Every asana has to be performed sincerely: Kiran Vaswani

Yoga expert, Kiran Vaswani has been practicing yoga for the last 30 years.  She has taught at several reputed institutions like the Padington International school and SGKM International.

She has designed special yoga programmes for children. She has also organized camps for people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, migraine, spine problems and for women with menstrual irregularities.

Kiran took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on yoga and its usefulness in treating diseases.

Early morning my right hand finger knot become stiff and some time right hand ring finger lock
You can practice Yoga on empty stomach with stretches starting for the hand and finger movements… and also a daily chore like kneading the dough could help… you could open and close your palms at least five times and also rotate your wrist clockwise and anti clockwise… and also move your elbows backward and forward followed by shoulder movements will be very helpful for your problem…

hello kiran, is it safe to do resistance training while also practising yoga?
Yoga usually goes in hand in hand with most of the forms of exercises today.. But its best to consult your professional trainer for the same…

I am 30 Yrs old. I am in working women. my job basically co-ordination department. My job is to run away. some time I sit in my chair, otherwise every time running upstairs and downstairs, but my tummy is still grown. please advise me what should i do.
As we age our metabolism goes down..you need to take of your diet.. and only running around wouldn’t help..you need to concentrate on each part of your body to get in shape with Yoga..Pranayams will surely help but pls take expert guidance..have a few glasses of warm water for the detoxification…

I would like to reduce 15 kilos before end of January 2012. how many surya namaskars one has to do daily to achieve my goal. I do 10 surya namaskars daily. am veggie, eat moderately. I am 35 years old.
Try to build upto your comfort level but pls do not overstress or you might land up with a spine problem…Take care of your diet..if possible consult an expert dietician and also try to indulge in regular brisk walks or jogging…

I have 2 kids & 29 year old , am obese, would love to reduce 18 kilos . I am doing suryanamaskar daily. Can you guide how many counts i need to do daily to reduce 10 Kilos and how long will it take to reduce the same. I eat very normally
It depends on your body metabolism..every person has a different body type..sensible food habits along with Asanas and pranayams will surely help…Try to increase the counts everyday according to your comfort level but do not stress yourself..Try listening to your body and work accordingly..: )

suggest Asanas to strengthen back muscles/bones/nerves, had IVDP, Slip disc prolapse year ago, normal nw, often get lower back spasms & pains, am advised not to lift weight, want to strengthen lower back, be fitter.. am 35yrs, male
You need to practice Yoga under supervision.. but asanas like maajrasanai.e cat and camel pose, tadasana, matsendrasana, trikonasana should surely help you besides the pranayamas…

Please suggest yoga for anxiety and migraine.
Pranayama, anulom-vilom, meditation, shavasana, tadasana, hastpadasana, trikonasana, pawanmuktasana will surely help…

What for physically handicaped
According to their handicap they can practice Yoga only under supervision …

Please suggest a vegetarian diet for weight loss, diabetes and hypertension all combined
Morning: You need to start your day with a glass of warm water followed by a breakfast of oats/ dalia, fruits Mid Meal: Dry fruits or salads/ Fresh fruit juice Lunch: Chappati, dal, vegetable which is not very spicy and with limited salt.. followed by buttermilk.. Evening Snack: Boiled chickpeas chaat, sprouts or moong chaat with green tea Dinner:Should be light and as early as possible atleast 2 hrs before bedtime..starting with soup, then a meal containing dal, chappatti and vegetable… And if you are hungry before going to bed please have skimmed warm milk

I have been doing excercize (Running, Jogging, Abs crunches) to loose weight. But since last couple of months I have hit the ceiling. I have stopped loosing weight. How can I again start loosing the weight?
You need to change the way of working out.. start with a Yoga class which lasts atleastr for 1 hour… It should comprise of Suryanamaskars along with regular asanas and pranayams and this will surely help you lose weight….

Married, 28 yrs, got PCOD, weigh 63 kgs and height 158, please suggest ways to loose weight, got knee problem chondromalacia. In IT company with 12 hrs working…
Please consult a physician as you have some complications which need personal attention…

My Blood sugar is on the borderline and I have migraine.walk regularly and have started doing kapaal bhaati and anulom vilom lately.DO you think this is enough or would you recommend any specific asanas
Diabetes and migraine can be cured by common asanas such as trikonasana, vrikshasana, paschimottanasana, matsendrasana..and one can also practice kapalbhati and anulom vilom… last and the not the least shavasana along with meditation will completely disress you..

please suggest asana for heart patients
Relaxing asanas like Shavasana and meditation regularly…

is it ok to breathe deeply while doing asan or should we follow the inhale exhale with each move?
Inhale-exhale technique has to be observed for best results…

whats the right age to begin yoga, some say 7, some 14.
According to what I have been taught..12yrs is the right age to begin Yoga but now days we do have such Yoga-like exercises for kids in schools which can be started at a younger age..

pl suggest simple asan for my wife in second trimester
She needs a Yoga teacher who is an expert for prenatal workouts… Asanas could be prescribed only after meeting her personally..

is there any asana to treat glaucoma. can we benefit from it even at age 70?
Yes you can surely benefit form Yoga at any age.. Asanas like shavasana, meditation will relax you completely, eye movements are very important at your age under an expert guidance..

pl suggest asanas for toned abs
For toned abs one needs to work out asanas Paadsanchalan, Vrikshasana,bhujangasana, dhanurasana, shalabhasana and several surya namaskars…

Hi, i am suffering by epilepsy and also fissures. kindly guide me for which asana which will control or cure my both problems.
Only one or two asanas wouldn’t help..what you need is a complete one hour session under the expert guidance.. So pls consult a Yoga expert at your earliest : )

I am 48 years old lady and bally portion is increasing and joints on legs are paining. Kindly advise me the yoga which I shall practise daily.
All these are problems come with age and menopause.. if possible try to practice yoga regularly for an hour along with a planned diet…Leg movements like sukshamvyama in which toes, ankle, knee and hamstring muscles need to be worked on for your knee problems would be suggested..

