Convert stress to your benefit: Vipul Ijari

Vipul Ijari, Director of Supreme Yoga, specializes in yoga education, philosophy and psychology.

Having mastered the therapeutic values of yoga at The Yoga Institute, he helps people manage cardiovascular problems, respiratory, orthopaedic, gastrointestinal and diabetic disorders with yoga. He is also adept at handling stress with yoga.

Vipul took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on yoga for stress, weight loss, and for management of other illnesses. Read the complete chat transcript here.

I am 28 years, having PCOD. I badly want to reduce atleast 12-15 kilos for starting a family.Please let me know whether i can reduce weight by doing yoga by learning from a proper yoga imparter?
Yes definitely you can… All the best!!

2 years back I had fever and then I am suffering from loose motion. I had been to CMC, Vellore, who diagonsed as Irritatable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and suggested to do some yoga Can you advise me the yoga helpful for IBS. Thanks
Hi Sheeja,…These problems occur due to emotional disturbances… may be there was an emotional shock involved so please try to analyse the root cause.. Once you realise then the philosophy of life can help you…Lying down Vakrasana, Yestikasana and variations of Hastapadangushtasana will be of great help.. I am suggesting Pawanmuktasana as we are not aware of the strength of your core region ….

Dear Sir, I am Vijay Mangal from Rajasthan. I do Yoga every morning and it is very useful for daily life. I have problem with my headache which become uncontrollable sometime. Please tell me the right way to do Yoga Thanks
Please try to find the cause for the headache..Is it the Migraine? Sudden change in the body temperature also leads to headaches. Here I can suggest Anulom-Vilom without holding the breath. You could also have a sinus problem.. you need to do Jalneti and as you practice you could even do Jeevahmoolshodhan and Kapalrandradhauti.. Pls consult an expert..

How can I use use yoga to reduce weight. I am 55 years old female and is 73 kg heavy. Can you suggest any yoga exercises that will help me to loose weight and keep it off.
Instead of directly targetting on losing weight try to get more fitter.. it should be a holistic approach to make it more effective and everything starts falling in place.. otherwise if you try to get an instant benefit of losing weight you might tend to gain back the kilos if you stop practising the exercises…for weight loss it depends a lot on lifestyle also.. you can do tadasna and vakrasana with variations involving lying down, sitting and standing.. shalabhasana and bhujangasana will also help to strenghten the core region.. Please focus on the over all effect..

my wife is 33 years old and having diagnosed with 2 small floating stones measuring 2-3 mm in gall bladder. Whether this can be curable with the help of yoga without resorting to surgery.
It depends on the size of the stone and other health conditions which has led to this problem.. Helthy diet is advisable…certain asanas like suptavakrasana are advisable..this asana is the only asana which any individual in any health condition can be benefited and can ensure that he will have no ill effects…If one is interested in going more deeper and understand the mind and emotions..most of the time mismanaged emotions lead to a lot of health problems…

I want to know how belly fat can be reduced? I walk daily for 3-4Kms and drink almost 4-6lt of water. regards
Have a balanced diet and maintain a balance in everything right from food to sleep…. And it shall surely help you…

how to gain weight though yoga
You can just look at the overall fitness angle and maintain a regular routine of exercises.. and you will slowly start seeing that the overall fitness level will improve and give you the ideal weight..Also a balanced diet is advisable…

Sir Namashkar, my age is 40 years and weight 80kg have Vairecos problem in right leg, pls. suggest for above desise. kindly suggest . Thank you, Sukhbir Singh
Work on reducing weight..while lying down try to keep the effected leg at a raise and do not stand at one place for long…

Hello Sir… My Uncle gone through with heart bypass surgery … they removed some veins from his legs for both the legs.He is suffering a lot with the legs.At night times he not even get some sleep.. any solution for this in Yoga to reduce his leg pain

Mild stretching exercises can help..particularly in the lower half of the body.. Yestikasana could be practiced but under supervised guidance… See an expert personally…

Can u pl suggest the yoga tips for overcoming diabetic
Diabetes is a lifestyle related problem… having proper sleep, balanced diet and managing oneself on the whole will help..because it deals with managing the body and the mind…

what asans are for hair growth
Any asana which helps to increase the blood flow towards the head can help like Sarvangasana…

how many surya namaskars we can do daily to maintain healthy and avoid weight increase. i am vegetarian

Any number of rounds are advisable if you are not facing any discomfort while doing the suryanamaskars….

how many surya namaskars we can do daily .. i want to reduce 10 kilos in 5 months is it possible to reduce by Surya namaskars. I heard that we can start with 10 -15 repetitions and increase to 108.. Is it advisable ? i m 29 yr old mother of 2 kids
Let any exercise that you do help the entire body and not only suryanamaskars because this is not one asana and is done in a combination… try other asanas which help train the entire body..

