Chic hairdos for the wedding season

crop4_240x240_29sep14Hairdo can make or break your look. And on your wedding day, you surely want to look your best. An expert suggests that you can try wavy loose curls, messy hair or romantic side bun to give variation to the monotonous hair styles.

Audrey Dsouza, educator at TIGI, shares different hairstyles that you can adorn for the wedding season:

* The messy bun:

– Prepare your hair with a mousse or a leave in foam which allows you to get the volume and keeps your texture intact. (If your hair is wavy, curly or straight it would just accentuate your texture).

– Divide your hair on horizontal three sections.

– Tie your hair in a ponytail and tuck the ends of the first two sections into the ponytail holder.

– Pin the last section around all of them and it will leave you with a messy textured bun.

* Wavy loose curls:

– Prepare your hair with a mousse or a leave in foam which allows you to get the texture and spray a product on your roots that gives volume to your hair.

– Tie your hair in the way it falls and tuck it in sections.

– Secure them with U pins and dry out the hair completely with the dryer while your hair is in sections.

– You shall have loose wavy curls.

* Romantic side bun:

– Use a mousse or a leave in foam.

– Tease your hair all over the upper half of the head using a backcomb.

– Make sure there is more teasing toward the sides of your head.

– Secure the hair with elastic in a mid-low side ponytail a couple of inches behind your ear.

– Roll up and pin to secure it.

* Messy waves

– Perfect tousled beach waves can be achieved by using a spray or mousse.

– Before you go to sleep, use a curling wand at some sections or all over depending on the amount of curls you want.

– When you wake up, you will have the amazing out of the bed and perfect beach waves.

Source: IANS
Image: Getty Images