No shortcuts to gain yoga`s benefits: Radhika Vachani

Yoga expert, Radhika Vachani,  received her training at the BKS Iyengar Institute of Yoga.

She founded Yogacara, the centre which advocates a customized mix of yoga, pranayam and meditation to deal with stress, weight loss, serious medical illnesses and also general mind/body fitness.

Radhika Vachani took time off her busy schedule to share tips on how to have a balanced and wholesome approach to the mind and body in an exclusive chat with Read the chat transcript here.

Yogasanas and Pranayam are the part of Yoga practice. Tell me the proportion of practice in each session. Is it varies with the beginners and regular practitioners since years. Kindly explain
There is a methodology, asana, pranayama and meditation. It is dependent on each individual. But until you have gained control of the body, you cannot develop your breath.

i am suffering from alopecia , i have taken treatment of alopethy but there is no positive result , is yoga will help me to prevent my hair fall problem
Hair fall is a result of stress and also mostly because of a lack of sleep. Sure yoga can help relieve both these

my mother is very anxious person..always worrying and to reduce this
Asanas help release stress from the body, paranayama helps quieten the mind, all with regular practice.

can we prevent arthritis with yoga
Yes you can, with a regular practice strengthening your joint and by increasing the vitality in your body.

what are the asans to relive neck pain?
Neck pain is generally caused due to stress and muscle contractions in around the neck, shoulder and back area. A good yoga practice helps, release stress and as a result the neck. You can begin with gentle neck rotations, but releasing stress is what will really help over the long term.

Kindly let me know whether bhastrika and ujai pranayam can be done after insertetion of stent
Please do not do bhastrika unless you are a very well versed pranayama practitioner in any case. Stick to ujjayi only,
and if it bothers you, STOP.

is there any branch in Chandigarh of yours.
Not yet, but we hope to be there soon.

I am suffering my hypothyroidism, blood sugar. My sugar is 130 and 155. What type of yoga / ayurvedic medicine which helps to control above deases.
I am not an ayurvedic expert. But with regards to yoga, lots of asanas can help, find your self a good teacher and
practice regularly.

Iam 57 yrs old. For the past 6 months I have been suffering from chest pain while walking. After several tests, no problem could be pinpointed but the pain continues. Can Yoga help?
Ofcourse, but only with a trained practitioner, when you are choosing your teacher, find out how often they practice

How can we go open birth kundali ?
Please elaborate on your question.

I practice pranayama daily and do about 20-30 minutes of yoga postures 2-3 times per week. These have given me lots of energy and kept me calm, but have had no effect on my weight. What can I do using yoga and pranayama for some weight loss?

Do yoga to keep your body healthy and strong. Do some form of cardio to lose weight-speed walk, run or swim.
Alternatively, you can do 15-25 surya namaskar to raise your heart rate-but make sure you have learnt how to do them perfectly or you will hurt yourself.

My angioplasty on 20th Nov. 2011. I have got Stress Echo test which is alright. I have now Blood Pressure for last 10 days. It is 140/90. Pl advise how to control BP. I do brisk walking for 50 minutes daily. I want to start Yoga.
Then start Yoga! Most of these issues are created by an unsettled mind. A regular and focused practice can resolve all.

I have 2 issue 1)Main and sever is that i have PSORIASIS from childhood, is there any way i can get rid of it by YOGA. 2)I look very lean even after being 53 kg and i like to be chubby Can you please suggest something
Yoga can get rid of many issues, but it requires a proper and regular practice under the guidance of a well trained
instructor. There are too many instructors that do not know what they are doing. Why you look very lean may be your general constitution, get a check up and see if there is a problem.

After the age of 50 years what is the proportionate time of Yogasanas, Pranayam and Meditation.
This is a very individual questions. BKS Iyengarji is 94 and partakes in a full practice daily!

While practicing Meditation where should our concentration should be either on any part of body or any thing in our mind. What should one think when in Medidation.
In meditation you do not think, the idea is to empty your mind. Focus on the inhalation and exhalation of your breath.
If your mind wanders, drag it back to your breath, the day will come when you feel the difference.

dear madam,my wife mrs. rukmani, 64, is very short, only 4’8? but weighs 65 kg. big belly and swollen legs, but normal chest upwards.
she is under siddha treatment constantly. allopathy could not help her in any way. they want knee cap surgery. but siddha doctor says that with her left bow leg (for the past 4 years and 6 months), surgery will only worsen her condition. she is able to walk with difficulty with the help of a quadripod. she has no complaints of diabetes or high cholesterol. she eats only a little, but weight seems to go up, not come down. no medicines worked with her, allopathy, ayurvedha or siddha.
do you suggest remedy in the long run at least?
thanks, regards, rajagopal sadasivam

For me, her issues must be more deeply rooted and healing at a deeper level is needed.  There may be blocked emotional issues/fears and other issues she is holding onto, creating various physical symptoms.
You can try to find a spiritual healer to connect with her, and try to find out what is really going on.  It is not easy for me to answer this question with such little information.  But I know for sure that there is always a mind and body connection, one just has to get to the bottom of the issue, and release before healing can occur.

what yoga can my son do for asthma. he is 17
Lots, but I would first need to know how much yoga he already does. Asthma needs propers guidance.