Is there any yogic remedy for prostate problem? I am suffering from BPH.
I do not have your details so cannot suggest on something…

iam 49 yr .ihave hypothyroid and i take Eltoxin-100mcg im in menopause and havent had my periods for the past 15 weight is110 kgs. i feel tired i have no me out to reduce weight, i do catering and i have to stand all day.
Whenever you get an opportunity please try to sit.. Sitting or standing at one place for a longer period is always harmful.. Timely rest, exercise and food in moderation , simple walking is suggested for you. You can do lying down Vakrasana at home at least thrice a week…

sir, im not knowing how to use yoga to improve eyesight. i have glaucoma last 3 yrs. pl help
Simple eye exercises like Tratak which is gazing an closer object and then focusing on far object… Candle gazing which is placing the candle about 4 feet away and the fixing the gaze on the tip of the flame soothe the eyes…

stress has become a part of our lives. how to relieve stress through yoga?
Once we understand the root cause of stress then we are able to manage it..certain amount of stress can be positive…ability to convert the causes of stress to our benefit is the remedy…here we need to train ourselves to skillfully convert the stress to our benefit and for our own personal growth then no situation can cause a harmful stress… Have a strong philosphical approach towards it…

what are the asan to be performed to get rid of gastric prob?
Check the timings of the food first and whether you are getting right amount of exercises ..One’s balanced diet and lifestyle changes are of utmost importance before he or she plunges in any kind of Yogic exercises…

Some times, while i breath, there is little sound coming out with from my inner side of my mouth. Plz advise me which yoga assan is beneficial to curb this physical problem.
Check if it a Sinus problem… Simple asanas or kriyas which use the cervical region can be of great help.. See an expert personally..

Is it yoga useful to increase the memory power?
Definitely Yes!!

I am 50 years old suffering with diabetics since last 7 years. I am working in a private organisation as a Sr.Manager – Materials. I am doing pranayam daily but my sugar level is not under control. Can you guide me to maintain my sugar level.
Find the stress causing factors in your life..if you can attend to those then you shall overcome your problem..any asana done should only pacify the mind than aggravating the mind…

for fitness kindly give fitness tips on day to day activity basis.
Include a few of forward bending, backward bending and twists like Tadasana, Hastapadasana, Vakrasana… bhujangasana, shalabhasana, dhanurasana ( Any of these three), etc. If no other health issues then you can do Hlangasana and sarvangasana…

how many surya namaskars one has to do to maintain healthy weight… I eat moderately am a veggie Just to keep ourself healthy without any problems…
If you can do it effortlessly then you can practice any asana..

I am 46 years old and diabetic since 2002, regularly waking 5 km a dayand taking glynase 5 mg tablet 2 in a day. Please tell me how to control the diabetic with out medicine.
Manage stress, live in perfect discipline of routines, have a balanced diet from an expert dietician..and while applying all these in your lifestyle try to conceive a larger picture to develop or strengthen faith…

i am unable to loose weight after using so many ideas. pls. guide me few youga trick
Suktavakrasana is advisable and try to work towards effortlessness in the asana…

Please help me to reduce stress.
Stress cannot be reduced but only managed.. Learn to manage it efficiently.. Because certain life situations are not under our control…we can only handle them well and try to beat stress..Start practicising Yoga as a discipline ! : )

Sir, Please tell me right way of “ANULOM VILOM”.
Sit in a comfortable meditative posture like Sukhasana with the back erect, head and neck in line with the spine, left hand placed on the knee, using the right thumb close the right nostril, take a normal inhalation through the left nostril, using the little finger and the ring finger close the left nostril , exhale opening the right nostril, inhale through the right, close the right nostril and breath out through the left, close the left and breath in through the right, close the right nostril and breath out to the left, breath in to the left and out through the right,, This is considered as one round.., Initially try 10 rounds with normal breathing not try to prolong the breath or hold the breath..

dear vipul is it compulsory to b veg while doing yoga?????
It helps!!

dear vipul i do yoga five times a week under a yoga instructor……yoga tones the body . sumtimes i do yoga and aerobics. is it ok./??????shd not 1 dring water while doing yoga??
Drinking water before Yogic practices is fine… While doing it you do not need to drink any water as it will only distract your mind… but if you keep feeling thirsty time and again while practicising Yoga then please try to find the underlying cause cause for it and ideally one wouldn’t need to compile it with aerobics because all the aspects are as it is involved in Yoga.. You just to need to concentrate on the strength of Yoga….

how to prevent diabetes with yoga. does yoga control blood sugar level?
This is the best stage to bring in a disciplined lifestyle… and Yes! Yoga does control blood sugar level… In a perfect balanced life all the parameters are to be kept into account and not only the blood sugar levels….

hello, pl tell us simple yoga exercises for working women
Tadasan, Konasana, bhujangaasna, shalabhasana, few simple pranayams..

does yoga help people with rheumatic arthritis?
Yes it does!

my daughter is 14 and overweight. i is right age for her to do yoga for weight loss? will it help?
Why weight loss for her? Why cant you talk about good health in her life? At such a tender age you should try to work on her good health and growth and a better disciplined life…Let her participate in all kinds of extra curricular activities like cycling and playing sports like badminton, volleyball etc.

can i start my kid on yoga at age 8?
Definitely Yes but Yoga should not be introduced as another activity amongst kids who are already over burdened today…Try to project it in playful manner…It should be more of a fun activity for a child…