Lose weight scientifically: Salima Lalani

On the occasion of World Anti-obesity Day, Expert Health Consultant, VLCC, Salima Lalani took on Sify readers’ questions on obesity-induced diabetes, PCOD, hypertension, hypothyroidism and osteoporosis.

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hi how to maintain 65 kgs idle wt?
I do not have your exact details so would not be able to give you a customized advice but try and follow dietary modification, lifestyle changes, modification of behavior and physical activity as all these are important to help you maintain weight.

how to loosed wt from 78 to 65? i do exercise & fasting too.
Any fat diets or starving actually does the opposite of making you lose weight ..also due to the imbalance of nutrients can cause a lot of damage to a lot of organs internally so its advisable to lose scientifically a minimum of 5-7kgs in a month following a healthy balanced nutritious diet coupled with exercise

My wife was diagnoised with hypothyrodism after the birth of our second baby.Her weight has increased 20kgs in the past 3 years. Kindly advise a suitable weight loss plan for her..Due to medicines, her hypothyrodism is now normal..
I would advice on the basis of age let her start with weight bearing exercise like walking or swimming or freehand exercises for every part of the body You can go for a low carb, high protein, low fat, high fiber diet which will improve insulin sensitivity and help you lose weight which is underlying cause of sluggish thyroid and lowers your BMR.

i have hypothyroid please help me in loosing weight
As I am not sure whether you are on medication and your dosage it is difficult to suggest.. general advice would be sluggish thyroid is responsible for a low BMR and also possibly underlying insulin resistance which will not let you lose weight or could be slow weight loss. You can go for a low carb, high protein, low fat, high fiber diet which will improve insulin sensitivity and help you lose weight.

i want to know how can i reduce my weight
As I do not have details I cannot be specific but give you general norms..have smaller frquent meals, drink 8-10 glasses of water..this will keep your BMR high followed with 30-45 mins of exercise routine which will include a 5min warm up followed by 25mins cardio and 15-20 mins of freehand exercises… as a beginner this should help…

hi now i am 89 kg and height is 165cm i am very close to daibetic also kindly advise me
Insulin resistence is a precursor to diabetes to keep it off have a low carb high protein low fat hi fibre and low sodium diet…
i want to reduce my weight, i take 4 peg wisky every day, i am vegetarian , my hight is 5.6 , weight is 82kg, i am 42, how much weight i have to reduce.
You can come down to 70kgs..you need to lose upto 10-15kgs.. as I do not know whether you are into an exercise regime..incase you are not..pls start atleast 30-45min daily workout to reduce your weight coupled with a healthy balanced diet consisting of complex carbs, good quality proteins, enough fibre in the form of fruits and vegetables.. if you could cut down on your alcohol it would be the best but atleast try and wean off to 2 pegs a day as alcohol directly leads to weight gain.

After my second deliver (sezerain) my adbomen and hips are very fatty. So give me suggestion how I reduce fat
To lose from abdominal and hip is very difficult but not impossible..let a physiotherapist work on an exercise for the abdominal and hip area which has to be consistent and regular along with a diet which is negative calorie diet.

I am 24 years old with 5 feet 5 inches height and 70 Kg weight. I do exercise regularly and try to keep control on diet. but my weight has got stuck at 70 only. I want to reduce it to 60. Can u pls help me regarding this?
Normally we need to see the base diet to make the necessary changes… you might be at a plateau stage where inspite of all your efforts your weight is stagnant. Change your exercise or increase the repitions of it.. Your BMR is not responding to either diet or exercise, hence you need to consult a dietician who will keep your history of weight loss in mind and give you diet and an exercise regime which will break your plateau and make you start losing weight all over again…eat small frequent meals, exercise 2 hour prior to meals for your digestion absorption rate to be better to increase the BMR and try to have negative calorie foods namely lots of fruits and vegetables.

i am 92 kgs and i do a lot of exercise but my periods are irregular as they come once in 3 months? will you suggest me some workouts and a healthy south indian diet? email me at neha_determined1@sify.com
I could give your diet once I know your vital stats which is you height, weight and age. Also we need to know the kind of exercises you have been doing bcoz we normally calculate the calories required according to the BMR of a person.

hai, my name is jyothi.at the age of 20 i have taken some tablets as course.due to that igot over weight. specially at under arm fat is more. how can i reduce my wieght.plz give me adiet plan.
Hi Jyothi I am saddened to hear that at such a young age you are suffering from weight issue due to intake of medicines… Arm weight can be lost only by freehand exercises for arm area and modification of diet suiting your lifestyle and activity..