I am Bhuvana, 31 yr old, i got 2 children,my weight is 98.5kg ,157cm height,i have irregular periods problem, my sugar level is fasting-100,pp-195, Doctor advised me to take tablets for sugar. Kindly advice me to reduce weight by yoga
Yoga will surely work wonders for you..be regular with it ..everyday atleast for an hour under expert guidance.. You can do bhujangasana, shalabhasana, pranayams such as kapaal bhaati and anulom vilom will surely help you if practiced regularly..take care of diet bcoz every meal is important.. regular morning/evening brisk walk will also help along with Yoga.. Weight should be your Priority..: )

Respected madam I am suffering from type A hytus harnia. Can i do kapal bhati or standing kapal bhati.What should i do to get cured. Regards
For Harnia Yoga is advicable but you personal consultation wherein your severe problem could be treated.. So what I would advice is to see an expert immediately and only start yoga if your Docter permits you…

is there any way to prevent arthritis by doing yoga?
It can be prevented by practicing regular yoga and pranayams as Yoga helps to attain flexibility…

hi, my ht is 5 ft 11. wt is 82 kgs, how to reduce?
Asanas like Padsanchalan, cycling lying down on the back, suryanamaskars will surely help you lose weight…. Try to go for brisk walks regularly..

can yoga control diabetes or only prevent it? should we continue medication along with this?
Medication has to be continued and yoga helps to control Diabetes…

I have hit a plateau in weight loss and am unable to loose any further inspite of regularly exericing in the Gym. Kindly advice on how to rekindle the process of weight loss.
Add on to Suryanamaskars and vigorous asanas like lying on your back and cycling would help…

is there a suitable asan for sinus problems. my son is 6 and he has blocked nose in winter.
Most of the pranayamas are very effective in solving sinus problems..make him take steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil added to water

how to reduce BP with yoga. i practise deep breathing techniques, my numbers are 140/90
Practice anulom-vilom, kapalbhati along with destressing asanas siuch as Shavasana will help you destress and contol your B.P..but also try to go for regular walks.. limit your intake of salt in your diet..eat simple food.. Avoid alchohol and cigerettes completely…

what is the time limit perday to do yoga, for normal fitness?
One hour daily is the most ideal time…

hello madam, is there a sequence to be followed while doing yoga.
There are no hard and fast rules in Yoga..Keep in mind that every asana has to be performed sincerely and consistently…

dear kiran, pl tell me is there a way to prevent incontinence with yoga. pl suggest asana if any, i can learn
Incontinence can be cured while practising asana like pawanmukhtasana..while doing this asana you have to apply ashwini-mudra..also similar keagels exercises regular practice will surely help you overcome this problem…

how to reduce back pain with yoga?
Back pain can be taken care of Majrasana along with a few variations, tadasana, vrkshasana, bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, trikonasana will surely help to solve your back problems..

Hello Mam Can you can tell me some good exercise to keep fit the body..
Practice Yoga regularly, consistently and sincerely for an hour daily… you can club yoga along with other physical exercises like brisk walks/jogging, swimming, cycling,etc… and don’t forget that a good balanced diet is very essential for a fit body….: )

I have high esonophilia in my blood – above 10% when normal is 6-7%. Can you suggest some yoga or diet to help me bring it to normal ?
Please take a medical advice and an entire session of Yoga would surely help you.. : )

Hi mam, This is bala from chennai. now a days sleeping are not coming for me. am thinking about what will happan next and whether i die or happan anything for me. this is going in my mind, kindly plz advice me what can i do for that ?
Hi Bala.. You need to destress yourself by relaxation poses, shavasana, meditation… for good sleep try to practice Brahmari but try to take expert guidance while you practice it…

Good afternoon maam, i am age of 28, suffering High blood pressure from 07 years. can you pls tell me good Yoga for BP and eyes. . thanks a lot
Relaxation poses like shavasana and meditaion should in help to control the BP..and there are several eye exercises like moving the eyes up-down, left-right, diagonally from corner to the other and circular eye movements will help you to keep eye vision…there are yogasanas for eyes called as tratak for which you would need an expert supervision..

hi mam, i am 25 years old, i want to increase my weight & height is it possible throug yoga? pls advice
Yes it is possible.. take care of your diet with more calories, high protein along with a balnced intake of carbohydrates will surely help you… Asanas such Tadasana and the Mountain pose will help you increase height..Scientifically after 18yrs its difficult to increase one’s height but you can still try..

Hi, Based on the net advice, can we do yoga?
It is best practiced under supervision and please try to do it only under an expert supervision !

namasteji, how can i contact you in mumbai
You can contact me in Mumbai on kiranvaswani1@gmail.com

how can a person with slip disc and chronic pain tighten core muscles?
Practice asanas such as bhujangasana, shalabhasana, dhanurasana, paschmottanasana and vrikshasana under supervision…

dear kiran, im learning yoga for last 3 yrs but see no weight loss. pl suggest if i shd do some treadmill with this?
You can go for brisk walks or jogging instead, but if you want to do treadmill you can go ahead with it…