Contouring makes face look slimmer: Jharna Shah

celeb_01_240x240Make up artist Jharna Shah, owns and runs a make up studio, coaches about everything related to make up, gives seminars, conducts workshops and the works. She has her own unique and distinctive way of emphasizing the natural beauty in each individual’s face.

She has her own brand of high quality makeup brushes that are used for personal day to day use as well as by students for professional use.She is also the pioneer of one day personal makeup and grooming workshops in India. She has worked on brides, done portfolios, special events, advertisements, editorials, fashion shows, commercials, movies and television .She also conducts one day personal makeup workshops, 5 weeks career defining certified Professional course, 10 days certified bridal makeup course and so on.

Jharna Shah answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Hi ma’am, suggest makeup which would go well with ethnic indian outfits
you can go for shades like gold ,pink and earthy shades.

Do u conduct any workshops in Chennai???
nope not at moment.

How to remove kajal at the end of the day.. It normally smudges and makes the area under the eye seem darker
you can buy a waterproof eye make up remover which will help[ you remove the kajal stains.

Madam do you advise some special skin treatment to your client before her wedding?
yes.we do give bridal pacakages depending upon your skintype and skin texture.

which shade of lipstick goes well with a pink blush?
you can by a nice soft pink blush this will go with all shades of Pink .

Whats the best shade of blush for the summer??
you could go for a nice coral color or a nice soft pink.

what should be used to hide the redness of skin?
use correctors

how to hide acne marks
you could use a concealer that will help you hide the acne marks.

How often should we wash our brushes… the cream and powder ones
After every use.

which lipsticks should we use to make teeth appear whiter?
Go for brighter colours.

Wats the easiest way to wash brushes???
You could use a handwash or a Johnson baby shampoo. Please do not blow dry your brushes.

Can BB cream be applied daily for office make up…

Should one apply a sunscreen before applying any kind of make up?
Not necessary. You can get make up products which are with SPFs

My nail polish gets chipped easily… Suggest how many coats do I apply?
You can apply 2 coats and wait for it to dry thoroughly.

Any techniques to make eyes look bigger? I have very small eyes.
Use thick kaajal pencil.

I have dark patches around my lips.. wat do i do about that
For pigmentation please visit a Dermat.

What is the best for any skin type? Bleaching or threading?
It depends on one’s hair growth. I would always recommend threading or waxing if your hair growth was minimal.

I have a round Face. Pls Suggest the areas i need to contour.. and can I use a bronzer for contouring
No. You will always use a matte brown colour to contour your cheeks.

How to make lipstick stay longer??
Use a lip primer by Mac

could you explain the order in which makeup should be applied
Concealing, foundation, eyes, blush and then lips.

is toning important before applying makeup?
Not really. It depends on your skin type. If you have A OILY SKIN THEN YOU MIGHT NEED TO TONE.

What kind of makeup should one wear to work?
Minimal. Nice kaajal, light blush and a lip colour.

Hi, I want to know what kind of eyemakeup will go with an orange lipstick.
I would recommend you go for a nice thick eyeliner instead of an eye shadow.

I have brown eyes. Which color liners and eyeshadows will suit me?
Black for eyeliner and for eye shadow you can go for gold, pinks, blacks, etc.

Which brush can be used to blend a foundation properly? When I apply it looks very patchy on me.
You can buy a mac brush no.187

Could you suggest the shades of blush and lipstick which would go well with a smokey eye
I would recommend spirit, jubli, half and half by Mac. For blush you could go for springsheen and margin by Mac.

I have a round chubby face. Can I make it look slimmer?
Yes by contouring.

how to make eye shadow stay longer
Use a eye primer before you start with an eye shadow.

how to make blusher stay longer
Use a cream blush or a tint that will stay longer.

in how many different ways can we use a blush
There are no different ways as such. There can be different types of blushes.

What is the difference between bronzers and blushers
Bronzers will always be in one colour which is bronze. If you need a tanned look you use a bronzer and Blush you have it in various

Any make up tips for older skin with wrinkles?
Use a lot of loose powder after you finish your foundation. This will help to fill the wrinkles.

What types of cosmetics are the most safe for any skin type?
You can buy cosmetics which are meant for sensitive skins.

Any tip for the kaajal not to smudge?

Hello Madam. I sweat a lot on my face especially after I apply sunscreen. Can I restrict this?
Yes. Use a moisturiser which is water based and with SPF along with a foundation which is with a SPF.

What is the best method to apply mascara?
Buy a mascara which has a comb brush in it.

I would like to learn makeup professionally. Is there any prior knowledge that is required before applying anywhere?
No not really. All my courses are designed for freshers.

What do you think are the essentials for a bridal makeup kit?
I need to understand one’s skin type and colour before I could recommend anything. You can try out my one day personal make-up workshop that will help you build your bridal make up kit. my page link is

The kohl on my waterline disappears very fast. Is there any way to make it last longer?
Buy a kaajal which is longlasting and waterproof.

What is the best brush to use for lining the eyes?
Mac No. 210

Hello Jharna, What is the need for a blending brush?
Blending for what? Eye shadows, lips , blush….Can you be precise please.

What kind of blush will go with a nude and a bright lipstick?
Springsheen by Mac for nude lips and margin by Mac for bright lips.

cele_03_240x240I really liked Deepika’s makeup in Ramleela. What should be done to achieve that look?
A good wing liner, a flawless foundation and a nice gloss.

Hi Jharna, what is the purpose of using a fan brush?
To clean the under eye follow which has occurred during the applications of eye shadows.

Hi Ma’am, How do I make my eye makeup last longer?
Use a eye primer.

I have oily skin and am of a wheatish complexion. Would like you to help me out with blush color choices. Thank you
Desert rose by Mac is a very good matte blush recommended for oily skin.