Is there any particular time to practice yoga more effectively?
No, whatever suits your body best, but for sake of discipline stick to either morning or evening, and on an empty

how to reduce Weight thru Yoga. pls tell me specific yoga practices which aid loss of weight
Are you a trained practitioner? If not, you will need a proper instructor to take you through a full practice to release toxins, and raise the heart rate through surya namaskar.

Surya Namaskar: How many times we can do for being fit. what are the health benefits of Surya Namaskar
25 times, but release your back. It balances the body and metabolism, and increases your heart rate.

pls let me now the best youga steps for weight loss and stress and mind relaxgtion
Eat less and healthy, exercise (cardio), do a full yoga practice with a trained instructor to release stress and toxins
from your body.

I am 47 yrs old house-hold, practicing yoga for four years. I am interested to do diploma in teaching course through correspondence. I am Intermediate holder. Kindly advise me how can I pursue the courses.
Yoga cant be learnt through correspondence, you need to be there and learn and practice.

what are the Yoga Asanas for controlling Diabetes Mellitus. How does this Yoga Asanas control the Diabetes

A full yoga practice can help, but you need to find a properly trained instructor first who can advance you accordingly
through a proper and regular practice. Examples are uttanasana, janu shirsasana, and paschimottasana.

i am 25yrs,161cm,83kgs,i have period problems and high hairloss too.please suggest something. reducing weight
quickly is major concern for me .. help !!

My only suggestion is to take time out for your health. A full and yoga practice will resolve your issues but it
requires dedication and practice.

I am 44 years old male of height 5’9″. I exercise regularly in the morning on treadmill for 30 mins. I feel my body
strature is ok except my tummy. I need to reduce quite a lot. Please advise.

Come to Yogacara in Eat less!

maam i do yoga 5 times a week and also do aerobics sum times is it ok ??????????. i weigh 55 kg am 42 it right to do both????
Very ok! Good combo.

please tell me some yoga exercises that will help me in getting rid of migraine which is usually on the
left side, affecting eyes and forehead.

A full practice to release stress and toxins, and also halasana. But only if you are well versed in yoga or under the
guidance of a trained instructor.

Hi mam, i am 34, working, busy mom. always packed with work..i dont have peace mind works all the
mind..more negative thoughts. tell me wht to do…can yoga help me?
BUT OFCOURSE! We always make time for the things in life that we want, we always find the time. if your peace of mind
is valuable to you, take dedicated time out to practice yoga and also read. Start with the “Law of Attraction” by Jerry and Esther Hicks, one of my most favourite books in the world!

hello mam my name is neetu vachhani am at kalyan .pl guide me my D3 is gone down to 5
Get your self checked, follow advice from your doctor, and if you can do yoga regularly do so. Dont avoid medication or a proper nutritional plan until you are better.

lumbar disc bulge, age 40, unable to sit down on floor more than 5 mins. if i stretch it to 10 mins, it is very painful, is this normal. how many days will it take to improve
With a very regular practice, you will feel relief in a month or so, but to cure, it depends on your body. The key is
to not let it get worse.

i use props and mat to practise yoga for my back pain. sometimes when i do trikonasan, my right leg pains near hip.
otherwise also, right leg hip region is more painful

Your alignement is wrong that is why you feel pain. Your body is telling you something is wrong, listen to it!

madam, is ata yoga more difficult to learn
Do you mean hatha yoga? Hatha yoga is the basis of all yoga in the world today, and is the oldest form. A journey of a
million miles begins with the first step 🙂

what is the right age to begin yoga
Any age is a good time, but anytime after 8 years.

mother, age 71, has osteoarthritis. cant bend her knee. what to do
Acupuncture. The fastest solution, again ensuring you are going to a well trained practitioner who knows what they are

can yoga prevent parkinsons
I am sure, it keeps the mind alert and stress free. But again long term and dedicated practice. There are no short cuts.

my mother in law is slightly diabetic. what asan will help her.
All. Forward bends, digestive asana; a full practice, but there are no shortcuts. She must commit to learning yoga.

What would be your expert advice on Yoga?
There is no doubt that Yoga is a wonderful science and the rewards from practicing yoga can be huge.

However, the issue today lies in the fact that while Yoga is our greatest heritage the courses offered in India are very
fragmented and accreditation guidelines are very poor; there are no proper standards.  As a result, there are many
instructors who have done short courses without having undergone proper training and start teaching without much knowledge or practice.  It is very easy for someone to do a short course and sound very well versed theoretically, but lack the required practical knowledge and proper experience to work with a student.

When choosing a teacher, find out where they have trained and for how long, and try to understand their own journey through yoga.  Ask to see their certification.   To be a good teacher it takes time to fully understand the science of Yoga, and also one’s own self dicipline and journey through yoga is key.

For yoga to benefit one’s body, one needs a good and well trained teacher who understands correct technique and alignment; this is key so that energy is able to flow through our bodies and for change to occur. Yoga done wrong can do more damage to the body than good.

While Yoga is wonderful as a preventive and also a curative science, it is a slow process that can only benefit the student through expert guidance, discipline and practice – there is no shortcut!