Chatting up with Amrita Rao

The petite actress of blockbuster films like ‘Main Hoon Na’ and ‘Vivah’ tells us how she stays in Bollywood shape.

Q. Amrita, you’re a role model for many young Indians and our readers would love to know about your fitness mantra. What does fitness mean to you? Is it about looking slim or more than that?

A: I have never equated being slim with being healthy and fat with being unhealthy. Fat people could also be extremely fit and skinny people could also be unfit. To me fitness is strengthening stamina and increasing flexibility, irrespective of your weight tendency.

Q. You’ve always had a svelte frame. Are you naturally slim or do you work out as well?

A: I am naturally blessed with a high metabolic rate. I don’t put on weight easily, but that does not mean I skip my workouts!

Q. What’s your workout regimen like? Any particular form of exercise that you’re partial to?

A: I love yoga and practice it everyday, which include pranayam, breathing exercises, and other exercises that help to keep your ab muscles in shape.

Q. How about food? What’s your diet like? Is there anything in particular that you eat or that you avoid eating for health reasons?

A: Being a vegetarian, I eat almost everything that is healthy. I sometimes indulge in junk food, but I am naturally averse to sweetened milk delicacies.

Q. Tell us something about your skin and hair care practices. What are some of the secrets of your glowing skin and shiny hair?

A: I have to wear makeup almost everyday thanks to my profession. But I make sure I thoroughly take off makeup from my skin with a good cleanser and gentle face wash. I moisturise my face and use calamine lotion to prevent any makeup allergy.

Q. Being an actress can have its ups and downs. How do you handle the stress that comes with being part of the film industry?

A: Stress is a part of any industry. Positive friends, family support is very important to keep you balanced in any situation.

Q. Any health and fitness advice you have for our readers?

A: Drink lots of water, it can help you become stronger and cure many diseases!

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