Your body has got used to walking so is not burning any further calories..it would have been easier for me to suggest exercise if I knew your age..you can do cardio,freehand exercise and strength training coupled with a nutritious balanced diet avoiding excessive sweets, fries, colas…

hi, im an Artheritis patient at the age of 29 is this cureable? with weighing 97 with a hight of 5.11″ wat is the remedy for this.

I do not know the kind of Arthritis you are suffering from but definitely you need to reduce weight as your bones are bearing the brunt of excess weight. Symptoms of Arthritis can be improved by taking a diet rich in calcium, magnesium, vit D and to include physical activity as a part of life…

How can I control my hungryness?
Eat every 2 hrs by having small frequent meals..replenish your water intake by taking in 8-10 glasses of water which will keep you satiated

I am to chubby, is there any natural way to reduce weight?
Balanced diet along with a customized exercise programme for your body is the most ideal way to lose weight naturally

The simplest way to get rid of stomach fat.
Abdominal crunches with diet modification…

i am suffering from PCOD. Doctor recommended me do yoga. i do it daily for half an hour. can u suggest me some yoga specially to cure PCOD problem?
You need to combine yoga along with aerobic, freehand and strength training to elevate your BMR along with high fiber, high protein and a low carb, low sodium diet with minimum of 8-10 glasses of water intake which will help you to lose a minimum of 2-3kgs a month which is ideal weight loss for you…

HI Mam , I need to reduce weight in stomach , Bum and upper leg what would be the best excise
I do not have your details so pls start with exercise of specific areas where you need inch loss ..kindly consult a physiotherapist…

I am 36 year old & gain weight of 118kg for last 10 years. I m odd with my tummy. I m diabetic, Pls suggest some tips to reduce my tummy. Thnx & Warm Regs. Manish…
Hi Manish.. Excess weight gain around the waist is a sign of central obesity which is a risk factor for cardio vascular disease as you are already diabetic..for you to lose weight is of paramount importance to bring down your risk factors for other medical conditions like hypertension so its advisable to take a customized consultation from an expert dietitian or we have specific programmes at VLCC for abdomen.. Kindly get in touch with us at one of the centres…

i am 42 years.my weight 69 kg.Height 5’5″. what is the suitable diet
Breakfast: Oats/stroke/muesli/cornflakes/2 egg whites with one slice of whole wheat bread or 2 veg idlis/ 2 moong dal cheela/ a paneer/chicken sandwich with a glass of skimmed milk. Mid morning: One fruit/ roasted gram/ coconut milk/ buttermilk/ vegetable juice Lunch: Buttermilk/veg soup plus salad with sprouts with 2 multigrain rotis plus a vegetable with dal/ chicken/fish/curd Evening: Green tea Mid evening: chaat with sprouts/ veg/chicken frankie/ veg poha Dinner: Salad with baked or grilled fish/chicken/paneer with one multi grain bread Bedtime: One cup warm milk Make sure the dinner is taken by 8pm as body takes 2-3hrs to digest so dinner has to be the lightest meal

what should be the diet of dinner to lose the weight?
As dinner has to be the lightest meal of the day it should ideally be One and half multigrain roti/ bread plus vegetables/ dal/ chicken (grilled or baked) plus salad

iam 47 yrs, wt78 kgs ht 165cms, BMI 27.6, Body fat percentage31.8 and I do exercises and do fasting 3 days a week. I got reduced from 84 to 78 and wanted to maintain 65kgs which is idle to my age and height. what should I do now to reach the goal??
Based on your stats your desirable body weight in the range of 70 which is right for your age..the way you have lost weight is very unscientific which will make you gain weight once you stop your fasting.. To avoid a rebounce in weight start a balanced diet and activity for your age after professional guidance..

