours you can munch fruits or soya products.. have 2 glasses of barley water at 11am and 6pm, and you can even have one litre of buttermilk throughout the day.. include some little methi dana and flexi seeds in the morning and if possible have 3 times a week karela or neem juice…

hi. can u give me recipes to use barley in daily cooking.. i heard it is good for weight loss
Ans:  You can always have barley in the form of water, soups, upma. Take 4 glasses of water , 2tbs of Barley, boil it till it becomes pinkish in colour and 2 glasses, then cool it at room temperature, then add little lemon and rock salt and have it.. cooked barley can be used to thicken the soups also, you can even make barley khichdi like a dal khichdi with a lot of vegetables oin it

please suggest asana for heart patients
Ans:  Anandmadirasana

i am 17 yrs old. already 180 cm. weight 62. how can i gain wiehgt?
Ans:  There is a weight gain diet and weight gain therapy so pls email us your health details so that it makes it easy for us to prescribe you a diet.. info@sutrawellness.in

I am 27 years old. weight 80kg. I want to reduce by yoga. Three to four times in a week i do kapalabath, pranayama. Can i reduce weight by doing this. How much time does is takes. Do i have to follow other yoga asanas?
Ans:  Yes you need to follow other yogasanas..10 mins hand and neck exercises, 45 mins all the yoga postures, 5mins, shavasana.. after that kapaalbhaati 90 exhalations, 5 rounds of anom-vilom.. before practising yoga you need to walk for 30 mins which will increase your BMR and the flexibility of the body.. very imp to follow your diet too

I am 28yrs with a 2 year kid, my body weight is 64kgs… i want to reduce it to 55kg and give less stress to my knees as i have ligament problem. Kindly give some good healthy suggestions and tips to reduce my weight by 10 kgs.
Ans:  Morng have lemon ginger water, 8.30 breakfast could be oats/ 2 egg-whites and brown bread with green tea.. 11am- Coconut water and one fruit…Lunch -2 multigrain rotis with green saald, veg, and buttermilk, one katori of dal, betwn 3-4pm- green tea with roasted chana/ nutrichoice biscuits.dinner is before 9pm and have only moong sprouts/ besan cheela/ moondal cheela… after 9pm you can have half glass of cow’s milk.. walk for 45 mins and do yoga for Slimming (Dvd)

Hi I am 24 and my Hight is 5.5 and Weight is 74. I dont have any disease or surgery before .I am working now in Software Company. Help me to loss my weight up to 15 K.
Ans:  Pls write to info@sutrawellness.in for the entire diet processing.

My daughter is 12 years and weighs 70 kgs. She has a large appetite. How do I reduce her appetite.
Ans:  No problem. Increase her physical activity.. let her eat only home made food, avoid all the foods from outside, she should drink 3 litres of water, she can do swimming and skipping…

best indian diet to loose weight
Ans:  Best Indian diet is what you Grandmother cooks and which she was not eating.. Avoid pizzas , burgers and all junk foods, cut down on sugar, avoid tetra pack juices, have tea without sugar, stuffed veg chappatti with curd, 11 am have a fruit, lunch you can have 2 missi rotis, dal, salad, curd, eveng – sprouts bhel… dinner- mix grain chappatis ,dal and veg.. at night you can warm half glass of cow’s milk or full glass with equal water added.

i had a complicated pregnancy, bed rest, wt gone up frm 65 to 80, depressd, i had a csection cant do strenuous ex. baby 1.5 mnth. i have pear shaped body, my w8 problem has hit my lower area hips thighs, sides
Ans:  Are you feeding the baby? For details you need some expert consultation… till 3 months enjoy your new role of a mother and after 3 months you can go for a weight loss

please tell me about honey.Is really works in weight loss?
Ans:  It does not help for weight loss but is a good substitute for sugar.. Honey has calories like sugar.. so you need to follow a diet if you take honey too.

i am 24 yrs old and i feel that my stamina and flexibility is very poor. i get tired very easily and have very frequent body pain. also i am unable to concentrate in work. please suggest a healthy regime for me
Ans:  Do one houir yoga practices if not under any consultations then you can by dvds by Shelly Khera..

i have a severe backache n spodilosis due to my profession. i have to sit and work in front of computer for almost 12-15 hrs in the day.. please suggest what kind of asanas should i do to relieve the pain?
Ans:  Avoid sitting for long hours on a chair.. when you sit for one hour stroll for 10 mins… asanas such as standing bhujangasans, hand and neck stretches, parvatasana, lying down postures such as suptvakrasana, setbandhasana are very beneficial for the backache problems..avoid forward bending asanas..

please help me to know what is more important in yoga… pranayam/meditation/asana??
Ans:  Everything is equally important..yoga is a way of life whether it includes asanas/ pranayams/relaxations..so when you are doing yogic postures your entire internal system is healthy and there is a good blood circulation, your respiratory system gets strong… Pranayams increase our energy levels and blood purification and relaxation is necessary bcoz your mind has to be with your body to stay in peace for the entire day and that is why yoga is inclusive of all these things…