When is a corrector used and when is a concealer used? I have dark circles. Which one should i use?
Concealer. Concealer is for dark circles and corrector is for correcting the skin tone.

Is concealer applied before or after foundation?
Ideally before because you do not use a foundation beneath a concealer.

Is blush applied after applying powder or before?

Could you give us some tips for natural looking makeup?
Use less and blend well.

Nowadays people tend to use the word “corrector” a lot. Could you please elaborate on that?
Correctors are basically to correct your skin colour.

What can I put under my make-up to make my face look smooth, even and clear?
Primer. Cheap option colour bar make up primer. Use this before your foundation.

I have extremely dry skin. What kind of base makeup should I use?
Use a moisturiser by Mac. Its called Studio moisture cream before you start your base.

Hi Ma’am, What is contouring? And what is the right method to contour? Which brush should be used?
For contouring you can buy a brush from Mac no. 116. And the right method is to start from the ear and go towards the cheek. Contouring is basically hiding the fats.

Can you please give me an idea as to how much does it cost for a real good bridal make-up?
It all depends on your budget for a good make-up artist, would charge somewhere around 18,000 – 75,0000. per ceremony.

Should I ask the make -up artist for a trial or may be to show some pictures of her previous bridal work?
It depends upon how experienced the make up artist is. If the make up artist is very experienced he/she might not give you a trial. In that case you might just need to look at the pictures and the profile.

What is the right method of hiring a make up artist? Should it be for the whole day? Would I need her from time to time?
Well it depends upon the no. of functions. If you have a change in outfit and the look then you would need it for both the functions.

How long does it usually take to do bride make up?
One hour 45 mins with hair, make-up and draping.

I am very fond of false eyelashes. Can I carry false eyelashes for whole of my wedding day? I have never used them.
Yes absolutely you can carry them. They look extremely glamorous but you might just feel the weight.

Madam I am 27yrs female soon going to get married. Do you suggest any skin treatments for me?
I can only tell you about your make up regime or your skin care regime but for skin treatment you will have to consult a dermat.

Is specialising in one category of make up important or should one learn and master all forms of make-up?
Well yes, it all depends upon you own style so there is no particular category when it comes to make-up. You can identify your strength and accordingly decide what you want to master.

Please tell me the right way to apply the winged eyeliner.
Use a Mac brush No210 along with the L’Oreal gel eyeliner.

Jharnaji what is advise on the use of facial bleach? How to select the best bleach?
Well detans are a better alternative than a facial bleach unless you have a lot of facial hair.

Any make up tips for oily skin types?
Use products which are oil free and use Matte products.

Should a female with dark circles avoid coloured eye liners?

Hi Jharna, I am 29yrs female with dark circles below eyes.How should I conceal them? What is your advise?
Well I need to see how bad or good the dark circles are before I advise anything.

Do smoky eyes go for both day and night and should it always be black or grey?
Smoky eye could be black ,grey or brown. Brown is meant for day.

How to get the perfect smoky eyes?
With the right brush and blending.

M’am what is smoky eye make up?
Smoky eye is basically is a dark coloured eye. It could be the colours of the smoke.

Should red lip colour be used only at night?
Well ideally yes, but it depends on your personality and the occasion you are going to.

How do I know and chose the best suited colour for my lips? I am 26yrs wheatish complexion.
Please be precise whether you are looking for a brown or a pink. For brown spirit by Mac will look good, and for a pink Meher by Mac will look good.

How do celebrities manage to get that golden glow in make up Ma’m?
By highlighters.

What colour lipstick or lip liner is the most ideal for dark complexion?
You can try a chichory lip pencil by Mac along with a Taupe lipstick by Mac.

Should coloured eye liners be avoided for the day time make up?
Absolutely Yes! Coloured eyeliners are a big No!

What is your advise to women whose skin is more prone to pimples?
Always buy products which are oil free and meant for sensitive skin.

How to avoid sweating while make up is on? Are there any cosmetics that cause less sweating?
Not cosmetics but you have to use a moisturiser which is very light in texture and then start with your foundation. Its very important that you use a loose powder to set your foundation. This will help you from sweating.

How often should one cleanse one’s face with a cleanser in a day?
Just once but it all depends upon the skin type you have.

Madam I do apply make up sometimes. Can you tell me the must must cosmetics I should have in my make up kit.
Mac studio moisture cream and a powder foundation, Kaajal pencil and a lipstick.

Would I need to do a seperate beauty course to master celebrity make-up?
No. There are no such special courses for celeb make-up. You need more experience and confidence to do celeb make-up.

Hello Ms. Shah. I am 23yrs female. Arts Graduate. I want to make a career in beauty. How do I start? Please guide.I stay in Bangalore.
Beauty or Make-up??? Please be precise.

What is more important, to look beautiful or to feel beautiful?
To feel beautiful is absolutely, because if you feel beautiful it will reflect in your persona.

What would be your beauty advice to a woman?
Always wear a make up that you can carry and you are comfortable with!

How can one identify one’s strong feature points?
Strong features could be Big eyes, high check bones, pouty lips, long lashes, etc. Could be your strong features.

What is the best to apply before make up, sunscreen or moisturiser?
Moisturiser. Its recommended that you buy a moisturiser which has SPF in it And then use your foundation with an SPF as well.

What is the best make-up technique to carry the natural day look through the day?
Using a good moisturiser with a primer and a powder foundation. Its easy and long lasting.

Madam is there a lipstick which lasts all day?
Yes you have lipsticks which lasts for 24 hrs or more but most of them have lead in it which is not recommended. Hence I would recommend a lip primer along with a lip pencil which will help the lipstick stay longer.