Hi, Madam, I am just 32, my weight is 85kg, and just enter sugar 150mg. what do your advice and please tell me suggestion to reduce my weight and sugar level
Due to excess weight your body is having insulin resistance which can always be reversible by healthy balanced diet namely low carb, high protein, low fat, high fiber, low sodium diet and simple form of exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling which is beneficial to keep your blood sugar under control…

Hi..I am over weight by approx. 20 KGS, i have already started Morning walk and Exercises,please suggest me some inhand tips to reduce weight.
As you need to lose quite a lot of weight I will personally request you to visit professionals for help where customized guidelines can be given to you…

I am a SouthIndian, please let me know the nutrition to loss wieght with SouthIndian Foods!! Also, How to reduce fat in Midriff and Thigh.
Breakfast: Have veg idlis/ sprouted poha/ veg upma with a cup of coffee Mid morng: One fruit/ roasted chana/ vegetable juice/buttermilk Lunch: Buttermilk with salad plus one cup brown rice with sambhar/rasam plus vegetable Evening: Green tea/ coffee Mid evng: Sprouted chaat/ diet bhel without sev or puri/ fruit chaat Dinner: One multigrain roti with legumes/chicken/ fish curry plus vegetable Bedtime: One cup skimmed milk. Avoid too much of coconut, deep frying like vadas, polished rice…and use nonstick to make dosas

If I would want to reduce my weight in stomach , bum ,upper leg . what is the best diet food and exercise to do. I am 28 and my height is 173 and weight is 78 KG .
You need to lose a max of 5-7kgs to reach your ideal body weight..Join a gym or a weight loss programme where concentration on specific area will help you to lose inches from you upper and lower torso…

Due to my thyroid problem im losing so much of hair and having irregular periods.. Daily im taking thyroxine 50 mg were my levels are under 3.6 range… what should i do to lessen my hair problem and mensturation problem?
Hair loss, dry skin and irregularity in menses is symptomatic of thyroid and also could be underlying cause of insulin resistance and hormonal change leading to PCOS ..you need to get an ultrasound or a hormonal profile to rule out PCOS..Generally I can only advice you to take good quality proteins , vegetables and fruits as they are high in zinc and selenium required for good hair growth..

i grw frm 68 to 82 kgs at 17.last 15 yrs, been shuttling btn 85 and 77 kg if i diet, i reduce 3-4 kg in 6 mnth. but if i eat normal,junk food weekly once, have rice and non veg, i put on 4-5kgs ina month..help me get back to 72-74 kgs
You have been on a weight loss/gain spree from many yrs bcoz of which your body has lost its equilibrium of set point and so you have been gaining weight… as we grow older due to reduction in activity the amount of calorie required by body reduces but we intake the same calories what we have been taking since the yrs which is a reason for weight gain.. your diet seems to be higher in fat and simple carbohydrate which your body converts it into fat but you have not been doing enough activity to burn what you eat hence your body has conserved and stored it as fat..

i wanted lose my weight about 5 kgs how
As you do not need to lose a lot of weight you can eat a diet of complex carbs, goog quality proteins, high fiber and a low fat diet.
i eat very less, walk daily but still getting fatter day by day.. also most of my fat is concentrated in Buts and Thais , the rest of the body is skinny.
please help…, also i dnt drink and a veggie person
You could be having fewer meals which could be laden with calories which is root cause of fat gain especially around the lower torso..you need to start eating smaller frequent meals to keep your BMR raised along with a regime of exercise like jogging swimming or freehand exercises..

What are the indian standards for BMI
This is the normal classifications but for asian Indians this value is considered higher bcoz with lower BMI they tend to accumulate higher fat percentage which is the cause for lifestyle disorders so a normal BMI for Indian is ideally between 18.5-22.9. A BMI between 23- 29.9 is considered overweight and above that qualifies as obesity…

hai…i’m rahul i really hav a weight probs…i’m 24 nd is 80kgs nd 5’4 is my height…plz suggest me a gud day to day diet…nd ny other ways to reduce my weight
Hi Rahul…You need to be losing around 15 kgs of weight and I will suggest for you to take up professional consultation which willk include physical activity absed on your lifestyle…General fdiet will be as follows: Breakfast: Oats/stroke/muesli/cornflakes/2 egg whites with one slice of whole wheat bread or 2 veg idlis/ 2 moong dal cheela/ a paneer/chicken sandwich with a glass of skimmed milk. Mid morning: One fruit/ roasted gram/ coconut milk/ buttermilk/ vegetable juice Lunch: Buttermilk/veg soup plus salad with sprouts with 2 multigrain rotis plus a vegetable with dal/ chicken/fish/curd Evening: Green tea Mid evening: chaat with sprouts/ veg/chicken frankie/ veg poha Dinner: Salad with baked or grilled fish/chicken/paneer with one multi grain bread Bedtime: One cup warm milk Make sure the dinner is taken by 8pm as body takes 2-3hrs to digest so thedinner has to be the lightest meal and breakfast has to be the heaviest.

The question is regarding my wife. Aged 32, a mother of 2 sons, and 4 abortions, now she weighs 90 kg. At the time of our marriage her weight was 55. She is a housewife taking care of all activities at home. Please suggest how she can reduce weight?
Your wife seems to be symptomatic of insulin resistance or sluggish thyroid which need to be checked immediately and diet can only be suggested keeping these factors in mind…you can still follow the general tips that I have provided earlier in the forum..

Hi, Madam, I am just 28, my weight is 85kg, i m marketing person, my job profile very hectic, from morning 9 to evening 9 i hv doing my job.pls suggest me my diet chart, & what do your advice and please tell me suggestion to reduce my weight
Height and gender not known so can’t give specific advice for desirable weight…your work seems stressful..you will have to exercise at work which is easy like sitting and doing simple exercises for legs which can be done. Take steps instead of escalator..In lunch break exercise by step climbing for 10 mins before eating your meal….Diet should be high in complex carbs, rich in vegetables and fruits, low fat, high protein..do not skip breakfast and try and sleep optimum 8 hrs as your body may be providing high level of cortisol which needs to be controlled as your work seems to be stressful and long hrs…

I am Kishor my weight is 80 kgs. weight & my age is 36 years, I want to loose my weight about 15 kgs.
Hi Kishore… I need your age to calculate your ideal body weight…Weight loss for more than 10 kgs need professional guidance..pls consult for a customized programme…

I m losing my weight often … My height is 160cm and my weight is just 40. This is being for nearly 4yrs .. I couldn’t find neither increase or decrease in my weight ..what shall I do ?????
You need to check for worm infestation as digestive disorder may not allow you to retain calories… being underweight could be genetic or eating calories lesser than expanded by the body. You can have a high cal likes cheese, dairy, nuts, dates, etc , high fat nutrient rich diet, massages for improved digestion and strength training for weight gain..

I am Prabu from GOA i am 72Kg in weight and my age is 32 and height of 5.5 i want to loose 10Kg
Hi Prabhu… You ideally need to come down to 65 kgs which is your desirable weight.. to achieve you can eat a diet of complex carbs, good quality proteins, high fiber and a low fat diet.

i am riyaj ahamad and my height is 5feet pls height growing adviseme.
Height can only be increased till the age of 18 yrs ideally.

mam i got tummy after my 2nd childs birth. I am working and not getting time to do exercises. i feel embrased while in kurthis.
You need to do a minimum of 15mins abdominal exercises everyday to be able to reduce inches from the tummy..once you see the results you will have to do it for half an hour daily as it is cellular deposition on the abdominal area. Ideally it should be coupled with specialized massage therapies to break the cellulite.. At VLCC we have ultra cavitation which helps in cellulite breakdown and reduction of deep stored fats…

I would like to reduce 13 kilos before end of January. I jog for 20 mins * 2 times for 6 days a week, I am a veggie, eat moderately. I am 35 years old Male. Do i have to add any extra exercise to reach my target
Ideally 4-5 kgs weight loss per month is advisable… By January if you lose scientifically with proper healthy eating habits you can lose 8-10 kgs easily.. Every week to 10 days you need to change your exercise that is from walking..cycling..marching..swimming…running or increase the repitions of exercise